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Guide By: Monsterb0x, Maka, APerfektFIaw, CrakkedOut56, wrog
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
-Offline: 31 (730)
-Online: 12 (270)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40-80 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!

Saints Row is a sandbox style game, which means that you can do almost anything in the city of Stilwater in almost any order. The achievements are also pretty much non-linear, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. I recommend doing the activities first, as many of them give you weapons or abilities that will make subsequent missions easier, but there really isn’t an order that you have to take these in. The estimated time is a very wide variable, because skill determines much of the estimated time. You can be stuck on a level 8 activity for hours and hours, or you might get it on your first try. Many of the level 8 activities are very difficult, and you have to complete SO many of them for the achievements.

Step 1: Preparation: Hitman/Chop Shop
These are technically part of the activities, but they are very time consuming and will have you running all over Stilwater. A better idea than trying to finish these all at once is to activate them immediately and keep a target (either a car or a hitman victim) on your HUD at all times until you’re done with them. Check a guide for some cars and targets that only appear at certain points in the game, and don’t leave them on your HUD, hoping they’ll randomly show up.

Step 2: Activities - 13 (270)
The best way to grind through the activities is to take on one at a time and hit up each location until you get the achievement for that activity. There are three locations on each section of the map (except for snatch which has four), so just make sure you get them all. You can check the status of your activity progress at anytime in the main menu. I included Grifter and Getting Up in these as well, although they aren’t the standard activity achievements.

Step 3: Story - 6 (300)
As soon as you join the Saints you can start on these missions. I like to finish one gang off completely before starting the next one, but again, the game will not hold you to any specific order.

Step 4: Random - 12 (160)
These are the achievements that the game won’t prompt you to complete with icons on the map. They include Penny Pincher, Shopaholic, Grease Monkey, Leader of the Pack, Audiophile, Jumped the Shark, Professional Thief, Scourge of the Air, Stilwater PD Award, Addicted to tha Row, Marathon Runner, Negotiator, and Tourist. Some Homies aren’t available for the Leader of the Pack achievement until certain missions or activities are complete, but all the others can be done at any time.

Step 5: Online - 12 (270)
You have a different character for online achievements, so no bonuses that you get in single player will carry over. I recommend boosting these, using the achievement trading thread in the forums. Getting these legitimately takes a ridiculous level of skill and could take up to or more than 100 hours. It also requires teammates who are willing to let you get the achievement pieces, which is very rare.
[x360a would like to thank IWi11KickU for this Road Map]

ロス カルナレスの縄張りを獲得する。     

To do this, you need to complete all of the Carnales missions and strongholds. You must also clear out any areas that the Carnales are attempting to retake by killing all the lieutenants. These areas will be flashing on the Stilwater map. There are 10 missions and 4 strongholds in this story arc. You will need a x14 multiplier on your respect meter to complete them all in succession.

バイス キングスの縄張りを獲得する。     

To do this, you need to complete all of the Vice Kings missions and strongholds. You must also clear out any areas that the Kings are attempting to retake by killing all the lieutenants. There are 11 missions and 5 strongholds in this story arc. You will need a x16 multiplier on your respect meter to complete them all in succession.

ウエストサイド ローラーズの縄張りを獲得する。     

To do this, you need to complete all of the Westside Rollerz missions and strongholds. You must also clear out any areas that the Rollerz are attempting to retake by killing all the lieutenants. There are 9 missions and 4 strongholds in this story arc. You will need a x13 multiplier on your respect meter to complete them all in succession.

スティルウォーター 制覇160
サード ストリート セインツのスティルウォーター獲得を助ける。     

Complete all of the Carnales, Vice Kings, and Westiside Rollerz missions, strongholds, and pushbacks. This will unlock along with the completion of all three above achievements.


See "Kingpin"


See "Kingpin"


See "Kingpin"


Estimated Trueskill Rank Values:

Thug: 16
Killa: 21
Gangsta: 26
Kingpin: 31

Like most online games, TrueSkill is calculated only in ranked matches. It will go up with wins and down with losses.


