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Silent Hill: Homecoming Achievement Guide

Guide By: ThePumpkinKing
There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Estimated time for 1000: 10-12 hours.
- Minimum playthroughs: 1 (2 recommended)
- Missable achievements: Collectibles.
- Glitched achievements: None
- Offline: All
- Online: None

Step 1: Normal Difficulty + Ending 5 + Collectibles
Now, you can start off directly with Hard and do the collectibles as well and get everything done in a single step if you want, but I would suggest not doing that for one simple reason: the laser gun. The laser gun is unlocked by beating the game with Ending 5, aka the UFO Ending. It has unlimited ammo and kills even the bosses in a few hits, making Hard difficulty a cakewalk. So, using this list to find all the collectibles, play through the game on Normal until you cross the river in the boat and reach Silent Hill. Immediately follow the instructions in the achievement guide for finding the rifle. Then continue on with the story until you reach your mother in the prison. Choose not to kill her. Now get to the confessional booth scene in the church and choose not to forgive your father. Now get to the underground section and choose to save Wheeler. Finish out the game to get your UFO ending, plus all your collectible achievements.

Step 2: Hard Difficulty + Multiple Save Files (Endings 1-4)
The only achievements you should have left now are two weapons to find, a few morality choices, the four other endings and beating it on Hard. Start a new game and select Hard. Finish the Nightmare level and you will be in Shepherd's Glen. Head to your house and into your room on the second floor to find the laser pistol. Continue the story a bit until you can open the garage to grab the circular saw. Now just run through the game really quick until the Prison. This is important: use save SLOT 5 as a dump save from here out. Do the following to get the remaining four endings and morality choices with as little effort as possible:
  1. Save before the wiring puzzle in the prison (SLOT 1).
  2. Choose to kill your mother and play until the confession booth in the church.
  3. Save again before your choice (SLOT 2).
  4. Choose to forgive your father.
  5. Finish the game (the Wheeler decision doesn't matter) for Ending 1.
  6. Reload your save in SLOT 2.
  7. Choose not to forgive your father.
  8. Finish the game (the Wheeler decision doesn't matter) for Ending 2.
  9. Reload your save in SLOT 1.
  10. Choose not to kill your mother and again play to the church.
  11. Save before your choice (SLOT 2).
  12. Do not forgive your father and do not save Wheeler for Ending 3.
  13. Reload your save in SLOT 2.
  14. Choose to forgive your father.
  15. Finish the game (the Wheeler decision doesn't matter) for Ending 4.
Remember to use SLOT 5 as a dump save if you need to take a break for any reason so you don't accidentally save over your waypoints in slots 1 or 2.
x360a would like to thank The Pants Party for this Road Map

Lock 'n' Load25
Found Rifle    (5) 
As soon as you get to Silent Hill and make your way up to the main road, you'll notice across the street is a hole in the wall. Head through it and you'll be in Dargento cemetery. Inside is a statue of Janus. On the statue there are two impressions where gems can be placed. There are three gems to be found. But you'll only need to two of them. Garnet and Turqoise. The Garnet is past a wall on the other side of the cemetery (accesible from the Sagan st. entrance opposite the prison where the cutscene takes place) that you must breach with the axe. The turqoise is found inside the Toluca Lake Office building that connects to the power plant. It's inside a sink in the room just before the save point. Once you have the two gems, return to the statue and place them in it. You will receive a key to the only locked gate in the cemetery. Head to that area to collect the rifle.
Found 1 Photo    (1) 
You will unlock this achievement in the Nightmare. From the corridor where you encountered the swarm, exit into the linen room. It's the last door on the left. Exit the linen room through the east door. In this hall, head through the door to the south. Now you should be in the hall just outside of the restrooms (which are inaccesible.) Against the south wall is another stretcher. On it you'll find your first photograph. It's a picture of "Joshua's Robbie the Rabbit doll stuffed in his backpack."
Josh's Gallery50
Found ALL Photos     (2) 

Collect all 11 photos scattered throughout the game. The locations of the photos in the order they can be found are as follows:

  • Photo 1 (Joshua's rabbit/backpack): After the 2 Nurses w/TV turned on. At the End of the 3rd Floor There is a gurney it's sitting on it.
  • Photo 2 (Mom + Judge): In the Townhall in the main room on the pulpit.
  • Photo 3 (Spider): In the playground behind the yellow slide.
  • Photo 4 (Dad's hunting room): In the backpack on the door in your backyard.
  • Photo 5 (Joey in treehouse): After cutting through the painting it's on the locked door.
  • Photo 6 (Dad & Deupty Wheeler): When leaving with Wheeler a Schism breaks through a door on the right. It's inside that door on a table.
  • Photo 7 (Nora on steps): After you fight the 3 Needlers and 1 Siam in the sewer that gate opens by itself. Duck under and look for an alcove on the left, climb up.
  • Photo 8 (Scarlet with dolls): In the Children's Exam room. Side counter.
  • Photo 9 (Curtis working): After Getting the Ceremonial Dagger and exiting to the graveyard return to the Missing Persons Board. It's on the right side.
  • Photo 10 (Alex): Once in the attic search the left side.
  • Photo 11 (Josh): In the church where you get the chalice plate is a mirror and a basin look in the basin.

(Credit to LostButSeeking and his thread for the locations)

Alchemilla's Finest10
Defeated 1 Nurse    
This will be the first achievement you unlock in the game. During normal progression through the Nightmare Prologue, you will find yourself in a bathroom with a combat knife stuck in the mirror. As soon as you take the knife, the world changes and you meet your first enemy - The creepy yet akwardly sexy nurse. To unlock the achievement, simply equip the knife and take her down.
Eddie's Legacy10
Defeated 1 Feral    (1) 
our first encounter with the Feral will be in the Rose Heights Cemetery. The specific area is the East Garden. After dropping down into the sinkhole, you'll be ambushed by a single feral. On normal difficulty, you can usually take these monsters down without taking much, if any damage. However, they're more difficult on Hard. The best weapon to use is the combat knife. The lead pipe is just too slow and leaves you vulnerable far too often to be useful against these agile monsters.
Lurk No More10
Defeated 1 Lurker    
You encounter your first Lurker after you've returned home. After the cutscene with Alex's mother, go through the basement door and down the stairs. This triggers another cutscene introducing you to the Luker. The first time you fight a lurker, he will hide under the water, putting you at a slight disadvantage. Just remember that you have a defense button that dodges attacks when used properly. That will be the key to taking him down without taking too much damage in the process. Likewise, proper use of this button is a must in this game. Learn to use it well.
To The Point10
Defeated 1 Needler    (4) 
Your first encounter with the Needler will be in the Grand Hotel. As you head up, you're attacked by a swarm of them latching on to the sides of the elevator. The best way to dispatch them in this case is to equip the combat knife and stab them through the grating before they have the chance to tear it down. You should be able to kill the first three before that happens. Once the grating has been torn off, switch to the fire axe and hack away. Now, when you're facing them on level ground, they're much more dangerous. Again, the fire axe is the best weapon to use. They go down easy if you manage a headshot with a ranged weapon. But that's only if. They have a tendency of blocking most shots with their claws. So for the sake of not wasting ammo, melee is best. Just remember to use that dodge button. Because they have a nasty frontal attack that knocks you to the ground. And if you're not fast enough on your feet, they'll rush in and nail you again.
Split Personality10
Defeated 1 Schism    (1) 
Your first encounter with the Schism takes places in the police station. After grabbing your gear and getting the shotgun from Wheeler, you'll be faced with a swarm of them. They are literally everywhere. For the sake of getting the achievement, you can just shoot the first one you get in your sites with the shotgun. As for a general strategy, I'd suggest running. These enemies are very dangerous. Their wide range of attack makes them difficult to dodge. This also makes attacks with melee weapons incredibly risky. Because often times, if you miss or they block, you'll be leaving yourself open for attack. Of course ammo is always an option. But again. There are a ton of them. And it takes far too many shots to bring just one down. So the use of ammo can't be justified given it's scarcity. Just avoid them whenever possible.
