Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 Achievement Guide

Guide By: StayonTarget and KillerBEA
There are 70 achievements with a total of 1200 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
Offline achievements: 49 for 990
Online achievements: 1 for 10
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40+ hours
Minimum number of playthroughs:1
Number of missable achievements: 2
Do cheat codes disable achievements? Yes
Does difficulty affect achievements? No
Glitchy achievements: 2
Unobtainable achievements: Yes, Saintified
Extra equipment needed? No

  • Enter the Dominatrix DLC
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 100: 3-4 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • How the Saints Saved Christmas DLC
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 100: 3-4 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Unobtainable achievement:
Currently the achievement "Saintified" is unobtainable due to the website for the achievement is not working properly. The new Devs have said they are working on it with no ETA for the fix and this has been broken for several months now.

Welcome to Saints Row 4, a super wacky and insane sandbox game full of satire, one liners and as of this iteration SUPER POWERS! In this installment of the series your character has become President of the United States of America. Bringing with it some critical decision making... but then ALIENS invade ruining everything and trap you a simulation of Steelport. The game starts off super linear to get the story headed in a certain direction, but it opens up pretty quickly. Allowing you to do anything and nearly everything in basically whatever order you want. I strongly suggest playing on casual to make earning the achievements MUCH easier.

The game has 50 achievements, 49 of which can be unlocked offline and 1 which has to be earned online. the online required one being Saintified which is for creating and sharing a character online. There are 2 missable achievements. The first one You chose poorly is unlocked during Matt Miller's rescue mission. The other one Saints and Sensibilities requires you to do all the loyalty missions for homies that have one before doing the "Grand Finale "mission.

Glitchy achievements:
Wheres my cape? seems to be glitching for quite a few people, I among others have had no problems unlocking. Make sure you are past the main mission where you save Kinzie "The Kinzie Gambit" and "Hello Teacup" to make sure you have all the powers unlocked and then upgrade whats left. The ones for completing challenges are definitely NOT required, I had not finished all the gold medals when mine unlocked and the ones I had left had power related unlocks.

There is a discussion about this particular achievement and the possibility of it glitching here.

There is also a weird bug concerning an age restriction that is blocking the Saintified achievement for some people, Deep Silver has acknowledged the bug and are apparently working to fix plus other major bugs. If you're effected by this bug you can try the method listed under the Saintified achievement or you can contact support at their email

and here is a discussion thread regarding the issues with Saintified.

Character Creation:
After completing the very first mission "Zero Saints Thirty' you will have an opportunity to customize your character. Once you have created your character click on "Character Gallery" then login to your account if you already have one or create one if you don't, then select "Upload Character" and confirm that you want to upload your character. This unlocks the achievement Saintified

Story part 1:
As I pointed out in the introduction the game starts off super linear and a few bits of the story have to be done before you have access to powers and open world gameplay such as activities. After creating your character you will need to do the missions "The Saints Wing", "A Pleasant Day" and "Time to Increase The Tempo" in order to gain access to the open world of Steelport. You can really do things in what ever order you like since if you do an activity before its part of a side quest it will not require you to do it again and will just be checked off right from the get go. I would go about as far as rescuing Gat (and stomp training) and then doing all the activities, side quests, romances, and loyalty missions.

Open world gameplay/Loyalty missions/Romance:
Most if not all of the open world gameplay is tied to side quests for each of the different homies; which is needed for each homies quest/loyalty/romance achievement. None of these are super hard especially with an upgraded character, but make sure to gold medals for everything for the challenges. You can romance any character (minus Keith) after saving them from their respective simulations. Romancing is as simple as walking up to the character a pressing which will prompt your character to ask for sex (or in one case an autograph).

Story part 2:
Once you have taken care of all the open world gameplay, side quests, loyalty quests, romances and etc... We move onto finishing the story. At this point you should have all homies as supper homies and all open world gameplay done. Before moving on to the final mission you will be prompted to save; do it so that you have a save to revert to if Saints and Sensibilities doesn't unlock and if you need to work on certain challenges. There is no way to replay the last mission from an in game menu, so the only way to replay the mission is to make that save.

At this point all that should remain is collectibles and a few miscellaneous challenges. If you didn't already Gold Medal all of the activities. Now using the collectible finder that Matt gave you run around the city and find the remaining collectibles; 8 text adventures (which show up as computer monitors on the mini map), Data Clusters (Blue orbs), Audio Logs (Corresponding character's face on the mini map) and Zinyak Statues (Zinyak's face on the mini map). If you are having trouble with some of the challenges; check out the challenge guide.

Mop up:
If you happen to have some miscellaneous achievement left, like a combat one or something like that this is the time to do it. Just follow the guide for whatever you're missing and and you should be able to get it.

This game really is really not a hard completion just takes some time. Luckily the game is really fun and full of humor. If you now have your 1k, congrats and now its time to wait for the incoming DLC.

DLC: Enter the Dominatrix

Welcome to the DLC add-on "Enter the Dominatrix". This expansion pack was originally intended for Saints Row The Third but was cancelled, and reimplemented as DLC in Saints Row 4. All in all this DLC isn't very hard and doesn't take very long. The DLC only has 10 achievements for 100 gamerscore and will take you about 2 to 3 hours. The DLC will set you back 7 USD or nothing if you have already bought the 10 USD season pass.