Simply earn $1,000,000 in the single player game. You don’t have to have it all at once. You can see your progress by going to the pause menu and selecting "Stats" > "Statistics", then scrolling down to "Total Money Earned".

Try this:
1. Find a Titan, a big, boxy truck that says “Armored Truck” on it. These are pretty rare, though they may appear more often around banks and the High End Retail district. Steal it, drive it back to a crib or Rim Jobs and store it in the garage.

2. Go to the far northwest Rim Jobs, retrieve the truck, and drive up to the gas station pump. Get out and shoot at the pump to blow the truck up. Pick up the money ($4,000 - $12,000), go back inside Rim Jobs, repair your Titan, and repeat
2a. Alternatively, you can unlock the Platnium Rocket Launcher after completing all the Hitman activities. Then, retrieve the Titan at a crib and blow it up inside the garage. Just run inside to replenish your ammo when you run low.


Play the Insurance Fraud mini-game and earn $200,000 along the way. You don’t have to do this in a single fall or level. Your best bet is to start the activity in a Five-O (Police Car) and drive as fast as you can into on-coming traffic. You will be ejected from the car on impact, earning plenty of multipliers.


Just go to "Sloppy Seconds”, “On the Rag”, or “Impressions” with approximately $5,000. Buy all the shirts, dewrags, bandanas, hats and socks in all available colors first, as these are the cheapest items. The achievement will be given at the time of the purchase of the 100th item.


Do the same as "Shopaholic", but go to the shop you can access off the Multiplayer Menu, that is, not the shops mentioned for “Shopaholic”. This will take much longer as you will earn only $15-$60 per game.

Completed game: $15
Won game: $30
Five kills in a row: $15
Ten kills in a row: $30
No deaths: $20


These are not the Homies you can pick up off the streets. These are 7 specific characters you can call from going to the Pause Menu and selecting “Cell Phone”>”Homies” Once you have all 7 names in your cell phone, you will unlock this achievement.
Here's how to get them:
1. Wheel Woman - Unlocked after you are Canonized.
2. Will - Unlocked after completing the 2 levels of the first Snatch Mission in Saints Row.
3. Chicken Ned - Unlocked by calling 555-2445 at any point of the game.
4. Samantha - Unlocked by completing all 8 levels of the Vice Kings Escort activity.
5. Laura - Unlocked by completing all 8 levels of the Westside Rollerz Drug Trafficking activity.
6. Mr. Wong – Unlocked by completing the Westside Rollerz Hitman Activity.
7. Zombie Lin - After Lin gets wasted in Westside Rollerz mission 7, you can bring her back to life by calling Eye for an Eye at 555-5966

スティルウォーター中に隠されたすべてのタグ スポットにタギングする。     

Click here for a list of tag locations.


Simply put 50 cars in your garage. You have to own 50 all at once, but they do not have to be different types of cars. Once you've unlocked the Saints Row Loft Crib by completing the "Back to Basics" mission, stand outside the garage, jack every car that comes by, and just drive them right into the garage.


For all activities (besides Snatch and Demolition Derby), there will be three locations, one in each gang territory. Complete all locations and levels for all activites to unlock this. Loan Shark, though technically an activity, does not count toward the achievement, as there is no way to complete it. You do not need to complete any of the storyline missions to unlock this.


Complete all 8 levels of Demolition Derby. To get credit for destroying a car, you have to have been the last person to have hit it before it explodes. The easiest way to get this is by circling the arena and tapping any cars that are very close to exploding.


In Hijacking, you are given a target vehicle, which you must chase down, hijack, and return. You will be given a car for each level, but you do not have to use it. It’s easiest to get several Homies in the car with you, so they can shoot and you can concentrate on the driving. You may need to fire a single shot on the car to get your Homies started, however. Once the car has been stopped by any means, take it and drive it back to the point you started at. If the car is destroyed, you lose, so on later levels, use Forgive and Forget and Rim Jobs as you need to.

