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Rugby World Cup 2011 Achievement Guide

Guide By: o H i T M a N z & neo consumer
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 44/45 (980)
- Online: 1/45 (20)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-25 hours (Depends on skill)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Events can always be restarted
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (Some achievements require changing of settings affecting difficulty)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Step 1: Rugby World Cup
Proceeding through the 'Rugby World Cup' is probably your first objective. Start with Easy/Medium difficulty, and make your way through the group stage through to the quarters, semi's then the final. While playing on Easy difficulty you can pick up around 100 on your way to the final. Playing on Medium difficulty you can pick up some of the harder achievements earning around 300 on your way to the final. It will take you around 2 hours to get to the world cup final with the Half times set at 5mins. With the difficulty set at Medium a maximum of 490 is available through 1 World Cup playthrough.

Step 2: Multiplayer
Your only concern is playing 1 online match. This is probably the easiest achievement because all you need to do is play from beginning to end, win lose or draw, Online Rugger should unlock.

Step 3: Tour
Your next step would be to try and complete the achievements in the tour, Down South, Up North on Hard difficulty, editing the stats of players may need to be used.

Step 4: Clean Up
At this point there should only be a few left to work on including: Minnow No More, Rule The Pool, Talent From The Tee, Hardcore Rugger and That's Commitment!

[x360a would like to thank o H i T M a N z for this roadmap]

Worm Burner10
Score a try directly after recovering a Grubber Kick against CPU (Medium or higher)    (3) 

You must score a try immediatly after picking up a grubber kick, the grubber kick is performed by pressing with the ball in hand.

*Note: Must be done on Medium or Hard difficulty

Trytime In Quicktime15
Score a try directly from a kick-off, or restart kick, which occurred on the 50 metre line    

To get this achievement you must score a try from the oppositions kick from the 50 metre line, if you catch the ball from the kick and score a quick try without losing possession you should unlock the achievement. From the opening kickoff (or after halftime if you kicked off first) recover the ball, pass using or all along to your wide men, and run. When you get to the last man back run straight at him and press the left or right (depending on what side of the field you are) towards the sideline.

Catch The Bomb10
Score a try directly after recovering an Up and Under Kick against CPU (Medium or higher)    (3) 

To get this achievement you must score a try after recovering an up and under kick, this is performed by holding  with the ball in hand, to get one of your players to jump in the air to catch the ball press and hold.

*Note: Must be done on Medium or Hard difficulty.

Nice Pickup!20
Perform a Quick Pickup from a tackled player then directly run and score a try    (4) 

To get this achievement when the ball becomes free an  will appear, press as quickly as possible, then directly run on to score a try. Easiest done on easy with a decent team.

Chip And Score10
Score a try directly after recovering a Scrum Half Kick against CPU (Medium or higher)    (5) 

Score a try directly after recovering a Scrum Half Kick, your scrum half will pick up the ball from the scrum, hold  and use the  to aim the kick. Easiest to do when your within the oppositions 22 metre line.

*Note: Must be done on Medium or Hard difficulty

Big Guy's Glory10
Score a try with a player currently playing in a Prop position    

Score a try with a player currently playing in a Prop position, your Prop is the big guy wearing the number 1 and 3.  When your scrum half has the ball after a ruck press or when you see 1 or 3 standing near. Press  to get the ball to a prop from a ruck or scrum. Now score. Will be easy when using your 99 overall edited players.

Minnow No More75
Win the Rugby World Cup 2011 Final with a team rated less than 60 against CPU (Hard)    (9) 

This achievement is close to impossible, so you may need to follow these steps to be able to beat the top teams on hard difficulty level.

  1. From the Main Menu, select options, then edit players, select Russia.
  2. Edit their CT & WG's Speed and Acceleration, make sure the teams overall does not go above 59.
  3. Edit everyone on the substitute bench to overall 99, keep them on the bench because this does not affect the teams overall stats.
  4. Save & Exit
  5. Start the Rugby World Cup and select to play as Russia. Their overall should now be at 58 or 59.
  6. Select Hard difficulty, then start the match making no alterations to your starting line up.
  7. As soon as the match starts, press  once the ball has been kicked, bring all of your substitutes with 99 rating onto the field straight away.
  8. Now try your best to win the game, at this point it will still be a challenge against the top sides.
Win a match with every International team as the lead profile    (14) 

For this achievement you must win a match with every international team. There are 20 teams to play as, some of these teams can be used in World Cup and Tour modes, any teams you have not won with yet can be used in Test Mode. Unfortunatly this needs to be done in full 80 minute matches so place kick matches dont count.

