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There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10.
- Offline: 48 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1-2 Recommended.
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements?: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes

Welcome to Secret Service, This game has a total of 48 achievements with a total of 1000 all are offline achievements so no need to worry about online. The game is easy with nothing that should really give you any problems, There are no glitched achievements and all obtainable in 1 playthrough with some re-playing of chapters but 2 playthroughs are recommended to make it easier.

Playthrough 1:
This playthrough is where the majority of the achievements will come from, Basically start up a new game on POTUS difficulty and proceed to playthrough the game collecting all the Cell phones, Weapons and Shooting the camera’s on the way, Click HERE for a guide. Its not very hard at all and no parts in the game will give you any problems at all, Most of the achievements will come naturally over the course of the playthrough and you won’t have to go out of your way to get most of them. Just be sure to get Bullet Waltz and In Just 30 Seconds A Day achievements in the very first part of the first mission is a lot easier the get them here as there’s no enemies.

Playthrough 2:
On this playthrough you will be getting the achivements What are you, a cat? And Gives instead of takes bullets, Just start up a new game on Agent difficulty and just playthrough the game without dying, If you do die just hit the guide button, Go to dashboard then start up the game again by hitting continue on the main menu. On this playthrough do NOT use your night vision once, When you come to tunnels and passageways turn our Brightness up (From the options menu) to 10 and when your finished turn it back down, It really helps in seeing where your going and to spot the trip lines that little easier.

By this time you should have all but a few achievements, Just load the relevant chapters from the level select and get what you need. You can re-load checkpoints for kills Ie for the Shouldn’t Have Been There or Like Static With Unconsciousness achievements. Go to main menu select extra’s and then play the Hacking mini game, Change the setting to custom and put all the numbers the lowest they will go, It will take around 5 minutes to get the Hacking achievements.

A pretty easy 1000 that can be had in a pretty short amount of time and even shorter if you decided to do it all in 1 playthrough, If you need any extra help please refer to the achievement guide and forums for help.
x360a would like to thank Genesis x360a for the roadmap

Don’t Tase Me Bro10
Electrocute 35 enemies using the Stun Gun or Taser. 

See the "Like Static With Unconsciousness" achievement for more details.

Accumulate 30 kills using pistols in any level. 

Start a new game on the Recruit difficulty, then play the first level using your hand gun as much as possible on foes until this achievement pops.

Soft Spot30
Accumulate 50 headshots throughout the entire game. 

Kill 50 enemies via headshots. Thanks to the generous aim range pretty much every shot aimed high is a headshot.

Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets50
Complete the game without dying on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

If you die quickly exit to the 360 dashboard and the death won't count when you reload your game.

- GO SLOWLY through the levels, don't run-n-gun.
- Use Lean constantly and always go for headshots.
- Use your Night vision goggles CONSTANTLY to make sure you don't hit any trips.
- Time your jumps around trip wires very carefully.
- When hacking bombs, make sure all the pieces are turned so they won't activate weak circuits.

I recommend doing the "What Are You, A Cat?" achievement on a separate playthrough.

POTUS Secured50
Complete the game on any difficulty setting. 

See the "Yeah I'm Pretty Awesome" achievement for more details.

Yeah, I'm Pretty Awesome100
Complete the game on the POTUS Detail difficulty setting. 

This stacks with the "POTUS Secured" achievement. It's best to start on POTUS Detail difficulty to avoid another playthrough.

Loves Fire, Hates Red Containers10
Blow up 10 fire extinguishers. 

Shoot fire extinguishers whenever you see them hanging on walls.

You can unlock this by the end of the third level.

No Body Cares10
Destroy 20 busts in Capitol Building levels (Coup D'etat and Filibuster). 

During these two levels, you will see statues of heads and shoulders (busts) everywhere.

Simply shoot 20 of them to unlock the achievement. You don't have to completely destroy them, one bullet is all it takes to get credit.

Just Like The Real Thing15
Win 30 hacking minigames. 

See the "Master Of Spin" achievement for more details.

What Are You, A Cat?50
Complete the entire game without ever using nightvision (excluding while gunning in Marine One). (2) 

Don't use your night goggles EVER.

This will make it much harder to see trip wires.

The following levels have trip wires:
- Urban Legend
- Collateral Damage
- Rogue Agent

On those levels, study all hallways EXTENSIVELY for trip bombs before proceeding down them.

It's best to do this achievement on a separate playthrough from your "Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets" playthrough in-case you miss a trip wire.