ファスト アンド フューリアス10


In Escort, you will drive around a car while a hooker does her job in the backseat. News Vans and the occasional Private Investigator will follow you, so keep out of their radius. It’s best to go on the highway, and drive at top speed on the wrong side. The oncoming traffic will take out most of your pursuers. On the later levels, you have to perform requests, so you may find yourself needing to get off the freeway so often it becomes inconvenient to use the freeway method.

Note: You can shoot the drivers of the cars to get rid of the radius, but this is impractical in most situations.


In Snatch, you must kill various pimps, recruit their hos, and drive them back to the brothel. Get a 4-door car, and don’t bother with homies, as you’ll lose them once you recruit the ho.


In Drug Trafficking, you must ride shotgun as a dealer meets up with his clients. The starting levels are easy, but the later levels are nearly impossible. In the later levels, try these general pointers:

1.Get Homies to ride alongside with you. However, do not go out of your way to revive them.

2. Switch cars as often as possible. The FBI happens to be the optimal car for the mission.

3. When driving, try to get a single headshot on the drivers of the other cars. Don’t bother with stopped cars, you’ll be out of their range soon enough.

Whenever possible, run on foot to a Forgive and Forget. Your meter will go back up eventually, but it helps.


Chop Shop locations do not have levels associated with them. Instead, you are given a list of cars which you must steal and return. I would recommend getting the car stored in a garage immediately after taking it, so you don’t have to restart everything if the car explodes. You can put any target on your HUD by going to the Pause Menu and selecting “Info” > “Activities” > “Chop Shop”. Then, select the location, scroll over your desired target, and hit A to add the car to your HUD. The car will appear on your ingame compass as the front of a yellow car on a blue background.

Note: You cannot turn in vehicles you are awarded with. However, if you drive any car around the city, cars of the same model are more likely to pop up.

Note: For the Nightingale in the Chinatown Chop Shop, you have only one opportunity to get it. Directly after the last Carnales mission, you can find a few around the airport. Any other time, these are virtually impossible to find.


In Racing, you have to race against 3 opponents in what is usually a 3-lap race. The game will match you with cars similar to the one you’re driving. That being said, do the races with an FBI. The game will match you against regular SUVs that can't touch FBI's speed, durability, or handling.


For this simply go to "Xbox Live" > "Create Party" > "Co-Op". Get a friend to join, and play “Turbulence” on "Kingpin" Difficulty. You will be shooting your way out of an ambush. Just take your time, and you should get it easily.


Same as "Bulleproof", but select the "Mob Rule" level instead of "Turbulence". In this one you must deliver 2 boxes to a location admist enemy gang fire. The boxes will respawn if left unattended for 30 seconds.


After the opening cut-scene, simply go to the church. After the next cut-scene, you'll have to fight some of the Saints. Win or lose, you’ll become a member, and the achievement will unlock.


Follow the storyline and complete the "Back to Basics", "Abandoned Storefront", and "Reclamation" missions. After the cut-scene following "Reclamation" you will receive the award.

サード ストリート セインツの仲間になる。    

Kill 50 pedestrians with melee attacks. This means barehanded, with any melee weapon, or with any weapon melee. These must be pedestrians. Anyone who shows up with a dot on your minimap (purple for Saints, red for cops and rival gangs) will not count toward the achievement

Saints Rowを奪い返す。   

You must be the only one in the car as you upgrade it from level 3 to level 4 for it to count towards the achievement.

Secret Achievements

Protect Tha Pimp is Saint’s Row’s special version of Assassination. The Pimp has only a melee attack that is a one-shot kill. His teammates must escort him to one of two exits in order to win. If you are on the other team, you must kill the Pimp to win. Just do this 50 times

Saints Row中毒20
Saints Rowを計20時間プレイした。   

Easiest done in Gangsta Brawl. Just find a Sniper Rifle and run to anywhere that’s high-up and secluded. Hit  to zoom in, and aim for the head. Do that 100 times, and you’ll get this achievement.

