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Saints Row 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Marx0r, Corrupt x360a, Scotty
There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
-Offline: 37/50 (610/1000)
-Online: 13/50 (390/1000)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 200 + hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 2
-Glitched achievements: 1 ('Duke of Stilwater')
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? Yes, read introduction for more info
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, a lot!
  • Ultor Exposed DLC
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 250: 3 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • Corporate Warfare DLC
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 250: 5 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Saints row 2 is a relatively simple game for 1000 with a few achievements that will challenge you, and others will not be hard but will take a lot of time to get them. The story will only take around 10 hours if you have a good co-op partner or around 14 hours on your own.

Hey there and welcome to Saints row 2, there 43 achievements adding up to a nice 1000 This game requires one playthrough if you follow the guide & the road map. 6 of these achievements are unlocked just by playing through the story & they are worth 220 13 achievements are unlocked in co-op and multiplayer & they are worth 390 The other 31 are unlocked by completing the numerous activities throughout the game & collecting all the tags/CDs as well as performing aerial stunts & driving stunts!

Saints row contains a lot of glitches that can happen at anytime, most of which are one time off glitches & can with common sense & the forums be fixed. The main glitch that hits people is the 'Duke of Stilwater' not unlocking when people come to do there last stunt jump.
This is because the last jump is at the end of a level (The pyramid scheme) & a cutscene kicks in when the message comes up, blocking achievement. There are many ways to resolve this problem:
1. Wait until you have completed all missions, then do all stunt jumps doing this one first
2. If this glitch has happened to you & this jump is the one you need, click here
3. Complete all apart from this & another jump then leave stunt jumps until you have completed all missions & then finish the last jump.
4. If you some how miss the jump while doing 'The Pyramid Scheme' then just replay the mission from the newspaper in your crib.

Another well known glitch is the co-op story achievement not unlocking. To resolve this you must make sure to start from CO-OP in the main menu screen, then invite your partner in, make sure you don't miss out on missions with each other & don't even play with anyone apart from your partner on that save.

As for cheats there are a lot but they will disable achievements however there are 3 cheats that will not harm your achievements:
Gyro Daddy helicopter (two person mini-helicopter) #4976
Destroy UFO (two person flying saucer) #728237
Peewee mini-bike (very small mini-bike) #7266837
If you want the other cheats go here.
Step #1: Prepare for your playthrough:
Prepare for your playthrough & just go through the links listed below & familiarize yourself with locations, rewards & how to do things. You don't have to watch the walkthroughs for missions, however I recommend it if you just want to race through the game. I strongly recommend that you watch the videos on how to get some of the harder achievements so you don't get confused when trying to follow the guide/maps instructions. You will also need to find yourself a good partner who will stick with you until finished for the co-op achievements.
- Achievement trading thread (finding a partner/boosting badges): Click here
- Online multiplayer badges & guide: Click here
- Mission walkthroughs - text: Click here
- Tow truck diversion help: Click here
- Achievement guide: Click here
- Full activities guide: Click here
- Hitman & chopshop guide: Click here
- Activity rewards: Click here
- Interactive map (stunt/plane jumps & CD/spray locations): Click here
- Videos for everything you could need! Click here
- Videos for barnstorming (flying stunts) (Use the destroyer): Click here
- Videos for tagging (spray paint): Click here
- CD locations: Click here
Step #2: Playthrough:
Now that you've gone through the first step you can start playing, the first thing you need to do is get your co-op partner in to your game; do this by going from co-op on the main menu and then start a NEW GAME. This will avoid the glitch; once you have done the missions up to 'three kings' you can start completing all the activities & getting the barnstorms, races, CDs & the tags. Once you've done all the above make sure you do the hitman and chop shop.
Now before you start destroying the gangs you need to get the nut shots & taunting them. This can be done on your own gang but it is much slower & less effective as it won't always work. If you have already done the missions at this stage then you should either start a drive-by-diversion or start a new different save and get them on this profile, then switch back.
Then let loose on the missions with your new weapons & abilities, which should only take around 5 hours with your partner; once you've done all these missions you can start your stunt jumps. After this you can do the 'Vengeance' achievement, you can find out how to do this with the link below, but it contains major spoilers so only watch this after you've done all the missions. Click here to watch.
Step #3: Mop Up:
Hopefully by now you will have gotten all the achievements for the collectibles and missions as well as all co-op achievements, if not turn back and get them.
As for those who have go them it's time to go back and fill in the cracks, you need to start completing all the secret achievements which are found on the achievement page, guide etc. You shouldn't have any trouble with these but if you do you can always refer back to the guide, by clicking here
Step #4: Multiplayer:
Now that you've got all your single player achievements & co-op achievements you can start your multi-player. This part will take you a very long time, but you've come this far so don't give up.

