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Guide By: VonThronstahl
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 11 (190)
- Online: 1 (10)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 4 - 6 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 50 races (6 Championship modes, 5 online races, 5 classic races, 6 time track races and at least 5 quick races)
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (You have to beat all tracks in Quick Race on "Arcade" difficulty).
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

SEGA Rally Online Arcade is a fun and short rally game which is not hard at all (even for someone who does not often play racing games). I've divided the roadmap into six easy to follow steps to make sure that you can beat the game with the least trouble.

Use the manual transmission because it gives you a small bonus and makes the game easier. You'll be able to do most races using the sixth gear anyway. If you don't hit any corners you won't have to change gears at all!

Step #1 - Championships:
Start with the Championship mode and beat it with all six cars that are available from the beginning. You have to complete the races, letting the time run out does not work! Make sure to use manual transmission (Game Gears), finish first and win the Lakeside race at least once, to unlock the Lakeside track and "Lakeside Memory". After that you can finish the other races in second place to avoid racing the Lakeside race over and over again. This will give you the Icelandic Racer.

Step #2 - Online:
Find a boosting partner and create a private race or do it the hard way. After your first win, you'll unlock the Baja Dune Buggy. Win four more races (five wins total) to get "Go, Go, SEGA Rally!".

Tip: After creating a game you can change the rounds to one in the options menu. This makes boosting even faster. You can find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread.

Step #3 - Classic Races:
Now win the classic races with the Toyota and the Lancia to unlock the Desert 95 track. After that, win a classic race three more times with the car you felt more comfortable with, to unlock "Conditioned Reflex".

Step #4 - Time Track:
Choose Time Track in the single player menu and then choose a track and hit to load up the developer time. Beat every track with a different WRC car (which will unlock the McRae Enduro and "Over Jump") and do one more (6 total), to unlock the Andorra Racer.

Step #5 - Quick Races:
Set the difficulty to Arcade in the options menu. Now go to Quick Race in the single player menu and beat each track with a different car to unlock "Finish!!" and the Bowler Nemesis. After your first race you'll unlock "3, 2, 1 Go!!" Make sure to hit every AI car in one race to unlock "Reckless Running". It is a good idea to use the previously unlocked cars (Icelandic Racer, Baja Dune Buggy, McRae Enduro and the Andorra Racer) to reduce the time you'll need to mop up.

Step #6 - Mop up:
Win a quick race with the now unlocked Bowler Nemesis. This will give you "Ignition" if you've won a race with all the other cars. Now you'll have to drive at least 5 more races to unlock "Long medium left ... maybe" and finish the game.

This game is good for beginners and offers a few hours of fun. Using the roadmap will show you the shortest way to the full 200.

x360a would like to thank VonThronstahl for this Road Map.

Conditioned Reflex10
Win a Classic race five times.   

The classic race is a 1 on 1 race between Toyota and Lancia. You have to drive 3 rounds on Desert. Win that event five times.


Over Jump10
Beat all five default ghost cars in Time Attack.   

After unlocking all five tracks, choose Time Attack, select a track and hit to load up a developer ghost car. Beat the given time on each track. The Peugeot and the Citroen are a good choice.


Go, Go, SEGA Rally!10
Win five Xbox LIVE races.   (11) 

Find a boosting partner and create a private race or do it the hard way in public races.

Tip: After creating a game, you can change the rounds to one in the options menu. This makes boosting even faster.

You can search for a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread.


3, 2, 1 Go!!10
Complete your first Quick Race.   

Choose Quick Race in the options menu and finish one race. You don't have to win.


Game Gears10
Complete Championship with Manual Transmission.   

At the start of a championship you can choose to drive with an automatic or manual transmission. Make sure to choose manual transmission and then finish the championship. You don't have to win.


Long medium left ... maybe10
Play fifty games in any mode except head to head.    

This achievement will come with natural progression. You'll get it on your way to unlocking all the cars.


Lakeside Memory20
Finish 1st on Lakeside in Championship.   (1) 

If you finish the championship in first place you'll get the chance to race 1 on 1 on the track Lakeview. Beat the AI driver (who drives the same car as you do). I suggest using the blue Subaru, because it has a good handling and is fast. Make sure to use manual transmission to make it easier to win the race.


Place 1st on all tracks in Quick Race on Arcade difficulty.    

Go to the options menu and change the difficulty to Arcade. After doing so, win a race on every track (Tropical, Canyon, Alpine and Lakeview).


Game Over, Yeah!50
Unlock all cars and courses.     (10) 

The cars and courses unlock while playing through the various game modes and winning races. The list of unlockables and the requirements you need to meet can be found below:


  • Icelandic Racer: Finish the championship with all six WRC cars.
  • Baja Dune Buggy: Win one online race.
  • Toyota: Win the classic race with the Toyota.
  • Lancia: Win the classic race with the Lancia
  • McRae Enduro: Beat the developer time on all five Time Track courses.
  • Andorra Racer: Beat the developer time with all six WRC cars.
  • Bowler Nemesis: Win a quick race on Arcade difficulty on all four tracks.


  • Lakeside: Win the 1on1 race after finishing first in the championship.
  • Desert 95: Win the classic race with the Toyota and the Lancia.


Super Challenge10
Unlock all courses.   

See "Game Over, Yeah!".


Reckless Running20
Touch all five AI cars before winning a Quick Race.   (2) 

You'll start each quick race in sixth place. Make sure to touch every AI car on your way to first place and then win the race.


Win a race with every car in the game.    (2) 

To get this achievement you'll have to win a race with every car in the game.

This includes the six WRC cars (available from the beginning) and all unlockable cars (see "Game Over, Yeah!" for the list of unlockable cars).

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US May 18, 2011

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