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Silent Hill HD Collection Achievement Guide

Guide By: Ceris
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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  • Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 8/10
  • Offline Silent Hill 2: 28/50 (500)
  • Offline Silent Hill 3: 22/50 (500)
  • Online: NONE
  • Approximate time to 1000: 20-35 Hours 
  • Minimum Number of Playthroughs
    • Silent Hill 2: 7.5 (multiple endings, short side-story)
    • Silent Hill 3: 3.5 (one ending ends the game halfway through)
  • Number of Missable Achievements: 0 (Playthroughs are short)
  • Glitched Achievements: None
  • Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes ("Who Needs a Gun?")
  • Do codes disable achievements: No
  • Extra content needed: Just a SH2 Extra Puzzle guide HERE and a walkthrough HERE

To newcomers: Welcome to the foggy streets of Silent Hill as they were in the early 2000's. To veterans: Welcome back! This is Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 remastered in HD for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, along with another 1000 for the taking. The games' textures look wonderful compared to their original releases. 

This HD Collection has framerate issues. If you have the extra space on your hard drive, I suggest installing the game to help a little. Your first step on the actual game is to choose which one you want to play first.

There seems to be a common issue with Silent Hill 3 freezing when leaving the motel for the 2nd time. If you want to, use one of your saves right before then to avoid losing too much data. 

Silent Hill 2

Step 1: Playthroughs 1-3 (Leave, Maria, In Water endings):
These playthroughs will be used to simply learn the game at a leisurely pace, but they do have an important purpose. To unlock Extra Puzzle difficulty, you need to beat the game on the 3 given difficulties first. Meaning you should play each of these 3 playthroughs on different puzzle difficulties (combat difficulty doesn't matter). 

After beating a playthrough, save the results page when given the option. Next time you hit new game, make sure the results page is loaded, as in, when you hit continue, you see a results page. That way the files will add onto each other (which is necessary) It doesn't matter where your results are save, whether it be overwriting the actual save file or on its own individual slot, you just have to make sure that results page is loaded for the game to register you got that ending. You can tell if it is loaded when the new game letters are yellow instead of white.

Step 2: Born From a Wish:
This is the last ending you need. This is a side story where you play as Maria as she travels the streets of Silent Hill and the Baldwin Mansion. This side story should take about an hour to finish. Make sure this is part of your main save as well!

Step 3: Playthrough 4 (Rebirth ending):
This playthrough's ending is unlocked after finishing the game once. This one should be played on Extra Riddle difficulty to get that achievement out of the way. When playing this time, don't worry about getting the first 3 endings, as you won't be able to get them. Throughout the game, make sure to pick up the 4 items for the ending, and you will get the ending for just obtaining these. 

Step 4: Playthroughs 5 and 6 (UFO and Dog endings):
For these two endings, you are required to pick up a certain item and use it. For the UFO ending, you need to use the Blue Gem in 3 certain spots throughout the game, the last time giving you the ending. For the Dog ending, you need to pick up the Observation Room Key and use it on the observatory door. 

Step 5.1: Extra Playthroughs
At this point, if you are still taking a lot of damage from enemies, you should do extra playthroughs practicing not taking damage on Hard. The next step is to get 10* on a run, which requires you to take minimum damage and get through the game relatively fast on the hardest combat/puzzle difficulties. 

Step 5.2: 10* Playthrough
This achievement alone is the reason why I rate this game a 8/10 and am thinking about rating it higher. To do this, you want to feel very confident in your Silent Hill abilities, as this is one of the hardest things to do in Silent Hill. Refer to the "Who Needs a Gun" achievement below for help. This will rack up pretty much any achievements you will be missing since most of them are requirements for the 10*.

Silent Hill 3

SH3 doesn't have any difficulty related achievements so you can play on Easy difficulty for both puzzles and combat.

Step 1: Playthrough 1 (Normal ending):
Play the game as you normally would. Silent Hill 3's achievements are much easier to get. Don't worry about the boss times or any other achievements since you can get them in your 2nd and 3rd playthrough. Also in this playthrough, you want to either choose to kill more enemies with at gun than melee, or melee than gun. And, once you reach the final boss, attempt to finish it off with a melee weapon like the katana or maul. This unlocks the Unlimited Submachine Gun.

Step 2: Playthrough 2 (Possessed ending):
Play on Extra New Game. Same as playthrough one, just make sure to kill everything that moves and to collect a lot of healing items. Just let the final boss hit you A LOT before finishing it off to rack up the damage total. In this playthrough you should kill 75 enemies with a melee weapon and 75 enemies with a gun, making sure one of them is more than the other.

