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Serious Sam Double D XXL Achievement Guide

Guide By: Scotty, dmfaust
There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4.5/10
- Offline: 30/30 [400]
- Online: 0/30 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 10-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [Mission select available]
- Missable achievements: None [Mission select available]
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No (Technically it does, as there are some challenges that can only be found on Normal difficulty or higher, but there are no difficulty specific achievements)
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Second controller

Welcome to Serious Sam Double D XXL! This game is a side-scrolling Shoot em' up featuring Serious Sam and a ton of ridiculous weaponry. The achievements for this game are relatively simple and should not pose too much trouble for the veteran gamer, but maybe a little over whelming for someone new to side-scrollers. Once you grasp how to play the game though, you will find it extremely enjoyable and the 100% completion within your reach.

General tips

  1. Gun stacking, the game's main unique mechanic, is key. Early on you will mostly be shoving everything in one stack as you find it, but as you progress and find more weapons try to develop stacks tailored to specific encounters.
  2. You should try to focus on 2 stacks of weapons. One for close range and one for medium to long range. For close range you can add; Shotgun(s), Chainsaw(S), Flamethrower(s) and Tommy Gun(s). For medium to long range you can add; Machine Pistol(s), Rocket Launcher(s) and Grenade Launcher(s). You can choose whichever guns you like though to create your own unique stacks, so try to experiment and find some weapon stacks that work for you.
  3. An Air Buffer Machine Pistol should be your first purchase no matter what, and it is cheap enough that it shouldn't be a problem. I kept it in my main stack the entire game. The Air Buffer allows you to glide over entire sections of enemies and makes Jump Padding your way up cliff faces for secrets much easier.

Step 1: Campaign Playthrough
You have two choices on how to go about the campaign. Option 1 is to start on Normal and just stay with it, gaining everything within this difficulty. Option 2 is to tear through Easy, gathering weapons and upgrades and go ahead and finish off the final boss and setting yourself up for a partial Normal run that you won't even break a sweat on. Either choice works just fine, though no matter what you will have to play up through Vesuvius (Act 3, Chapter 3) on Normal in order to unlock all challenges.

Step 2: Challenges
Either as you unlock them or all at once, you can start to clear out challenges of course. Most are extremely simple and shouldn't cause any issue whatsoever. Though make sure to see if you have more than the default weapon stack, as several challenges have secondary stacks that are far superior.

Step 3: Clean-up
After your campaign playthrough and challenges you will most likely still have a few achievements to take care of, most notably purchasing one of each upgrade as this is quite expensive and you will not even begin to touch it from money earned up until this point. See individual achievements for notes on anything you are missing.

So all-in-all Serious Sam Double D XXL (try saying that 10 times fast) is a very fun and simple shoot em' up with some interesting achievements that should not pose the greatest problem to the majority of gamers. If you find yourself struggling, consider lowering the difficulty (if this is an option) and becoming familiar with the game or try experimenting with different weapon stacks to find what suits your play-style the best. Also, the end game credits are well worth the struggle to get to.

[XBA would like to thank Scotty & dmfaust for this roadmap]

Monkey's Uncle10
Defeat the boss of Ancient Egypt    

Story related, cannot be missed.

This achievement is unlocked after defeating the first boss at the end of the first act of the game. The First boss is a giant gorilla who has rocket boosters underneath him and throws banana bombs at you. You should aim for the rocket boosters, which will be temporarily be disabled and he will fall to the floor were you can get some close-range shots on him. You can still kill him in the air without taking out his boosters if you prefer.

You Bet Jurassic20
Defeat the boss of Prehistoric Nova Scotia    

Story related, cannot be missed.

This achievement is unlocked after defeating the second boss at the end of the second act of the game. The second boss is a giant hamster that initially rolls up to you in a huge wheel with spikes on it. Luckily you can drop through the floor in certain parts of the area and shoot upwards at him, but he will not be able to attack you if you stay below ground level, making this battle relatively easy. You will be attacked by smaller enemies who can follow you below ground level, but they are all lesser enemies and don't pose too much of a threat.

Getting Serious30
Beat the campaign on any difficulty    

Story related, cannot be missed.

