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Shaun White Skateboarding Achievement Guide

Guide By: MC B0B x360a
There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 (A boosting partner is required)
- Offline: 32 (775)
- Online: 12 (225)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats available
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None


Welcome to Shaun White Skateboarding. If you have played Shaun White Snowboarding, the skateboarding version of the game will seem very familiar. Before deciding to 1000 this game, make sure you have a boosting partner lined up. Nobody plays this game online, so a boosting partner is required to obtain the 12 online achievements. Other than a boosting partner, Shaun White Skateboarding is a fairly easy 1000.

Step One: Single Player

Playing the single player first will teach you the ins and outs of the game, which will make the multiplayer easier when you get to that point. During the story you will learn new techniques such as rail shaping, which will help with certain achievements during the game. You can also use these skills to make accessing collectibles easier. In most games I recommend saving collectibles until last. Since the collectibles in Shaun White Skateboarding are easy, I would suggest grabbing them as they come up. You do not have to go out of your way to find collectibles, however grab any collectible that comes across your path. Any missed collectibles can also be picked up after the Story Mode ends. During both the Story and Free Play Mode (Unlocks after completing the Story Mode), you will be able to complete all 32 offline achievements. Any achievements relating to challenges cannot be completed until after completing the Story Mode. Once the Story Mode is complete, you can pull up your city map to access the challenges in each district. Clicking on each challenge will give you a directional arrow to help locate the challenge.

Step Two: Multiplayer

Again, a boosting partner is required since there are no players online. Boosting the 12 online achievements should take between 1½ and 2 hours. I recommend using the “Ministry Rooftops” map for every online achievement. This map is small, and has excellent places to gain flow and power-ups. The best place to boost achievements is on the pool side of this map.


Shaun White Skateboarding is a very easy 1000, and doesn’t take too long at 10-15 hours for full completion. The controls are very easy to pick up, and most tricks are easy to land. Overall, this is not a bad 1000, however the game does get boring after a while. I think we all can admit to having played worst games than this to boost our gamerscores.

[x360a would like to thank MC B0B x360a for this Roadmap]

Ridiculously Long Lasting20
Influence and reveal 5 gum company's billboards    

See the description for “Skate Guru”, for a good way to get your flow up to level 2 or 3. Once you have your flow up to at least level 3, keep doing jumping 360’s everywhere. If you skate around using this method, you will transform everything around you. I did not seek out one of these signs, and I was still able to transform them all without even trying.

It's better here25
Influence and reveal all the restaurants    

Use the same method as the stride signs. Keep your flow at a minimum of level 2, and then do jumping 360’s to maintain your flow. If you are doing this everywhere you skate, then you should unlock it sometime during the story mode.

Weapon of Mass Manipulation25
Transform 1000 world objects and citizens   

This will come naturally during the story. Keep your flow up and constantly do tricks everywhere you go. Again, a good method is to do jumping 360’s everywhere you skate. I received this about ¾’s of the way through the game.

Mad Looks10
Customize your character    

Story related. This achievement is completed in the first minute of the game. After Shaun White gives you his skateboard, you will be asked to customize your character. This unlocked for me after I selected a hat to wear.

Secret Packrat25
Discover all the secret challenges    

Luckily, this is one of the easier collectible achievements you will find in a video game. This achievement is broken down into three parts: Destroy concrete blocks, collect arrows, and destroy skate blockers. You can check your progress on these collectibles by viewing the city map, and scrolling down. Each section of the game will have its own collectibles. In contrary to most collectibles, I grabbed them during the story mode as you come across them. If some of the arrows are too hard to reach during the story mode then just wait until the end. At this point you will unlock all of your shaping abilities, which will make them easier to access. Below are videos of where to get them during the story mode. The below videos also show you how to progress through the story mode. Only videos for the Midtown and Downtown quarters are complete at this point. (Credit goes to MCoreBE for the collectible video guide)

Collectible Guide and Walkthrough for the Midtown and Downtown Quarters

Destroy concrete blocks: You will generally see these pylons in a grouping. These pylons will always be found at ground level. They are gray with 2 red/pink stripes around them. These are the hardest to destroy as you must jump directly on top of them. I found the best method is to approach them VERY slowly, and then jump on them.

Collect Arrows: Most of these arrows will be found higher up, however some will be found on ground level. The good news is most of these can be seen from ground level. To get arrows that are high up, use shaping rails and ramps to access them.

Destroy Skate Blockers: These can be found on low concrete structures, which can be grinded. They look like a black metal plate with two colored stripes on them. Simply jump on the structures to start a grind, and knock off the black plate. These are usually found in groups of 3-6. Much like the concrete blocks, the skate blockers will always be found at street level.