Step 3: Playthrough 3:
This one is in case you didn't rack up 333 kills yet for Heather Beam. Use this playthrough as a "clean-up" for any achievements you are missing besides the UFO ending. Also, attempt to save up to 2 times and beat the game in under 3 hours for those achievements. Also, by now, you should have both the Beam Saber and the Flamethrower unlocked, make sure to pick those up. 

Step 4: Playthrough 4 (UFO ending)
This one must be done in Extra New Game. Use Heather Beam to kill at least 30 enemies before reaching your apartment. The game will end here, giving you the UFO ending achievement. If you haven't already, try beating the game with 2 or less saves and under 3 hours here. 

Step 5: Clean-up:
Do whatever is necessary for any achievements you are missing for SH3. 

Silent Hill 2 and 3 require a lot of playthroughs, but luckily the story can be easily completed in under 3 hours. Most of these achievements are pretty easy, with one exception. This HD Collection has a few technical issues, but is still playable nonetheless.

[x360a would like to thank Ceris for this Roadmap]

She Would Be Proud50
Unlock all Achievements in SH2. (19) 

This is unlocked once you receive the other 27 achievements for SH2.

Free to Go10
Unlock the "Leave" ending. (3) 

To get this ending

  • Be distant from Maria.
  • Keep your health high, healing right after taking damage.
  • Don't check on Maria in her hospital bed.
  • Don't try reentering Maria's room in the labyrinth
  • Don't try reentering the apartments.
  • Check the picture and letter of Mary periodically throughout the game but don't check the knife given to you by Angela.
  • Lastly, listen to the entire hallway conversation near the end.
Second Best10
Unlock the "Maria" ending. (7) 

To get this ending

  • Stay close to Maria.
  • Make sure she takes minimum damage.
  • Try reentering her room in the labyrinth through the white door a second time.
  • Don't bump into Maria a lot.
  • Revisit her hospital room.
  • Don't go back to Nathan Avenue after leaving the bowling alley.
  • Do not examine Mary's letter or picture or Angela's knife.
  • Skip the hallway conversation.
Unlock the "In Water" ending. (3) 

To get this ending

  • Keep your health low, rarely healing.
  • Examine Angela's knife occasionally.
  • Read the 2nd message to James in Neeley's Bar
  • Read the diary on the hospital roof.
  • Listen to the entire hallway conversation.
  • In the Hotel, listen to the headphones in the reading room after watching the tape.
Say Your Prayers15
Unlock the "Rebirth" ending. (1) 

To get this ending you must pick up four specific items. These items will only appear after completing the game at least one time. 

  • White Chrism - Found on the kitchen counter in the room with the coin puzzle in the apartments.
  • Book of Lost Memories - Found in a newspaper stand at the Texxon Gas Station near the car that has the pipe in the hood. The camera angle will change to show you where it is.
  • Obsidian Goblet - Found in a broken display case in the 2nd room of the Silent Hill Historical Society.
  • Book of Crimson Ceremony - In the hotels reading room on a bookshelf after watching the tape in room 312.
It All Makes Sense Now15
Unlock the "Dog" ending. (6) 

To get this ending, you need to get the Observation Room Key. The key is in a dog house directly across from the exit of the Rosewater Park after getting Maria. This key is used on the door to the Observation Room on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

Never to be Heard from Again15
Unlock the "UFO" ending. (1) 

To get this ending, you need to have beaten the Born from a Wish. Once you do that, you can pick up the Blue Gem in the bathroom in the beginning of the game near the stalls. You need to use the gem in 3 spots in the game.

  • In the Garden after the fight against Flesh Lips
  • On the pier once leaving the Meat Locker
  • In room 312 BEFORE! watching the tape.


Warp Speed25
Complete SH2 in 3 hours or less. (27) 

You will get this if you go for the "Who Needs a Gun" achievement, and even while just playing through for the endings. Just remember the places you need to go.

Acquire the Chainsaw. (2) 

You get this on any playthrough after the first. You will hear this before you see it. It is in a log along the road to Silent Hill at the beginning. You have to walk past it, so it is hard to miss.