Glitchy achievements: The Walking the Dinosaur achievement appears to bug out in regards to the time it counts as hanging out with Ned. Target and I had to go over the half hour mark to get the achievement. It appears that its buggy for some and not for all.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

Starting the DLC
Once the DLC is downloaded and installed, start the campaign and you get a notification telling you that the DLC is available to play. Simple hit the back button and go the quests option and under side quests go to Enter the Dominatrix. If you’re in the simulation when you load the game and the DLC the game will ask you to return to the ship. If you aren’t past the mission in the main game, you need to be past the mission ‘The Real World'

Mission 1: Save the Planet
The achievement All Too Easy is earned during this mission. Don’t worry it isn’t missable, as the fight only takes a couple seconds.

Mission starts out with you at the top of Saints penthouse, go outside and jump/parachute down. Kill all the aliens and UFOs by any means necessary. Next go see Pierce, kill more aliens and then blow up some tanks and then you will be directed towards Zinyak. Shoot him and his giant health bar will go away and some quick time events will start, ending with you taking down Zinyak in a matter of seconds.

Mission 2: Meet the Dominatrix
You need to beat this mission without dying for the Indomitable achievement. If you’re playing on casual and have most of the health related upgrades this will be a cake walk.

After Donny explains the super powers go save Pierce and then Shaundi and Donni.

Using the method list under Ultimate Hot Potato grind out the following achievements at the beginning of mission two right after the initial fight with Dominatrix: Hello Little friend, OMGWTFBBG, and Ultimate Hot Potato. These achievements especially OMGWTFBBQ seemed to be a little glitch and won’t count kills in free roam. So make sure to grind these out MID MISSION to save yourself the headache and heart ache.

Then go meet with Kinzie and fight more of Dominatrix’s minions and then eventually Dominatrix herself. This fight will have you interacting with some nodes every quarter of Dominatrix’s health to continue the fight. Once this fight is over the mission is over.

Mission 3: At the Races
This is the mission where you earn Rigging the Race
Help Dom with his furry friends and then talk to Zimos. Kill the competition, then the gimps, then Dom. Now it’s time to race and kill everybody, the disintegrator gun works really well for this, so does a fully upgraded tommy gun. Make sure to take out everybody as quickly as you can, just as warning the furries take a little more damage than the regular gimps.

Mission 4: Pop the Top
This is the mission where you earn Health Inspector. This level is primarily on rails and is really short. Focus on shooting or ram into the large green polyps for the Health Inspector achievement.

Mission 5: Escape the Dominatrix
Kill the super gimp, save Shaundi then head to Donni fight off the Dominatrix. Now you’re back at the Saints Penthouse reliving a slightly changed first mission. Now you can fight and finish the Dominatrix. Not a hard fight at all, after it is over you unlock Bow to the Boss!. Now enjoy what comes next, because it even ones up the regular insanity of Saints Row 4. After the cutscene is done you will get the standard end mission briefing and then the Friend of the Raptors achievement will unlock.

DLC: How to Saints Saved Christmas

Starting the DLC:
After installing the DLC, load up the game and access the mission menu on your cell phone to start the DLC mission. It will prompt you to go back to the ship, so go back and go downstairs to the blue waypoint. A cutscene will start and then the mission will start shortly thereafter. You will need to be at least through the main story mission ‘The Real World’ in order to play this DLC.

Mission 1:
(5 Letters to Santa, 4 Text Adventures)

You will spawn into Santa’s simulation, and will be asked to get a cap gun from the store. Take it and defeat the guards. Shoot the flying Sleigh and revive Santa to make him a homie. Santa will ask you ring the bells to bring back Christmas spirit, during this part you will come to the park where you will see a giant red present; run into to get it and an achievement. Then you need to get the projector to play a movie for more Christmas spirit. Go to the frozen pool and use stomp to break the ice and then use telekinesis to grab and carry the projector to the drive through. Defend CID, make your choices, and then turn the projector on. Then boss fight. Make sure to get the collectibles before finishing the boss.
During this mission you will get:

  • Our Gift to You
  • …A Saint gets a gun

Mission 2: Fight Before Christmas
(3 Letters to Santa, 2 Holiday Text Adventures, 6 Snowman Vignette)

You start out on one of a road, follow the road to the town and go to the town square. Kill the enemies, then go to the big door (achievement opportunity) and you will be asked to disable the mechanical reindeer at each stable. Do that and then follow Twinkle to the packaging door. Make sure to get the snowman vignette's before entering the sorter. Disguise yourself as present and walk to the sorter. Clear the warehouse, get the shiny new toy and fight another boos fight. After that clear the rebellion and get in the sleigh. Mission end.

  • How many licks does it take
  • Get that kid to a psychologist

Mission 3: The Santa Clawz
(2 Letters to Santa, 2 Holiday Text Adventures)

As soon as the mission starts head to the Zinyak statue for an achievement. Now go around flying to each of the 3 blue way points and give out coal and presents as needed to the marked houses. Then head for the final boss fight. After you land is your chance to get the 2 collectibles in this mission, so get them before proceeding with the fight. Light the holiday items, do the test of strength, throw gifts around at people and then at Clawz. Cutscene will start, that's the end of the mission.

  • He is still on the naughty list
  • Dear Santa
  • A World Without Christmas
  • *beep* You Clawz

Now that you're done with everything else, just go to the regular simulation do the 3 instances of Naught and Nice, and a Very Genki Holiday for these last 2 achievements.

  • A Very Genki Holiday
  • Make a list, Check it Twice

If you missed anything on your initial run of the DLC you can go back and select any of the 5 missions from your quest log on your phone to replay them. Makes cleaning up a cinch and completing the achievements a little less annoying.

