Saints Row: The Third (German)

Saints Row: The Third (German) Achievements

Everything is Permitted

Kill all of the hitman Assassination targets. 

To access the Assassination targets bring up your phone, click Saintsbook, and then Assassination. The game will lead you to a certain area where you have to perform a task in order for them to show up. There are 36 targets.

For the following targets simply go to the destination and do what the description says:

  • Almonzo - Shoot at gang members
  • Andre - Kill 6-10 prostitutes in the area and raise your Morningstar notoriety to 4 Stars
  • Blaize - Rob a store. To rob a store, zoom in on the cashier and hold the reticule over them
  • Brutus - Walk around the area with no weapons out
  • Chandler - Shoot a car and run in front of it as it drives away so it runs you over
  • Clouis - Go to Rim Jobs and customize a vehicle
  • Danny - Call 'Pizzeria' from your contact list
  • Dr. Wang - Go to Image as Designed and change something about your character
  • DJ Enigmus - Turn to station K12 while driving. There will be three targets, but two of them will be imposters
  • Grigor - Drive to destination
  • Harry - Kill him before he jumps off the bridge
  • Jake - Shoot at cement truck drivers in the area
  • Jim - Stand directly on the marker and call 'Steelport District Cable' from your contact list
  • Karl - Steal a baggage cart at the airport
  • Kirsten - Go to selected Planet Saints and throw a frag grenade inside the store
  • Lt. Gorshin - Kill civilians
  • Mike - Call 'Emergency' from your contact list
  • Mr. Hess - Drive to destination
  • Luther - compliment people
  • Officer Dealy - Taunt civilians in the area
  • Protip - Go to Decker’s HQ
  • Randall - Kill civilians at The 3 Count
  • SGT Steiner - Call 'Stag Ops' from your contact list
  • Smoov - Go to the Image As Designed and grab the chubby prosititute
  • Tony - Call 'Clothing' from your contact list
  • Whitney - Get into selected plane and fly up into the air. Jump out once you’re off the ground

For these targets, you will want what is required before heading to the destination.

  • Agnes - Arrive at the destination completely nude
  • Alejandro - drive a Luchador vehicle to the destination
  • Barry - Arrive at the destination in a helicopter and land on the helipad.
  • Bernie - Call Bernie from your contact list. Drive to the destination and there will be two targets
  • Gerrard - Drive a muscle car to selected gas station. The Bootlegger counts as a muscle car and can be found by making it a gang vehicle then calling your homies.
  • Lucas - Dress as a Decker and head towards the destination. The Decker outfit is in your wardrobe once you accept the assassination job
  • Michael - Go to destination in a police car. You need to activate the sirens with
  • Mr. Dickson - Drive to destination in a limo
  • Oliver - Arrive at destination in an aircraft, preferably with guns, so you can take out his helicopter
  • Ulysses - Arrive at destination in any aircraft
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