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Shrek the 3rd Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Pants Party
There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 22 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats

Your classic children's game, Shrek the Third offers very few challenges for the average gamer. Although Grimm difficulty and the perfects may annoy you sometimes, they're nothing you can't get past with a little practice.

Welcome to Shrek the Third. This game has a total of 22 achievements and requires two playthroughs to get 1000. The reason that two playthroughs is required is because both the Grimm and Charming difficulties must be purchased from the Gift Shop and therefore cannot be done simultaneously.

Step 1: Purchase the Grimm Difficulty
The Grimm difficulty will run you a measly 1,500 gold to purchase. To obtain that gold simply play the first level "Royal Tutorial" twice or the first and second level. Once you have at least 1,500 gold go to the main menu and go to the Gift Shop and purchase the Grimm Difficulty. Once you purchase it, from the Main Menu go to Options and set the difficulty to Grimm.

Step 2: Playthough #1 (Grimm Difficulty)
Now that you gave the difficulty set to Grimm, from the Main Menu go to Scene Select and select the very first scene to begin this playthrough. As you go through this playthrough try and get all of the objectives except the "Perfect" and "Tremendous" ones. The reason I say don't worry about the perfects is they can be done later and on an easier difficulty. However if you get it, then more power to you. For the collector objectives just be sure you smash everything in your path so you don't miss an item.
As you go through the story you'll also want to be sure to collect all of the mugs and coloring books. For the mugs follow THIS GUIDE and for the coloring books follow THIS GUIDE. Also be sure to keep a log in case you miss any of these items or if you miss a perfect or any other objective for that matter. We'll use this log in the next step. The last bit of advice I can give you for this playthrough is to purchase the upgraded costumes for each character as soon as you have enough gold. Shrek is the only character with multiple costumes (I recommend either the Knight Armor or Pirate Outfit). You can also purchase the damage increase and fairy dust increase if you want.

Step 2: Midway Mop Up
Now that you have completed the game on Grimm, go to options from the Main Menu and set the difficulty to Normal. With that done, use the scene select option to replay all of the levels in which you missed a perfect. Keep in mind that for the most part, falling and being reset counts as a death so be careful when jumping across gaps. If you can, this is also a good time to complete every other objective on that level that you may have missed. After completing this step you should pretty much have all of achievements except for "Spoon Fed Ogre" and "The Juggler."

Step 3: Playthrough #2 (Charming Difficulty)
Before you can play on this difficulty you must purchase it from the Gift Shop for 15,500 gold. If you don't have enough gold simply replay the first level a few times on Grimm Difficulty. Once purchased, set the game difficulty to Charming and begin a new playthrough by using scene select again. With all that done, prepare for the easiest part of the game. In the first level, you can easily get "The Juggler." A few minutes into the level the game will try to tell you to press to block, DON'T DO IT. Instead focus on launching enemies by holding and catching them with . As long as you don't press an infinite number of enemies will spawn allowing you to get the achievement easily. After this simply playthrough the game as fast as possible. Although enemies will die in just one hit, most of the fights are passable and therefore you don't need to participate in them. Simply run through the level as fast as you can. If for some reason you still missing an objective other than a perfect, finish it up in this playthrough.

There you have it! If you're at this point and STILL missing an achievement, simply set the difficulty to the required setting and use scene select to replay the desired mission.

[XBA would like to thank Method for this Roadmap]

Spoon Fed Ogre30
Complete the game in Charming Difficulty.     

Level select does not work for this achievement, you have to do every mission in Charming difficulty. Go to options to set the difficulty, then select the first mission. After that when you select "Continue" it will pick up where you left off, so you won't have to remember what level you stopped on. Most of the enemies take one shot to kill, so it won't take very long, especially if you've gone through the game once already and know where everything is. This costs 15,500 from the shop and will most likely be one of the last things you get. Work on finishing up the collector achievements while doing this.

Glorious Liege80
Complete the game in Grimm Difficulty.     

Once again, level select does not work. This only costs 1,500 from the shop, so I would suggest doing a few levels on Normal, then buying this and starting over, that way you won't have to do the game three times, but just twice instead. Don't worry too much about any of the perfect level quests, you can use level select on Normal and go back to do any you miss.

Hail to the King!60
Complete all 20 missions of the game for the first time in any difficulty.     

As it says, doesn't matter the difficulty, but whatever way you play through your very first time will unlock this. I would suggest doing Grimm first just so you don't have to go through the game that many times.

Questing Rookie40
Complete 33% of the Challenge Quests in the game.   

See "Questing Ogre".

Questing Fiend50
Complete 66% of the Challenge Quests in the game.   

See "Questing Ogre".

Questing Ogre80
Complete all the Challenge Quests in the game.   

Challenge quests are everything on the checklist you can view by pressing start at any time during a level. Each level has a "perfect" achievement to get through the level without dying, so if you're going for these and you die, start over. You do have to find all the mugs to get these achievements, but you do not have to find the drawings. Most of them are extremely simple, aside from the collecting.

For the Fridge30
Collect 33% of Coloring Book Pages in the game. (Any Difficulty)    

See "Art Collector".

Upstart Artist40
Collect 66% of Coloring Book Pages in the game. (Any Difficulty)    

See "Art Collector".

Art Collector50
Collect 100% of Coloring Book Pages in the game. (Any Difficulty)    

There is one drawing per level, except the tutorial and the catapult mini-game levels. here are all the locations:

Level 2 (The Docks): After you exit the building with the statue of Hook, jump up to the left on a small ledge.