[x360a would like to thank KillerBEA & StayonTarget for this Roadmap]

Completed 'The Saints Wing' and fought the alien invasion as Commander-In-Chief.    (3) 

Story related. Can't be missed.

There Is No Pancakes10
Completed 'A Pleasant Day' and ruined your first virtual prison.    (1) 

Story related. Can't be missed.

Arrived in the Main Simulation and got some Super Powers.    

Story related. Complete objective "Time to increase the tempo" from the Mission "learn the rules"

Don't Panic30
Completed 'The Real World' and escaped the simulation. Now what?    (4) 

Story related. Can't be missed.

Ghost in the Machine20
Completed 'Power Up CID' and hacked your own CID.    (6) 

Story related. Can't be missed.

Didn't Need to See Him Naked20
Completed 'Matt's Back' and rescued Matt in the real world.    

Story related. Can't be missed.

Blast from the Past20
Completed 'A Game of Clones' and defeated shades of the past.    

Story related. Can't be missed.

About Time!30
Completed 'Welcome Back' and got the gang back together at last.    

Story related. Can't be missed.

Completed 'All Hands On Deck', as if you needed another reason to want to perforate Zinyak.    

Story related. Can't be missed.

Poodle Skirt30
Completed 'Hello Teacup' and saved Kinzie from a fate worse than death.    

Story related. Can't be missed.

Completed 'Batteries Not Included'. Now you're ready to bring down the Simulation.    

Story related. Can't be missed.

Completed 'Grand Finale' and ruled the universe with terrible majesty.    (8) 

Story related. Can't be missed.

Saints & Sensibility30
Completed 'Grand Finale' with the full help of your homies.    (14) 

Missable. When you go to do the final mission you will be prompted to make a save. Make one just in case you missed something. For this you need to do every homies (that have one) loyalty missions.

Loyalty missions by Character:

  • Kinzie's Loyalty - The girl who beat Cyrus
  • Matt's Loyalty - Nytefall
  • Pierce's Loyalty - Pump up the volume
  • Shaundi's Loyalty - Girls night out
  • Asha's Loyalty - Training Day
  • Ben's Loyalty - King of the dance
  • Gat's Loyalty - SR3 Wrap Up
Half Way Home25
Completed half of all open world gameplay, let's finish the fight.   (1) 

See How It Should Be. Requires control of 2/4 hoods not 50% of the gameplay available.

How It Should Be40
Completed all open world gameplay, Simulated Steelport is yours!   (4) 

This does NOT include the co-op specific activities.
You need to finish every activity, hack every store, clear all hot spots, do all virus injections points, climb all the towers and clear all flash points. There will be one island that you will not be able to take over and thus won't effect the achievement. Its the island between Loren Square and the Espina neighborhood. Its a restricted area related to the military.

For this achievement you only need to bronze in each activity, but you need golds for the challenges.
There are 32 activity instances:

  • 9 Blazin's
  • 3 Genki's Mind Over Murders
  • 4 Insurance Frauds
  • 7 On Foot Mayhems
  • 3 Super Powered Fight Clubs
  • 6 Vehicle Mayhems
  • 3 Platforming Rifts
  • 3 Speed Rifts
  • 2 Telekinesis Rifts

Check this link for help with the hacking. They aren't all 100% accurate but they are pretty close and most of them are right.
There are 34 Stores:

  • 5 Image as Designeds
  • 5 Rusty Needles
  • 5 Friendly Fires
  • 1 Nobody loves mes
  • 8 Rim Jobs
  • 4 Planet Zins
  • 1 Lets Pretends
  • 1 Leather and Laces


  • 6 Hot spots
  • 6 Towers
  • 24 Virus Injections
  • 32 Flashpoints
The Full Kinzie25
Completed Kinzie's Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.   (6) 

Romancing is as simple as walking up to the character a pressing which will prompt your character to ask for sex. Kinzie's loyalty mission doesn't show up until after the mission "Hello Teacup"
Loyalty mission:

  • Loyalty - The Girl who beat Cyrus


  • Simulated Instruction
  • Power Play
  • Gateway
  • White Rabbit
  • White light/White Heat
  • A White Shade of Pale
  • White Wedding
Paranormal Bromance25
Completed Matt's Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.   (2) 

Romancing is as simple as walking up to the character a pressing which will prompt your character to ask for sex.
Loyalty mission:

  • Loyalty - Nytefall


  • The Pledge
  • The Turn
  • The Prestige
The Face of the Saints25
Completed Pierce's Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.   (1) 

Romancing is as simple as walking up to the character a pressing which will prompt your character to ask for sex.

  • Loyalty - Pump up the volume


  • Fun trumps all
  • Back to Basics
  • Embrace the crazy
The Two Shaundis25
Completed Shaundi's Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.   (5) 

Romancing is as simple as walking up to the character a pressing which will prompt your character to ask for sex.

  • Loyalty - Girls night out


  • SR2 Shaundi - Something to prove
  • SR2 Shaundi - The Solid
  • SR2 Shaundi - Shaundi's List
  • Payback
  • Under Pressure
  • Secret Admirer
Machine Man25
Completed CID's Quests and Romance.   (1) 

Romancing is as simple as walking up to the character a pressing which will prompt your character to ask for sex.

  • Obey
  • Obey (Again)
  • Obey (One more time)
On Her Saint's Secret Service25
Completed Asha's Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.   

Romancing is as simple as walking up to the character a pressing which will prompt your character to ask for sex.

