Rush'n Attack

Rush'n Attack Achievement Guide

Guide By: vmu
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Use only your knife to beat the Harbor Level.   

For this achievement just follow the high ground on the 2nd stage and DO NOT PRESS ! Also, for the dog boss pattern at the end, the first pack at the left jumps, so stand up and knife them. The dogs at the right do not, so lay down and knife them. Follow this pattern and the achievement should be yours.

Good Start10
Complete the Missile Base.    

This one is easy; just beat the first stage. My main strategy is to stick to the high ground. The high ground is anything that you get up on by using a ladder. For the boss fight, conserve all 3 fire blasts, then blast all 3 waves with it!

Complete the Bridge Level.    

This is where the game gets REALLY hard. For this stage, you must never touch the low ground (except when there are 2 mortars), and when you are in the boss battle, stick to the left side until they stop firing. After this, take them out!

Beat the Enemy Prison Camp.    

This is much harder than it seems. For this stage, you pretty much have to stick to the high ground, and when there is no high ground at all, you will have to improvise (especially with the 'pwntastic' grenade). At the end, you will have to alternate between the high and low ground for safety. For the boss, just jump over all his shots. Killing three of these red enemies and you have your achievement.

Complete Missile Base, defeating less than 18 enemies.   

Since I have don't have a good guide for this one, just follow the video below:

Not Bad10
Get a score of 50,000 or more.   

To get this score, you have to pass the first stage with a score of at least 20,000 and the second stage with 45,000. You should get it on the third stage. For high scoring, you should conserve your weapon for a pack of 3 or 4 soldiers; this way, you will get more points for your weapon blast.
Side note: earning a score of 50,000 also gives you an extra life!

Knife Master20
Complete all levels using only your knife and no powerups.    

Now this is hard(er). The only real difference besides beating the game with weapons and this, is the mortars. I would recommend waiting after their first shot, and then charging them.

Score 200,000 or more playing an Xbox Live co-op match.   (2) 

I hope you have progressed to be really good at this game! Your scores are cumulative; you need 200,000 combined total score. You will probably have to make it to the bridge level with the scoring tactics described earlier in the guide. Message my GamerTag if you need help with this.

Complete the Missile Base without dying.   

For this achievement, you have to beat the first stage without dying. I would recommend sticking to the high ground and hitting the mortar with the flame at a distance in the starting point. Then, avoid the mines after the mortar. After this, continue sticking to the top of the carriers. Once you have reached the end, I recommend you conserve all 3 of your shots for the end of the stage. I say this because, in the end, there are 3 waves coming from a truck. When a brown, unarmed, soldier is about to get you, unleash your first flame. Then when a second unarmed soldier is about to get you, repeat. For the third close henchman, unleash your final flame.

Fair Fight10
Reach the mortar without defeating any unarmed soldier in Missile Base.   

This one is easy; just stick to the high ground and don't kill any unarmed soldiers (they are the tan ones). All you really need to do when a group comes, is to climb over them and continue.

True Marine20
Rescue the POWs in less than 10 minutes.   

Once you have beaten the game once, you should know what to do on every stage. Now, however, you have to Rush'n Attack them! I also would recommend not losing any lives.

Mad Marine30
Rescue the POWs twice.   

This quite possibly is the hardest (but not most time consuming) XBLA achievement out there, in my opinion. Once you have beaten stage four, green jumping soldiers appear more often, which you can run under. Also, weapons appear less often at this point, so memorization is a key factor here. The best I have ever made it up to was level 8!

Game Info
Digital Eclipse


US May 23, 2007
Europe May 23, 2007
Japan May 23, 2007

Resolution: 1080i
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 0
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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