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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 
-Offline: 9/12 (140/200)
-Online: 3/12 (60/200)
-Approximate amount of time to 2006-10 hours, depending on skill
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 with chapter select
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Welcome to Scrap Metal! Fans of Micro Machine on N64 and games like Twisted metal will love this throw back to classic games gone by. While there isn't much depth to the game, it's still a fun game to play through with a few frustrating parts thrown in for good measure.

Playthrough 1:
Just playthrough the game as you normally would. There are 61 levels in all (including Boss fights) so simply beat all the levels trying to get as many gold star games as possible. Doing this will net you eight achievements for 115. Refer to the achievement guide for some info on specific boss battles.

Playthrough 2:
This is the hard one and the reason it is a lot longer to get the 200 then it looks. You must get a Gold Star in EVERY event in the game for the "Bling bling" achievement worth 25Just use the level select to pick which ones you need to do and practice until you have it done. It's best to leave this achievement to the end of the game as you will have unlocked all of the vehicles with better weapons for some of the more challenging derby's. Check out THIS thread for tips on some of the harder levels. Remember to check the class of your vehicle before jumping in as some races have a class limit.

A very easy 60 (3 achievements), the online can be done in about 15-20 minutes. Set up a private match and invite a friend (achievement trading thread HERE) and trade wins. See the achievement guide for specifics on each achievement. 

Not too time consuming minus the gold star achievement, but a fun game with quite a bit of replay value. If you still have any questions, post below or check the forums. feel free to send me a message as well. Congrats on finishing Scrap Metal!

[x360a would like to thank Filter x360a for this Roadmap]

Kicking the tires5
Complete the Single Player tutorial mission.    
The first achievement you will get. The tutorial starts on it's own at the beginning of the game and consists of a few laps and learning the controls. You'll get the achievement as soon as you finish the tutorial.
Mr. Awesome15
Defeat the Awesomeland End Boss    
Progress through all 7 stages of Awesomeland and beat Mr. Awesome to get the achievement. All Mr. Awesome does is laps around the track, he doesn't even fire at you. So chase after him and wear down his health. There are no other enemies on the map, but he does regain a bit of his health every now and then. Wear down his health before you do the max number of laps and this will unlock.
Defeat the Gastown End Boss    
Make your way through all 8 stages of Gastown and beat Sal, the end Boss. Sal's only attack is the front of his tractor which can flip you into the air, dealing a lot of damage. Pick a car that is fast and can spin on a dime fairly easily and has long range weapons. I personally used the Classic Cruzer which has x2 machine guns and I just kept doing figure eights around Sal while shooting. Just move quickly when he's close to you. Also, stay away from the left hand side of the arena. The water will slow you down.
Semi Slapshot15
Defeat the Coal Harbour End Boss    
You need to beat stage 7 of 8 in the Coal Harbour level to get this achievement. Semi slapshot drive around in a Semi truck dropping explosive barrels behind him. You just need to follow him and chop away at his health. He is pretty fast, so once again use a fast car (I used the Classic Cruzer again, fully upgraded). His little buddies will be a pain as they ram you off of the road. Remember to take as many shortcuts as you can to get to slapshot quickly as you don't need to complete laps.
Alex Alternator15
Defeat the Motordome End Boss    
Make your way through all 8 stages of the Motordome and beat Alex Alternator (for the 2nd time!) to get this achievement. Alex drives the rugged van, which is a supped-up monster truck with rocket launchers. I used the regular Monster Truck with fully upgraded armor and spiked ram. Just keep doing donuts around Alex and nail her with the ram. Each direct hit takes off 2-3 stars, so it shouldn't take you too long.
Petrov Piston15
Defeat the East District End Boss    
Make your way to stage 7/8 in the East District and defeat Petrov Piston for this achievement. The only thing Petrov has going for him is a super fast car! As long as you can keep up with him you shouldn't have any huge problems with this one. I used the V8 Muscle Car with fully upgraded speed and half upgraded firepower. Remember you can't let Petrov lap you or go backwards through the map to get the kill, you have to follow him. Also, buy 4 nitros before you start and pick up any many as you can on the track (you can get them by shooting them as well). A few well placed shots and the achievement is yours!
Cletus Clutch15
Defeat the Wetlands End Boss    
Make your way to stage 7/8 in the Wetlands and beat Cletus Clutch to get this achievement. Cletus isn't too hard, just annoying do to the swam of bees following you. Cletus is only really dangerous at close range do to his shotgun. Once again, I used the V8 Muscle Car with fully upgraded weapons, amour and speed. Same tactics as before, just do figure eights all around him and take a couple shots as you pass by. I barely took any damage at all this way and got it on my first try.
Ricky Bricktop20
Defeat the Downtown End Boss    
Final level in the game. Make your way to stage 9/10 in the Downtown area and beat Ricky Bricktop for this achievement. Ricky's tank does quite a bit of damage and can hit from a pretty long range. Combine that with his thugs trying to take you out makes this mission a bit tricky. Personally, I found the fully upgraded Monster truck worked the best. While this method took a bit longer, every time you take out one of the thugs he will drop a landmine. Plant this in front of Ricky for him to run over to deal a bit of damage then hit him with your Spiked ram, rinse and repeat. Go for the health upgrades as soon as you see them. As long as you keep moving, Ricky will have a hard time getting a clear shot on you. Good luck!

For tips on beating Eric the "Eel" Tricity check out this thread
Bling bling25
Achieve all gold medals for all Single Player missions.   
You need get a gold medal in all 61 race events in the game for this to unlock.
  • In derby matches, you need to get the maximum number of kills listed on the bottom left of your screen. Keep checking that to see your progress.
  • Race matches, obviously, come in 1st place.
  • Target matches - Just eliminate the target in the allotted time. Coming in 1st doesn't matter
  • Survivor - Just survive the set amount of time for each of the 3 stars. There are (usually, not always) no heath kits to grab.
If you are having trouble with a specific level, check out this thread.
King of the Hill20
Win first place in an Xbox LIVE King of the Hill match.   (6) 
Easily boosted with a friend in Private matches. You'll still have 4 bots playing with you, which can be frustrating sometimes, but shouldn't be a problem to win. You get points for being in 3rd, 2nd and 1st as well as taking out enemies. As long as you have the most points at the end, the achievement will pop. Easiest level is garage.
Win first place in an Xbox LIVE Race match.   
Just win an XBL race. This can be boosted in a private match with a few bots. Just have your partner run interference for you and take 1st place. The achievement will pop at the end of the race. The easiest track is garage.
Scrap Yard20
Take out 20 or more opponents in an Xbox LIVE Derby.   (1) 
Set up a private derby match and have your partner sit there while you kill him over and over. As long as you have 20 kills by the end of the match, the achievement will unlock.

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US March 10, 2010

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