First thing your going to do is get someone or a few people to come & boost party matches you can find people by going here. To check what you need to do to get these badges go here. Once you have all of these apart from the 'Aaar' badge you need to start ranking up, So the best thing you can do is get a good high ranked team or a good friend & just play strongarm until you hit the achievement; just keep winning those matches and the money will come faster as you rank up.

Ultor Exposed

Step 1 - Story:
The story of this DLC only consists of 3 missions. This will take you only a couple of hours and you can do these with a Co-Op partner too. After you have completed the 3 story missions and thus the DLC, you will unlock 1 achievement. To unlock the other single player achievement you simply need to use your PDA. Easy.

Step 2 - Online/Co-Op:
There are 3 achievements to gain online in this game and they can all be done in a matter of minutes with a willing boosting partner. You only need to play 2 different game modes once each to unlock 2 of the 3 achievements, then for the final achievement, you need to win the Co-Op competitive mission 5 times, which can be boosted and probably should be as the community isn't as active as it once was.

Corporate Warfare

Step 1 - Story:
There are only 3 missions to do to complete the story of this DLC and they can be done in only a couple of hours. There's nothing difficult or note-worthy worth mentioning. You will only earn 1 achievement for completing the story.

Step 2 - Online:
Most of the achievements from this DLC are online and will require some effort to obtain, although they aren't too difficult and would be better boosted with a partner. You will unlock 1 of them by just playing the Stuntman Co-Op game once, which is undoubtedly very easy. The remaining 3 require you to win online matches.

I have to say this game is hard & if you reached 1000 then well done, if you're about to start then good luck!

[x360a would like to thank Tomscfc for this Road Map]
[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a & Scotty for this Roadmap]

Welcome Back5
Complete the Saints Revival prologue (10) 

Simply complete the first few missions of the game. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Partners in Crime" achievement.

Defeat the Ronin (3) 

Play through and complete all of the missions in the Ronin story arc. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Partners in Crime" achievement.

Brother's Keeper40
Defeat the Brotherhood (2) 

Play through and complete all of the missions in the Brotherhood story arc. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Partners in Crime" achievement.

Remind Me of the Babe40
Defeat the Sons of Samedi (3) 

Play through and complete all of the missions in the Sons of Samedi story arc. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Partners in Crime" achievement.

Crime Lord50
Complete all levels of all activities (10) 

Complete all of the levels of every activity in Stilwater, excluding Hitman, Chop Shop, and Racing. When you have fully completed an activity, it will turn gray on your ingame map. See the individual activity achievements for additional help.

I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement.

Velvet Rope15
Complete all levels of Crowd Control (9) 

In Crowd Control, you run security detail for a celebrity and protect them from crazed fans. You get a cash bonus for every fan you put down, and you must get a specified amount of cash to beat each level. If you let the fans get to the celebrity for too long, you will fail the mission.

The best way to dispose of the fans is to go up to them and hit to hold them as a human shield, line them up with one of the giant blue arrows, and toss them into it. This gives you a $750-1000 cash bonus, instead of the $250 you get for beating down a fan.

If you do not get the required amount of money quickly enough, fans will start coming in with assault rifles, and you have no hope of stopping them from killing the celebrity.

There are two Crowd Control activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".

Demolition Man15
Complete all levels of Demolition Derby (3) 

In Demolition Derby, you are thrown into a large stadium with several other cars. The idea is to ram anyone you can, as you get a cash bonus every time you damage a car. You must get a specified amount of cash before you or all of the other cars explode. The trick to winning this is to use nitrous to get an immense speed and ram the other cars. To activate nitrous, click .

As you progress through levels, you are given "upgrade points" which you can use to upgrade your car's offense, defense and speed. Focus on the speed upgrades first, then offense, and finally defense.

There is one Demolition Derby activity with 6 levels. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".

Purple Haze15
Complete all levels of Drug Trafficking (5) 

In Drug Trafficking, you must ride shotgun as a dealer meets up with his clients. In co-op, one of you will drive while the other rides shotgun. The starting levels are easy, but the later levels are nearly impossible. In the later levels, try these general pointers:

1. Get Homies to ride alongside with you. However, do not go out of your way to revive them.
2. Switch cars as often as possible. The FBI happens to be the optimal car for the mission.
3. When driving, try to get a single headshot on the drivers of the other cars. Don’t bother with stopped cars, you’ll be out of their range soon enough.