  • Loyalty - Training Day


  • Three count royale
  • Kill and Let Die
  • SaintFinger
Benjamin [CENSORED] King25
Completed Ben's Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.   (7) 

Romancing is as simple as walking up to the character a pressing which will prompt your character to ask for sex (or in this case an autograph).

  • Loyalty - King of the dance


  • Ghost writing
  • Rising Action
  • The Climax
Completed Keith David's Quests.   (1) 

There is no romance option for Keith.


  • Campaign Trail of Destruction
  • Executive Orders
  • The Simulation Recognizes
  • Supreme Justice
And I Ran...10
Super Sprinted for 250,000 meters.   (16) 

Super sprint is one of two abilities you get when super powers are introduced in the game. Super sprint is to hold down .This should come over time as you're doing everything else if not you can just run around the city to get more progress.

Don't Look Down10
Airborne during Super Jumps for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay.   (2) 

Super jump is one two abilities you get when super are introduces into the game. to super jump hold down the and release. This should come over time just navigating Steelport and doing missions. To super jump hold down the and then release. You can get 3 upgrades to how high you can jump, so that will help speed this up a bit.

Chill Out10
Froze and Shatter Killed 100 Aliens with the Freeze Blast Super Power.   (1) 

See I Am Become Death for a good place to grind this achievement.

You equip your blast power with the freeze element by tapping You must first freeze and enemy and then kill them while they are still frozen causing them to shatter instead of just die. A good way to get this is to get the area upgrade and throw a blast near a group of enemies and then use stomp on the frozen enemies. Taking out a whole bunch out at once.

Pounding the Pavement10
Killed 150 Aliens with the Stomp Super Power.   (7) 

See I Am Become Death for a good place to grind this achievement.

You equip stomp by tapping I recommend only using the rock element when grinding this out as the other other stomps don't kill the enemy just leaves them stuck mid air or shrunken. This ability is the most effective against large groups of enemies.

Here! Catch!10
Killed 100 Aliens with the Telekinesis Super Power.   (3) 

See I Am Become Death for a good place to grind this achievement.

For this one equip your telekinesis by pressing and then target enemies and press to grab them with your telekinesis. Once you have them in your grasp you can either throw them against something to kill them or throw them into another enemy to get 2 kills. Doing the latter is faster for the achievement but you also need to throw 100 people for one of the challenges so either way you will have to grab and throw 100 people/enemies.

Bringin' the Heat10
Killed 100 Aliens using the Fire Buff Super Power.   (5) 

See I Am Become Death for a good place to grind this achievement.

The buff ability is another one that comes kinda late in the game. What it does is that it surrounds you with fire, lightning, and frost (freeze) each one having different behaviors. For this achievement we just need the fire buff which is the one you get for obtaining the buff ability. To select buff during gameplay press . Then to activate buff press . You can light enemies on fire by getting close to them or shooting them whiled buffed with fire.

Fist Meet Ground10
Killed 100 Aliens with the Death From Above Super Power.   (7) 

See I Am Become Death for a good place to grind this achievement.
Death from Above is unlocked after rescuing Gat from him simulation. Death from above is performed by jumping up in the air and holding , aiming the attack with and then :rt: to slam down fist first into the ground. This is really effective against large group of enemies.

Experimental Tech20
Killed 25 enemies with each of the best toys.   (18) 
  • Abducto-O-Matic is obtained my completing the "Complete one other challenge" Challenge.
    -For this gun; use it on large groups. The kills that actually count for the achievement require the enemy to reach the top of the beam and then die. If they come back down it won't count.
  • Bounce gun is obtained during the story mission "Ghost in the machine".
    -You get this gun while getting C.I.D a body. The guns bullets bounce off of anything including enemies you just killed by shooting directly at it. I went for head shots and the bouncing would sometimes snag another head shot or critically wound the enemy. This weapon is best in enclosed spaces or places with a lot of scenery to bounce off of.
  • Dubstep gun is obtained after completing "Campaign Trail of Destruction".
    -Not a super effective weapon damage wise; but direct hits and headshots still do pretty good damage. Dubstep guns kills that earn in the loyalty mission where the use of the gun is required does not add up to this achievement but will add to the challenges required kill count. (Thanks k2345 for that last part)
  • Disintegrator gun
    -This gun comes along while saving Shaundi from her simulation, you can get a good amount of the kills needed for this one by using the gun on each of Veteran Children's clones. The gun takes a few seconds to charge but is a 1 hit kill no matter where it hits the target.
  • Inflato gun - Fun trumps all side quest from Pierce.
    -Each one of these kills need to done with the actual expansive and explosion of the target. If an enemy dies from side effects of the explosion and wasn't the target of the the ray it won't count.
  • Singularity Gun - WWGD Side quest from Gat.
    -Because of the really slow recharge time for the base gun, I would recommend doing Gat's 2 other side quests before starting to work on this one. Once its upgraded you will be able to get off a lot more shots faster. Use this in a large group of enemies and it will kill quite a fwe at a time.
Maximum Stopping Power20
Completely upgraded one of your weapons. They can't repel firepower of this magnitude!   (1) 

The cheapest way to obtain this achievement is to fully upgrade the damage to a baseball bat and then purchase the added ability for it "MMM, giblets."