Who Needs a Gun?25
Acquire the Green Hyper Spray. (44) 

This is by far the most difficult achievement in this collection. The requirements to get this are:

  • Action level - Hard
  • Riddle level- Hard/Extra
  • Endings - All 7
  • Saves - 2 ("Playing on the Edge")
  • Time - < 3 hours ("Warp Speed")
  • Walking distance - doesn't matter
  • Running distance - doesn't matter
  • Items- 150+ ("Keen Eye")
  • Defeated enemies by shooting- 75+ kills ("Keep Your Distance")
  • Defeated enemies by fighting- 75+ kills ("Melee Master")
  • Boat stage time- <1min 20sec ("Don't Keep Her Waiting")
  • Boat max speed- doesn't matter
  • Damage- <500pts of damage ("Hard to Hit")

A guide can be found HERE

After meeting these conditions, the Green Spray Can will be in a mobile home on Saul Street on the playthrough after getting the 10*

Playing on the Edge30
Complete SH2 with 2 saves or less. (13) 

My saves of choice are at the beginning of the Hospital and right before the fight against Eddie at the end of the labyrinth. If somehow you die or soft reset and hit continue, that counts as a save during the result screen. So if you do either, it may be better to just hit load unless you plan on removing one of your possible saves.

Keep Your Distance15
Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH2. (3) 

To get this achievement, you have to finish off 75 enemies with a firearm. You can either shoot the enemy until it falls to the ground, then keep shooting, or you can get it to the ground with a melee weapon and finish them off with a gun. No matter how it gets on the ground, as long as you finish it off with a gun, you get your shooting kill. 

Melee Master15
Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH2. (4) 

To get this achievement, you must be using a melee weapon when you knock the enemy to the ground. Then, just step the enemy by pressing the  to kill them. You have to do this for 75 enemies.

Keen Eye15
Find at least 150 items + extra items in SH2. (9) 

This is something that you should get on your first time playing the game if you like exploring, even a little. James will look at any item that needs to be picked up, so pay attention to what he is looking at. You will get the achievement right when you pick up your 150th item.

Don't Keep Her Waiting15
Complete Boat Stage in less than 1 min 20 seconds. (12) 

If you are playing on Easy/Medium, all you need to do is angle yourself with LEFT/RIGHT so you can see the light straight ahead. Now, you simply hold forward.

If you are playing on hard, you have to move the left analog stick in a counterclockwise movement while moving the right analog stick in a clockwise movement at the same speed.

Hard to Hit20
Receive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH2. (4) 

To get this achievement, simply learn the patterns of the enemies and don't let them touch you. This is easy to do on Easy difficulty and when getting the UFO or Dog ending. Also, use guns a lot.

Childhood Trauma10
Defeat Abstract Daddy. 

Use your shotgun here. Stand in the corner, use two shots, this will knock him to the ground. if he is close, run past him to the other corner.

I Don't Need You Anymore10
Defeat Pyramid Head. (3) 

This refers to the fight against the 2 Pyramid Heads. This fight is quite simple. If you have a lot of rifle ammo, just run to the opposite corner of the 2 baddies, and unleash 2-3 shots (4 if you are daring) and run past them. They are slow to attack, so you shouldn't get hit running past. This is a long fight.

Say Goodbye15
Defeat Mary. (7) 

Use the rest of your rifle ammo. Once you run out of that, start on your shotgun ammo. This fight should be over before you run out of shotgun ammo.

Restless Dreams15
Unlock the "Born from a Wish" ending. (6) 

First, you have to unlock the Born from a Wish scenario. That is unlocked by beating the game normally with any ending. After that, simply clear this extra scenario to get the achievement.

I.Q. Test30
Complete SH2 on Extra Riddle difficulty. (9) 

To unlock it, you must beat the game on all 3 puzzle difficulties. Once you do that, start up a new file on Hard puzzle difficulty. Now, instead of Hard, it will be Extra. You can tell this by saving and what the save file says. For a guide, use this link HERE.

Fountain of Youth10
Acquire the White Chrism. (1) 

You have to beat the game once before getting this. Found on the kitchen counter in the room with the coin puzzle in the apartments.

Not So Lost Memories10
Acquire the book of Lost Memories. (2) 

You have to beat the game once before getting this. Found in a newspaper stand at the Texxon Gas Station nearby the car that has the pipe in the hood. The camera angle will change to show you where it is at.

Unholy Grail20
Acquire the Obsidian Goblet. (1) 

You have to beat the game once before getting this. Found in a broken display case in the 2nd room of the Silent Hill Historical Society.

Light Reading10
Acquire the book of Crimson Ceremony. (1) 

You have to beat the game once before getting this. In the hotels reading room on a bookshelf after watching the tape in room 312.

Man's Best Friend40
Acquire the Dog Key. (1) 

You can get this once you get the "Say Your Prayers" achievement. The key is in a dog house directly across from the exit of the Rosewater Park after getting Maria.