There are two Drug Trafficking activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".

Complete all levels of Escort (3) 

In Escort, you will drive around a car while a hooker does her job in the backseat. If you are in co-op, one person will drive while the other one does the job. News Vans and the occasional Private Investigator will follow you, so keep out of their radius. It’s best to go on the highway, and drive at top speed on the wrong side. The oncoming traffic will take out most of your pursuers. On the later levels, you have to perform requests, so you may find yourself needing to get off the freeway so often it becomes inconvenient to use the freeway method.

Note: You can shoot the drivers of the cars to get rid of the radius, but this is impractical in most situations.

There are two Escort activities with 6 levels each. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".

Do Not Talk About It15
Complete all levels of Fight Club (6) 

In Fight Club, you are pitted in a ring with several other people, and must kill them all. You cannot use any of your weapons, just your fists, but objects will spawn in the ring that you can pick up and beat your opponents with. I actually wouldn't recommend using any object. Even though you can knock down several enemies at once, the damage done to them is minimal and you become a target to everyone else. I would recommend throwing the object out of the ring or to the edge so the A.I. opponents can't use it.

The best way to play this is to get each enemy alone and fight them one-on-one. Use and to punch, and hold both to block. If you can land 3 successful punches in a row on an enemy, you will perform a finishing move that will greatly reduce their health. 2 finishing moves damages an enemy enough to allow you to finish them. Go up to them and hit to finish them. A short button-mashing sequence will pop up. Fill up the meter to break the person's neck and kill them.

There are two Fight Club activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".

Reality Star15
Complete all levels of FUZZ (2) 
In FUZZ, you must impersonate a police officer and commit random acts of police brutality in order to make good television. Simply drive from place to place, keeping an eye on the clock, and kill all of your targets with the required weapons. Remember, the cops are on your side, so don't shoot or otherwise hurt them. Try to refrain from running the targets over, as you get more footage if you use the weapon on them.

Every once in a while, you need to stop a moving vehicle. If you're in co-op, just have your partner tag along in your car and shoot the car with explosives. If you're by yourself, just pursue the car and try to ram it into a tree or flip it over.

There are two FUZZ activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".
Complete all levels of Heli Assault (9) 

In Heli Assault, you need to pilot a helicopter and escort one of your gangmates on land. Especially on the later levels, you'll find it virtually impossible to fly the chopper and work the guns at the same time, so you should definitely find a friend and do these missions in co-op. Enemy cars and eventually helicopters will tail both you and the car. The chain gun is worthless when compared to the rocket launcher, so use only that and try to make sure your car is out of the blast radius.

Every once in a while, your car will run out of gas, and you must go down and pick your teammates up. Go VERY slowly and carefully, or your teammates will fall out of the chopper. They won't die, but you may have trouble getting them back on. You'll no longer be tailed when you have them on your rudder, so just take your time and work your way to the objective.

There are two Heli Assault activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".
Complete all levels of Trail Blazing (3) 
In Trail Blazing, you drive a small, flaming, go-kart through the streets, and must go from checkpoint from checkpoint. You have an incredibly short time limit, but you can add to it by setting things on fire. Hitting a car will give you an extra second, and pedestrians two. If you hit an explosive can or a patch of fire, flames will shoot out and hit multiple targets.

Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, you will need to find your own strategy. Either go as fast as possible and hit whatever you can on the way, or go slightly slower and hit everything you can. If you're playing in co-op, he will sit in the back with infinite moltov cocktails, which he can use to hit patches of pedestrians for massive bonuses.

There are two Trail Blazing missions with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".
Ambulance Chaser15
Complete all levels of Insurance Fraud (9) 
In Insurance Fraud, you must take dives in front of cars to rack up imaginary 'hospital bills'. You must get a certain amount of money to beat each level. This is probably the hardest activity for most people, but can be made a lot easier.

When you start, make sure the place you are headed to has a highway. If not, quit then restart until it gives you an area with a highway. Go to the highway to find big rigs all over. Go in front of one and hit right before it hits you. You will go flying. Now, while you are flying through the air, try to use to veer into its path or the path of another truck. You can make 150k off a single dive.
- Thanks to APerfektFIaw.