Upgrade costs for standard guns/melee weapons:
Level 1: $100
Level 2: $6,250
Level 3: $7,500
Level 4: $8,750
Level 5: $10,000
Special ammo type/ability: $20,000

Where's My Cape?20
Purchased all Super Power upgrades. Super Excellent!   (22) 

This achievement requires 1035/1225 clusters. The upgrades regarding the completion of a challenge or side quest do not count against this achievement. Just the ones that require purchase through data clusters are in involved in this achievement.

Super jump upgrades:

  • Glide - Efficiency[Lv6][10 data clusters]
  • Glide - Efficiency 2[Lv12][20 data clusters]
  • Glide - Efficiency 3[Lv18][30 data clusters]
  • Jump - Air Dash [Lv2][10 data clusters]
  • Jump - Air Dash 2[Lv8][20 data clusters]
  • Jump - Air Dash 3[Lv20][30 data clusters]
  • Jump - Glide [Lv2][15 data clusters]
  • Jump - Height [Lv2][10 data clusters]
  • Jump - Height 2[Lv4][30 data clusters]
  • Jump - Height 3[Lv10][20 data clusters]
  • Ninja Reflexes [Lv1][Obtained through the story]
  • Ninja Reflexes -Health [lv2][15 data clusters]
  • Super Jump [2 data clusters][Obtained through the story]

Super Sprint upgrades:

  • Sprint - Reduced Damage [Lv1][15 data clusters]
  • Sprint - Speed [Lv2][10 data clusters]
  • Sprint - Speed 2[Lv6][20 data clusters]
  • Sprint - Speed 3[Lv16][30 data clusters]
  • Sprint - Tornado [Lv26][15 data clusters]
  • Sprint - Wall Running [Lv6][15 data clusters]
  • Super Sprint [2 data clusters][Obtained through the story]

Blast upgrades:

  • Blast [Lv1][Obtained through the story]
  • Blast - Area [Lv4][10 data clusters]
  • Blast - Area 2 [Lv8][20 data clusters]
  • Blast - Area 3 [Lv18][30 data clusters]
  • Blast - Duration [Lv32][10 data clusters]
  • Blast - Explosive Deaths[lv24][30 data clusters]
  • Blast - Recharge [Lv2][10 data clusters]
  • Blast - Recharge 2[Lv4][20 data clusters]
  • Blast - Recharge 3[Lv12][30 data clusters]

Telekinesis upgrades:

  • Telekinesis [Lv1][Obtained through the story]
  • Telekinesis - Hold Cost [Lv24][15 data clusters]
  • Telekinesis - Recharge [Lv6][10 data clusters]
  • Telekinesis - Special Vehicle [Lv14][30 data clusters]
  • Telekinesis - Throw Cost [Lv36][15 data clusters]
  • Telekinesis - Throw distance [Lv8][10 data clusters]
  • Telekinesis - Throw distance 2 [Lv18][20 data clusters]
  • Telekinesis - Throw distance 3 [Lv32][30 data clusters]


Stomp upgrades:

  • Stomp [Lv1][Obtained through the story]
  • Stomp - Area[Lv16][15 data cluster]
  • Stomp - Damage [Lv34][15 data cluster]
  • Stomp - Distance [Lv12][10 data cluster]
  • Stomp - Distance 2 [Lv28][20 data cluster]
  • Stomp - Duration [Lv50][15 data cluster]
  • Stomp - Recharge [Lv10][10 data cluster]
  • Stomp - Recharge 2[Lv22][20 data cluster]
  • Stomp - Recharge 3[Lv38][30 data cluster]

Buff upgrades:

  • Buff [Lv1] [Obtained thoguh the story]
  • Buff - Area [Lv34][15 data clusters]
  • Buff - Duration [Lv46][15 data clusters]
  • Buff - Recharge [Lv14][10 data clusters]
  • Buff - Recharge 2[Lv30][20 data clusters]
  • Buff - Recharge 3[Lv48][30 data clusters]
  • Buff - Speed demon [Lv38][15 data clusters]
  • Buff - Team Player [Lv22][15 data clusters]

Death From Above upgrades:

  • Death from above [Lv1][Obtained through the story]
  • Death from above - Nuke[Lv50][50 data clusters]

Force Shield upgrades:

  • Dash shield[Lv1][Obtained through the story]
  • Shield - Damage[Lv10][15 data clusters]
  • Supression - Power Recovery [Lv20] [10 data clusters][Not available til after the mission "Betrayed"]
  • Supression - Power Recovery 2[Lv30] [20 data clusters]
  • Supression - Power Recovery 3[Lv40] [30 data clusters]


I Am Become Death30
Killed 1000 Aliens with any combination of Super Powers.   (19) 

Thanks to Fedeguitar for the following method.

First step:
Go to the Fight Club event in Loren Square (Hard)

Second step:
Now in the event play until you reach round two. When the round begins you will see a hill, instead of going up the hill go away. Now the enemies infinitely respawn, now start killing with them until the time runs When the time runs out don't repeat the event, go out and then enter again.

Stand still so that the enemies swarm you and then use stomp to damage/kill all of them with one hit. Death from above always works very well since it works in a similar way to stomp.

The Challenge King30
Completed all Challenges.   (46) 

There are 66 challenges. Go to the challenge guide here for tips on how to finish each challenge.

The Whole Story20
Found all Audio Logs.    (5) 

There are 39 audio logs; 3 per character, 13 characters. You have to get pretty far into the story in order for all the audio logs to show. As with the clusters, they show up on Matt's collectible finder and show up on the full map. You can filter the map down to just show collectibles. So you can set way points to their exact locations. The last set of audio logs show up after finishing off Kinzie's loyalty mission.

