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Guide By: Necromancer2k8
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
- Offline Achievements: 34 (680)
- Online Achievements: 16 (320)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60+ Hours Minimum (Based on the grinding of the (3) achievements for an offline rank of 100 and the online ranks of 20 and 61.)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Missions can be replayed for secondary objective completion. It is suggested to play an initial playthrough on easy to make yourself famliar with the missions before attempting the hard playthrough.)
- Number of missable achievements: None (Missions can replayed on any difficulty to get any outstanding achievements needed in campaign mode.)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes (3 achievements for easy, normal & hard difficulties that are stackable by starting on hard difficulty for campaign.)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Game Introduction:
R.U.S.E. is a real-time strategy game that puts you in the time of World War 2 as the allied commander against the foes of Europe in key battles that helped turn the tide of the war. You will be doing such things as escort missions, holding key positions and going on the offensive to take down important targets on your way to winning the war. There are 4 basic game modes: Campaign, Battles, Operations and Online, which I will break down into their own sections for the achievement guide.

General Guide Information:
Due to the unique nature of an RTS game and different strategies needed each time you play a mission there really is not a surefire solution for each of the campaign missions. It is very difficult to do a certain strategy on every mission due to changes in what units and buildings you create along with any RUSEs you play affecting what the AI does too much. I have a few general strategies listed in the guide and also in some of the follow-up posts so just take a look through the whole thread to see what myself or others have suggested. The original guide thread can be found HERE.

This guide should be able to get you at least 900 before the grinding aspect of ranking up is needed for the last 85. One achievement, "Achiever" will probably be the most difficult and frustrating one of the whole game. Be warned if you are a completionist that you may be ready to throw a controller through the TV on more then a few ocassions on a few of these achievements.

There is a very informative guide that will give you a great overview of all the aspects of the game as posted by Army of 88: Ruse General Guide

x360a would like to thank Necromancer2k8 for this Road Map.

First Captain25
Complete 50% of secondary objectives   

You need to complete half of the 45 secondary objectives. The secondary objectives are only in the campaign mode. See "Hard Boiled" for more details.


Hard Boiled50
Complete all secondary objectives   (2) 

You need to complete all 45 secondary objectives in the campaign. You have no way to track what secondary objectives you have done on the missions so I made this reference list to help. Now the important thing is once you complete any secondary objective (even if its only 1 out of 2 total for a particular mission) you do not need to do that particular secondary objective again if you replay the mission. I found this out during mission 19 (the hardest to do all 4 secondary objectives on in a single mission). I am going to list all the missions & amount of secondary objectives below so you can possibly use this as a reference. Since they are all pretty straightforward I can't really offer a particular solution except for mission 19.

I will list the mission # and put in (x) the number of secondary objectives.

  • Mission 1 - Prologue - (1)
  • Mission 2 - Taking Command (1)
  • Mission 3 - Kasserine Pass (1)
  • Mission 4 - Wild Bunch (1)
  • Mission 5 - Digging Out The Fox (2)
  • Mission 6 - From Bait To Prey (2)
  • Mission 7 - Hide & Seek (1)
  • Mission 8 - Tangling With Barbara (1)
  • Mission 9 - Battle Of Montecassino (4)
  • Mission 10 - Utah Beach (2)
  • Mission 11 - Hedgerow War (2)
  • Mission 12 - Battle Cherbourg (2)
  • Mission 13 - Screaming Eagles (1)
  • Mission 14 - Death From Above (2)
  • Mission 15 - A Bridge To Far (3)
  • Mission 16 - Wacht Am Rhein (1)
  • Mission 17 - Siege At Bastogne (1)
  • Mission 18 - Blood & Guts (3)
  • Mission 19 - West Meets East (4) - You need to do the following - Play the Terror Ruse, Destroy the 3 Wirbelwind tanks (they are on the left side going up to the capture point, the recon plane should be able to find them to reveal the secondary objective), destroy a bomber plane near the capture point and the 4th one which is to destroy the anti-air artillery on the right side. Now for me to get the anti-air objective I needed to go straight up from the spawn point to the little island and then hang a right over the bridge and then it showed up. I never got it to trigger going from the top (near the capture point) to the right or from the bottom right up the right side).
  • Mission 20 - Riding With The Devil (1)
  • Mission 21 - Secret Weapons (3)
  • Mission 22 - Into The Bears Jaws (3)
  • Mission 23 - Grand Finale (1)