There are 2 Insurance Fraud activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".
Wrecking Crew15
Complete all levels of Mayhem (10) 
In Mayhem, you will be given a bunch of weapons and a location, and you must cause a certain amount of money's worth in destruction before the time runs out. For every item you destroy, you will get a certain amount of money. If you destroy objects in rapid succession, you will get a multiplier bonus.

Your main target should be fences, as they go over easily and you get a multiplier credit for each panel you break. Anything else with similar qualities, like a outdoor dining area, will also do. Use grenades for the first two levels, and then your unlimited RPG for levels 3 and beyond.

There are 2 Mayhem activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".
Splatster Chief15
Complete all levels of Septic Avenger 

In Septic Avenger, you work the pumps on a rogue septic truck, with the objective of spraying waste on everything you can. You need to spray virtually everything in your path to get the required amount of money, especially in the later levels. The good news is that your truck has nearly infinite health and there's no time limit. The only thing that will eventually stop you is when the truck finishes its route, but you can stop the truck by holding LT.

There are 2 Septic Avenger activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".
...But It Sure Is Fun15
Complete all levels of Snatch (5) 

In Snatch, you must kill pimps and recruit their hos. After the hos are in the car with you, you must drop them off at your brothel. In co-op, you will also have the issue of a pimp attempting to take back your hos. The easiest way to do these activities is as follows. Please note that this is written with Level 6 in mind. Adjust for the other levels accordingly.

Get a co-op partner, and get into the same 4-door car. Now, normally, you're not supposed to be able to recruit more than one ho at a time, but you can cheat this if the two of you syncronize. Go to the set of hos furthest from a Forgive and Forget. The driver should recruit first, followed by the passenger shortly after. This takes a little bit of practice, but your goal is to get both of the hos in your party and in the car. Watch out for enemy gang members, as they have a habit of pulling you out of cars. Head to the Forgive and Forget and drive through it. Then, calmly make your way back to the brothel, making sure not to get the attention of gangs again.

You will again have to get hos, but a pimp could show up to try to take back the ones you already have. Now, head to the hos nearest the Forgive and Forget, pick them up, and head to the F+F again. Ideally, you should only have gang noteriety for several seconds, not enough time for a pimp to show up. Drop off your hos yet again, but this time, have one of you stay behind to defend the hos.

If you kill a ho you already dropped off, it's an instant fail, so be careful. The driver should quickly make two ho-runs, which should land you with 6 recruited hos in more than enough time to finish the level.

There are two Snatch activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".

Blue Collar10
Complete all levels of Tow Truck, Fire Truck, Ambulance, and Taxi diversions (26) 

When you enter any one of those 4 cars, you will be given the opportunity to start a diversion. In this diversion you will have to do, well, whatever you would do if you drove the car for a living. Tow cars, put out fires, revive people, and take people from place to place, respectively. You need to go to the side of a normal street (not highway or dirt road) and call the corresponding numbers on your phone to get a car delivered.

Tow Truck - This seems to be the hardest one. There is no known number to call, you just have to drive around until you happen to see one. Additionally, the diversion itself is a huge pain. Please see this post for help.
Fire Truck - 555-FIRE
Ambulance - 911
Taxi - (555) 455-8008

Duke of Stilwater10
Find all stunt jumps in Stilwater (12) 

In a car, you need to drive through all of the stunt jumps in Stilwater. This website seems to have the best guide for the collectibles.

Maverick Goose10
Find all flying stunt locations in Stilwater (7) 

In an aircraft, you need to fly through all of the stunt locations (barnstorms) in Stilwater. This website seems to have the best guide for the collectibles.

Hi Fidelity15
Find all CDs in Stilwater (14) 

You need to find and collect all of the CDs in Stilwater for this achievement. If you find a CD in co-op, both you and your partner will get credit, regardless of where the partner is. This website seems to have the best guide for the collectibles.

Find and spray all 50 tags in Stilwater (8) 

You need to find and tag all of the spots in Stilwater for this achievement. If you tag a location in co-op, both you and your partner will get credit, regardless of where the partner is. This website seems to have the best guide for the collectibles.