We're Not Alone20
Acquire the Blue Gem. (2) 

The Blue Gem is gotten after you have beaten the Born from a Wish scenario. Once you do that, start a new save file and pick up the gem in the starting room (bathroom) in the back near the stalls.

Time to Roll the Credits50
Unlock all Achievements in SH3. (2) 

This is unlocked once you get the other 21 achievements for SH3.

I'm Normal I Promise10
Unlock the "Normal" ending. (1) 

This is the general ending. If you play through the game avoiding damage, you will get this ending.

It Was All in Your Head15
Unlock the "Possesed" ending. (7) 

To get this ending, you need to rack up 4000 "points" and to get these points you have to kill enemies and take damage.

  • For every enemy you kill, you get 10 points
  • You damage count at the end has a 1/1 ratio for points, so 100 damage is 100 points. You want 1000+ damage. 
  • After listening to the woman's confession in the church, answer "I forgive you" to get 1000 points. The confession stand is hard to miss, as you pick up the map right next to the door. It looks like a photo booth. 

So, taking away 1000 points from that count, that leaves 3000. Do this achievement on Easy or Normal so you can easily kill enemies and keep track of your health easier. If you kill everything in the game, you will get around 200 kills, taking another 2000 points off of that full score, leaving ~1000, which will be gotten from taking damage. All you need to do is stand in front of the final boss and let it whack away at your health over and over as you heal. Once you start running low on healing items, just finish it off to get the achievement.

Coolest. Dad. Ever.25
Unlock the "UFO" ending. (5) 

Coolest. Ending. Ever. Also known as the "Revenge" ending, this has to be one of the funniest endings I have ever seen. To get it, you first need to have cumulatively killed 333 enemies between your save files, unlocking the Heather Beam. Also, since you most likely finished the game on Extra New Game as well, you will have the PrincessHeart outfit, which turns Heather Beam into Sexy Beam, which does more damage. 

The objective of this ending is to kill at least 30 enemies with Heather/Sexy Beam before you reach Heather's apartment. To use Heather/Sexy Beam, make sure your weapons are unequipped, then attack as you normally would, holding down the button this time. Pressing forward does a different attack than just standing still, so experiment to find which one you like better. Now, simply play through the game like normal, just killing 30+ enemies with your new awesome powers! Once you reach the apartment, the game will end right there with (imo) a very funny cutscene.

Adrenaline Junkie25
Complete SH3 in 3 hours or less. (3) 

This is actually much easier than SH2's timed achievement. My fastest time (minus UFO ending) is 1hr 40min. Granted that is skipping enemies, but I have also gotten "Possessed" ending in 2hr 12min. All you need to do is remember the order in which you need to grab stuff to continue on with the game.

Can be done during UFO playthrough.

Wall Basher20
Acquire the Silencer. (3) 

In the Hilltop Center, in the part under construction, you will enter a room with a mattress that you toss down to the next floor. Before jumping down the hole, there is a section of wall lighter than the rest that can be pounded open by a melee weapon. This section is to your left when looking at the door.

There's a New Sheriff in Town40
Acquire the Beam Saber. (4) 

You can only get this during Extra New Game, which is unlocked after beating the game once. To be eligible to get this weapon, you have to have previously beaten the game by killing more enemies with melee weapons than guns. In the hallway you meet your first flesh body monster, the fleshy one that looks like a headless and featherless chicken, there is a door at the very end of the hallway that is missing a doorknob. Instead, the Beam Saber will be there to pick up.

Flame On40
Acquire the Flamethrower. (2) 

Again, you can only get this during Extra New Game. To be eligible for this one, you need to have previously beaten the game by killing more enemies with guns than melee weapons. This one is also in the Mall in the bakery on the counter. Simply pick it up. 

Alternate way: After beating the game twice, the flamethrower will become available even if you didn't kill more enemies with guns than melee. 

Fun fact: During a normal playthrough, the poster on the counter will say "Freshly baked bread" and in extra new game, it says "Freshly baked Dead" with the BR crossed out with the newly added D.

What the Hill Just Happened?40
Acquire the Gold and Silver pipes. (3) 

During an Extra New Game, when in the sewers, you come to the room with the Sewer Monster. Kill it, then toss the pipe into the water by looking at the water and pressing the  (DONT FALL IN!) and a strange scene happens. You want to answer the questions: No, No, Yes. Then you will recieve the gold and silver pipe and the achievement.

Makes My Head Hurt30
Complete SH3 with 2 saves or less. (12) 

This one isn't too bad since this game is a bit shorter. If you want to get this before doing your UFO playthrough, I suggest saving once either before the Missionary fight or after it once you get to Silent Hill. The 2nd save can be used whenever you feel like taking a break, since after you get to Silent Hill, there is only a little over an hour left of the game (if you are moderately fast).'