To unlock this achievement, you simply need to complete the campaign on any difficulty. It would of course be easiest to do this on 'Easy' difficulty, but you should consider that you need to do a playthrough on 'Normal' to unlock certain challenges.

Seriously Tough10
Clear 2 Challenge levels   

To unlock this achievement you need to complete any 2 of the challenge levels. See "Seriously Unstoppable" for full details.

Seriously Nuts15
Clear 8 Challenge levels   

To unlock this achievement you need to complete any 2 of the challenge levels. See "Seriously Unstoppable" for full details.

Seriously Unstoppable20
Clear all Challenge levels   (1) 

To unlock this achievement you need to complete all 12 of the challenge levels. You unlock the challenges by finding them throughout the campaign and they are a floating pie, with a glowing blue outline and have the letters 'MBG' in the center. You just need to run through them to pick them up. You need to play the game on at least Normal difficulty to be able to find 2 of the challenges. The rest of them can be found on Easy difficulty.

The challenges can be accessed from the main menu, under 'Challenges'.

White Men Can Jump10
Find the Jump Pad    

Story related, cannot be missed.

The Jump Pad is found during Act 1 and is needed to progress the story, therefore making this achievement unmissable.

Gnaar-body's Fool10
Kill over 50 Gnaar in a single level   

You can unlock this achievement near the beginning of Act 3 during a level called 'Pompeii Pyromania'. There is a part where you need to ascend straight upwards and there are clocks along the walls that you can shoot to slow down time. There will be a seemingly endless supply of 'Gnaar' falling from the ceiling and you can shoot them as they fall to create a platform of dead bodies to stand on. There will be far more than 50 here, so you can stay at the bottom and just keep killing them as they fall or you can ascend upwards and try to get 50 before you reach the top. The achievement will unlock upon killing the 50th Gnaar.

Unflinching Sam20
Beat any level without dying   

To unlock this achievement you need to beat any level without dying. This would be easiest on the 'Easy' difficulty and on the first level. Take your time through the level and make good use of the weapon stacking ability in the game to create powerful enough weapons to get you through with ease.

Untouchable Sam20
Beat any level without getting hurt   (1) 

This achievement is one of the trickier in the game, but not hard as long as you are paying attention. You CAN reload your previous checkpoint if you get hit. I recommend doing it on the very first level, but not on Easy (as it is difficult to judge your life bar on Easy sometimes since damage is so absurdly low). For best results set the speed low, to 75%, to help you keep better track of things. It is also important to note your armor bar as taking damage as this does count as a hit. Either keep your armor bar empty or full for ease of visuals (use the Goodie Fountain at the start of the level to go ahead and fill it up). Otherwise simply play through the level, taking it slow and reloading last save if you get hit. You can check if you did or did not get hit, by attempting to pick up health/armor (the Goodie Fountain comes in handy here if there is none in the immediate area).

Dino's Best Friend10
Convert 3 dinosaurs to your side by destroying their helmets   

During Act 2 you will come to a level called 'Dinoo Switcheroo' and some time after playing through the level a cut scene plays and shows you some Dinosaurs disappearing, then reappearing with a mind control device on their head and a gun mounted to their back. If you aim for and destroy the mind control device on their heads, it will fall off them and the dinosaur will stop attacking you and follow you as you go across the stage. There will be more than 3 just in this area, so you can get this achievement here with ease.

Destroy the mind control devices on 3 of these dinosaurs and the achievement is yours.

Speed runner10
Complete a level from the start at over 100% gameplay speed in one sitting.   

You can attempt this after completing the game by going to 'Choose Level' and selecting any of the levels that you wish. Then when prompted, you can change the speed that the level plays at, with the default being '100%'. Change this to any speed above 100% and complete the level of your choosing and the achievement will unlock.

Create your first 6 gun stack   

In this game you can stack up to 6 guns that you can then fire all at once. To stack the guns however, you need a 'Gunstack Connector'. You will need 5 Gunstack Connectors to connect 6 guns together and unlock this achievement. You can do this the moment you find your sixth gun or anytime afterwards, provided you have at least 6 guns and 5 Gunstack Connectors.

To create gun stacks, you can either press when prompted while engaged with a merchant, or press when you come across one of the many bright glowing orbs that allow you to quick-save the game. On this menu, you grab the gun you want and move it across to the stack that you want to put it in.

