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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
-Offline: 12/12 (200)
-Online: 0/12 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 6-10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (3 recommended)
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No (cheat codes only enable to costumes)
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed? No
-Avatar Awards: No

Shank is an Arcade, 2d side scrolling beat-em up . 175 of the points are easily picked up by simple completing the game on single player and co-op. There are two parts to the story, the single player, and the co-op. Single player has 2 difficulty modes normal and hard, you have to do 2 play throughs as they aren't stackable. It's recommended playing through normal difficulty first, mainly so you can get use to the controls and unlock the weapons, before your hard run. Although if you're confident you can jump in on hard mode although it is quite brutal. You will still need to play through on normal afterwards. The second part of the story is a co-op mode which is a prequel to the main story, the co-op is local co-op only. This said people have completed it on there own.

Step 1: Campaign - Normal Mode
This run should be fairly simple get use to how the game works, get all the weapons(they're not missable). Enjoy your first play through. You will be able to get almost all of the achievements this run. I would suggest using the Chainsaw with early on so you can unlock Grindhouse (15). By the end of this run the only achievements you will have remaining are Mow 'Em Down(15), Backstory(25), Just That Good(25).

If you want to clear up Mow 'Em Down(15) you can just jump to a level you are happy playing and keep killing people and till the achievement pops, or you could just grind this at the end after your Hard and Co-op playthrough as all your kills accumulate.

Here is a guide to the single player bosses. (Thanks SephVstheWorld)

Step 2: Campaign - Hard Mode
The hard mode on this game will cause you the most problems, out of the 200. This mode will take an element of skill and persistence, the main changes come that instead of reverting to a previous checkpoint when you die you start the level from the beginning, also the enemies deal a lot more damage. If you are struggling on a particular level sometimes its worth making sure you are familiar with it by playing it on normal so you know what is coming. There is a lot of recommendation on what weapons to use I found the Machete and Shotgun combination worked very well. I also switched often to pistol you can shoot enemies off the edge of the screen which can clear the way without the need of risking your health.

Here is guide that covers hard mode. (Thanks Snake Plisskin)

Step 3: Cooperative Campaign
This run is fairly easy with a partner, this can only be done local co-op, it doesn't take very long but even if you can't manage it in one sitting you can just level select where you got up to. Just play the game as you have been playing it but this time with a partner. The game plays exactly the same except if you partner falls you can pick him up with , also it allows you to double jump if you jump into your partner then jump again with the . If you both die you will revert back to the last checkpoint just like if you were playing normal single player.

The only challenging elements of co-op are the bosses and this is is only if you don't know how to beat the bosses, here is a guide.

Overall the hardest achievement is Just That Good(25), with enough persistence you will be able to achieve this. The rest of the points are fairly easy you should be able to run through your normal and co-op runs without too much trouble. The bosses will die pretty easily once you figure out how to beat them.

[x360a would like to thank Zanmato88 for this Road Map]



Just That Good25
Complete the single player campaign on Hard mode.     

Just like it sounds. You must beat the game on HARD difficulty. Not only are the bosses harder, but there are no checkpoints through-out the level until you reach a boss fight. You will receive a checkpoint once you reach a boss fight. Hard and Normal completion achievements are not stackable, but you will get to keep your gear from easy so I suggest playing it on hard after beating the game on Normal.

Revenge is Sweet20
Defeat Cesar.    

Like the last few bosses, you will want to wait until right before he leaps at you, then dash through him. Come back to him and shank him until he blocks, then back off. He will change styles with each cut scene, but the technique works the same. It may take a few attempts to get the timing down. You will finish him by pressing  when he is almost dead (there will be a button prompt for this).

The Wrong Guy10
Defeat El Raton    

Story Mode - unmissable.

When fighting El Raton, try to keep your distance and use your pistols. He will close in on you and eventually swipe his back foot once before he will charge at you. You will want to run up the cage wall and jump over him as he charges. He will hit the wall and become stunned for about a second. Run over to him and hit  for massive chainsaw damage. Rinse and repeat.

Scars From the Past15
Defeat Cassandra.    

Story Mode- Unmissable

To beat Cassandra, you will want to use the dodge technique. When ever she attacks you, hit  and press towards her to dodge through her, then turn around and SHANK her with your knife repeatedly by pressing . Just like all the other boss battles so far, rinse and repeat.

Father Forgive Me…20
Defeat the Priest.    

Story Mode- Unmissable

To beat the Priest, use the shank button () to slice and stab him until he lifts his leg. When he lifts his leg use  and towards on the left thumbstick to dodge through him. As he jump kicks away from you, run back towards him and repeat with the shank. If you happen to push him into the fire, hit  to grapple him for extra damage, but don't focus on trying to knock him into the flames.

The Meating15
Defeat the Butcher.    

Story Mode- Unmissable

To beat the butcher you will just want to use your guns. You fire your guns by pressing . You will want to immediatley shoot the slabs of meat at the top of the screen. Simply press up on the left analog stick and fire. Once you have lowered both meat slabs by shooting them, start unloading into the butcher. Make sure there is a slab of meat between you and the butcher. After he takes enough damage, he will throw his chain at you. If the meat has been lowered his chain will catch. Then run over to the butcher and click  behind him. You will climb up his back and start choking him. Press  repeatedly to choke him. Rinse and repeat.

Perform 100 chainsaw kills.   (1) 

This achievement is unlocked fairly easily. To use your chainsaw, press . I tried to finish most of my kills with the chainsaw, and did not switch to the machete when I got it. You can track your progression by pressing start.

Mow 'Em Down15
Take out 1000 enemies.   (1) 

You will not get this on your first play through if you do it on normal. After beating the game you can jump to any level. Your stats will be saved every time you die or reach a new checkpoint, so you can just keep playing the same part over again to build stats. Just keep murdering the bad guys until you hit 1000 kills.

Make a Name For Yourself10
Take out 100 enemies.   

This will come easily throughout story progression. Simply kill 100 enemies. You can track your progression by pressing start.

Just Getting Started5
Take out 20 enemies.   (1) 

This will be your first achievement. Simply kill 20 enemies.

And It Continues25
Complete the single player campaign on Normal mode.     

When you defeat Cesar, there will be a cinematic, after which the achievement will unlock.

Complete the co-op campaign.   (1) 

Beat the game on Co-Op. This is local co-op only, because there is no online available. You will want to beat this with another player as you are unlikely to get past the first boss using an extra controller; however, with enough patience it can be done.

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