マラソン ランナー20

The easiest way to do this is unlock the Platnium RPG and the Lopez Mansion by completing the Hitman activities and the Carnales storyline respectively. Get a 4-star police notoriety, and run into the house. Go out on the balcony and RPG the helicopter. You will get only minor damage from the cops on the ground, and only very rarely will one enter your crib.
Use this work of art as a reference

1. locate and head to sloppy seconds on your map... (red square)
2. start killing cops til you reach 4 stars
3. hide behind the building on the lifted piece of ground (blue arrow)... you have to go between the 2 buildings across the street from sloppy seconds to get there.
4. you wont have to worry about cops if you stay near the fence because they will spawn on the other side of it... just worry about the choppers

A. shoot the pilot (if you can) not the chopper... it will crash if you kill the pilot
B. the sniper and the 44 shepherd work BEST on the pilot (1 shot if you hit him)
C. bring the rpg, shot gun, and uzi, there may be times when you can't hit the pilot
D. STAY NEAR THE FENCE... it keeps the cops on the other side, and it helps towards your chopper destruction count because if you are too far from the chopper crash it wont count


To take a hostage, make sure you have no Homies, and go up to a car with passengers. Go by the driver’s door, and hit Y to jack the car. Hit Y again to start Hijacking. You need to drive around until the timer runs out. If you stop or slow down, the passengers will escape, so go on the freeway. Each passenger of a car counts as 1 hostage toward the achievement. Hijacking SUVs with 3 passengers is the fastest way to raise your number of hostages taken.


Click here for a list of CD locations.


Break into a closed store, then go to the safe in the back, crack it, and grab the box inside the safe. Go outside, and load the box into the trunk of your car. Drive it into the blue circle to finish. Do this 29 more times, and you’ll get the achievement.
Note: During a Theft the number beside the crowbar on the HUD represents the number of packages you have in a vehicle, while the number beside the car is how many more packages it has space for.


Visit First Born Loans and withdraw money. Look for the dollar sign on the map in Union Square in the North area of the map. You can withdraw between $5,000 and $50,000, depending on your game progress. Simply withdraw and repay enough money to total $200,000. You can stay on the spot where you take out the loan and repay within 5-10 seconds.


Big Ass Chains is a multiplayer mode. The objective is to get chains and drop them off at a specific location to score points. Drop off 500 chains at your target drop spot to score this achievement.

Note: It must be 500 in either team or solo, not combined.


Simply win ten ranked matches in a row. It's quite hard, but can be accomplished with some good teammates. Just create a party and don't lose any games.


Play Saints Row for 20 hours in single player time only. You will most likely get this as you attempt to get the rest of the single-player achievements.

チェーン ギャング20
ビッグ アス チェーンズ マルチプレイヤー モードのランクマッチで500個のチェーンを質入した。   

You will most likely get this as you play the game. If you still don’t get it, try this:

1. Get a wired controller or a Play-and-Charge kit, and plug in the controller.

2. Jump on the back of a car in the street. After a while, the driver will resume driving. This counts as walking distance, so you can just leave and let the CPU do the rest.

ランクマッチのブリングド アウト ライドで合計50回チームの車をレベル4にした。   

Any sort of driving will count toward this achievement. However, you must be the driver. Riding shotgun does not count. You will easily get this when you do all the Racing, Hijacking, Snatch, Escort, and storyline driving.

スカウト キラー20
ランクマッチのプロテクト ザ スカウトで合計50回スカウトを倒した。   

Simply put 50 cars in your garage. You have to own 50 all at once, but they do not have to be different types of cars. Once you've unlocked the Saints Row Loft Crib by completing the "Back to Basics" mission, stand outside the garage, jack every car that comes by, and just drive them right into the garage.

ランクマッチのスナイパー ライフルで100人の敵の頭を撃ちぬいた。   

Just go to "Sloppy Seconds”, “On the Rag”, or “Impressions” with approximately $5,000. Buy all the shirts, dewrags, bandanas, hats and socks in all available colors first, as these are the cheapest items. The achievement will be given at the time of the purchase of the 100th item.

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