Samurai Shodown Sen

Samurai Shodown Sen Achievements

Legendary hierophant

To complete the Story mode with all characters (with the highest difficulty)
To unlock this achievement, complete Story Mode for all 24 characters on Expert difficulty.
I won't lie, this is the hardest achievement in the game. The AI is very good at pulling off difficult and non-stop combos on you while you are helpless to fight back.
It will be a long and frustrating road, but here are a couple of tips to help you along the way:

- You can use another character up until Golba, just as long as it is the character you want to finish Story Mode that finishes Golba off.
- Find out which character you are best with and can maneuver around the most with. This will help a lot. Trust me.
- Combos are difficult, hard to pull off and aren't guaranteed to work or hit, and that might mean the difference between life and death. The same result can be achieved quicker by exploiting sidestepping and landing a Strong Hit (/) with much less frustration and time spent. Rimururu works best with this strategy, as she is very fast.
- An easy way to beat Draco even on Expert is to stay at mid-range. When he kneels down to shoot at you, sidestep the blast and rush in, pressing either or . Rinse and repeat until he is dead.
- Golba is easier than Draco. He has many attacks that keep him still after he uses them, so take advantage of this. Sidestep his attacks and get in couple of your own, preferably a Strong Hit ( or ). The basic Throw (), then Unblockable Attack (), then Unblockable Attack () seems to work here too, for the most part.
- You cannot use Draco or Golba in Story Mode, so don't waste time unlocking them on an easier difficulty to use on harder difficulties.
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Comment #1 by vicrow96
Saturday, February 09, 2013 @ 02:51:36 PM

How many battles is there in the story mode? and does story mode support auto save or something or do you have to keep your xbox going until the story mode is complete with the individual character?

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US March 30, 2010
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