Create a stack of 6 guns and the achievement is yours

Cat Jumped in My Lap5
Die in the spikes in the tutorial area of level 1   

To unlock this achievement you simply need to jump into the first set of spikes that you encounter in the first level of Act 1. You will not die instantly and have the chance to jump out to safety, so jump in and stay there until you are completely dead.

Repeat Customer10
Buy 4 different upgrades for one gun type   

To unlock this achievement you need to purchase all 4 of the upgrades for one single gun type. So for example, buy all of the upgrades for the Machine Pistol or all 4 for the Shotgun. The cheapest weapon to do this with is the Machine Pistol, but you can buy them for whichever you choose.

See "Tricked Out" for a price list of all of the upgrades and upon purchasing all 4 of the upgrades for one gun, this achievement will unlock.

Like Butta10
Trip a Therizinosaurus with the Hot Butter Spreader   

To unlock this achievement you need to shoot some Hot Butter on the floor in front of one of the Therizinosaurus, causing it to trip up. The Therizinosaurus are one of the dinosaurs that you encounter in Act 2 and they are the blue ones.

The Hot Butter Spreader is one of the upgrades that you can buy for the Flamethrower, so you will first need to find this. You can find one in Act 2. Then go to a merchant and buy the Hot Butter Spreader upgrade and the next time you encounter a Therizinosaurus, just shoot the ground in front of it and lure it towards you and it will walk over the Hot Butter and slip to the floor, unlocking the achievement.

Tricked Out20
Buy at least one of every upgrade   

This will probably be the last achievement you get. You must purchase every single weapon upgrade. Note that is NOT the Ammo upgrades but the actual various weapon choices. There are 4 different upgrades for each gun and you must complete the campaign in order to unlock them all for purchase. You do NOT have to have all at once, simply have purchased them in the past. (Confirmed via reverting Air Buffer prior to purchasing my final upgrade.)

The best way to farm money for this is by playing the Skyline Speedrun challenge mission. You can get 100 currency every 20-30 seconds and instantly retry without having to re-navigate menus like you would if you were to try farming on the snowboard or elsewhere.

The upgrades and prices are as follows:

Machine Pistol

  • Air Buffer - $50
  • Stack Healer - $100
  • Damage Stacker - $200
  • Machinobi - $350


  • Temporal Dilator - $200
  • Fear Striker - $250
  • Cybernetic Bees - $300
  • Cannon - $1200

Tommy Gun

  • Reflectinator - $100
  • Death Adder - $150
  • Death Bringer - $300
  • Turret Tosser - $450

Laser Rifle

  • Health Leech - $350
  • Prismatic Stream - $400
  • Photon Barrier - $350
  • Electrostatic Orb - $500

Rocket Launcher

  • Toxic Rot - $360
  • Lazy Daisy - $380
  • Foo-foo Floater - $500
  • Serious Bomb - $1400


  • Money Grubber - $150
  • Violent de Graaff - $300
  • Mini-Jump Pad Launcher - $100
  • Gib-Gib - $400

Grenade Launcher

  • Beetle Baller - $100
  • Goodie Fountain - $150
  • Mine Chucker - $200
  • Meteor Inducer - $400


  • Ponzificator - $120
  • Hot Butter Spreader - $200
  • Syrup Squirter - $200
  • Fire Twister - $300
Pawn Shop5
Revert at least one gun to get some money back   

To unlock this achievement you simply need to remove a weapon upgrade that you have purchased for one of your guns. To do this, find a merchant and then when you are in the shop menu press twice to go across to the 'Revert' menu. Here, you can revert any of the guns you have purchased upgrades for. Do this to any of them and the achievement will unlock.

Get Some10
Buy 16 different upgrades   

To unlock this achievement you need to purchase 16 different upgrades for your weapons. There are 4 upgrades for each weapon, so you need to purchase all 4 of the upgrades for any 4 weapons of your choice.

See "Tricked Out" for details on farming money.

Tickets to the Gun Show10
Find 16 guns    

To unlock this achievement you need to find any 16 guns throughout the campaign. There are a total of 33 guns and you will likely find at least 16 while playing through the campaign. If you cannot find 16 guns, please refer to "Laura Who?" for walkthrough videos which contain all of the weapons.