Complete an operation   (1) 

In the operation section of the main menu there are 3 types to choose from:

  • 1 vs. 1
  • 1 vs. All
  • Xbox Live Co-Op

You will need to complete any one of the 6 missions available to you. I found the easiest one to do was the "1 vs. All" 2nd mission. You just need to defend your base for 15 minutes & you get a minor victory. Put down about 10 anti-air artillery in various spots around your base. Build up a bunch of the various protoype tanks/anti-infantry units and put them close to your headquarters, put out about 10 anti-tank guns at various points near the main roads coming into your city & put down a bunch of tank and artillery bunkers in random spots. You should be able to hold out for 15 minutes with no problem.


Complete all operations' bonus objectives    (1) 

This is probably going to be the hardest achievement in the game. During each of the 6 operation battles there will be a list of bonus objectives you need to do during the mission. They are probably some of the hardest things that need to be done because the AI difficulty is very hard during these matches. Just winning the operation mission is hard enough, let alone trying to get all the bonus objectives done.


Best Friend25
Complete all cooperative operations     (3) 

You will need to complete the 2 Xbox LIVE Co-Op Operations with a friend to get this achievement. You can check the Achievement Trading Thread for a partner.


One vs. All25
Complete all 1 vs. all operations   

There are two "1 vs. All" operations that need to be done. Under the "Competitor" achievement I have a decent strategy for the 2nd mission and for the 1st mission I did the following:

The "1 vs. All" 1st mission was a pain until all I did was create an airport, some supply depots, camo on my base & only took the 2 starting tanks blitzing them all the way up the left side & decimating the 1st enemy base & other buildings. Then I took them to the top middle & was able to pretty much do the same to the top enemy base & miscellaneous buildings while running in bombers to take care of any planes, infantry, tanks and artillery that were left.


Complete all 1 vs. 1 operations   

You will need to complete both of the 1 vs. 1 operation missions with any type of victory (Minor, major or total).


Staff Officer25
Complete all operations    

You will need to complete the 2 missions each from the 1 vs 1, 1 vs. All and Xbox Live Co-Op battles.


Defeat an A.I. in battle mode   

You will need to win 1 battle mode game against the AI on any difficulty. I will say that all the battle modes are tough if you try to do these as a true strategy player on the harder difficulities. There really isn't a particular strategy to use but refer to the "Ace" achievement for a method that can pretty much win you every battle mode achievement with relative ease.


Defeat an A.I. in battle mode on Medium difficulty level and in all time periods (39/42/45).    

You will need to win a battle mode in each of the 3 time periods. The year can be changed when your setting up the match at the main battle mode screen. I would suggest using the "Ace" achievement strategy for these while changing the time periods.


Defeat an A.I. In battle mode on Hard difficulty level with Total victory.    (2) 

This was initially a tough achievement until I found a teriffic method for winning the match rather quickly. A total victory entails you destroying or capturing all buildings and destroying all enemy units while keeping your unit & building losses to a minimum.

Options I set before battle:

  • USA for myself (You can use the british as they start off with paratroopers as well)
  • I picked USA for the AI
  • Picked the map BLITZ
  • I choose the profile for the AI of PROTOTYPE.

I then did the following:

I initially built an airport before anything else. Then I blitzed the 2 sections where my base is and the one just to the left and slightly above. I put down supply depots by the base, the next one slightly up to the left over the river and then a far one on the left side. They are all accessible by the main road that leads over the river to the left of your base. As soon as the airport is built, research the paratroopers immediately. Then you need to be quick on this next part. Prepare yourself to drop 3-5 paratrooper units over near the enemy headquarters and their supply depot. About 75% of the time they just started construction of an airport as my guys were dropping out of the planes so I was pretty safe landing them on the ground, capturing the headquarters and their newly constructed airport. Grab the supply depot as well then make some bombers that can take out the rest of the scattered soldiers and maybe a tank or 2.


Capture 50 buildings   

You can capture buildings using any infantry type. This also counts in any game mode (ranked, campaign, battles or operations). If you use the method for "War God" you could possibly get this in 1 or 2 matches.


Defeat an A.I. in battle mode while playing each nation.   