Where's My Car?10
Deliver all the cars to the chop shops (7) 
Chop Shop, as well as Hitman, (see "Hello 47") is different from all of the other activities. When you go to a Chop Shop location, you will be given a list of eight cars people and where to find them. When you enter any of the cars, as long as you aren't in a mission or activity, the game will tell you that it's wanted in a Chop Shop.
Simply drive the car to the nearest Shop to get credit. If you are in co-op, your partner must be in the car to get credit.
For additional help, check this thread.
Hello 4710
Kill all Hitman targets (6) 
Hitman, as well as Chop Shop, (see "Where's My Car?") is different from all of the other activities. When you go to a Hitman location, you will be given a list of six people and how to find them. You must kill all six at any time throughout the rest of the game to complete the activity. Therefore, activating the 5 Hitman locations should be one of the first things you should do. Once you have an location activated, you can view the list at any time by going to the Pause Menu and selecting 'Info' > 'Activities' > 'Hitman'.

Since you can kill any target at any time with any weapon, you should accidentally kill a few people just by playing through the game. Also, if at any time you come close to a target, they will appear on your GPS as a small crosshairs. If you ever see the crosshairs, you should definitely consider dropping whatever you're doing and kill them.

Hitman locations:

- Hangman's Wharf, Stilwater Prison District. The southermost activity in the small island by the top left of the game map.
- Elysian Fields, Trailer Park District. The activity just northeast of the activity that's all the way on the southwest corner of the top island.
- Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District. On the top island, about 1/4 of the way in on the top right, there's a small dock with a shop on the tip of it. It's the activity just south of it.
- Harrowgate, Saint's Row District. There's a large amount of bridges connecting the two main islands of Stilwater. By the lower left of the third bridge in on the right, there are two activites. The lower of the two is the Hitman activity.
- Southern Cross, Barrio District. On the southern end of the map, just above the airport island, there is a lone activity around a bunch of stores. This is the Hitman activity.

For additional help, check this thread

2 Quick 2 Pissed15
Complete all races in Stilwater (5) 

For this achievement, you must enter and place (top 3) in all of the races on the Stilwater map. You can't choose the vehicle you drive, so you really have to out race the competition. The one good thing is that the CPU will always drive on the streets on road races, so you can sometimes take huge shortcuts. If you attempt these races after you have played through a significant part of the game, the GPS may give you a far more efficent route, as it will plot the previous shortcuts you have taken.

Romero's Hero5
Complete the Zombie Uprising video game (14) 
You can play the Zombie Uprising game on your TV in the Red Light Loft crib, which you unlock after completing the prologue. Zombies will come at you in waves, and you must clear out 6 waves (345 zombies) to beat the game. You have a limited amount of weaponry and food, which will spawn differently every game, so play wisely. This is easier in co-op, though it's very manageable by yourself.


At the start of the game, quickly circle the map and try to pick up all the weapons and food you can. If you go up the stairs that are across the map from you, DO NOT advance out of the map, as you will instantly fail. The game will warn you as you are about to do this. Make sure you find pick up frags, as they will be your best friend later. Once you've picked up a melee weapon, a pistol, SMG, shotgun, and assault rifle, you're ready to get started. Use your melee weapon to kill the first 10 enemies.


Your melee weapon will break soon, so find another and resume attacking. Your NPC allies will begin to die, but do not revive them. They're pratically useless, and food is way too precious to waste on them. Clear out 30 zombies total to advance.


And now it's time for flaming zombies. If you know what you're doing, being set on fire should be the only real problem the game will present you with. Melee attacks on them are useless, as you will be set on fire. Kill a few more zombies with your melee weapon until the first flaming zombie shows up. If you have a co-op partner, regroup with him now. Switch to your pistol and click to enter precision aim. If you have a partner, stand back-to-back with him to eliminate all of your blind spots. Conserving ammo, carefully headshot as many zombies as you can. The zombies without an intact head can obviously not be headshot-ed, so just shoot them several times in the waist. Increase your death toll to 70 to continue.


Make your way to the base of the staircase. To the right of the stairs is what looks like the remains of a fountain. Go inside the pool area (by a big support collumn) and jump up the first few levels. You should end up on a platform about 6 feet off ground level, and completely out of the reach of zombies. Slowly and carefully pick off the zombies. You will eventually run out of pistol ammo, so do the same thing with your assault rifle until another 65 zombies have died to increase your kill total to 135.

At this point, your job should be very simple. No zombie can hurt you, so use the rest of your assault rifle ammo to increase your kill count to 225 and advance to the sixth and final wave.