Skate Guru20
Convert 100 citizens   (1) 

During the story mode of this game, I kept my flow at Level 3 (Purple). I did this by getting in a half pipe and doing tricks until my bar was at max flow. When skating around you want to repeatedly jump and do 360’s, in order to keep your flow up. Just keep jumping and doing 360’s everywhere you skate, and it will be easy to convert citizens. If you see a citizen with a yellow or blue suit, do a trick by them to convert that citizen.

Full Deck Trickster 25
Unlock all the tricks and complete your trick book    

I completed this at the very end of the single player. Once the campaign was done, I started and completed between 38 and 40 challenges. I then went to a skate shop and had enough money to buy all the tricks in the trick book. If you find yourself short on cash, simply complete more challenges, or get gold on ones you previously had a silver or bronze on.

Speed Bomber25
Obtain the best time in 3 time attack challenges   (2) 

First, complete the Shaun White Time Attack Challenge. You will need to get gold on this to unlock the “Gold Medal Challenge” Achievement, so you may as well kill two birds with one stone. Also, the Shaun White time attack challenge is one of the easier challenges. The only time attack challenge I had problems with is located in the Ministry District. This one is located by the warehouse near the building with the elevator. I would recommend skipping this challenge as there are more than 3 to choose from.

The key to time attack challenges is to memorize the route. It is also important to pick up speed wherever you can. You can do a jump when starting to go down a hill and it will help you pick up speed. Also, do not grind on walls or rails if you do not have to, as this may slow you down. Many of the checkpoints can be grabbed by skating alongside a rail or wall, and not grinding on them. You will be cutting it close on some of these challenges so every second counts.

Reach 7500 flow in the story mode   

The easiest place to complete this achievement is in a half pipe. Just keep spinning and grabbing while in a half pipe. Speed boosting will enable to you to spin more, and gain points quicker. A good place to complete this is inside the pool in the amusement park (Rising Island). After jumping, I held both (spin), and (grab) to the right. The grab gives you a lot of extra points as opposed to just spinning. It will take about 5 minutes of going back and forth in the pool/half pipe to complete this. I do not know if it is required, but I would recommend doing this achievement, only after level 3 flow is unlocked.

Manual for 75 meters in the story mode   

You can do this at any point in the game, however I found it easiest to do during the “Manual” challenge on Rising Island. The hill here is very steep and gives you a lot of speed, which makes it easier.

Grind 150 meters without touching the ground in story mode   

In the options menu make sure to turn the “Balance Meter” on. This will make it easy to keep your balance on long grinds. I unlocked this during the mission where you have to knock out the Ministry loudspeakers. Start out on the rail that goes on top of the white box truck (located in the main square area). From that point you should be able to sgrind onto several different rails. The achievement should unlock at the end of the rail, and you must land safely. This achievement can also be completed in several spots later in the story.

Collect 50 clothing items in the story mode    

You recieve different clothing rewards/unlocks for completing missions, and finding secret chests. This unlocked when I opened up my 3rd secret chest, but it could unlock at different times for each player.

Raise the roof10
Reach a trick height of 9 meters in the story mode   

This can be done in several different half pipes. Make sure to pump back and forth when you are just about to leave the ramp, and do it again when you are landing. You will know the speed boost was done properly when you jump/land, and get the white wind graphic on the back of your character. This technique must be learned in order to make this game much easier. Also make sure to do a grab in the air, so it counts as a trick. If you only jump in the air 9 meters without doing a trick, it will not count.

Gold Medal Challenge50
Earn the gold medal in all Shaun White challenges   

There are a total of 4 Shaun White Challenges, and you must obtain a gold in each challenge. The challenges and locations are as follows:

Downtown - The Great White Airtime: Make sure you are using your speed burst to gain maximum momentum. If you feel an extra speed boost is needed, press at the top of the ramp to gain a little extra height.

Rising Island - The Great White Grind: I started by using the shaping rail on the rollercoaster at the beginning of the challenge. I shaped the rail to the upper parts of the rollercoaster. After getting to the top of the rollercoast, reverse paths and came back down. Rinse and repeat until you reach the gold medal. Keep in mind there are several different methods which will work for this challenge.

Midtown - The Great White Time Attack: Not much of a strategy to this one. The key is to memorize the path of the orbs. It may take a few tries until this one is unlocked.