For this achievement you need to change your nations to each of the following:

  • USA (default)
  • Germany
  • UK
  • France
  • Italy
  • USSR

Please refer to the "Ace" achievement for the strategy I used for winning. Just change your settings to the same as those mentioned in the "Ace" achievement and you should be good to go. You can do these on EASY difficulty as well.


Defeat all A.I. profiles in 1v1 battle at least in Medium difficulty.    

For this cheevo you need to change the profile of the AI to each of the following:

  • Regular (that is default)
  • Airforce
  • Howitzer
  • Prototype
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Turtle

Please refer to "Ace" achievement for a general strategy I used. Just change your settings to the same as mentioned in the "Ace" achievement except for the AI profile. You will need to play these battles on MEDIUM difficulty.


Use all RUSEs    (1) 

This achievement entails you using all RUSEs available to play during 1 game. This sounds hard but it is actually very easy to do. Go into BATTLE MODE and then select the 1945 year option. Don't select an AI opponent (leave it empty) and set the time limit to about 30 minutes.

Start at the top of the RUSE list and use each one once. Make sure to use all the decoy base types and decoy army types. Once they are all played, just let the time run out. It does not matter which section you play them on. You will not get any XP at the end but it still counts all the RUSEs you used in the battle so once the summary screen pops up after the match is done you will unlock the achievement.


Destroy 5000 enemy units    

This counts over all modes so you can farm these in any game mode (ranked, campaign, battles or operations).


Get to level 20    

This is for getting to level 20 in non-ranked matches. You will more then likely get this while playing through the campaign your 1st time.


Reach the Veteran league.   

See "Elite" for more information.


Reach the Elite league.   (1) 

Veteran is rank 21 with XP total of about 67,000. Elite league is rank 61 with roughly 523,000 XP needed. Boosting this is HIGHLY recommended.


War God50
Get to level 100    

This is for getting to level 100 in non-ranked matches. This will take some time to get but it can be achieved through private matches with a friend or by yourself in battle matches.

Just alternate capturing buildings to get the most points you can in a match with a friend. In an hour match you can get about 20k in XP. I am unsure of what the total XP needed is since each level rank up is based on a set amount of points for that level. I am thinking it is in the neighborhood of 500k+ XP total. See below for a bit more detail on what I mean exactly.

  • At level 38 I had 6300/19000 needed before the next rank.
  • At level 77 I had 20634/38500 needed before the next rank.
  • At level 100 I had 49500/49500.
  • I had a battles win streak of 142 in a row and was getting about 15,000 XP for a 13 minute match. My total time in battle matches was about 37 hours. Each rank I achieved added 500 to my next rank up XP level needed.

Another fantastic method suggested by MurmuringJASON is to go into BATTLE MODE and select the map TRIANGULAR DIPLOMACY. Pick 2 opponents at the MEDIUM difficulty and set the AI profile to PROTOTYPE. Choose the UK as your own nation. Now make an airport to start off with & drop some paratroopers near the headquarters of each opponent. DO NOT CAPTURE ANYTHING. Let the paratroopers keep destroying the supply depot caravans. 3 sets of paratroopers near each base should cover it. You will keep getting the unit kills (helping you towards your 5000 kills achievement) until the supply depots are empty. It takes roughly 13-15 minutes for the enemy to empty all 3 of the supply depots they initially capture. Once the supply depots are empty go ahead & capture the headquarters of both enemies. You should get in the neighborhood of 7500 XP initially & the more consecutive wins you get, the larger the win streak XP bonus is.


Defeat one of Eugen Systems' team or someone having already unlocked this achievement    (2) 

This is a viral achievement. All you need to do is beat someone who has this. Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find someone who has it and hope they can give you a quick win.


Best Enemies10
Play a four-player game with your friends only    (6) 

You will need to get 4 people together (all on your friends list before you search) and try to match up in a ranked 2 vs 2 match. Once you are matched up, just let 1 team win the match as quickly as possible and all 4 players should unlock the achievement at the summary screen.


Play a game on every map in a ranked match   

I am unsure of all the map names at this time but since you don't need to win on them all your best option is to try this while boosting and matching up for the win streaks. Doing a 10 win streak in 1 vs 1 matches should cover all the 2 player maps. You will then need to matchup on the 2 vs. 2 maps for the rest of them.