Shades of James20
Defeated 1 Siam    
You first encounter the Siam in the parking lot of the Police Station. My strategy for defeating this enemy is simple. Save the shotgun ammo you find in the police station. In fact, don't even bother with the schisms. Just run past them. When the fight with the Siam ensues, just unload the shots into it. If it doesn't go down with those, and it should, just pull out the axe and hit it a few more times. It's also worth noting that it's back is more vulnerable than the front. But getting to it can be tricky.
Clear the Air10
Defeated 1 Smog    (1) 
You will first encounter the Smog after receiving the MK23 handgun and leaving Curtis' "repair shop." Once you get back to the main road, a cutscene will trigger where you get a garbled transmission from Deputy Wheeler. Immediately thereafter, you're jumped by the Smog. A real pain in the ass monster. Don't even try to kill it with a melee weapon. It's way too easy to get hit. And these things are capable of dishing out some heavy damage. Instead, pull out your pistol and wait until it inhales and exposes it's lungs. That's when they're most vulnerable. About four shots will take them down on hard, 2 on normal. But aim carefully. Like all Silent Hill games, ammo is limited. And on hard, you can only carry a maximum of 15 rounds at any given time.
Creeper Reaper10
Defeated 1 Swarm    
Later on in the nightmare, you will find yourself walking down a long corridor. In the center you will see a stretcher with a corpse laying on it. Approaching will trigger a cutscene that introduces you to your first Swarm. Simply strike at them with fast attack to kill them. If one manages to latch on to you, push the defense button to pull it off and kill it.
Out of Order10
Defeated 1 Order member    
You first encounter these enemies when you enter the power station in Silent Hill. They're easy enough to beat with the shotgun, rifle, or pistol. One shot at close range with the shotgun will take them down. Headshots are also effective. But melee is a little more difficult. They have the ability to dodge just like Alex. So the best melee weapon to use is the ceremonial dagger. Any combo will do. Just remember to dodge when necessary.
Kaufmann's Handiwork10
Found 1 Serum    
Upon first returning to Shepard's Glenn proceed forward until you trigger a cutscene where you will meet Judge Holloway. After the cutscene has ended, head east into the town hall. From the main lobby, take the door to your right. Head down the hall and again take the first door on your right. In this room you will see two tables at the far end of the room. On one of these tables is a briefcase. Inside you will find your first serum.
Health Junkie50
Found all Serums     (5) 
Collect the 8 serum injectors in the game. The locations in the order you can find them are as follows:
  • Serum 1: The town hall after meeting the judge.
  • Serum 2: The bathroom of room 408 of the grand hotel. You'll need the axe to get in.
  • Serum 3: Doctor Fitch's office. The examination room that the nurses burst through.
  • Serum 4: Between fans 1 & 2 of the fan puzzle in Hell Descent.
  • Serum 5: Shepard's Glen Cemetery. In the locked crypt opposite the one that connects to the town hall. You need the ceremonial dagger to open it.
  • Serum 6: On a bench outside of the main entrance to Alchemilla Hospital in Silent Hill.
  • Serum 7: In the Prison in Silent Hill. After solving the wire puzzle, jump across to the cell on the Second floor.
  • Serum 8: Room 301 of the Lair.
The Old Gods...100
.. Haven't Left This Place Complete game on HARD difficulty.    (10) 
This achievement speaks for itself. You can try to do this from the start. But I strongly suggest playing the game on normal first. Earn the UFO ending and unlock the Laser Pistol. It will be available for a hard mode run. You don't have to. But doing this makes hard mode ridiculously easy.
Nursery Rhymes50
Found all the Children's Drawings     (6) 

Collect all 18 drawings scattered throughout the game. The locations of the photos in the order they can be found are as follows:

  • Drawing 1 (A family of bunnies): On Hospital floor where Joshua was drawing.
  • Drawing 2 (This bunny looks catatonic): After cutting through the fleshy gap in the surgery theater it is on the wall.
  • Drawing 3 (A bunny on fire): In the room where the Robbie the Rabbit is pulled into the wall. It's on the same wall closer to the door.
  • Drawing 4 (Three bloody bunnies): On the Floor where Joshua was drawing after you give him the rabbit.
  • Drawing 5 (This bunny seems to be flailing in water): After getting Drawing 4 run down the hall and a door on the right shuts. It's on that door.
  • Drawing 6 (Where is Steven Mommy?): Inside the playground behind a tree on the right.
  • Drawing 7 (Billy too, and Sally?): In your backyard behind a tree on the left.
  • Drawing 8 (Beware of he who took them.): On the back of the Missing People Board where you meet Elle.
  • Drawing 9 (For every sin a child has): In the Hotel push aside the dresser in Room 504.
  • Drawing 10 (Remember to always behave): In Hells Descent eventually you come to a fork in the road where Josh runs from right to left. On the left is a Smog monster. Kill it but then go Right. It should dead end but there is the drawing.
  • Drawing 11 (The lying little children): You find Josh Drawing behind a fan. Duck through the stopped fan and it should be on the floor.
  • Drawing 12 (And if they take what is not theirs): In the Town Hall push the bookshelf in the boarded up room with the painting of Isaac Sheperd.
  • Drawing 13 (The bullies and their spiteful wrath): After you get the Ceremonial Dagger and are climbing out Check the walls of the Mausoleum.
  • Drawing 14 (Child, you must obey your parents): Through the fleshy gap in the Hell House version of Josh's room. Underneath the butcher knife.
  • Drawing 15 (Beatings cleanse the soul): In Silent Hill, To the left of the Bait Shop is a hole you can duck under. Inside is a save point and a drawing.
  • Drawing 16 (You are your brothers keeper): After rescuing Wheeler, follow him until he jumps a gap. Instead check the cell on your left.
  • Drawing 17 (And while good children live): Behind Alex's Father on the left.
  • Drawing 18 (So do not cry aloud at night): While in room 211 instead of hopping back over the glass go through the door to the boiler room. It is on the left behind a white dumpster/box.

(Credit to LostButSeeking and his thread for the locations)

Secret Achievements
Six Feet Under50
Defeated Sepulcher    
Once the fight with Sepulcher starts, pull out your axe and run over to one of the hanging slabs of meat. Hack away with combos until they splatter. But be careful, he will attack you either by swinging, or punching. He also has a ground slam that knocks you off of your feet. Honestly, his attacks that don't really do too much damage. But the damage will add up if you're not careful. Once you've taken care of all of the sacks, Sepulcher will drop to the floor stunned. Move in with the axe and just go to town on him. Just remember that he will try to attack you. So dodge when necessary. Attack his arms and he'll fall flat on his face. This is a good opportunity to land a couple of charged heavy attacks. Once you've worn him down enough, you'll get a prompt to hit the Y button. Do it and the fight is over.
Blood Donor50
Defeated Scarlet    (6) 
This is a two stage fight. Luckily, it's REALLY easy. As soon as the fight begins, pull out the crowbar (if you've found it) or the axe. As far as strategies go, there really isn't one. Just pound the hell out of her with combos. Eventually she'll go down and you'll be prompted to attack her. Do it and get ready for the second half of the fight. For this part, she drops down to all four. Her attacks are similar to the Needler. Again, there really isn't much strategy involved. Just Hit her with heavy attacks and combos. Remember to dodge. And eventually she'll drop.
Catch Your Breath50
Defeated Asphyxia    (3) 
For this fight, I'd suggest a mix of both melee and ranged weapons. The ranged weapons you use are up to you, but I'd suggest starting with about half of your stock of shotgun ammo (you'll want to save the other half for the final boss.) Then switch to your pistol. Don't worry about saving the pistol ammo, because ammo will be plentiful following the fight. You may want to skip using the rifle altogether. It is the most powerful ranged weapon, but as such, ammo is scarce. And you'll definitely want to save what you have for the final boss. After you've unloaded a decent number of rounds, switch to the axe or the crowbar to finish her off. By the time this happens, you should be aware of her attacks. She mostly sticks to straight forward attacks. But she will occassionally do a circular sweep. So keep an eye out for that. She also will occasionally grab you. If this happens, just mash on whatever button you're prompted to until you kick her and she drops you. This stuns her, so take advantage of it and lay a couple of combos on her. Again, the dodge button is paramount. So remember to use it.
Head Above Water50
Defeated Amnion    (2) 
This is it. The final boss. And in true fashon of Silent Hill, she's both disturbing and hard to kill. Hopefully, you've conserved as much ammo and health items as possible. If you have, it'll make the fight relatively easy. A good way to do this is to kill every Order member you come across in the Lair with the ceremonial dagger. It's quick enough to ensure you'll take little to no damage from any of them. Anyway. As soon as the fight starts, unload every single bullet you have left into her. Everything. Keep your distance while you're at it. Because those legs of hers can do a decent amount of damage if you get too close. Hopefully she'll fall back and the second stage of the fight will start before you run out of ammo. If that's the case, just keep shooting. Either way, when you run out, switch to the axe. Run in, but be extremely careful and REMEBER to dodge. Because most of her attacks can knock you right off of your feet. And she will usually follow up with another attack while you're on the ground. Again, keep up with the combos. Dodging when necessary. She'll eventually do a straight attack that gets her two front legs stuck in the floor. When this happens, run in and slam her with a charged heavy attack. Soon enough, she'll go down. When she does, it's game over. So sit back and enjoy (if you can even do that with Silent Hill,) your ending.