Better This Way10
Customized the style of all the weapons on your radial and hit the Simulation with style.   (3) 

You will need to go a Friendly Fire and have at least 1 of each kind of weapon; rockets, rifles, smgs, pistols, sniper, shotguns and melee. Different alien weapons fall into different groups and will count for this achievement; such as the dubstep gun is in the same slot as sniper rifles and the inflato gun in the shotgun slot. Once you have a weapon in each slot go to a Friendly Fire and press to start shopping. Then go to Buy/Upgrade weapons, select the weapon type, then the gun you want to customize. Under style select customize and then choose a skin to put on the gun. Do this over again for each weapon type and then back out of the purchase menu and the achievement will pop.

Back in the Day10
Spent some quality time with your homies from back in the day.   (17) 

You need to spend 2 hours with any of your homies while in the simulation and not doing missions. Once you have a homie just hit the back button and go to the phone and call them. At this point you can run around the city causing mayhem, getting collectibles, just as long as its not a mission it will count towards it. Please note that there is a challenge regarding time spent with homies and that it counts in mission time so its not a good measurement of how much time you have spent with your homies.

Switch Hitter10
You were an equal-opportunity offender.   (15) 

This is for playing as each gender for 2 hours a piece. Once you have played 2 hours as one gender go to an Image as Designed to change your gender in exchange for some cash and then play for 2 hours as the other gender.

First of Many10
Bought your first Upgrade, now you have the action Kung Fu grip!   (1) 

Upgrades become available during the mission "Learn the Rules" where the free roaming is introduced.

Zoo Keeper10
Killed 25 Wardens. The inmates are running wild.   (9) 

Wardens show up for a number of reasons. One being that you completed a hotspot. Once you complete one, you have a chance of a warden showing up. They also show up if you get you notoriety to the 6th bar; as soon as it reaches this point a single warden will show up. Also doing flashpoints can possibly spawn a warden. They also show up as a part of the story to give you new powers, but those are limited and not enough to get what you need for this achievement or the corresponding challenge for killing 30 of them. So you will need to grind this out by increasing you notoriety to max several times. Something important to note is that if you kill a warden while in some else's game it will NOT count towards your achievement or your challenge; it should be noted that in some cases warden kills do count in another players game as long as you're the one to finish it off. Personally I had to do all my kills in my own game.

To fight/finish off a warden use your blast or stomp abilities to break his shield and then unload on him with your gun of choice. What I found most effective was the fully upgraded damage on the heavy smgs and then on top of that purchasing the acidic bullets upgrade as well. You should only need to knock his shield off twice if that with this setup. Once his health is drained you will be prompted to press to enter his body to absorb him. This will start a short quick time event. If you can't handle the quick time because its going too fast; let him win. This will kick you out and you will have to down his shields again; but he will go down super easy when you re-enter his body.

Ooo A Piece of Candy!10
Found 100 Data Clusters in virtual Steelport. There are so many moreā€¦    (2) 

See A Real Cluster....

A Real Cluster....30
Found 100% of all Data Clusters.    (31) 

There are 1,225 data clusters in the game. You can get a collectible finder from Matt Miller's questline. So advance in the story far enough to save him from his simulation and then the mission to save his physical form. His first side quest's reward is the collectible finder; which shows the rough location of collectibles near you on the mini map. All collectibles show up on your full map in the hub menu. You can even filter it out so it only shows which collectibles you are missing.

The clusters can be found in a few different forms; the first being a normal free standing cluster which populates most of this collectible, ones that are stuck in walls which you need to use your blast ability on, ones stuck in the floor which you need to use stomp to get out and clusters that are stuck in glass ball that you need to grab and toss with telekinesis to get them out.

Customized the elements of all four superpowers. Now you're playing with powers!   (9) 

During gameplay in the simulation cycle through all the elemental variations of each power using the d-pad.

Elements for each power:

  • Blast Element - Fire[Lv1][Obtained through the story]
  • Blast Element - Freeze[Lv1][Obtained through the story]
  • Blast Element - Mind Control[Lv1][Obtained by doing Matt Miller's quest "The Prestige"]
  • Telekinesis Element - Force [LV1][Obtained through story]
  • Telekinesis Element - Life Steal [LV1][Obtained by doing Cid's side quest "Obey"]
  • Telekinesis Element - Lightning [LV1][Obtained by doing Cid's side quest "Obey (One more time)"]
  • Stomp Element - Rock [Lv1][Obtained through the story]
  • Stomp Element - Gravity [Lv1][Obtained by doing SR2 Shaundi's side quest "Something To Prove"]
  • Stomp Element - Shrink [Lv1][Obtained by doing SR2 Shaundi's side quest "Shaundi's List"]
  • Buff Element - Fire [LV1][Obtained through the story]
  • Buff Element - Freeze [LV1][Obtained by doing Ben King's side quest "Ghost Writing"]
  • Buff Element - Lightning [LV1][Obtained by doing Ben King's side quest "The Climax"]
Epic Jump Quest10
Completed the epic jump quest between the tops of the Three Count and the Nuke Plant. Amazing!   (33) 

This achievement has you going from the 3 Count Casino on the southern edge of the far left island to the Nuke plant on far top of the left island. Normally this would be an annoying achievement but there is a very easy way to circumvent the requirements using flying vehicles.

Fourth and Forty40
Played Saints Row IV for 40+ hours. Pour one out for your homies!   (67) 

Simply play in the simulation for 40 hours, if you happen to finish everything else before the 40 hours is up you can just leave it idle to rack up hours.