And now you're down to the wire. Killing another 120 zombies means victory. You should shortly run out of assault rifle ammo, leaving you with a shotgun, SMG, and possibly a half-used melee weapon. The last of your teammates will die soon, so it's up to you to do all of the killing. Patience is a virtue here, let all of the zombies get within range of your shotgun so you can kill every one with one shot apiece. After you use up your shotgun, do the same with your SMG. You should run dry with about 75 zombies left. Use whatever else you may have picked up, then equip your melee weapon, make sure the coast is clear, and dash back to the point where you spawned. Kill any zombie you can safely kill, but watch out for the flaming ones. Keep circling the map, wasting all the zombies you can, and eventually a handful of zombies will set themselves on fire and die chasing you. Keep in mind you can always go back to the safe zone by the stairs to re-assess your situation. Keep circling and killing until the zombies are all gone and achievement unlocked.

Surf's Up5
Get 3 gold stars in Vehicle Surfing (9) 

In order to vehicle surf, simply run in front of any civilian car in order to get it to slow down and stop, in the same way you would hijack a car. Instead of hijacking it, hit to jump on top of the car. Obviously, the car must have a roof and be low enough to jump on top of. Get on the roof and wait for the car to start driving. When the game prompts you to, hit to start surfing. If you hit any sooner, you will hijack the car. You will then start balancing on the roof of the car, and a meter will pop up a la Tony Hawk. You can hit again to do a handstand, but all that will do is make it harder to balance. Use to keep your player steady. It will take 15-20 seconds to get three gold stars, at which point you will have to throw yourself off to end the Surfing session and get the achievement.

Complete all Ronin missions in co-op (14) 

While in co-op, play and complete all of the missions in the Ronin story arc. This achievement will unlock with "Seppku" if you don't already have it. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread.

Pot Luck25
Complete all Samedi missions in co-op (17) 
While in co-op, play and complete all of the missions in the Samedi story arc. This achievement will unlock with "Remind Me of the Babe" if you don't already have it. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread.
Separated at Birth25
Complete all Brotherhood missions in co-op (6) 
While in co-op, play and complete all of the missions in the Brotherhood story arc. This achievement will unlock with "Brother's Keeper" if you don't already have it. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread.
Partners in Crime100
Complete all campaign missions in co-op (133) 
While in co-op, play and complete all of the missions in the Ronin, Samedi, and Brotherhood story arcs, as well as the Revival epilogue, the Ultor prologue, and the secret Julius mission.  For a complete walkthrough, check this thread.

WARNING: This achievement has been reported to be glitchy. To ensure you get it, both people should start up a brand-new game and only play co-op with each other.
Confidence Men25
Complete all levels of all activities in co-op (25) 
You need to complete all of the activities on the map in co-op. You both need to be in the activity, so when one person starts the mission, the other needs to join him with the on-screen dialogue box. You can't check which activities you've done in co-op, just the ones you've completed period, so it's best to just start up a new game and complete everything with a friend. You do not have to complete the Hitman, Chop Shop, or Racing activities to get this.

Please see the individual activity achievements for additional help.
True Pal10
Defeat your partner in a co-op diversion (6) 

In order to start a co-op diversion, you must be in co-op with Friendly Fire on. (Pause Menu > Co-Op > Friendly Fire) Kill your teammate, and he will be given the option to start up one of two co-op games. It doesn't matter which one he picks, just have him select one. Take turns throwing the game so you can both unlock the achievement.

Strong Armed10
Complete the Strong Arm tutorial (5) 

From the Main Menu, go to Multiplayer > Tutorial, and a video will play. You can skip it by hitting , but you should watch it in order to learn how to play the game. After the video plays, you will spawn in the tutorial lobby. The room you are in has 9 diagrams on the walls. Go up to each one, hit to bring up a paragraph on-screen, and hit to continue. Quickly do this for all 9 diagrams and the achievement will unlock.

Saint's Seven30
Win all seven Ranked Strong Arm Activities, and win on all seven Strong Arm maps (7) 

For this achievement, you must win a Strong Arm round of each of the following Activities:

Demo Derby, Hitman, Insurance Fraud, Mayhem, Racing, Snatch, Theft

You must also win a round in each map while playing Strong Arm:

Little Shanghai, North Shore, Nuke Plant, Oldtown, Parthenon, Posiedon's Palace, Wharfside


You don't actually have to do this in a ranked game, so the quickest way is to just start up a Party match, set it to the map/activity you need, and get a friend to lose to you.

Spread the Love30
Host and win an Xbox LIVE Party Game (2) 

From the Main Menu, go to "Multiplayer" > "Xbox LIVE" > "Create Party". Select whatever you want for the Privacy, then once some people are in the Party with you, start up the game. It doesn't matter what you play, just win and the achievement will unlock.