Tough It Out25
Beat an 85+ rated team with a team rated less than 70 against CPU (Hard)    (8) 

I did this achievement playing as Romania against England. I edited the starting Line up so that the overall of Romania was 69. I also edited Romania's bench players to 99 overall.

See Minnow No More achievement description.

Setpiece Setup10
Execute a set play from a ruck, scrum or maul and score a try on the same phase of possession    (1) 

When your scrum half has the ball press up/down/left or right on the . When the red arrow turns green press or to start the move. Move the ball out wide quickly and score the try.

Don't Even Try!25
Win a match where your team doesn't score a try against CPU (Medium or higher)    

Score only penalty kicks or drop goals throughout the game.

Just Like Pudding10
Score a drop goal with a player currently playing in a Prop position    (8) 

When in range of the posts, pass the ball to your prop using  or  and attempt the drop goal . If you have a ruck or maul press  or  to get the ball straight to a prop.

First Try5
Score a try    

This will be unlocked when you score your first try, this is achieved by holding or pressing  near the try line.

Hit The Sticks20
Score a penalty goal or conversion off the post or crossbar    (5) 

This achievement is unlocked when you score a penalty or conversion off the post or cross bar, you can try and do this or just hope it happens while playing. When kicking at goal you direct the kick using the , press  to start and stop the power bar, then press  again in the marked zone for the accuracy of the kick.

Between The Sticks5
Score a drop goal, penalty goal or a conversion    

This achievement is unlocked when you score a penalty, drop goal or conversion.

Kick With The Wind15
Score a penalty goal or conversion from 55+ metres    (5) 

To get this achievement you must score a penalty goal or conversion from 55+ metres, best done on medium difficulty, score a try under the post to make the kick central, move the ball back to the 55 metre mark, kick can be scored with a good kicker e.g Jonny Wilkinson but easiest to do with edited kicking stats.

End To End30
Score a try by running with the ball directly from one goal line to the other    

On easy, with a fast player, run back to your own goal line and then make your way outside and run all the way to other goal line.  This must be done in one fluent run, if you pass the ball to a teammate that is not behind your own tryline the achievement will not unlock.

Quick Turnaround10
Score a try in one phase or less of possession against CPU (Medium or higher)    

First Phase - The first phase is your first attack with the ball, as soon as the ball is dropped or you are tackled, the first phase has ended. You need to score without getting tackled, and you can pass. Just work it out wide and this should be no problem.

Epic Try-pocalypse30
Score 15 tries in a match (5 or 10 min halves)    

To get this achievement you must score 15 tries in one match, Time Limit must be set at 5 or 10 min halfs.  Choose New Zealand against Russia to get it no problem. Can be done on Easy difficulty.

Showboat II20
Stay in the offensive in-goal area for at least 5 seconds directly before scoring a try    

Once you have crossed the try line you must stay behind the line for over 5 seconds without touching the ball down ( showboating) As long as you don't get tackled this will pop up on the way.

Hat Trick Hero25
Score 3 tries with the same player in a match against CPU (Medium or higher)    

Hat Trick Hero is score 3 tries with the same player in the same game, can be slightly tricky as the achievement has to be done on Medium or Hard difficulty. Easiest to get with a CT or WG. 

Showboat I10
Touch the ball down to score a try without diving and without being tackled    (3) 

You're going to need to be clear in the goal to get this. When no players are around you tap and you will place the ball down.

At The Death20
Score to win a match with no time left in the 2nd half against CPU (Medium or higher)    (1) 

To get this achievement you must be behind on points with 80mins gone on the clock, then score enough points to win the game with either a try, penalty or drop goal.

*Note: This must be done on Medium or Hard Difficulty.

Online Rugger20
Play a match on Xbox LIVE   (17) 

Play one game online. Choose quick game and play your opponent. You'll need to finish the game since it doesn't count if either player quits.

Shades Of Jonny10
Score a decisive winning drop goal during an Extra Time or Sudden Death period    (2) 

Before the game starts there is an option to change the overtime type. Choose either Extra Time or Sudden death and then waste time keeping the score tied. After the final whistle you'll enter a extra period. Get the ball and score the drop goal with any player. I'd recommend you use a high rated team against (default squad) Russia so you can easily keep the ball for the 80 minutes.

Down South40
Win every match of every Southern Hemisphere tour playing against CPU (Hard) as the lead profile    (2) 

You can also make the teams that you will play against weaker to make the achievement even easier. 

See Minnow No More achievement description.

Rule The Pool70
Earn 20 pool stage points in Rugby World Cup 2011 playing against CPU (Hard) as the lead profile    (4) 

A win is worth four points, a draw earns two, and a point is awarded for scoring four or more tries or losing by fewer than seven points. To earn 20 points you must win all 4 group stage matches scoring 4 tries in each match to earn the bonus point.

