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Secret 1

Congratulations, you won a race while having no collisions!  
Pick a track that you are very good at and do a quick race with it, Safari 1 seems to be the best since it has less turns and long straights, make sure not to hit the sides of the tracks or any of the AI cars, this might take some practice and a lil luck, but keep at it and you will nab this.
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Comment #1 by PureNoobage
Thursday, January 19, 2012 @ 01:31:08 PM

Just did this twice without touching anything, didn't even come close to anything the second time but it won't pop. Maybe it has to be done on Championship? Can anyone confirm?

Comment #2 by PureNoobage
Thursday, January 19, 2012 @ 01:47:21 PM

OK, got it. You can do it on quick race. I think it's just bad collision detection on the games part. Stay well away from everyone on else, switch the difficulty to easy and do it on Safari 1. There are 2 good passing spots on the track. One is the first long easy right near the start and the other is the easy right/easy left after the first water section. I held back and didn't try for the pass on the first lap as all the cars are too bunched up and spread across the track. You need to make your moves on the second lap when the cars are racing single file. I passed 3 of them on the long easy right then got the other 2 towards the end of lap 2. Good luck cuz it's a b*tch of a cheev!

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