Shank 2

Shank 2 Achievements

Ultimate Survivalist

Defeat all the waves in any Survival map  

Aside from hard mode, this will be the hardest achievement in the game. There are 30 total waves you must complete. This is the strategy my friend and I used to get it. It might take a few times to get it down but it works really well.

  1. Get a good co-op partner.
  2. One of you needs to be the charters Chops and the other needs to be Defender. These characters revive and disarm bombs really quickly.
  3. Pick the arena "I'm on a boat."
  4. There are two harpoon guns on this level. For this strategy both of you will basically be doing nothing but spamming them to kill everything. There is a small delay to reload them so take that into account, but if you happen to have a line of enemies it will shoot through all of them. A harpoon will insta kill anything but the bosses, although the bosses are a breeze if you both harpoon him.
  5. So as the enemies enter the boat harpoon them, but make sure to watch each other's areas as the harpoons have limited movement. Also make sure to always watch for bombers trying to destroy your crates. Shoot them first if possible, as well as any big guys, gunners or molotov enemies.
  6. Don't forget to jump off the gun occasionally and grab the yellow orbs so you can gain money. They do disappear.
  7. You shouldn't have any problems with this until around wave 18 or so. At that point if things are two rough for both of you to be on a gun have the person playing as the Defender run around and get enemies attention and kill from far away. He can also be on the ready to disarm bombs. 
  8. Once your in the last ten waves send out decoys if you want, but be careful with your money as you don't want to spend too much. In the end we used three decoys during the last five waves and saved the rest of our money for missile barrages. 
  9. Speaking of missile barrages. On wave 27 and 30 you will have to fight lots of fast zombies, big zombies and a boss zombie. So when those waves start wait until the boss zombie appears then launch a missile barrage. If you're lucky it should kill the boss and most of the others, leaving you a few manageable stragglers.
  10. Repeat for wave 30 and you should be able to beat it.
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User Comments
Comment #1 by RichWaterz
Monday, February 13, 2012 @ 08:54:54 PM

Been trying this for a while. I keep failing at wave 22. Can someone help? GT : RichWaterz

Comment #2 by GripsyChungTing
Tuesday, June 05, 2012 @ 08:15:37 PM

Anyone still need to do this? I'm getting up to waves 23-24 and then getting overrun

Comment #3 by caStuN1138
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 @ 12:40:02 AM

This was hard for me at first, but i found a foolproof strategy. As it turns out, the only character who's stats really make that much of a difference is the Defender. He's supposedly weaker than others, but those stats are barely noticable. He disarms bombs 50% faster, makes all the difference in the world. If you or yr partner is good w/ female characters, Bubbles is a good choice statwise (as long as one person is Defender you're ok). I'd pick the boat level if you don't want to waste any time. (cont..)

Comment #4 by caStuN1138
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 @ 01:43:28 AM

Defender is unlocked by getting a medal for 100 kills w/ a turret. As for weapons, they all have their own charm. i prefer the throwing knives for the charged throw or the shotgun to spatter small foes in 1 shot. For heavy weapon, the chainsaw is superior by far. You can't afford to grapple in later waves so wave 1-4 throw enemies to make time to execute for more points. The bomber guy explodes when thrown, but no coins come of it. Later waves you NEED $ saved up, zombies don't carry cash!? Outrageous?

Comment #5 by caStuN1138
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 @ 02:27:43 AM

Sorry, i meant to say Chops (Not Bubbles) is the best female partner you can get, she revives 50% faster. Decoys are a must from the store and if you need to clear the screen quick, the grenade gun. So #1 Boat level/HARPOON gun kills bosses fast! #2 Defender for disarms #3 Money! buy health and decoys. yr partner revives you to 1/3 health bar. caStuN1138

Comment #6 by mattmcnish
Saturday, May 11, 2013 @ 01:26:58 PM

Still need help with this one please send me a message if you wanna give it a shot
GT: McNish23

Comment #7 by luksurface
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 @ 07:27:31 AM

i need it as well so let me know if anyone wan´t to try
GT luksurface

Comment #8 by TheOnyxJR
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 11:09:13 PM

Message me if you can help with this achievement. I'm unavailable on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays. I'm going to get some pratice, as I haven't play in awhile. Wave 23 is my best. No noobs please, mic is plus but optional.

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