SBK-08 Superbike World Championship

SBK-08 Superbike World Championship Achievement Guide

Guide By: Agent Aero
There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 800
-Online: 200
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-25 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 12 Championship Modes
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, when stated.
-Glitchy achievements: None!
-Unobtainable achievements: None!
-Extra equipment needed? None!

SBK-08 is another one of your annual sports game turnouts and is essentially the same as the previous year's game. The achievement list is fairly easy, and I have scored it as a 5/10 because the game isn’t very difficult, but there are few challenges that will need a few tries.

Championship Mode
Championship mode consists of a number of races and a score table, winning a majority of the races will mean you win the championship overall. You will need to win a championship on any difficulty, as well as realistic difficulty. In doing so you will get the Championship and The True SBK™ Hero achievements respectively. Each win you achieve will also count towards the Win xx Races achievements.

Time Attack Mode
Time attack mode is pretty self-explanatory. Each track has a set time which you need to beat. There are 12 tracks but you’ll only need to beat 10 to get this bunch of achievements. For more information, refer to Beat 10 Records in the guide below.

Grinding Wins + Cards + Platinum Medals on Challenges
If you’ve been following the Roadmap then at this point you should have a minimum of 300. What you should focus on now is gaining the rest of the wins for Win 50 Races, gaining all of cards for The Gambler, and finally being awarded with a platinum medal on each challenge for The Hardest Challenge. For more details and help with these achievements, refer to their description in the achievement guide.

Achievement Mop-Up
There are a handful of miscellaneous achievements in this game which include stuff along the lines of injuring yourself 5 times, damaging your bike 5 times to performing 10 donuts in a single race. None of these will come through natural gameplay so when you reach this point of the game just look at each achievements description on how to earn it.

Online Races
There are three achievements to be earned at this point in the roadmap and they unlock at 1, 5 and 10 online race wins. These achievements have to be unlocked in ranked matches and the easiest thing to do is post in the achievement trading thread here and find a partner to help with these achievements.

Overall, this game is a simple and easy 1000. No achievements are missable as you can replay races and retry time attack modes, and none are unobtainable because the online servers are still running.


x360a would like to thank Agent Aero for this Road Map

Win a race.50
Win a race in Instant Action, Quick Race, Race Weekend or Championship mode. 

Achieved with story progression. Refer to Win 50 Races for details.

Win 10 races.50
Win at least 10 races in Instant Action, Quick Race, Race Weekend or Championship mode. 

Achieved with story progression. Refer to Win 50 Races for details.

Win 20 races.75
Win at least 20 races in Instant Action, Quick Race, Race Weekend or Championship mode. 

Achieved with story progression. Refer to Win 50 Races for details.

Win 50 races.100
Win at least 50 races in Instant Action, Quick Race, Race Weekend or Championship mode. 

This achievement is pretty self-explanatory - you need to win 50 races in any of these game types to unlock it. Just put the difficulty to ‘Rookie’ and pick one of the better teams.

Firstly you should start a championship and try to win. If you do win the championship you will unlock Championship. Next you should set the opponents difficulty level Realistic and then start another championship and win, In doing so you will unlock The true SBK hero achievement.

By this time you will have accumulated a number of wins but not enough for this achievement. Now you should pick your best race track and set the difficulty to Rookie and one lap, then keep going until the achievement unlocks.

Beat a record.25
Beat at least a track record in Time Attack mode. 

Refer to Beat 10 Records.

Beat 5 records.50
Beat at least 5 track records in Time Attack mode. 

Refer to Beat 10 Records.

Beat 10 records.50
Beat at least 10 track records in Time Attack mode. 

From the game's menu, head over to Time Attack mode. You will see all of race tracks as well as the time you need to beat. I would advise that you pick one of the best teams such as Troy or Xerox, as it will make this significantly easier. There are twelve tracks in total but you’ll only need to get the record on ten. the tracks that I found easiest were:

Losail: 1’58.40
Phillip Island: 1’31.82
Valencia: 1’34.59
Assen : 1’38.60
Monza: 1’44.94
Salt Lake City: 1’45.47
Misano Adriatico: 1’35.26
Brno: 1’59.60
Brands Hatch: 1’25.44
Donington: 1’30.37
Vallelunga: 1’35.89
Magny-Cours: 1'38.50

I would suggest that you attempt these after you have played championship mode or know each of these tracks like the back of your hand. It’s not essential but it will make it a lot easier. Also, note that these achievements will unlock when you get to the Race Results screen.