Ministry Quarter - The Great White Flow: You can use one of two approaches to complete this challenge. I always found it easiest to gain flow by getting in a half-pipe. There are at least two good half-pipes on the roof, which are good for gaining flow. If you are better at grinding, there are plenty of good grinding spots on the roof also.

Versatile Challenger25
Win a match in every multiplayer game mode   (1) 

Win at least one game in each of the four game modes.

  • Go With The Flow
  • Ministry Vs. The Rising
  • Shaping Battle
  • Team Go With The Flow (Can be boosted 1V1)
Riding Benefactor15
Use 10 power ups on yourself or your team in one multiplayer match   (1) 

See “Infinite Arsenal

Trip 'em up20
Use 10 power ups to affect opponents in one multiplayer match   

Only two of the power ups can be used to attack other players. The slug, and the power up with the pink outline and black arrow, can be used on enemies. When picking up these two power ups, a red iron cross reticule will appear. Have your boosting partner stand still, and lock the iron cross onto them. Then use the power up, and it will count towards the ten. If you get a power up that can't be used against your boosting partner, use it immediately and then grab another power up. I would select a 15 minute match to ensure you get enough useable power ups. I found the best place to do this is on the “Ministry Rooftops” map. By the pool area you will see a concrete structure on the ground, which looks like a cross. On the center of the cross there is a power up. It is easiest to keep grinding back and forth on this structure, picking up the same power up. Have your boosting partner standing right next to this structure, and it will make this achievement very easy.

Infinite Arsenal15
Use 12 power ups in one multiplayer match   

Simply skate over the power ups, and use them right away. After a few seconds the power up will respawn, and you will keep repeating the process. When doing this I would try boosting “Trip’em Up” at the same time.

Deja vu?20
Play each multiplayer mode once   

This Achievement will unlock when going for “Versatile Challenger”. Simply play in all four of the online game modes, however winning is not required for this achievement.

Shaping Blitz30
Shape 10 objects in one "Shaping Battle" multiplayer match   

Set up a 15 minute shaping battle match on the Ministry Rooftops map. Both players should get in the pool and do tricks to max out their flow. Then transition out of the pool and grab the nearby “S” orb. To transition press up on while holding (You must have a good amount of speed to perform a transition, so speed boost). Only one person will be able to grab the “S” orb at one time, which allows them to shape objects for a limited time. After grabbing the “S” orb, it is easiest to shape the ramps on the same platform as the pool. These ramps are located on the same platform as the pool, however they are on the opposite end of the pool. Simply ride up the ramps to shape them. Then skate by them and to reset them for the next player.

You will probably only have enough time to shape and reset 3-4 of the ramps per shaping orb. While player 1 is shaping objects, player 2 should be in the pool getting their flow up. Once player 1's shaping time limit runs out, player 2 should transition out of the pool, and grab the “S” orb. They can then go and shape the same ramps over again, as long as they were reset (otherwise they will have to reset the ramps themselves, before shaping them to count for the achievement). While player 2 is shaping, Player 1 will then go back in the pool to get their flow up again.

Keep repeating this process until both players have the "Shaping Blitz" achievement. After the first match both players should have the “Shaping Blitz” achievement, while only one will get the “Shape Master” achievement. For the other person to get the shape master achievement, set up another match, but make it only three minutes. The player who needs the achievement will shape an object, while the other player doesn’t do anything.

Shape Master10
Win a "Shaping Battle" multiplayer match   

Set up a 15 minute shaping battle match on the Ministry Rooftops map. Use the Ministry Rooftops map for this achievement because it will make the “Shaping Blitz” achievement easier. See “Shaping Blitz” for a proper strategy. Only one person will get the win, so set up another match, but for only 3 minutes this time. The player who needs the achievement will shape an object, while the other player doesn’t do anything.

Absolute Truth30
Convert 10 structures in a single "Ministry vs Rising" multiplayer match   

Set up a 15 minute match in the Ministry VS. Rising mode. Head over to the 1 star pylon by the pool. It is important to use a 1 star pylon because they are much quicker to convert. Have both players use the pool to quickly get their flow up to level 3, and then transition out of the pool. The enemy then needs to do a few tricks next to the pylon to convert it. Once it converts, the other person can do a few tricks next to the same plyon to convert it back. I simply did a few jumping 360’s next to the pylon to quickly convert it. It is important that the person, who is not trying to convert the pylon, is not doing tricks in the vicinity of the pylon. If this happens it will keep the other player from being able to convert the pylon. Keep doing this until it starts taking both players too long to convert a pylon. At this point have both players jump back in the pool and get their flow back up. Then transition back out of the pool, and repeat the process.