Like Static With Unconciousness20
Zap 75 enemies with the Stun Gun or Taser. 

You will have this achievement by the time you finish the Habeas Corpus level since all you can use is the Taser to attack your opponents.

The Taser has an incredibly long distance when fired, so you can take your time with most shots.

You will also unlock the "Don't Tase Me Bro" achievement whilst going for this achievement.

They Shouldn't Have Bunched Up20
Kill 30 enemies using hand grenades and/or the RPG. 

Start a new game, Mission Select to the Last Stand Level. During the parts where you're on the roof sniping foes below, throw grenades into the areas with the most foes.

The Memory Of A Goldfish15
Kill 1 enemy using the tripwire laser bombs that were set by the Sentavans. 

Start a new game and Mission Select to Urban Legend. In the first dark hallway with the trip wires you will be shot at by Sentavans, shoot one trip wire while an enemy is close by, the ensuing explosion will earn you the achievement.

Turns Out They Don't Hail A Cab15
Initiate the explosion of 5 tripwire laser bombs by crossing their lasers. (1) 

Start a new game and Mission Select to Urban Legend. Simply walk into 5 trips to get the achievement.

Since you will die each time, do not go for this achievement if you're going for the "Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets" achievement.

Too Lazy To Jump And Crouch15
Blow up all tripwire laser bombs in the Rogue Agent level. 

To blow up the bombs, shoot the little metal things on the wall as seen in the achievement picture.

Make sure you're a good distance away because the explosion can kill you. The trip wires are all straightforward, there are no hidden ones to worry about.

I recommend starting a new game using Mission Select, and selecting Rogue Agent. This way you won't risk missing the "Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets" and "What Are You, A Cat?" achievements.

Bullet Waltz20
Run for over 3 minutes, crouch 30 times, lean 30 times, and jump 30 times. 

See the "In Just 30 Seconds A Day" achievement for more details.

Awful Surprise15
Shock 1 enemy with the Taser while they aren't looking. 

On the Rogue Agent level, Tase a foe that hasn't spotted you and has their back turned to you.

Some Of Them Still Have Minutes10
Pick up 10 Cell Phones. 

See the "Opening A Local Wireless Store" achievement for more details.

Haven't Found A Color I Like15
Pick up 35 Cell Phones. 

See the "Opening A Local Wireless Store" achievement for more details.

Opening A Local Wireless Store20
Pick up all 50 Cell Phones. 

Most are dropped by foes you kill/tase, others are hidden on levels.

A complete guide can be found here (LINK).

Beat the game without killing a single Secret Service Agent. 

On the levels Rogue Agent and Habeas Corpus use ONLY the Taser on every enemy you encounter.

All the Secret Service agents you kill on the level Expatriate are evil and don't count against you.

This achievement will unlock once you complete the game.

Weapon Tester10
Fire each weapon in the game at least once. (1) 

The weapons are:

- TS5-M4 - You start the Inaugual Assault level with this weapon.
- .40SS - You start the Inaugual Assault level with this weapon.
- Stun Gun - You start the Inaugual Assault level with this weapon.
- KFM 03 - Dropped by enemies on Inaugual Assault level.
- M70 - This is the sniper rifle on the Inaugual Assault level.

- Grenade - You start the Coup D'etat level with this weapon.
- UZI - Dropped by enemies on Coup D'etat level.
- CQC 800 - Found in the office on the Coup D'etat level.

- CAWS 50 - Found in the office on the Filibuster level.
- 17A1 - Found by the large stairs on the Filibuster level.

- RPG - Found in the box room on the Urban Legend level.

- Taser - You start the Habeas Corpus level with this weapon.
- TAR 5.56 - You start the Habeas Corpus level with this weapon.

- TCW .308 - Found in the Last Stand level after the garden.

Merciless Speed15
Kill 5 enemies in 5 seconds. (1) 

Best done on the Extraction level while in Marine One.

The enemies bunch up a lot and your helicopter cannon has a wide berth, just hold down the right trigger, aim and eventually the achievement will pop.

Bow To No One!10
Complete any level without crouching. 

See the "From The Hip" achievement for more details.

From The Hip15
Complete any level without using gun sights. 

Attempt this achievement on the Coup D'etat level. Make sure you don't press to bring up your gun sights and you will unlock the achievement once you finish the level.

You can also get the "Bow To No One!" achievement on the Coup D'etat level by never using the button.

White House Electrician20
Complete Habeas Corpus using only the Stun Gun and Taser on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

Keep your distance from your enemies and line up your shots carefully. It helps to lead the enemies that run towards you.

