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Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Reaper0
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5 - 8 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 7 (No Mercy, Martial Art Master, Carnage, Bonus Hunter, Assassin, Combo Slayer and Hollywood Star)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (Path of Revenge)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Hello everyone, Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot is quite a fun game that takes a lot of elements from other successful arcade platformers and combines them with an almost Splinter Cell like feel yet completely different from the original Rush'N Attack. This game is a relatively easy completion but takes a little bit more effort because of S ranks and Ulyssium.

Playthrough 1:
To start, switch the difficulty to Veteran straight away. You will find this game offers little challenge. If you do find yourself stuck on a boss I've included near fool-proof strategies to kill each of the 3 bosses.

The next thing you should do is pay attention to the Bonus Hunter and No Mercy achievements. The former being a collectibles achievement, for your convenience I have included a video guide of the location of the 36 Ulyssium needed for the achievement. It can be found HERE. The latter being an achievement for attaining an S rank on all 3 levels in story mode, it must be in story mode as chapter select does not unlock achievements.

You must not die to get an S rank and the majority of your kills must be Stealth kills, having a decent time will help too. There is a trick to reset your deaths between the quick saves the game forces so be sure to read and understand it for maximum efficiency.

There are also a few ways to score Stealth kills whilst you have been spotted which may also help. Try to kill every enemy as there is an achievement for unlocking all moves. There are achievements for killing a certain amount of enemies in a certain way but you will most likely unlock these through natural progression.

Playthrough 2:
This is a mop-up playthrough in case you missed an S rank or some Ulyssium. You can swap the difficulty down to Recruit for this. Every achievement requires it to be fulfilled in one playthrough so if you miss one Ulyssium you will have to collect all 36 again. The same goes for the S ranks, you will need to S rank the 3 levels in a single playthrough.

If you missed any of the "perform action 'X' amount of times" type achievements, you will pick these up quite easily here.

This game isn't particularly challenging but it is quite easy to miss some achievements. As long as you follow the guide you shouldn't have a problem unlocking all the achievements in under 6 hours.

x360a would like to thanks The Reaper0 for this Road Map.

No Mercy30
Finish all three chapters with combat rank S in story mode.    

All S ranks need to be done in Story Mode and in a single run.

Requirements for an S rank:

  • For each level there is a minimum amount of Stealth Kills you'll need to get. The amount for each level is not known so just try to make over half your kills a Stealth Kill.
  • Time DOES matter but it IS possible to S rank when you are over par time.
  • No deaths. HOWEVER there is a way around this so that you can die as much as you like. When you’re killed as quickly as possible hit  and then restart but it MUST be before the game respawns you at the checkpoint. If you do accidentally let the game respawn you'll have to hit the guide button and go back to dashboard to save the playthrough. Instead of counting the time and deaths like when you respawn, restarting takes you back to the last checkpoint. So that anything that has happened before the next checkpoint is made null. Ulyssium will also be reset so if you're collecting them do not forget to pick them up again.
Martial art Master20
Unlock all combat moves in story mode.   

This is quite easy but is also missable if you don’t watch what you’re doing. The combat moves unlock the more enemies you kill, so if you really want to get this done quickly run into every security camera you see and rain hell on all the enemies. Also make sure to explore every vent and hallway you see. There is a lot more to these levels than meets the eye more often than not.

Kill 300 soldiers in story mode.   

Again it is possible to miss this but very unlikely. If you kill every enemy you see in act 1 you’ll most likely get this sometime halfway through act 2. A kill is counted as long as you get the points for it.

Path of Justice20
Finish the game on any difficulty.    

See “Path of Revenge”.

Path of Revenge30
Finish the game on Veteran difficulty.     

This is fairly straight forward as achievements go. There are 3 acts; each act can take between 50 minutes to an hour and a half. Each act has a boss at the end. On Veteran you will take more damage and the enemies take more hits. But in all honesty the difference between Recruit and Veteran is not a great deal. The points you earn are also multiplied the higher the difficulty is.

Bonus Hunter20
Find and collect 36 bonus ulyssium.     (2) 

There are twelve Ulyssium on each level and 36 total. They look like giant clusters of cyan gems floating in mid air. Collecting Ulyssium slightly boosts your health for each pick up. To unlock this achievement you'll need to collect all 36 in a single run through of the campaign. Restarting from the pause menu will reset any Ulyssium you picked up after the checkpoint, so take note. They aren't particularly well hidden but you may over look some if you aren't paying attention. It can be awfully painful playing through simply for collectibles.

