SHREK N ROLL Achievement Guide

Guide By: xLCDx
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Get Your Feet Wet5
Clear Academy Classic    
Just complete the first level of the first stage wich is academy classic. Basicaly in this game all you do is controll what is a little teater totter with a peice of food in the middle and monuever it to a baby ogre to feed it. Seems simple enough....well its not.
Top of the Class10
Clear all Worcestershire Academy levels    
Just finish up the 2 level of the first stage. There are only 2 levels in stage 1.
Shiver Me Timbers15
Clear all Docks levels    
Here is where it starts to get a little tricky. There will now be gaps in the wall where the food can fall through and you will have start from the starting point again but you wont lose a ball life. You only lose a ball life when it is sucked up by a vortex.
Feels Like Home15
Clear all Swamp levels    
It may feel like home but not when you actually have to work at this game This level is kinda hard if you really dont know what you are doing so be carefull. Also looks to see if your food can fit through the sides of the wall and inbetween crunched together vortexes. This is esential to beating this game.
Castle King20
Clear all Evil Queen’s Castle levels    
Just compelte all 5 of these levels in this stage. This shouldnt be every hard but if you are going for a full 200 out of this game then that means you are going for pafait wich means that you are going to be having a little bit of trouble. Look for "parfait" below for tips.
Clear all the Evil Queen’s Castle levels without losing a ball   (2) 
Ok, Basically you need to keep you food out of a vortext for all 5 levels of this stage. Seems easy enough but it not. Turst me, you are going to get so frustrated doing this it's rediculous. It is ok if your ball gos through the wall this does not count against you so just keep going if it does. But if it does go through a vortex you are going to have to restart (that) level. It wont take you back through the levels you are already beat in that stage. I know you may not feel like it but go slow and move your food slow enough so that you can control it. It may take time but its worth it or you may not want to take time and risk throwing your controller at your HD TV or Xbox lo.(not kidding!) If I remember this one took me 2 hours not including the acheivements before this one.
Join the club; We Got Jackets20
Unlock all characters    
You will get this one just from beating all 4 stages of the game so dont worry about this one.
Big Bad Wolf20
10 Vs. Victories   
Ok if you dont have a buddy just plug in a second controller and go to versus mode and make sure that the account you want to get the achievement with gets more points than the other controller. I say this becasue you must also controller the second player and if you screw up you will end up getting more points on the second controller and frustrate you even more.
Babies Love Food!10
Give the ball to Ogre Baby 100 times   
This one comes whiel playing the game. Just keep making it through levels by getting the food to the baby ogres.(only the ones with glowing rings count not the ones hanging out of un-lit vortexes.)
Is it Ogre Yet?20
Clear any board 5x in Score Attack   (1) 
Just go to score attack and pick any two characters and pick the first level of the first stage wich is academy classic and just keep going until you have beat it 5 times. It wont actually say you have beaten the level it will just reset back to 5 ogres and you just kep going untill you do it 5 times or until the achievement pops.
Dronkey Good Times20
3+ Dronkey attacks in one game   
In versus mode you will now see little potion bottles, pick up 3 of these during a game and you will get it. There will only be 2 on a level so you will have to push "continue to next level" to get the third one.
Our minds are becoming one!20
10 Co-op victories   
This one wont take as long as the versus one becasue you can move both thumsticks at the same time with both controllers. The first two might seem weird moving two differnt sticks on two differnt contrllers but after those it will see easy. Just do the same level like in "Big Bad Wolf".

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US November 14, 2007

ESRB: Everyone
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