Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Achievements

Indistinguishable From Magic

Win a Technology victory on Deity difficulty.    

Choose the Lightning Scenario.
Choose the Aztecs as your Civilization or the Greeks.

To achieve a technological win in the Lightning scenario, one only has to get into the modern age, (24 total techs researched). So there will be no space station launching going on. Aztecs will help you achieve this since they get +3 science per temple they have built. Or the Greeks will help you achieve this as they get more Great People.

You start off with 3 cities with an archer in each.

The best thing to do is to go into the city screen and customize the workers. You're gonna have 1 big city, 1 medium city and 1 small city. All cities should have at least 2 science production. This is how I like to have them set up. Small city = 2 science, 2 food, & 2 production. Medium city = 4 science, 2 food, & 2 production. Large city = 4 science, 2 food, & 4 production.

Now please note that those are really just estimates, but should be close to that. I’m also going to warn right now, that you can find out from the beginning if you have a good chance of winning or not. If your cities are around a lot of land and not a lot or water, quit right away because you're not going to win easily…if at all. If you are around a good bit of water then let me warn you when I say that a lot of this can and maybe will fall down to whether you get a certain great person or not.

Once you have built a library and a temple, customize your workers again. Maybe this time give some cities some more science, and for your largest city bump up the production just a bit while still managing to have science. Pick the quickest science you can research every time until you see democracy in the list, (if 2 techs take the same time, figure out which one helps towards getting Democracy and research that). Research Democracy then switch to Democracy as soon as you have it researched and then continue researching the shortest tech.

Some extra tips:

  • Once you reach 100 gold and receive a settler, settle him into your largest city that’s surrounded by water. Don’t bother making a new city, it’ll be a waste of time.
  • After building the library and temple, you have to build the Courthouse. Doing this will allow you to become a high science producing city. Once you’ve got about 15-17 technologies researched, you should have a courthouse in every city, and all you have to do is put your production on science for each city.
  • Also, make sure that once you have enough gold, build roads connecting your cities, and use 1 city to build some defensive units Archers or Pikemen and then ship them to other cities. Your gonna be at war with other civs…you can’t stop that unless you manage to get a great person early in the game and you build the great wall, so your gonna have to build some defensive units. If you get lucky enough that they only focus on one city, then make sure that city has an army of Archers, and maybe a back up and you should be good.
  • Do not give away technology for peace. I mean seriously? All your asking for is to lose.

Tips on how to use great people:

When you get Great People, the best thing to do is to us them for their powers right away. If you get a Great Person, don’t settle them take their gifts!

There is only one exception, if you get a great scientist, settle him into your largest city that is surrounded by a lot of water.

If you should get a Great Person that would allow you to complete a wonder immediately, I would definitely recommend that you use that to get the Great Wall built, (meaning you’ll have peace while researching techs so you won’t have to worry about building defense units), or the Colossus of Rhodes, (which will up the amount of science being researched.)

If you get a Great Person that will give you gold, take that gold.

If you get a Great Person that will give +1 population to your cities, take the +1 population.

Know that this achievement is tough, but this scenario is quick. If you get half way and they suggest that you save, don’t even bother, if you lose just retry it again. This scenario is an easy way to get a difficult achievement, and luck of the draw when it comes to Great People is going to make you or break you.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Modest Justin
Monday, January 23, 2012 @ 10:34:46 AM

The guide says to use greeks or aztecs but i lost 40x with them.... I won with Japanese, because you are spawned on islands :D My opinion is to just agree for peace with everyone and switch all your citys to science.. Goodluck guys!

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