Win an on-line race.50
Win an on-line race. 

Refer to Win 10 On-Line Races.

Win 5 on-line races.50
Win at least 5 on-line races. 

Refer to Win 10 On-Line Races.

Win 10 on-line races.75
Win at least 10 on-line races. (6) 

This is pretty straightforward and shouldn’t take too long. Easiest thing to do is host a ranked match on any track and wait for people to join. You will need a minimum of 6 players to start the race. If you can't find people, try the Achievement Trading Thread here.

Win a Championship. 

Refer to The True SBK ™ Hero.

The true SBK ™ hero.100
Win a Championship with opponents level set to Real. 

When the AI are set to realistic difficulty the game can be a little challenging, especially when trying to take the lead and maintain it. So it’s best to fiddle around with the games settings a little. From the main menu, go to options and realism settings and change them to this:

Real Rules - Off
Jump Start - On
Help on start - On
Aided Brake - On
Powered Brake - 250
Joint Brake - On
Traction Control - Full
Realistic Inertia - Off
Out of track help - On
Man. rider weight - Off
Rider health - Off
Motorbike damage - Off
Tyre wear - Off
Warm up lap – Off

Also try to do fairly well on the qualifying lap. Starting in the first half of the riders gives you a huge advantage. If you do mess up the race halfway through, just pause the game and restart the race.

The hardest challenge.50
Complete all the challenges of the game. 

For this achievement you will need to gain a platinum medal for each challenge in the game. Some of these challenges can get a little frustrating, but with a few tries they're much more managable. A few things to remember are that you cannot go off the track and you must finish each lap under the specified time. These will cause you to fail even if you have met the criteria to get the platinum medal. Also, the criteria for the platinum medal will only appear if you have gotten the gold medal.

Each challenge you gain a platinum medal for will get you a game card, these count towards The Gambler.

The gambler.75
Unlock all the cards of the game deck. 

There are a total of 68 game cards you have to collect for this achievement. They have to be gained through different game modes and are dispersed thusly:

20 Cards from Challenge Mode. (1 from each platinum medal earned)
12 Cards from Time Trial Mode. (1 from each time trial beaten)
24 Cards from winning both races in Race Weekend Mode. (2 per track)
12 Cards from winning Championship Mode with each team. (1 from each team)

If you are struggling with this achievement then look at other achievement solutions for tips.

Stunt Man.25
Retire 10 times due to bike damages. 

From the main menu go to options and then turn bike damage on. Then start a quick race on Valencia, as this track has walls on both sides of the Start/Finish line. When the race starts, just crash into either wall. From then on just crash into the wall on the right hand side four more times and the achievement will unlock.

Also note that you shouldn’t restart the race - you have to press proceed for it to count.

Crash Test Dummy.25
Get your rider injured for 5 times. 

From the main menu go to options and then turn rider injuries on (Turn bike damage off). Then start a quick race on Valencia, as this track has walls on both sides of the Start/Finish line. When the race starts keep building up speed ad following the straight. Hit the wall at the end and your rider should have to retire from injuries. Then just repeat his four more times.

Also note that you shouldn’t restart the race, you have to press proceed for it to count.

The wrong way to victory.25
In a single race, run 3 laps in the wrong way and complete the race. 

This is pretty self-explanatory and isn’t difficult, just a little tedious. Start a one lap quick race and then when the race starts you need to pass the Start/Finish line. Then turn around and start your backwards journey, make sure to count how many laps you have done.

Once you have done three laps in the opposite direction turn the bike around and finish the race. You will have to do a total of seven laps to negate the three "opposite laps" you did.

Last Position Addicted.25
Finish 5 different on-line races in last position. 

This achievement is a little misleading. You need to finish five races in last position on the same track. Just pick your track and in every race make sure you finish in last place. If you're struggling to find players, post in the Achivement Trading Thread here.

SBK ™ makes me dizzy.50
Perform 10 burnouts in the same race and complete the race. 

Set up a single lap race and as soon as the race starts press the either left or right and hold both and . The skid marks on the track will signify if you’re doing it correctly. Once you have counted 15-20 (to be safe), just finish the race.

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