Dynamic Propaganda10
Win a "Ministry vs Rising" multiplayer match   

Set up a 15 minute Ministry vs. Rising match on the Ministry Rooftops map, and win. See the “Absolute Truth” achievement, so both players can unlock “Absolute Truth”, while only one person will unlock “Dynamic Propaganda”. After this is complete, the player who doesn’t have both achievements will set up another match, but for 3 minutes this time. Just convert one pylon quickly, while the other person does not convert any pylons.

Flow Factory30
Obtain 8000 flow in one "Go with the flow" multiplayer match    (1) 

Start up a 15 minute Go with the Flow match on the Ministry Rooftops map. Have both players go over to the pool and start doing tricks. Make sure to use the speed boost method for extra air. When in the air press both and either to the left or right. This will cause the skater to spin while grabbing, which makes for safe and easy points. In about 5-7 minutes both players should have the achievement. If you are confident in your abilities, this achievement can easily be gained in a ten minute match.

Unleash the Flow10
Win a "Go with the flow" multiplayer match   

Start up a 15 minute Go with the Flow match on the Ministry Rooftops map. Both players will complete the “Flow Factory” achievement (see Flow Factory description), however only one will win, and unlock “Unleash the Flow”. The second player can then set up a 3 minute match to quickly unlock the achievement.

Multiplayer Initiate10
Complete a multiplayer match   

Find a boosting partner and complete a multiplayer match.

Challenge Killer 20
Complete 35 challenges   

Simply complete 35 challenges. The most important thing to remember is you do NOT have to get gold on these challenges. A silver or a bronze works just as well as a gold. The only challenges I would retry for gold, are the time attack challenges, as that will help you with the “Speed Bomber” achievement. You can look on your city map to see which challenges you have completed. If one of the three medals is colored in, then you have completed that challenge. It is very easy to get at least a bronze on the challenges, and most of them only last a minute or two.

Crossing the beams20
Link a shaping with a rail, or another shaping. Do this 30 times.   

To complete this you must first unlock the rail shaping ability, which will come in the natural progression of the game. When using a shaping rail you will have the ability to lock onto objects. You are locked onto an object when the flashing beacon changes from red to green. If you did not complete this during the story mode, the Times Square looking area in the Downtown district is a good area for boosting. You can reset a rail by pressing , and keep boosting the same shaping rail over and over again.

Perform 3 body rotations in a single trick   (1) 

Make sure you get in a half pipe that will give you good air. I completed this just after the helicopter mission, when you get so skate as Shaun White for the first time. Find a steep pool with a good half pipe and drop in. Use the speed boost method, to get your speed up. Once you have some momentum going, use to spin like crazy. Don’t worry about over spinning and falling, because it is nearly impossible to fall in this game. Also, you do not have to worry about a perfect landing, so spin as much as you can.

Flat footed25
Perform 100 perfect landings   

This will come very quickly if you are using the jumping 360 method mentioned in the “Skate Guru” description. You will know a landing is perfect when you receive an extra ten points for the trick, and the 10 points will be wrapped in a green circle with the term “Sweet” above it.

Find all the secret chests     

When doing collectibles I normally recommend to leave all collectibles until the end of the game. Fortunately there are only 13 secret chests in this game. All the chests are pretty easy to find, and fairly spread out. If you find one during the story mode then open it up right away. The locations of the secret chests are as follows: (Thanks to MCoreBE for the video guide)

Part I - Downtown

Part II - Rising Island

Part III - Midtown

Part IV - Ministry Quarter

Shopping Spree20
Unlock all the skate shops    

Much like the stride signs, and Burger King restaurants, these should unlock if you are keeping your flow up, and doing tricks everywhere. There is only one Skate Shop that may not come naturally while using this method. In the downtown district there is a Skate Shop located by the Shaun White Challenge. You will see a red metal fence in front of this Skate Shop. In order to open it, you must skate up the walkway, where the red fence is located. Make sure your flow is up, and then do a trick directly in front of the shop, on the concrete walkway. If it doesn’t unlock then you must get closer to the front door of the Skate Shop. If you need more help, below are the locations of all 5 skate shops.

Downtown District - Mentioned above near the Shaun White Challenge

Midtown District (2) – Both are story related and cannot be missed.

Ministry District – Located in the first section of this district, on the right hand side. This skate shop also has a secret chest on the roof.

Rising District - Located in the main section of the map, where the big tower is. Head to the right and you will see it off to the side.

