Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Achievement Guide

Guide By: HigH-SideR
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 9 (150 )
- Online: 3 (50 )
- Estimated time for 200 : 10-15 hours
- Minimum playthroughs: 3-4
- Missable achievements: Yes - Look, It's a secret
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats disable achievements: No

1st playthrough.
In this playthrough try to just finish the game in order to get Serious Beginner, Game Master, Look, It's a Secret and Serious Sam. This playthrough will net you 85 .

2nd playthrough
In this playthrough, you are going aim for I Am Invincible and Serious Run. Set the difficulty to Tourist and also Infinite Ammo. You do this by choosing "customize difficulty" before starting the campaign. Now you will have 110 .

3rd playthrough
Time to get all the miscellaneous achievements. This is not actually a full playthrough just a level-specific playthrough. You don't need to do the achievements on the same save file just pick the specific level for that achievement. Get the Perfect Killer, Cannon Expert and Metropolis King. After this playthrough, you will have all the offline achievements for 150 .

Co-op playthrough
In order to get all co-op achievements, including the Serious Co-op, achievement you must do the playthrough in a single run. So, get a friend to play with you or join a lobby on Xbox Live. Complete the campaign and Co-op Beginner, Co-op Hippie and Serious Co-op will be yours along with the final 50 .

x360a would like to thank HigH-SideR for this Road Map

Serious Beginner10
Complete any level in single player.    (1) 
This can be done on any difficulty. Start singleplayer, choose the very first mission on the Egypt chapter "Hatshepsut" or you can do the "Karnak" level on the Demo chapter. Just complete either one and you will get the achievement.
Game Master20
Complete the game.    
There are a total of fifteen levels in the game and you must beat them on the same save file. To access you latest save just go to Load Game in the main menu. Save a lot using the button.
Serious Sam30
Complete the game in single player on serious difficulty.     (5) 
Choose the Serious difficulty in the main menu when you start a new game and go through the whole single campaign on the same save file. Save a lot using the button.
I am Invincible10
Complete the game in single player without firing a single bullet or shell.    (1) 
To get this one easily, play on Tourist difficulty. You cannot shoot any bullets or shells, so this means you can't use the Colts, Shotguns, Tommy Gun or Minigun, but you can use the knife, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Laser and Cannonball. If you bring up Netricsa during a level, under Statistics it will say "Never fired a bullet or shell!"
Serious Run15
Complete the game in single player by beating estimated time on each level.    (3) 
Play on Tourist difficulty for a very easy achievement. This is actually really easy since the estimated times on all levels are ridiculously long and you can complete most of them in a matter of minutes if you just run past every enemy from start to finish. This will take about 2-3 hours.
Metropolis King20
Complete Metropolis level in single player on serious difficulty without loading.   
Use this video guide to get this one much easier, than doing this the regular way.

For what regards kamikaze and Arpies, use the Tommy for Kamikaze and the Laser gun for Arpies...for Kamikaze keep at the center of the stage, with auto-aim activated and it shouldn't be a problem to keep them far away from you.
With Arpies, just follow the edge of the stage, going all around without stopping. While doing so, shoot them with the Laser with auto-aim activated. They shouldn't be a problem. Now, for the Bulls and the last wave: as you take the energy tank, get near the edge of the level as fast as possible and rocket jump on the ledge. Bulls will never be able to hit you, while for the last wave the big mecha-like things can hit you with rockets: rocket jump where there is a wall so that you don't fall to the other side by mistake.
The little skeletons can't reach you even with ranged attacks. For the mecha just hide behind a corner and take one after the other shooting any missle that comes in your direction. It should be easy. It's only tricky to rocket jump with the bulls since they reach you before you get to the wall, so you must be careful at that point, but for the rest it's not that hard.
Cannon Expert5
Pierce at least 10 enemies with a single cannonball.   (1) 
Perfect Kill10
Kill all enemies in Karnak in single player.   (2) 
The difficulty was done on Tourist and if you play on a higher difficulty there will be more enemies in every area, so try to play on tourist when following this guide.

Note: Be sure to pick up everything. I mean EVERYTHING. You'll have to lower your health/armor below 200 often, so make sure you do so that you don't miss any spawns. Same for ammo. Don't forget the secrets. I have saves in pretty much every area, so if you're having problems, I can check.
  • Generous yard (secret) - 5 (5)
  • First room (elevator secret) - 48 (53)
  • Small room with +1 healths - 4 (57)
  • Sphynx courtyard 1 - 6 (63)
  • Buttons yard 1 - 20 (83)
  • Lever room - 9 (92)
  • Buttons yard 2 - 17 (109)
  • Sphynx courtyard 2 - 4 (113)
  • 4 buttons complex (including the side rooms) - 9 (122)
  • Sleeping arachnoid - 58 (180)
  • Heart trap room - 16 (196)
  • Praying animal yard 1 - 20 (216)
  • Cross pool 1 (Croteam secret + that other secret) - 112 (328) - Note: when killing the kamikaze in the left trap, be sure not to move much from the +25 health, otherwise not all of them will spawn.
  • Amon-Ra statue room - 3 (331)
  • Cross poll 2 (secret by the obelisk - didn't pick up everything here) - 22 (353)
  • Praying animal yard 2 - 12 (365)
  • Goodies room complex (Gnaars and +1 armor secret) - 6 (371)
  • Fight music arena - 208 frogs + 60 kamikaze + 5 werebulls = 273 (644)
  • Last arena (arachnoids included in the wave) - 32 kamikaze + 16 kleers + 25 harpies + 11 bulls & Biomechs = 84 (728)


Look, It's a Secret30
Find at least 50 secrets in single player.     (3) 

Use this Youtube channel to find all secrets on all levels



Co-op Beginner5
Complete any level in co-op.   (2) 
This can be done on any difficulty. Go to Cooperative. Create or join a lobby and invite a friend/friends. Choose the very first mission on the Egypt chapter "Hatshepsut" or you can do the "Karnak" level on the Demo chapter. Just complete either one and you will get the achievement.
Co-op Hippie10
Complete The Great Pyramid in co-op with blood option set to hippie.   (2) 
This can be done on any difficulty. To switch to Hippie blood go to OPTIONS>SETTINGS>GAME OPTIONS>BLOOD AND GORE: Hippie. Start a Xbox Live lobby and complete the level and achievement unlocked.
Serious Co-op35
Complete a co-op game on serious difficulty and extra enemy strength on 400%.    (23) 
You need to complete the whole campaign in co-op and not just one level and it must be done in one playtrough. When you start a lobby choose "customized difficulty" and set the difficulty to Serious and set the extra enemy strength to 400%.

Game Info
Devolver Digital


US January 13, 2010

ESRB: Mature
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