Can be done with UFO ending.

If Looks Could Kill25
Unlock the Heather Beam. (6) 

Throughout your playthroughs, accumulate 333 kills, and this achievement will unlock at the result screen along with Heather Beam. If you don't get it in that playthrough, you will have to do another. 

Thanks Fox Pocket!

Where's Luna?25
Unlock the "Princess Heart" costume (5) 

This is gotten for beating the game on Extra New Game, so a minimum of 2 playthroughs. To unlock the achievement early, enter the code listed below. This will give you the costume and the achievement. 

Code: PrincessHeart
Thanks to Fox Pocket for confirming this!

Heather's Got a Gun15
Acquire the Unlimited Submachine Gun. (3) 

This one is actually a little more challenging than the rest. When fighting the final boss, you need to kill Her with a melee weapon instead of a gun. I use the Katana because it is fast and powerful. After dealing a ton of damage to the boss, start attacking with the melee weapon of choice only in order to make sure you get the kill with it.

Once you have met the unlock condition, start an Extra New Game and go to the left (Heather's left) once you jump out the bathroom window in the beginning. The gun is sitting on the boxes.

Pest Control15
Defeat Split Worm in under 2 minutes. (1) 

This is extremely easy if you aren't playing on Hard. Just shoot him when he shows his face, and the fight will be over fast. If you can't seem to kill him in time, either play on easy or simply wait until you have the Unlimited Submachine Gun. The fight LITERALLY takes 2 seconds with it.

Eye For an Eye15
Defeat Missionary in under 2 minutes. (2) 

This one is much more difficult. I didn't get this my first try, but I did on my second when playing on Easy. On Easy, the strategy is simply to blow hundreds of holes into him with the shotgun. On normal, I believe the Katana works well against him as opposed to firearms. If you can't seem to kill him in under 2 minutes, either play on easy or get the Unlimited Submachine Gun. 

Another way to kill him, which seems easier. Just when he is about to attack you, run around to his back and shoot him with your shotgun. The blocking strategy works as well, which I explained in the "Memory of Alessa" achievement.

A Time to Kill15
Defeat Leonard in under 3 minutes. (1) 

This fight is obnoxious because Leonard keeps going underwater. My strategy was to shotgun him when he stood up, and either hack away with the Katana while he was down, or shoot some more shotgun shells into him. Again, the Unlimited Submachine Gun saves the day again if needed.

Lost Memory15
Defeat Memory of Alessa in under 3 minutes. 

This fight is annoying as well since Alessa likes blocking. In this fight, I learned to utilize the block function. To do this, Press  and  to do a block. Blocking leaves an opening in Alessa so you can hit her more easily. Another way of getting past her guard easily is by letting her hit you.

Defeat God in under 8 minutes. (8) 

If done on easy, this is a very simple and straight forward fight. Simply shoot her with whatever shotgun ammo you have left, along with all submachine gun ammo. Once those are empty, use the Katana to your advantage as well.

This Isn't an FPS!15
Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH3. 

This is much easier than SH2, since enemies can actual die from the bullets rather than just falling to the ground and wiggling. For this achievement, just shoot everything except Closers (really tall with mallet sized arms) as they take a lot to kill. Insane Cancer (fat blob type enemy) should be avoided as well.

They Look like Monsters to You?15
Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH3. 

I don't suggest fighting anything with melee until you get the pipe. At that time, take on every Numb Body (achievement picture) with the pipe. Once you get the katana from the Hilltop Center, this achievement becomes really easy. The katana is amazing!

Pick up at least 100 items in SH3. 

This is extremely easy. I got this achievement before I got to the hospital. Like in SH2, pay attention to what Heather looks at, as it could possibly be something you can pick up.

Receive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH3. (1) 

Again, easily done on Easy difficulty. Just keep your distance and shoot the enemies. There seems to be no way to avoid those crawling enemies, so I suggest killing them as soon as possible. A few good swings from the katana does the trick. As for the rest, they are generally easy to avoid. As for those flying/flipping guys named pendulums, don't shoot them because they react by charging at you. So just skip those altogether.

This can be done on your UFO playthrough, meaning you would only have to play half the game while worrying about taking only 500 points of damage.

Where's that Letter!?10
Defeat Flesh Lips. (2) 

Use your newly owned Shotgun on these guys. Just don't get too close, they grab you, making you press buttons to break free of their grip. 

(Listed out of order for some reason. This is a SH2 achievement)

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US March 20, 2012
Europe March 29, 2012

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