Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Achievement Guide

Guide By: Nevander
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 7/12 (135)
- Online: 5/12 (65)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 15 - 20 hours (about 20 for the average player, less with increasing skill)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: 2 (Look, It's a Secret and Cathedral King)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Here it is! The long awaited return of Sam ‘Serious’ Stone is finally here for the Xbox Live Arcade. It was released way after the Steam version, but we finally have it now. The Steam version has a lot of achievements; our version has been slimmed down from that. There are 12 for 200, just like any other arcade game. The achievements of are similar format as The First Encounter.

Step One - Playthrough One 
You can choose to go ahead and start on Serious if you’d like to. If you already know the game well and feel comfortable with the play style, go ahead. If you are fairly new to Serious Sam, I’d suggest starting on at least Normal for playthrough one. In this playthrough, you will obtain Serious Beginner, Game Master, Serious Sam (if you are on Serious), and possibly Look, It’s a Secret and Cathedral King. The game is very straightforward, basically kill everything.

Step Two - Other Single-player Achievements 
Now you can go back and get anything you missed in the single-player game and you can also get Survival Beginner at this point.

Step Three - Online Achievements 
Time to do the pesky online. It’s not bad, most of the settings can be changed and everything can be done in private games with boosting partners. Look >HERE< for boosting partners.

Step Four - Sam I Am 
This will most likely be the last achievement you need, refer to the guide for quick boosting instructions.

Well that's it. This game really doesn't need a guide, but hey, I figured it wouldn't hurt, plus I wanted to. I hope this guide proves effective for anyone who gets stuck or needs assistance in kicking some serious Mental army ass.

[x360a would like to thank Nevander for this roadmap]

Serious Beginner5
Complete any level in single player.    

Self-explanatory, you cannot miss this.

Start a new game and complete a level by yourself.

Game Master15
Complete the game.    (1) 

Simply finish the entire game. You must use the same save file throughout the entire game. There are twelve levels in total.

Serious Sam25
Complete the game in single player on serious difficulty.     (2) 

This one can be tough for some, a breeze for others. There are some very useful tips to keep in mind however:

  • Save very often, abuse quicksave. If you finish a battle with high armor and health, don’t be afraid to save. Save, save, save. I’d suggest setting your max quicksaves in the options to 10, this is a good amount to back-up in case you get screwed somewhere.
  • Enable infinite ammo. When starting a game, you will see " Custom" at the bottom of the difficulty select screen. This enables you to blast away with whatever you weapon you choose with no discretion.
  • Use the best weapons. These include the Thompson, Minigun, Rocket Launcher, the sniper rifle, Laser Gun, and the SBC Cannon.
  • Use the right gun for the right enemies. Don't use a semi-automatic against kamikazes for instance. Use common sense when attacking.
  • Plan out attacks. Don't run in guns blazing, try different approaches to any given area until it works.
  • Find secrets. Many secrets contain health and armor items, as well as new weapons. Some are traps however; always save before venturing into a new area.
Look, It's a Secret20
Find at least 80 secrets in single player.     (3) 

Simply locate 80 secrets combined. There are over a hundred in the game, so you shouldn’t have a problem if you explore.

If you still have trouble, >HERE< is a guide to all the secrets.

Nevander Credits: evil-Vasile at Seriously! Forums

Cathedral King30
Complete The Grand Cathedral level on serious difficulty without dying or loading.    

This is probably the toughest achievement to obtain. There’s not much to advise other than the most obvious thing, don’t bother saving because you can’t load, and don’t die! There is an easy way out however, which still can take practice. 

Nevander CreditsSeriousMarioXIII

Coin-op Co-op15
Complete the entire Coin-op coooperative game on normal or higher difficulty.    (8) 

This achievement requires you to complete the entire game in the Coin-op Co-op setting under Cooperative in the Xbox Live menu.

It has been confirmed that you must not all die and go to a "Game Over" screen. If you go to this screen, meaning if you lose all three lives and everyone dies, you cannot get the achievement and you must restart from level one. Make sure Auto Cycle is ON and that you start from the first level of the South Africa campaign.

It takes about six hours to complete from start to finish and it must be done in one single session.

See the Achievement Trading Thread for boosting partners. 

Capture The Flag Beginner5
Win a CTF match with at least 2 players on each team.   (5) 

Set up a CTF game with score limit set to one and make sure you have four players, two on each side. Just capture it one time and there you go. See the Achievement Trading Thread for boosting partners.

My Burden Beginner5
Win one My Burden match with at least 3 players.   (1) 

Set up a My Burden match with the lowest possible time. Invite two more players and grab the ‘burden.’ The burden is a large metal weight that sits on your head and you gain points from it. It is usually found in the center of the maps.

See the Achievement Trading Thread for boosting partners. 

Beast Hunt Master20
Win a Beast Hunt match on all game levels.   (5) 

This is basically going through the game with competitive scoring enabled and the ability to kill other players at the same time. 

Set up a Beast Hunt game on the first level, enabling infinite ammo and on Tourist to make it easier. Get one other player with you and go through the whole game obliterating everything. After you kill the final boss it will unlock. 

Make sure you get the most points on ALL levels. This does NOT have to be done in one sitting.

See the Achievement Trading Thread for boosting partners. 

Survival Beginner5
Earn at least a bronze medal on any level in single player Survival.   

Start up a single-player survival game on any map, preferably one with a low Bronze metal requirement, such as Death From Above. Simply run around, dodge attacks, and kill enemies to stay alive for the bronze time requirement.

Deathmatch Master20
Win 100 deathmatch games.   (3) 

Set up a DM game set to one frag limit and put it on a small map with auto cycle off. Meet your partner in the middle of the map and kill him. It will auto restart the map and you and your partner can take turns killing each other.

See the Achievement Trading Thread for boosting partners. 

Sam I am35
Accumulate a total of 100,001 enemy kills and frags combined.   

This achievement requires you to amass a total of 100,001 kills in any mode, but never fear as it is incredibly easy to boost. I strongly suggest leaving this one last so you will have a good start from everything else being done.

Here are the steps to the best possible way to get kills quickly:

  1. Start up "The Grand Cathedral" on Tourist with enemy health set to 400% (to ensure enemies aren't killed by friendly fire) and infinite ammo if you wish.
  2. Immediately turn around and blow up the wall to the left to get the secret health (to stay alive longer).
  3. Now, head to where the enemies are beginning to spawn and pick up the Serious Bomb.
  4. The next step may take some time, but it is well worth it. You are going to want to basically run around like a madman gathering ALL the possible enemies you can around you in one enormous group. Head down the "corridor of death" as it's called and simply let the enemies pile up around you.
  5. Once you have a huge group, save your game. Name it "kills boosting" or just something you can remember so if you want to stop for the time being you can resume boosting it later.
  6. This is where the magic happens. Begin detonating the bomb but BEFORE it explodes, make a QUICK-SAVE. The bomb should detonate and you will get between 100-300 kills depending on how well your group formed.
  7. Once the bomb detonates, the kills are immediately saved.
  8. Now hit the back button to load your last save, which should be the quick-save before the bomb exploded.
  9. By loading this quick-save, the bomb will be about to explode again without needing to push ANYTHING except to load the quick-save.
  10. Continue this process and you will net a ton of kills very, very quickly.

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Devolver Digital


US September 22, 2010

ESRB: Mature
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