Created and shared a character online, you're a part of the Saints Row community now!  (70) 

This achievement is no longer obtainable due to issues with the related website.

After the first mission you will be given a chance to customize your character. So make any changes you want and then go the gallery option in the menu and choose to upload your character. This achievement also requires a gold membership to live. If you are having problems uploading content due to an age restriction try this out.

  1. Launch the game, go into community, and see if you get the above message. If you do, just dashboard out.
  2. Head to Privacy on the dashboard and then change Member Content to Blocked on purpose.
  3. Re-launch the game and then access community again. You will receive the same message that is above. This is okay.
  4. Dashboard back and then change the following settings in Privacy: Web Browsing to Allowed, Social Network Sharing to Allowed, Filtering to Standard, Member Content to Everyone, Explicit Content to Allowed.
  5. Re-launch the game and then try to access community one final time. It should now let you in! Simply sign in with your account that you most likely had made for The Third.
  6. Start a new game and proceed until after the rocket scene. Here you will be able to create or download a character.
  7. Simply pick the first character and then choose character gallery.
  8. Pick 'upload character' and the achievement should pop.
  9. Feel free to change your settings back to the way you want after.

Thanks to Nevander for pointing this out.

If that doesn't work, try sending support an email at

Secret Achievements
Zero Saints Thirty10
Completed 'Zero Saints Thirty' and won the adulation of America.    (5) 

Story related. Can't be missed.

Bouncin' with an Old Friend25
Completed Gat's Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.   (7) 

Romancing is as simple as walking up to the character a pressing which will prompt your character to ask for sex.

  • Loyalty - SR3 Wrap Up


  • WWGD
  • Closer to 250
  • Kill Kill Destroy Kill
You Chose... Poorly10
Surrendered to the Simulation in the end.    (22) 

This is during the mission to save Matt Miller. You will have to choose the RED door for this achievement. After choosing the red door you will die and be forced to return the last checkpoint which is right before the decision is made. Once you have reloaded the checkpoint choose the blue door to continue.

DLC: Enter the Dominatrix
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 100
All Too Easy10
Kill Zinyak in less than 5 minutes in 'Save the Planet'.   (7) 

This is during ‘Save the Planet’ the first of five Story missions, this achievement is story related and can’t be missed.

Complete 'Meet the Dominatrix' without dying.   (2) 

This is during the second story mission ‘Meet the Dominatrix’. This achievement is really easy on casual and with all the major health related upgrades. I even managed to grind out my three weapon kill achievements without getting more than a few scratches and those healed really fast.

Rigging the Race10
Destroy all the rival pony carts in 'At the Races'.   (23) 

During mission three, 'At the Races' you must destroy all pony carts before the pop up message appears saying "You Won." A fully upgraded disintegrator or thumpgun is the recommended weapon for this level. A machine gun will only work on the regular carts, so it is best to use the disintegrator for both the regular and furry carts. Also make sure to be taking out the gimp/furry pulling the carts, there is no need to worry about the one sitting in the cart.

Here is a video demonstration of how to do the achievement by WORLDEATER

Health Inspector10
Destroy all the green polyps inside Paul in 'Pop His Top'.   (10) 

This achievement is the trickiest in the DLC adn is done in the 4th mission, 'Pop His Top'. The polyps are the large green balls floating in Paul. Not the small object. There are a lot of polyps you have to hit and you have a cool down on your weapons so shoot sparingly until you get to the hallways where there are a lot of polyps, when you reach this point just unload. If you are playing in co-op, the second player shoots. Solo or co-op it is good utilize the ship and crash into any polyps you are about to miss. Both being shot and rammed into count as destroyed. If any polyps are missed, you must restart the entire level. Reloading the checkpoint will null the achievement.

And shouldn't they be called PAUL-yps?

Here is a video demonstration of how to get the achievement by WORLDEATER

Bow to the Boss!15
Kill the Dominatrix in 'Escape the Dominatrix'.   (3) 

This is towards the end of the fifth and final mission. This fight happens in 3 waves. Getting Dominatrix's health below a certain point will trigger her temporary retreat and she will sick of her minions on you, who are easily disposed of. Repeat the trashing 2 additional times and she will fall unlocking this achievement.

Friend of the Raptors20
Complete all five missions.   (8) 

Just complete all 5 story missions for the Enter the Dominatrix DLC. The missions in order are:

  1. Save the Planet
  2. Meet the Dominatrix
  3. At the Races
  4. Pop the Top
  5. Escape the Dominatrix
Hello Little Friend5
Get 250 kills with the Minigun.   (5) 

See Ultimate Hot Potato for details on a good place to grind this achievement.

Get 100 kills with the Flamethrower.   (8) 

See Ultimate Hot Potato for details on a good place to grind this achievement.

Ultimate Hot Potato5
Get 100 kills with the Grenade Launcher.   (6) 

At the start of mission 2, the first place you have to go is right next to a Friendly Fire so stop in there, upgrade all your weapons, and then continuously kill the respawning enemies that conveniently spawn in the cars in threes and fours. Your wanted level will never go above one bar in this place either making the grinding pretty easy. Thanks to Dark x Materials for this method.

Secret Achievements
Walking the Dinosaur10
Spent 30 minutes with Chicken Ned's prehistoric ancestor.   (8) 

Velociraptor Ned is unlocked after completing the story of the DLC. Just call him on the phone just like any other homie and hang out with him for 30 minutes. If you're playing co-op it seems to only count for the person that called him, even then the count seems quite off. Just hang out with him until it pops, it seems to take anywhere from 30-45 minutes.

