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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 7 [80]
- Online: 5 [120]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 7-10 hours [quicker if your boosting partner quits each match]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 6 ["1 Round Perfect", "the Perfect Samurai", "Man in Black", "Point Hunter", "Big Apple" and "Am I Cute"]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Backwards Capability: Yes
- Extra equipment needed: Second Controller [optional]

Samurai Shodown 2 is a 2D fighter released in 1994 for Neo Geo (September 2008 for Xbox360). Following up on the extremely enthusiastic fan reception of the first Samurai Shodown game, SNK rebuilt the sequel from the ground up, including almost all of its predecessor's cast, adding several new characters, and refining the overall gameplay with more responsive control, more moves (particularly the use of the POW meter as a super special move meter; these moves not only cause severe damage to the opponents but also break their weapons, forcing them to fight unarmed for a short interval before a replacement weapon is issued). ~Wiki

Given that the online is dead, you'll need a boosting partner. You can post for one HERE.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
First, go to options and set the difficulty to Easy. Then go to controller configuration and assign Light Slash to , Light Kick to , Heavy Slash to and Heavy Kick to . All command inputs assume you're facing to the right.

Start Arcade Mode and select Earthquake. The first six fights should be easy and you can get accustomed to what will be expected during the final fights where wall-jumps, belly flops, crouching light kicks and forcing your opponent to back away from you to burn the timer down will all come into play. There are a few basic attacks and strategies to focus on, I suggest you practice them as you fight your way undefeated towards the boss, Mizuki.

Every round should start with Earthquake's + attack. If it connects, follow up with a forward roll ( ) and input the + command again. As you progress through opponents, this attack will become harder to land and will often be evaded, blocked or countered. You should be able to get "1 Round Perfect" within the first 1-3 matches by simply using this attack alone.

During the harder matches (where you'll be winning by time out) after you've landed your opening attacks, your opponent will become noticeably more aggressive. You're best to use flame breath ( + /) when at more than half screen length to keep them backing away from you, thus burning time and when they do come in close jump backwards towards the wall and wall-jump over them. Importantly, you're also going to want to bellyflop with + when jumping from the wall over your opponent to create a cross-up attack. The belly flop has huge priority over many attacks in the game and will often land clean. You can follow up with a crouching light kick, especially when toe to toe to avoid being thrown which is more necessary during the final few fights. Back away quickly after the light kick and do more safe distance flame breaths, wall jump over your incoming opponent, belly flop, crouching light kick. Continue the pattern throughout all opponents including Mizuki.

Try to land your + attack when you are just outside of your opponents jump range and also try to get them to land in it when they jump towards you. The plan is to have more health than your opponent when the timer runs out each and every round after the 6th or 7th fight where the difficulty spikes makes knocking out your opponents much harder.

If you're able to keep up fast times in your wins, get perfect rounds and land POW attacks, your chances of Kuroko appearing and challenging you increase, thus unlocking "Man in Black". Unfortunately, there is no sure way about it as there isn't much consistency in his appearance. Basically, the better you do, the higher chance of him appearing during the later matches. You do not have to beat him to unlock the related achievement, but losing a round will wipe your "the Perfect Samurai" attempt which will also unlock with "the Samurai" upon beating Mizuki without losing a single round across all matches.

Given that the online is dead, you'll need a boosting partner. You can post for one HERE. "Straight 5", "Straight 10", "Victory 10", "Victory 50" and "Victory 100" will all come quicker if your boosting partner quits the match, awarding you the victory. Note that "Straight 5" and "Straight 10" are for wins in a row.

If you haven't already unlocked "Point Hunter," play Arcade Mode up to a 'harder' opponent or boss while trying to increase your score with perfect rounds and fast wins. Then press start on a second controller at the beginning of the second round of the 'harder' fight. Beat your second controller's character and continue back to the match you were previously on. Efficiently win the first round again due to your opponent's first round low defense and hit start on your second controller at the beginning of the second round again. Rinse and repeat until the achievement unlocks.

Enter Arcade Mode on Easy with Earthquake and battle until your POW meter is full then quickly input + Medium Slash (assigned to any button you like) to unlock "Am I Cute". You'll know it's worked when Earthquake turns into a much smaller version of himself for a moment.

Finally enter Arcade Mode on easy with Ukyo and battle until your POW Meter is full, then with your Light Kick (assign to for ease) button held down input + Heavy Slash (assign to for ease) to unlock "Big Apple". You'll know it worked as the apple is four times the size of the usual one Ukyo throws.

Samurai Shodown 2 is a fun game to play and the completion is pretty straightforward. "The Perfect Samurai" may take a few attempts and you can't 'save' yourself with a second controller. The inputs for "Am I Cute" and "Big Apple" are 100% accurate. Good luck!

[XBA would like to thank Dirty130 for this Roadmap]

1 Round Perfect5
Complete a perfect round in single player arcade mode.   
Easily done by using Earthquake and his (Default Controls) Forward or Downward moves which do about 1/3 damage every hit.
the Samurai15
Complete the single player arcade mode.   
Simply done by completing the single player mode. If you have any trouble with it learn a characters fighting style and get good with them.
the Perfect Samurai30
Complete the single player arcade mode without losing a round.   
Self-explanatory. Most easily done by using Earthquake's Foward and Downward Moves.
Also, if your finding it to hard to do with Earthquake, find a character that you like and get good with him/her.
Man in Black10
Kuroko appeared in game as enemy (CPU).   
Here is how he can appear:
1. There is a very slim chance he will randomly challenge you after you beat your 3rd CPU opponent

2. On your 6th, 8th, or 10th CPU opponent, win your last round with your POW desperation move when there is less than 20 seconds left on the timer.

3. On your 6th, 8th, or 10th CPU opponent, have a 2nd player join in, and beat them with your POW desperation move when there is less than 20 seconds left on the timer.
Point Hunter10
Achieve over 200,000 points in single player arcade mode.   

You will get this as you go through arcade mode. If you die, your points reset so try to avoid dying.

You can use the second controller to avoid losing rounds. This is a great trick to avoid having your points go back to 0 for the "Point Hunter" achievement.

Straight 520
Achieve 5 straight victories in online ranked matches.   
"See Straight 10"
Straight 1035
Achieve 10 straight victories in online ranked matches.   
Find a friend to do this with and play together for 10 matches letting the other person get 10 wins and than switching off.
Victory 1010
Achieve 10 victories in online ranked matches.    
"See Victory 100"
Victory 5020
Achieve 50 victories in online ranked matches.  
"See Victory 100"
Victory 10035
Achieve 100 victories in online ranked matches.   (3) 
Do this by playing with another friend and switching off who wins each match.
Big Apple5
Ukyo Tachibana throw big apple.    
Hold low kick (for the whole combo), then press F,B,BD,D,FD,F+high slash.
Am I Cute5
In any characters, input command 'Super Deformation Moves' to become doll-like version.    
Nakoruru's cute move is forward to back, forward to back+D.

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US September 10, 2008

HDD Space Required : 64.86 MB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $9.99USD
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