Sega Rally Revo

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Perfect Score

Finish 1st in every race in all rallies in the Championship.  
You must win every race in every rally to nab this, which is not easy since each rally has three races and the finals have four, if you mess up on one race in a rally you have to restart the entire rally.

TIPS: there is no difficulty setting for this game the further you advance the harder it gets, the keys to winning races are to study the layouts of the tracks , and finding a car that is best suited for your type of racing, suggested cars which have tight handling and a good top speed are the Peugeots and there is one in each Class, handling for each class reduces alot which requires you to start turning into turns alot sooner, The best way to take a turn is to let of the gas and start to turn once halfway into the turn floor the gas, there are only a select few of the turns that need brake and most of them are the tight hairpins, start slowing down before you begin to turn or you will hit the walls. Perseverance, alot of patience, and a good knowledge of when to take the turns will get you into those first place finishes, GOOD LUCK cause this game is super tough.
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