I've carefully constructed a video guide which shows the exact location on the map and what each area looks like.

Kill 10 soldiers using stealth in story mode.   

A stealth kill is where an enemy doesn’t know you’re there and you kill them. Sneaking up behind an enemy and stabbing him is fairly easy as long as you crouch. Hiding in doors, holes in the floor and holes in the roof are also good methods. Don’t forget you can call out to nearby enemies and make them run over to the place you’re hiding by pressing .

There is also a way to trick enemies into walking past a door if you’ve been spotted. When someone spots you go hide in a spot in plain sight so he runs over to you to pull you out, as soon as he gets right next to the spot come back out before he touches you and instantly go back in and press . You should perform a stealth kill whilst he has spotted you.

Combo Slayer10
Kill 10 soldiers using combo attack in story mode.   

A combo as you might expect is a combination of button presses that will make your character perform a complicated and devastating move. This is fairly easy to obtain in the first 10 minutes. You’ll unlock combos as you kill more enemies and some of the later ones are quite powerful. The first combo you’ll unlock is called the Double Eagle and is a quick double tap of the button. To view your unlocked combos simply press  in game and press  until you see the combo list.

Alternatively to see the full unlocked list of combos, press  and go to Help and Options and then Combos.

Hollywood Star10
Get spotted by security cameras at least 10 times in story mode.   

The security cameras are blue, light emitting cameras which turn red once they’ve spotted you. Sometimes it will lock down the area you’re in and send a horde of enemies at you and other times they have a nifty turret or two attached to the roof nearby waiting to say hello. The turret and camera are both destructible with a quick slash to the face. A camera can only spot you once, so once you’ve dealt with whatever it throws at you either move on or destroy it.

Rank Captain10
Kill the Prison Boss.    

The act 1 boss is probably the most annoying as it is quite easy to make a mistake. It requires you to blow up 6 gas tanks around the room. They are stacked 3 high on each side of the room. The boss, after flying around for a bit, will launch a missile which will seek you out. Simply stand in front of a tank and jump when it’s approaching.

He'll send three enemies at you after he launches two missiles. I'd suggest blowing the top right tank and then the bottom left tank so that when the enemies come through the door you'll be able to stealth kill them instantly. One of the enemies will drop a package of C4 which can be used on a tank by pressing up on the whilst standing in front of it. Before you do this however, let him send another missile at you so you can blow up another tank. By the time you get to a tank he'll be launching a missile anyway.

Rank Major10
Kill the Laboratory Boss.    

The act 2 boss is simple; he has a massive bulldozer that will try to slam you into a wall and there is a handy rocket launcher sitting above the arena. Simply wait until he is bearing down on you and flip off the wall onto the top of the boss. Don’t forget to slip on the gas mask as his bulldozer emits poison when you’re standing on top of him. Grab the rock launcher and hit him 3 times in the back when he is stuck on the wall.

There is a mine type device that you can use to stop him sitting on a separate platform to the right of the rocket launcher. To get to it without jumping on the boss, crawl up the right wall and flip onto the platform. It won't do any damage but you can use it to stop him dead under the rocket launcher platform. He does launch missiles at you before he charges but they are very easy to avoid.

Rank Lieutenant Colonel10
Kill the Nuclear Base Boss.    

The final act boss looks incredibly tough but in reality he is fairly easy. This is a two part boss battle but the first part is pretty easy. The idea is to climb up the platforms while attacking him with the rocket launchers placed around the room as he stands in the elevator slowly ascending. However this is a slow and often costly process so I suggest racing up to the top of the room and sitting on the very top left platform until he is at the ladder.

The next phase is where you’ll really do some damage. Forget the rocket launchers and triple heavy attack him. By now you should have the last combo unlocked which does A LOT of damage and is a simple  button mash. Once you’ve landed the hits make sure to press to block as quickly as possible, you can even start blocking before you finish hitting him and if he gets in a lucky shot you’ll be covered. Keep close, otherwise he’ll do a devastating grenade attack and its pretty much game over then. He’ll also launch into the sky every so often, but just run in any direction and you’ll avoid this. Rinse and repeat and you’ll beat him in no time.

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US March 30, 2011

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