Secret Achievements
A New Harmony75
Free Shaun and defeat the Ministry (End of Game)    

Story related. Beat the game!!! The last mission is fairly simple. To destroy the first building get to level 3 flow. Then use the rails to get on top of the building and do a trick, which destroys the building. On the second ministry building, use the rails to get up to the top. As you make your way up the building, take out the de-influencers, and save your position as you go up. Don’t worry if you run out of time while knocking out the de-influencers.

If you run out of time you will start at the same building with all previously destroyed out de-influencers still knocked out. I found it easiest to destroy out all the de-influencers, and then let the time run out. This resets the clock, and all you have to worry about is getting to the top, and obtaining level 3 flow. As you make your way up the building you will gain a lot of flow just by grinding. If you get to the top and are not at level 3 flow, simply do jumping 360’s until you are at level 3 flow.

Rising Freedom30
Free the Rising members from the Ministry    

Story related. Use the half pipes to take out the de-influencers and zeppelins. For de-influencers that are in between half pipes, transition (press up on while holding ) from one half pipe to the other. When you transition you will need to make sure you are on top of the de-influencer, in order to take it out. Once all the zeppelins and de-influencers are gone, get your flow up to level 2. Then do a trick next to the three “Rising” members.

Rebel Training40
Complete the challenges and successfully prove yourself to the Rising    

This achievement will unlock after completing the “200 Point single trick” challenge in the amusement park (Rising Island). I simply hopped on the pool, and kept grinding around the pool. You should be able to do this and have plenty of time to spare.

Ministry Retreat20
Remove 20 Ministry posters and logos    

Story related. Once you open up Bob’s skate shop, he will ask you to convert Ministry propaganda signs into advertising for his skate shop. When near a sign press to jump, and then again to wall ride the sign. To access some signs you will have to shape ramps and rails. Follow the navigation markers to find out where the signs are.

Walk in the Park20
Completely reveal the skate park    

This will unlock after you complete the “Manual” challenge, inside the skate park. To complete the “Manual for 30 meters” challenge, I just kept going in a large circle. Make sure to get your speed up and do not make any sharp turns, or sudden stops. To manual hold while pumping in an upward or downward direction. I completed this in the top level of the skate park, and made wide circular turns around the center area.

Rescue Skater20
Destroy the De-influencer and free Francisco from the Ministry    

Story Related. It is much easier to destroy the de-influencers by walking over them. Press to go into walking mode, and then run into the flashing red pylons. This will free Francisco and unlock the achievement.

Going Out With A Bang!20
Evade and escape the Ministry trap    

Story related. At the end of the helicopter mission, you will have to grind on the skid of the helicopter, and jump onto the roof of the nearby building. The key here is to make sure you are jumping high enough to grind on the helicopter. Once you land on the building, the mission will end, and the achievement will unlock.

Soap on a rope20
Complete the training events to be ready to face the Ministry    

Story related. When you get to “Rising Island”, you will have to progress through different training tasks. These tasks involve knocking down barriers, disabling cameras, and destroying zeppelins. For the barriers, hop in the pool in the center of the map, and get your flow meter up. Then do tricks by the barriers to destroy them. Rinse and repeat until all the barriers are gone. For the cameras, use shaping rails to grind on the cameras. The zeppelins are a bit more difficult if you do not use the correct method. See "Fail Zeppelin" for an easy way to destroy zeppelins.

Fail Zeppelin20
Crash the Ministry zeppelin    

Story Related. Take out the 6 ministry zeppelins. First, familiarize yourself with all the shaping rails in the area, while also learning the path of the zeppelins. You will then want to let the zeppelin lock onto you. After the zeppelin is locked on, get some speed and grind onto the appropriate shaping rail. Shape the rail directly upwards and you will run right into the zeppelin. It is also a good idea to have some flow built up before the zeppelin locks onto you. If you do not have flow built up, the zeppelin can convert you fairly quickly, and you may not make it onto the rail in time.

Heal the world25
Destroy all the Ministry pylons    

Story related. You will see forming rails by the pylons. Simply ride and shape the rail so it locks onto the pylon. The beacon will flash green when you have a good lock on.

Free Your Mind15
Use shaping to mold the world    

Story related. This achievement will unlock within the first few minutes of the game. Complete the shaping tutorial to unlock this.

Skate Shop Moxie20
Impress Bob and free his Skate Shop    

Story Related. The easiest way to influence Bob’s skate shop is to get in the half pipe behind the skate shop (on the opposite side of the tube/tunnel/Pipe). There are also places where you can grind, or go into other half pipes if you choose to do so. Once you get your flow meter in the blue, go next to Bob’s skate shop and do a trick.

Game Info
Ubisoft Montreal


US October 26, 2010

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