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Perfect World

Complete all levels with Perfect Score in both difficulty modes.  

Earning Perfect Score in all levels will unlock all of these achievements. The "Story Complete I" and "Story Complete II" achievements are only related to completing levels, which is done by reaching the Target Score. The exact score is unknown, but this is the point in which your pink far fills the white portion of the score bar and protrudes into the blueish section. This is quite easy to do and you should have no problem doing this, even on Hard difficulty. 

Earning Perfect Score is more challenging, and can actually become downright frustrating in the latter stages of Hard difficulty mode. The requirements for Perfect Score are as follows:

  1. You must reach Expert Score. This means you need to fill the entire score bar at the top of the screen.
  2. You must check out all customers with 5 hearts (they can either be blue or red, it doesnt matter).
  3. You must not lose any customers. Customers will leave when they lose all their hearts.
  4. You must serve the maximum possible amount of customers. This number is not displayed anywhere, but is 21 on Level 25, 20 on Level 24, 19 on Level 23. The decrease is non-uniform as the levels decrease. If you are satisfying all of the first three requirements and not getting Perfect Score, serve more customers!

Essentially you need to focus on getting the maximum amount of customers into the spa before it closes, enough to reach the amount of customers required. At the same time you need to also focus on keeping the ones you do have in the spa happy, so they dont leave. Doing this will probably only be an issue on the last few levels of Hard difficulty mode. Make sure to note the warning below! 

*GLITCH WARNING* The "Perfect World" achievement is very glitchy. It is almost a certainty that it will not unlock for you on your first attempt. It seems to be a requirement that you earn Perfect Score on all 24 levels of the difficulty you are currently playing first before attempting the 25th and final level. When playing the 25th level, it also appears to be required that you earn Perfect Score on your FIRST ATTEMPT. DO NOTfinish the level having not reached Perfect Score. If you do, the achievement will glitch, even if you do get Perfect Scores on all levels in both difficulties on subsequent retries. You will then be forced to reinstall the entire game and complete it again. There is no fool-proof method to get this achievement to unlock. The information here was presented by others and confirmed by a few. The game currently only boasts a 13% completion percentage on TA, which is very low for how simple to complete this game is. Even at 13%, many of those folks had to complete the game multiple times to get this achievement to pop. You have been warned.

Taking heed of this warning and following the potential work-around steps will make your chances of unlocking this achievement better. With that said, there are a few important tips to keep in mind before you head into Level 25 of Hard difficulty mode. 

  • You MUST NOT finish the level UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES unless you are certain you have met all requirements for Perfect Score mentioned above. Pause and exit the game to the Main Menu immediately.
  • 21 customers MUST be served on Level 25. This means that when time runs out and the spa closes, you must have every seat filled (there are 16) and have already cashed out 5 customers (16+5=21).
  • When the clock is about to make its final tick, light the Zen candle to freeze time and give yourself a few extra valuable seconds to get the last few customers in.
  • Focus also on not losing any customers by constantly shoving tea down their throats.
  • DO NOT purchase the cashier assistant as she will cash out customers automatically, even if they do not have 5 stars. She will make it almost impossible to earn Perfect Score.
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