Level 3 (The Pirate Ship): This is in the first room, but you can't get it right away. Once you switch to Puss, backtrack and use his double-jump off the boxes and toward the camera.

Level 4 (Ye Olde Ruins): Just before entering the castle, break the lamp post on the right of the door.

Level 5 (Ye Olde Road): On the left side just before you encounter the wagon, there is a small offshoot with two boxes.

Level 6 (Academy Grounds): Punch all of the hedge statues and it will appear in the middle by the large dragon.

Level 7 (Prison Cell Block): When you float down toward the end of the level to activate a switch, it's toward the back of the pipe as you're floating.

Level 8 (High High Peak): After the first bridge, move toward the camera a bit and you can go down a slope to the left.

Level 9 (Ice Lake): As Arthur, when you come outside to activate the switch, move toward the camera on a narrow ledge.

Level 10 (Ice Cave): Inside the second snowman, on the right side of the passage.

Level 11 (Prison Detention Center): As soon as you start the level, move toward the camera and break the box.

Level 12 (Forest Ambush): You'll find it while breaking open all the cannons.

Level 13 (Merlin's Hills): After killing the guys who were throwing balls at you from the ledge, break the cannon to their left.

Level 14 (Evil Queen's Castle): In the left wing of the castle, get to the top where the level is and jump across to the bookcase.

Level 15 (Stromboli's Workshop): In the room with the teeth, you need to climb to the top and to the left there is a present. Push that off and to the other side of the room to get on the slope the balls are sliding down, it is at the top.

Level 16 (Catacombs): In the room after you kick the stone block three times, take the small pulley up and break the box.

Level 17 (Rundown Streets): At the part with the cannon, make sure it doesn't knock over the double-stacked pedestal, then jump up onto it and jump once more to get the page.

Level 18 (The Grand Finale): In the barrel at the back of the stage.

The Finisher50
Perform 100 finishing moves.   (1) 

Anytime you see  over an enemy's head, hit it. Shouldn't take long and after that you can just pummel everyone with , because the finishing move animations are kind of annoying after a while.

The Juggler40
Launch 50 Enemies into the air then catch them with Shrek.   

To do this, charge a punch with  and then follow the arrow/circle and position yourself under it. When the person is nearing the ground, hit the  button to catch them. Takes some getting used to, but it's actually quite simple.

Survivor Shrek60
Achieve a Perfect on every level. (Normal difficulty or higher)    (3) 

Obviously easiest on Normal, simply go through every level without dying. If you fall into a hole or off the side, this counts as dying and you'll need to start over. The health works much like Call of Duty where the sides of the screen will turn orange and then red when you're losing health, simply avoid getting hit for a bit and it will go back to clear. Go through the game first on Grimm for that achievement and you should get some of these done, then use level select on Normal to finish them up.

Super Ogre30
Use Super Ogre Power 5 times with Shrek or Fiona.   

Collect blue orbs to fill the entire gauge in the upper left of the screen, then press + to trigger your Ogre Power, which is similar to a "Bullet Time" sequence. You just have to activate it, not kill any enemies or anything.

Novice Collector30
Collect 33% of all Souvenir Mugs in the game. (Any Difficulty)    

See "Master Collector".

Amateur Collector40
Collect 66% Souvenir Mugs in the game. (Any Difficulty)    

See "Master Collector".

Master Collector50
Collect all Souvenir Mugs in the game. (Any Difficulty)    

Every level has a number of mugs hidden inside, you can only track your progress from level to level, but once you have them all on every level, you'll obviously be done. Break open every box or light or cauldron or anything, as well as explore all the "hidden" parts of the level that the camera doesn't see, run toward the camera and off to the sides. Your progress saves, so once you have a mug, you never have to get that same one again.

Ice Dragon Tamer30
Defeat the Ice Dragon. (Normal Difficulty or higher).     

You will get this progressing through the story mode. Can't miss it. To defeat her, you need to do a jump attack and hit her in the head. If you are getting hit, jump onto the snow bank and keep jumping in a counter-clockwise circle while your health regenerates, then go back in for more.

Music Critic30
Defeat Captain Hook. (Normal Difficulty or higher).     

Also got in story mode and can't be missed. All you have to do is defeat all his pirates and cannons, you never actually fight Hook himself. Just keep pummeling all the minions and it'll be over eventually.

Upstaged Charming30
Defeat Prince Charming. (Normal Difficulty or higher).     

First you will have to defeat a bunch of minions, as well as a Cyclops which can be tricky (use a jump attack to kill the Cyclops, , then  in the air). Arthur's  attack (spin move) is pretty useful here if there are a number of enemies. Charming will come down to attack you himself after a while, and some ropes appear on the stage. Cut down both ropes to free Shrek, then do a finishing move on Charming and he's done for.

The Collector60
Complete all of The Collector series of quests.    

This is all the crowns, hooks, peg legs, etc. I think this is separate from the mugs and drawings, but I got both those achievements first, so I can't be sure if you still need those to get this one or not. They really are not difficult to find for the most part, just break open every barrel or anything you find and explore the "hidden" portions of the level that the camera doesn't tend to see. Run toward the camera and off to the sides whenever possible.

Super Ogre Power Extreme60
Use Super Ogre Power 10 times with any character.   

Same thing as "Super Ogre", just an additional five times.

Ogre Smash!30
Use Fairy Dust Attack 50 times with any character.   

A fairy dust attack counts both when you use only the  attack (when your gauge is not full, but slightly filled) as well as when you use the + (when the gauge is full), so it should come about halfway through your first play through.

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US May 15, 2007

ESRB: Everyone 10+
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