DLC: How the Saints Save Christmas
Price: $6.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 100
...A Saint Gets a Gun5
Ring all the bells in town in 'Miracle on 3rd Street'.    (1) 

During the 1st mission, Miracle on 3rd street you will be asked to ring a bunch of bells, make sure to run into/shoot all 6 of them instead of pressing to ring them. If you ring them with the button prompt it will end it early making you not get the achievement.

How Many Licks Does it Take?15
Lick the candy cane barricade all the way through in 'The Fight Before Christmas'.   (17) 

During mission 2, The Fight Before Christmas, you will come to a courtyard with some errr... grotesque decorations and will attacked. Kill the attackers and you will see a door barred close by 2 candy canes up some stairs. Go to it and mash until it clears. If you have one, you can use a turbo controller as well. Either way it will only take a few minutes.

Get that Kid to a Psychologist5
Find all the snowmen vignettes in the North Pole.   (5) 

There are 6 sets of snowmen with vignettes during the first part of the 2nd mission, The Fight Before Christmas. You just need to walk up to them and hear them say 1 thing and then you can leave.
Check this post for the locations of the Letters to Santa, Holiday Text Adventures and Snowman vignettes.

Dear Santa5
Find all the letters to Santa in the holiday missions.   (9) 

Check this post for the locations of the Letters to Santa, Holiday Text Adventures and Snowman vignettes.

A Very Genki Holiday10
Complete all instances of Genki Holiday.   (22) 

Genki Holiday is basically the same thing as Genki's Mind over Murder from the main game, except with a winter holidays skin. You throw Christmas trees(red), Menorahs (blue), and Giant ginger bread men(green) using telekinesis through their respectively colored moving rings. On EASY this should not pose any real problems as you just need to get bronze to get credit for the activity. You just need to get bronze in all 3 instances of Genki Holiday.

The easy instance is in Burns Hill, medium in Rosen Oaks, and the hard instance is in Sunset Park.

Say you are working through the instances of Genki Holiday, and you have 2/3 done, and before you start the 3rd one a friend joins your game and helps you finish the last one. He will get the achievement when you do, it will count as him completing all 3 instances since he joined your game and did the last one with you.

Make a List, Check it Twice10
Complete all instances of Naughty and Nice.   (2) 

This is almost exactly the same as the the beginning part of the third mission and is a Santa's Sleigh version of UFO Mayhem. You need to fly around in Santa's sleigh delivering presents to the people on the nice list and coal to those on the bad list. The only major difference between the activity and the mission is that houses on the good list only take one present, this makes it easier to keep a combo going so you can score better more easily. Like Genki holiday, you just need a bare minimum of a bronze on all instances in order to get the achievement.

The easy instance is in The Rosen Oaks Neighborhood, Medium in Brickston, and The hard one is in Yearwood.

Say you are working through the instances of Naughty and Nice, and you have 2/3 done, and before you start the 3rd one a friend joins your game and helps you finish the last one. He will get the achievement when you do, it will count as him completing all 3 instances since he joined your game and did the last one with you.

Secret Achievements
He's Still on the Naughty List5
Delivered a present to Zinyak in 'The Santa Clawz'.   (4) 

During the part of the finalmission when you're flying around shooting presents, go to the star shaped island at the bottom of the map and shoot a present at the statue's outstretched hand.

Video demonstration courtesy of WOLRDEATER

Completed all three missions.   (2) 

Just complete all 5 story missions for the How The Saints Saved Christmas DLC. The missions in order are:

  1. Miracle on 3rd Street
  2. Fight Before Christmas
  3. The Santa Clawz
Our Gift to You25
Found the present in a holiday mission.   (4) 

During the first mission, Miracle on 3rd Street, you will be tasked with ringing some bells to generate some holiday spirit. You will start near a park, go there and there will be a barren looking Christmas tree. Run up to it and grab the present by running into it and this will unlock.

A World Without Christmas5
Completed the holiday text adventure.   (13) 

Check this post for the locations of the Letters to Santa, Holiday Text Adventures and Snowman vignettes.

After getting all the text adventures make sure to play them all back on the ship. You play them on computer downstairs, which is in the same room as Pierce. Here are the answers for each text adventure.

1: Holidays Past and Present
Had Been Kidnapped
A Stranger Visitor Arrived One Day
Something Else
To Destroy the Holidays

2: The Rise of Clawz
The North Pole
The Flying Reindeer
A Renegade Elf

3: A Christmas Peril
The Production of Dangerous Toys
Anyone Who Was Sane
Eternal Torment and Pain
Turn Into His Special "Soldiers"

4: A Full-Fronted Assault
New Year's Eve
An Army of Children
A Rogue Elf
The Saints

5: Tinsel
Assemble The Crew
The Boss
But They Didn't
That Will Be Told In The Next Text Adventure Segment

6: Operation Holiday Hustle
Hitting Enough People With It
Clawz's Forces Attacked Us
Clawz Won

7: Last Ditch Effort
The task Master Twinkle
Lead a Worker Uprising
Taking Out Twinkle
Zinyak's Time Machine

8: The Future
The Museum Was Closed For The Holidays
My Place
The Door Opened!

Game Info
Deep Silver


US August 20, 2013
Europe August 23, 2013

HDD Space Required : 6.95 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $34.99USD
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