Win 10 Xbox LIVE Strong Arm matches (1) 

The quickest way to win 10 matches would obviously be to set up a Party match and just win 10 matches that are set to Strong Arm. Get a friend to lose to you and it'll go even quicker.

Earn 7 Multiplayer Badges (5) 

See "Kingpin".

Earn 15 Multiplayer Badges (2) 

See "Kingpin".

Earn 30 Multiplayer Badges (42) 

Please visit this thread for a breakdown and guide for the badges.

Secret Achievements
A Brighter Future80
Defeated the Ultor Corporation epilogue (7) 

After completing the Ronin, Brotherhood, and Sons of Samedi missions, a set of Ultor Corporation missions will come up on your map. Complete them to get the achievement. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Partners in Crime" achievement.

Exacted revenge on Julius (10) 

After completing the Ultor missions, you will unlock a secret Julius mission. For a complete walkthrough, and instructions on how to unlock the mission, check this thread. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Partners in Crime" achievement.

Going the Distance5
Threw someone a long, long way (16) 

In order to throw someone, go up to them and hold to take them as a human shield and hit again to throw them. You must throw someone over 100 feet (33.3 meters) for this achievement.

The best way to do this is in the Crowd Control activity in the Hotels and Marina district. One of the maps for this activity is in an airport. When playing on the map, simply throw a fan onto the moving section of the giant ramp, and you should get credit for a throw of several hundred feet.

If you're having trouble with that method, you can always try throwing someone off a cliff or building. Several missions involve rooftops, and all you need to do is grab an enemy and throw him off.

Love Thy Neighbor5
Grabbed 50 human shields (2) 

You will most likely get this achievement when playing through the Crowd Control missions. (See "Velvet Rope") If you don't get 50 shields by the time you're done, just grab random pedestrians with , drop them with again, and keep repeating until the achievement unlocks.

Aww Nuts!5
Hit 100 lifetime nut shots (13) 

As you play through the solo/co-op game, just aim and shoot at your enemies' crotches. The foe will grab his crotch (as seen in the achievement tile) once you have successfully performed a nut shot. This counts on males only, and only if the shot is made during a mission or activity.

You can check your progress by going to the Pause Menu and selecting 'Info' > 'Diversions' > 'Stunts' > 'Combat Tricks' > click 'Nutshots'.

Stilwater Welcoming Commitee5
Mugged 50 citizens of Stilwater (9) 

In order to mug someone, go up to a civilian on the street, go in their line of sight, and click to enter precision aim. Hold your reticule on the person's torso for several seconds, and they will put their hands up. Keep holding and they will drop their cash and run away. If you attempt this on gang members or cops, they will either ignore or attack you.

You can check your progress by going to the Pause Menu and selecting 'Info' > 'Diversions' > 'Minigames' > 'Mugging'.

I'm Not Addicted!5
Gambled $500,000 total lifetime (12) 

Make sure you save the game beforehand if you don't want to take the risk of losing any money. Also, make sure you have at least $200,000 or so cash on hand. Then, go to the Hotels and Marina District. South of the Branded clothing shop is a bright yellow half-circle building. This the casino you robbed in the first Ronin mission. Go in and go next to one of the slot machines. It will give you the option to play poker or blackjack. Choose poker, then set your bet to the max of $1000 by hitting once. You can just mash for a while, or play a bit smarter if you want by dealing once, selecting any cards you want to keep, then dealing again. The game will automatically hold any pair or better, so you'll break about even just mashing endlessly.

You can check your progress at any time by going to the Pause Menu and selecting 'Info' > 'Diversions' > 'Minigames' > 'Poker'. If you've been betting the max continually, you'll need 500 hands played. This shouldn't take any longer than half an hour or so.

- Thanks to Evolution XO.

Trash Talker5
Taunted 50 gang members (5) 

To taunt a gang member, walk up to them and set your reticule on them. Then, hit to perform a taunt. You will know you've done it correctly when your gang notoriety goes up slightly and they attack you.

The easiest way to get this is to taunt your own gang members. If you equip your pistols so your crosshair shows, look at a gang member. You'll notice that a green X appears. Taunt him until it turns into a red crosshair. From then on out, every taunt counts towards your achievement. The fastest way to do it is to taunt, move your joystick slightly during the taunt to stop the motion, taunt again, move your stick slightly again, and so on. This takes about 3 minutes for the achievement.