Gun Aficionado15
Find all guns    

To unlock this achievement you need to find all of the guns in the game. There are 4 of each of the 'Machine Pistol', 'Shotgun', 'Tommy Gun', 'Chainsaw', 'Grenade Launcher', 'Laser Rifle' and 'Flamethrower'. There are 5 of the 'Rocket Launcher'. There are 8 gun types which means there are a total of 33 guns that you need to find to unlock this achievement. You will mostly find them while playing through the campaign, but some of them are only found in the 'Secret Areas'.

See "Laura Who?" for walkthrough videos which also contain all of the weapons.

Red Light Rendezvous10
Find the Secret Red Light District   

During the level 'Pompeii Pyromania' there is a secret area below the floor, roughly half way through the map. In this secret area, there are 3 red windows with the headless suicidal woman dancing behind them. Find this area and the achievement will unlock.

See "Laura Who?" for walkthrough videos which also contain all of the weapons.

I Heard You Like Parallax10
Find the Secret Monument to Parallax   

During the level 'Carrion Caverns' in Act 2, at the very beginning of the level go left instead of right until you see a huge rock face in the background behind you. The achievement will unlock upon seeing the rock face.

See "Laura Who?" for walkthrough videos which also contain all of the weapons.


Exterminator Sam10
Kill a Giant Flea in Fireball Fury   

You will first encounter this during the level 'Fireball Fury' in Act 3. They are harmless and just slowly walk across the map so just stand underneath one and unleash as much firepower as you can. They have a huge amount of health so just keep blasting away at it's underside until it dies. You will still be attacked by random enemies so beware of them at the same time. There are more than one of these, so you can kill whichever you want for the achievement. However the second one you encounter is good protection from some Fireballs that are landing on the map, so you may want to let this one live and use it for cover. The best one to kill is the first that you encounter.

As soon as it dies, the achievement unlocks.

Templeton's Buddy10
Help Templeton unlock his secret room in Amethystine Depths   

During the level 'Amethystine Depths' in Act 1 you need to find an enemy who seems to be a different color than the rest. He is a green color. When you find him you need to throw your Jump Pad down to where he is and he will use it to jump up and run through a door that only he can open. Follow him through this door and you will have found his secret area and unlocked this achievement.

See "Laura Who?" for walkthrough videos containing all the secrets.

Quad Power10
Find all 4 of any gun type    

To unlock this achievement you need to find all 4 of one gun type. So this would need to be all 4 of the Shotguns or all 4 of the Tommy Guns, etc. The first 4 you will likely find if following a walkthrough will be the Chainsaws. The achievement will unlock upon picking the fourth weapon up.

Laura Who?10
Find All Secrets    (2) 

To unlock this achievement you need to find all of the secrets in the game. The secrets in this game are secret area's and you need to enter them to 'Discover' them. Please refer to the playlist of videos below for a walkthrough of each level including the secret areas.

Please note that these videos are for the PC version as no videos for the Xbox 360 version exist. Some of the levels are extended on the Xbox 360 version, and there are 3 more levels too that have no secrets and are missing from the videos below, but all of these videos show the same secret locations that you need to unlock the achievements.

Full credit to YouTube user seriouscsaba for the videos;

Paradox Shmaradox10
Replay any previous level with new inventory (Choose Level menu)    

To unlock this achievement, you need to replay any level that you have previously completed, but you need to finish it with a new gun. There is a chainsaw on the first level that you cannot get until you have acquired the Jump pad later on, so you need to leave this weapon at first. When you have gotten the Jump Pad, back out to the main menu and begin the campaign again. This time, using the jump pad, obtain the chainsaw that you previously left behind and continue to complete the level.

The achievement will unlock upon completing the level.

My Man Huff20
Beat a level in coop   

To unlock this achievement you need to complete any level while playing Co-Op. You can do this yourself with a second controller and just set the game to 'Easy' so that you can complete the level with ease. After completing the level of your choosing, the achievement will unlock.

Two Can Play At That20
Beat a challenge in coop   

To unlock this achievement you need to beat any of the challenges in Co-Op. You can do this yourself with a second controller and just leave the character stood still while you complete the challenge with the first controller.

Upon beating the challenge, the achievement will unlock.

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Devolver Digital


US February 20, 2013

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