Got Your Back!5
Play a game with a friend   

Just have the person on your friends list and try to match up in a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 match. You should get this while boosting for your 3 and 10 win streaks.


Occasional Allies10
Play a game with a stranger in team ranked match   (1) 

Just go into a ranked 2 vs 2 match and play it out. I believe if someone quits out of the game you will not get this achievement as I've finished 3 matches in the last day while each and every time one of the people has quit.


Battle Hardened10
Achieve a victory in every ranked match mode   

All you need to do for this is to win a 1 vs. 1 match and a 2 vs. 2 match. Since you can do surrenders, try to get 4 people together and alternate quitouts on each game type.


One Hand behind My Back20
Defeat an opponent without using the airfield and armor and artillery base camps in a ranked match   

This is another easy one to boost with a friend. Match up with a friend and then create only a barracks building. Run an infantry unit over to the opponents base and capture it. The only thing being built by either person is the barracks building for the person who is going for the win.


Top Gun20
Defeat an opponent with air units only in a ranked match   

For this one, once again match up with a friend and then have the person who is going for this achievement to make a supply depot or 2 and an airfield. Make bombers and then just keep running them to the opponents headquarters until you finally blow it up.


Achieve a 90% or more survival ratio in a ranked match   

Match up with a friend in a ranked 1 vs 1 match to make this easier. You will more then likely get this while boosting the "One Hand Behind My Back" or Top Gun" achievements. As long as the opponent does not create anything you will get this by default going for either of those 2 achievements.


Who's Your Daddy?25
Achieve a 200% or more kill rate in a ranked match   

Grab a friend in a 1 vs 1 ranked match and have the losing person create a few infantry units. Send over whatever planes or tanks that can wipe them out quickly, then destroy the headquarters and any other buildings for the easy win.


Win 5 games with every nation in ranked matches   

You will need to get 5 wins with each of the following nations:

  • USA (default)
  • Germany
  • UK
  • France
  • Italy
  • USSR

At this time I believe opponent surrenders will work for the nation wins. If you can grab a friend to match up you can just alternate 5 wins as each nation.


The Terrible25
Achieve a winning streak of 3 in ranked matches   

See "The Great" for more information.


The Great50
Achieve a winning streak of 10 in ranked matches   

What you need to do is get 10 straight wins in ranked matches. This seems like a tough achievement but when your boosting at an early hour, you can get matched up pretty quickly with your partner to knock this out. Just be in a chat and search at the same time in a 1 vs. 1 match. If you don't match up and one person has a streak going they need to go to the dashboard IMMEDIATELY before the match starts and people can build anything. Your streak will still be intact and the best part is that opponent surrenders work fine for your streak.

Secret Achievements
First Contact5
Seize Colditz Castle    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Holding the Pass5
Successfully hold Kasserine Pass    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Sand Storm5
Throw the Axis out of Africa    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


From Cover to Cover5
Neutralize the Italian secondary HQ by moving from cover to cover.    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Tank Buster5
Eliminate the last Italian forces    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Highway to Heaven5
Complete the Italian Campaign     

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Successfully land at Utah Beach    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Hedgerow War10
Complete the Cotentin Campaign    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Death from Above10
Complete Operation Market Garden    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Battered Bastard of Bastogne25
Successfully hold Bastogne    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


V-E Day25
Survive to see the German capitulation    (1) 

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


The Facility25
Recover Germany's secret weapon plans    

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Prevent the Russians from attacking the western allies    (1) 

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign.


Brigadier General25
Prevent World War III in Easy difficulty level      (1) 

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign on EASY difficulty.
All difficulty achievements are stackable.


Lieutenant General25
Prevent World War III in Medium difficulty level      

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign on MEDIUM difficulty.
All difficulty achievements are stackable.


General of the Army50
Prevent World War III in Hard difficulty level      (1) 

This will unlock through the completion of the campaign on HARD difficulty.
All difficulty achievements are stackable.


Desert Fox10
Play two RUSEs on the same sector    

You will need to use the RUSE option on your building menu and then play 2 RUSEs on the same territory. They can be the same or different ones. You can do this in conjunction with the "Cunning" achievement below.

Game Info
Eugen Systems


US September 07, 2010
Europe September 10, 2010

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