You do not need to taunt 50 different people, just perform 50 taunts. You can check your progress by going to the Pause Menu and selecting 'Info' > 'Diversions' > 'Stunts' > 'Combat Tricks' > click 'Taunting'.

-Thanks to APerfektFIaw

Sung Along to the Radio (33) 

Your character will theoretically sing along to any song, but "Take Me On" by A-Ha seems to be the most common. When driving any vehicle, hit or to tune the radio. Go to "107.77 The Mix FM", and wait for the song to come on. Your character may not sing along the first time, but he eventually will, earning you an achievement.

If you don't want to wait, go to any music store and buy the song. (under Rock) Then, set up a custom playlist with just that song by going to the Pause Menu > Radio > Playlist Editor > Rock > Take On Me. Then tune your car radio to "My Radio 85.5". After a few minutes, the achievement will unlock.

Still Addicted to tha Row20
Played Saints Row 2 in single player or co-op for a combined 50 hours (9) 

Simply put 50 hours on the ingame clock. You will easily do this as you go for the other singleplayer achievements. If you get everything else before 50 hours somehow, just load the game up, go to a crib or somewhere you know you won't be killed, and leave.

DLC: Ultor Exposed
Cost: $9.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 125
Play the Co-op Mission game once (5) 

To unlock this achievement, you will need to play the Co-Op game once. Co-op scoring is automatically turned on when you have another player in the game and select a mission from your clipboard. That's it. You don't even need to win, just play it through to completion and once the round is over, the achievement will unlock.

Win the Co-op competitive mission game 5 times (4) 

This time you will need to win the Co-Op game 5 times to unlock this achievement. You may want to boost this with a partner as you will struggle to find a random game by searching due to the lack of an online community. It is easiest to take turns letting each other get all the kills while you wait outside the mission area. After your 5th win the achievement will unlock.

Party Time25
Host or play in a party match on Xbox LIVE (1) 

From the main menu, go to Xbox Live, then Create Party. When the lobby is up, hit  to switch the game to Party Mode. Invite your boosting party to the lobby and start the game. The achievement will pop as soon as the game starts, you do not even need to finish it if you don't want to.

Secret Achievements
Completed the Ultor Exposed mission arc (6) 

Story related, cannot be missed.

You just need to complete the 3 story missions of the DLC and upon reaching the final cutscene the achievement will unlock. The missions won't give you much trouble, especially if you have already completed the main game as you will have better weapons and armour.

Phone Sex20
Called Tera as a homie (4) 

After you have completed the first mission of the story, you will be able to call the newly introduced character 'Tera Patrick' as a homie. To do this, just do as you would for any of the other characters that you will have unlocked as homies, by calling them using the phone on your PDA. After you put the phone down and Tera comes to your aid, the achievement will unlock.

DLC: Corporate Warfare
Cost: $6.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 125
Rookie Stuntman25
Play the Stuntmen Co-op game once (8) 

Invite your friend to your game, or join their game. Get in to a car, and begin to do stunts. This can be driving into oncoming traffic, jumps, etc, but is easiest to find a long stretch and drive on the wrong side of the road. As soon as you get a silver you will be able to press  to start the Stuntman Co-op game. The game is best 3 out of 5, and the target is to get more stunt points as your opponent. Easy to fix if working with your boosting partner.

Action Hero25
Win 20 rounds in the Stuntmen Co-op game (5) 

Simply win 20 rounds, not games of the Stuntmen minigame. See "Rookie Stuntman" for information of how to play this game.

Tag Team20
Your team needs to hold all tag spots at one time in a Strong Arm match on Xbox LIVE (3) 

You can boost this easy in party mode. For information on how to get to party mode, see "Party Time." Go into settings, and change the game mode to Strong Arm, on the Little Shanghai map (any map will work but this is the smallest one). Spray all 4 tag spots (signified by a spray can) and this will unlock. Your partner can do this in the same game too.

Gangster Brawler20
Won 10 Gangster Brawls or Team Gangster Brawls on Xbox LIVE 

You can boost this easy in party mode. For information on how to get to party mode, see "Party Time." Go into settings, and change the maximum kills to 10, 
On a small map, this will take 2 or 3 minutes at the most. Beat your boosting partner 10 times and this will unlock.

Secret Achievements
A Better Life35
Completed the Corporate Warfare mission arc 

Simply complete the 3 main story missions and once you reach the final cutscene the achievement will unlock. Doing this will be much easier if you have already completed the main story as you will have better weapons and armour.

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