Section 8

Section 8 Achievements

Insanity Defense

Win a complete game of Super Swarm on Insane difficulty

Can be done solo (Instant Action) or in multiplayer (Ranked or Private match)

Alright, this one can be a real pain if you're doing this one solo. It's better to have a friend helping you with this, since it'll make it way easier. If your friends don't have Section 8 or simply aren't online, and you don't want to do it on your own, you might be able to find someone in this thread to help you.

But in case you want to try it by yourself, following strategy might be helpful...

First, start Instant Action from the main menu using these settings:

  • Map: Orbital Relay West
  • Mode: Super Swarm
  • Difficulty: Insane
  • Players: 8

Choose whatever loadout you like to play with. I use the Infiltrator loadout but equiped with the Assault Rifle as primary and Rocket Launcher as secondary weapon. I also equiped the Repair Tool and Det Packs.

Now, set drop zone to control point number 2 and start burning in. The AA-turret will lower your shields but not kill you. Once arrived, start hacking the control point (CP) and put all 5 Det Packs on the CP and get the hell out of there.
The enemies will swarm the CP and once they are close enough, it's time to press to detonate the Det Packs and kill some of them.

Don't bother capturing CP2 over again (nor CP3). Instead, it's time to focus on killing as many and as quickly enemies as you can, as it will add to your score but more important you'll get money. If you're not skilled in killing enemy bots, use your Rocket Launcher to destroy assets instead. It takes approx.2 rockets to destroy Minigun Turrets, Array Sensors and Supply Depots and it takes approx. 4 rockets to destroy an AA-turret.

Once you have enough money (60$ or more), go back to CP2 and kill the enemies. CP2 is important as it is the only of the two control points that can be accessed by air transports. You'll understand why in a moment...When clear of enemies, start to hack CP2. Once hacked, deploy 1 Supply Depot and 1 Minigun Turret as close as possible to CP2. Once deployed, the Minigun Turret will start killing enemies as they enter the base, giving you score points and money. When they are trying to destroy the Minigun Turret, the Supply Depot will start repairing it if deployed close enough.

As soon as you have another 60-100$, deploy 1 more Supply Depot and 1 (preferably 2) more Minigun Turret(s)s as close as you can to the first set-up. This is tactically an important part of the battle: enemies trying to enter the base will suffer from heavy fire from the Minigun Turrets. If they are trying to destroy the Supply Depots, the Supply Depots start repairing eachother.  And, for every 3 repairs you get one Support Feat (we'll come to that in a moment). Last but not least, it will also guarantee that CP2 won't be easily captured over again by the enemy and you get points every now and then for each CP captured. If the enemy succeeds in destroying one or more deployables, you should have enough money by now to set the same deployables back active.

Now you can focus on the DCM that are and/or will become active. More information about the DCM can be found here. You're main objective should become now: 1) be victorious on the DCM that become available to you, and 2) make the enemy fail the DCM that becomes available to them. Being victorious on your DCM will give you score points, and none for the enemy. Making the enemy fail their DCM, will increase your score and not theirs. Don't bother killing enemies (unless necessary to get the DCM done) or capturing control points.

As stated earlier, you get 1 Support Feat for every 3 repairs, and you'll need several Support Feats to activate the Convoy DCM. To find out what it'll cost you (costs vary sometimes!) to activate a DCM, press and go with the or on the "DCMs" tab. More information on how to get Feats can be found here.

The Convoy DCM will become active quite easily because of the repairs going on between the Supply Depots and the Minigun Turrets. And, your kills with the Assault Rifle will contribute to activate the Outpost DCM which is 100 points for each victory!
The Convoy DCM is important as it is a heavy armored (but slow) vehicle, and has some powerful weapons on board as well. Very helpful against the enemy's Commando and VIP DCMs!! And remember, if your Convoy needs to be repaired, go as close as you can to the Supply Depot in CP2.

If the enemy activates the Intel DCM that you have to pickup, don't bother. It'll be located high on the huge satellite dish and there will be 4-6 enemies, which means getting killed quickly. Instead, go capture their CP for fun.

If the enemy activates the Bomb DCM, go with your Convoy to your base. They'll probably won't make it there, because of the 3 Minigun Turrets you put in place killing the enemy as soon as they try to enter your base. This will give you 35 points for them failing.

Good luck!

This achievement will also contribute to the Swarming Behavior achievement.

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