The Best Defense…20
Complete Extraction with more than 50% of the helicopter armor intact. (3) 

Start a new game and Mission Select the Extraction level, play on the Recruit Difficulty.

Keep the held down the entire time to fire. Memorize the pattern of your enemies, making sure you kill them before they can hit you.

Master Of Spin15
Win 10 hacking minigames in a row. (1) 

From the Main Menu, go to Extras, and then Mini Game. For the settings go to Custom and set all the grid numbers as low as you can.

Play this now super easy game 30 times, and you will unlock this achievement and the "Just Like The Real Thing" achievement.

A video showing what settings to use:

Complete any level without getting hit even once by a turret. 

Start a new game and Mission Select the Urban Legend level. This level only has seven turrets.

A guide showing the location of all seven turrets can be found here (LINK).

Playing For Keeps20
Complete any level on POTUS Detail difficulty without dying. 

The Inaugural Assault level is the best place to do this.

Take your time, go slow, memorize your enemy locations, and always go for headshots.

Hopefully No Long Term Effects…10
Receive 15 hits from high voltage fences without dying from electric shock. 

The Urban Legend level is the best place to unlock this achievement.

After your first battle, walk to end of the hallway to the electrified fence and walk into it. Repeat this 15 times to unlock the achievement.

Don't linger too long or it will kill you so beware if you're going for the no dying achievements.

In Just 30 Seconds A Day10
Perform 5 crouches, 5 leans and run for 10 seconds all in under 30 seconds. 

The tutorial during the Inaugural Assault level is the best place to unlock this and the "Bullet Waltz" achievement, as there are no enemies.

You run by clicking in the left thumb stick and moving forward. Press to crouch. Hold down and move the left or right to lean.

Five Birds With One Boom20
Eliminate 5 or more enemies with a single explosion (use grenades, RPG or Trip Wire Bombs). (1) 

Start a new game, Mission Select, and play the Habeas Corpus level on the Recruit difficulty.

When you get to the point where your enemies are trying to get into the Oval Office, there will be 3 men outside the door shooting. Keep running around this area until you get 5 or more following you and bunched up around the door.

Throw a grenade right into the middle of this group. This can be tricky due to the game's bad grenade physics. What I did was stand behind a column, and throw the grenade at the door.

Camera Shy20
Destroy 25 turret cameras. 

See the "No Record" achievement for more details.

No Record30
Destroy all turret cameras. (2) 

You will get this achievement as well as the "Camera Shy" achievement when you finish the Rogue Agent level as long as you destroy every single turret camera.

The key to finding all of them is failing the Hacking Minigames TWICE where you have to open doors, this will summon several Turret Cameras that wouldn't otherwise be there.

A full location guide can be found here (LINK).

Inaugural Assault25
Complete Inaugural Assault on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

See the "Expatriate" achievement for more details.

Coup D'etat25
Complete Coup D'etat on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

See the "Expatriate" achievement for more details.

Complete Filibuster on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

See the "Expatriate" achievement for more details.

Urban Legend25
Complete Urban Legend on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

See the "Expatriate" achievement for more details.

Collateral Damage25
Complete Collateral Damage on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

See the "Expatriate" achievement for more details.

Rogue Agent25
Complete Rogue Agent on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

See the "Expatriate" achievement for more details.

Habeas Corpus25
Complete Habeas Corpus on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

See the "Expatriate" achievement for more details.

Last Stand25
Complete Last Stand on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

See the "Expatriate" achievement for more details.

Complete Extraction on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

See the "Expatriate" achievement for more details.

Complete Expatriate on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 

Beat every level on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty level.

It's best to do all levels on POTUS Detail, that way you will also unlock the "Yeah I'm Pretty Awesome" achievement.

POTUS Detail is easy when compared to other first person shooters' hardest setting. An estimated playthrough from start to finish is around 4 to 5 hours.

Secret Achievements
Drop The Pin…0
Killed yourself with your own grenade. 

See the "Expert Marksman" achievement for more details.

Expert Marksman0
Fired an entire magazine without hitting anyone. (4) 

Start a new game, Mission Select, play the Coup D'etat level.

First fire an entire clip at the floor to unlock this achievement. Now throw a grenade at your feet and kill yourself to get "Drop The Pin..." achievement.

The Exact Opposite Of Your Job0
Shot the man you were hired to protect. 

During the standoff with the final boss on the Expatriate level shoot the man you were hired to protect, he is sitting in a chair.

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US November 04, 2008
Europe March 13, 2009

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