If it looks like you won't do it you can go to the dashboard then reload the save.

*Note: Must be done on Hard Difficulty, editing may need to be used.

Up North40
Win every match of every Northern Hemisphere tour playing against CPU (Hard) as the lead profile    (6) 

You can also make the teams that you will play against weaker to make the achievement even easier.

See Minnow No More achievement description.

Cheers Mate!15
Win a match with 2 or more human-controlled players on your team   

Start a match with two controllers, on easy, using one of the top teams against Russia. When the second controller has the ball just press or to pass it off. On easy you will have plenty of time to work the ball around. If you have three controllers you can play two against one to make it even easier.

Sell The Dummy10
Perform a dummy pass and fool a defending player    (4) 

To perform a dummy pass, hold / while running and press /.   

Talent From The Tee10
Win a match in the Place-Kick Shootout mode against CPU (Hard)    (7) 

Choose a good team 85+, against Russia or Namibia. If you're still struggling edit the kicking ability for your own team and Russia.

Booming Punt10
Punt into touch from behind your team's 22 metre line for a territorial gain of 50+ metres    (3) 

A Punt is performed by holding  and using the  to direct the kick while the ball is in hand. When in your own corner by goal line and sideline hold and aim diagonally across the field. The ball should bounce and roll out of play. 

Attempt all four of your team's assigned set plays in a match    (2) 

After a ruck press the up/down/left/right. Once the red marker turns green press or to start the move. Do one of each direction during a game and this will unlock. You don't need to complete the move, just start it.

Hammer And Tongs35
Score 50+ unanswered points against CPU (Medium or higher, 5 or 10 min halves)   

Easiest done with a top team against Russia. You get the ball back after a score so if you don't lose the ball this will come easily enough.

*Note: Must be done on Medium or Hard difficulty, with the halfs set at 5 or 10mins.

Hardcore Rugger100
Beat New Zealand with a team rated less than 80 against CPU (Hard, 20 min halves)    (15) 

As long as the team starts with less than 80 it will unlock. If you're having trouble with this edit New Zealand players stats lower.

See the method for Minnow No More for this.

King Of Crunch10
Successfully complete 20 dive tackles in a match    

Set the match timer to at least 10mins to give yourself plenty of time to complete 20 dive tackles, they are performed by holding with a defending player while aiming the towards the player with the ball.

Hey This Ain't Soccer!5
Perform a soccer kick    (4) 

To perform a soccer kick the ball has to be loose on the ground. When you approach the ball press to kick it.

One Of Each15
Score a try, conversion, penalty goal and drop goal all in the same match    

To attempt a drop goal press and hold  while aiming with the .
To attempt a try press  when near the try line.

World Champions50
Win the Rugby World Cup 2011 Final    (1) 

You will unlock this when going for Minnow No More.

Can be done on Easy difficulty, easiest with New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or England 

Rage Against The Head10
Gain possession of the ball at a scrum when playing as the defensive team    (1) 

You must gain possession of the ball at a scrum when playing as the defensive team, the opponents scrum half will feed the ball into the scrum, hold up on the and press as soon as the ball is fed into the pack.

Brick Wall10
Do not concede any points in a match against CPU (Hard)    

Your best chance at this will be when using a top team against a poor side. If you don't get any penalties and can win scrums with ease this will be simple. It should come with natural progression. 

 If your struggling see achievement Minnow No More for help.

Picked Off5
Intercept an opposition team's line-out throw    

You have three choices of buttons to press at a line-out.   or , if you press the correct button at the correct time you will intercept the ball. The easiest method is to always press for the front of the line. Timing is key here and you want to keep your eye on the player taking the line-out. As soon as his hands move press . If you're playing as the better team you'll win the majority of these.

Best done on Easy difficulty.

Secret Achievements
Sin Bin5
Be awarded a yellow card    

When there is a ruck or scrum, click the in and the scrum will collapse. Your player will receive a yellow card. Keep trying until yellow card is recieved. Early/Late tackles can also be awarded a yellow card.

Early Shower5
Be awarded a red card    (12) 

Be awarded a red card, one way to do this is from a 50 metre drop kick, kick the ball up in the air, and perform a dive tackle  on an opposing player before he catches the ball.

That's Commitment!75
Play 100 matches in total (including matches played in any mode) as the lead profile    (10) 

Play 100 matches in total as the lead profile, most likely the last achievement you will do, all game modes count towards the 100.  World Cup, Friendly matches, Xbox Live matches, Tour matches, and Place Kick matches. The quickest way to knock them out would be to play Place Kick games and intentionally miss all your kicks to lose fast.

You do NOT need to win.

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