Now, if you didn't conserve ammo and health items, the fight will be much more complicated. But the strategy won't be much different than it would've been with the aforementioned items. Just do your best to avoid her attacks, and use that dodge button at every turn. Watch for the attack that gets her legs stuck in the floor and use it to hit her with charged heavy attacks.
Rising Tension25
Found Circular Saw   (2) 
After completing the game, this weapon can be found in the garage of the Shepard household.
Science Fiction25
Found Laser Pistol    (10) 
Complete the game and earn the UFO ending. On the next game, you'll find it in Josh and Alex's bedroom.
Achieved Ending 1    (1) 

The following are achievements based on which ending you receive. You do not need to do a complete run through the game to earn these. All you need to do is meet the requirements necessary for each ending. The best way to do this is to set up saves before the decisions that affect the ending. For example with the "Smile!" and "In Water" endings, you need to kill Alex's mother. For the "Judgement" "Intensive Care" and "No Dogs Allowed" endings, you don't kill her. So you would make one of the two decisions there, then play up to the point where you reach the confession booth in the church. Save before making the decision to either forgive Alex's father or damn him. Make your decision, and finish the game. Then, to earn the other endings, reload your save, make the corresponding decisions, and finish playing the game.

To get this ending choose the following options:

  • Kill Alex's mother in the Prison.
  • Forgive his father in the confessional at the Church.
  • The decision to save or let Wheeler die does not affect this ending.
  • This ending unlocks the Trucker Alex costume. 


In Water50
Achieved Ending 2    (2) 
To get this ending choose the following options:
  • Kill Alex's mother in the Prison.
  • Do not forgive his father in the confessional at the Church.
  • The decision to save or let Wheeler die does not affect this ending.
This ending unlocks the Order Member costume.
Achieved Ending 3    (4) 
To get this ending choose the following options:
  • Do Not Kill Alex's mother in the Prison.
  • Do not forgive his father in the confessional at the Church.
  • Let Wheeler die when you find him in the Lair.
This ending unlocks the Bogeyman mask.
Intensive Care50
Achieved Ending 4    (1) 
To get this ending choose the following options:
  • Do Not Kill Alex's mother in the Prison.
  • Forgive his father in the confessional at the Church.
  • The decision to save or let Wheeler die does not affect this ending.
This ending unlocks the ER Alex costume.
No Dogs Allowed50
Achieved Ending 5    (7) 
To get this ending choose the following options:
  • Do Not Kill Alex's mother in the Prison.
  • Do not forgive his father in the confessional at the Church.
  • Save Wheeler by giving him a first aid kit in the Lair.
This ending unlocks the Laser Pistol and the Sheriff costume.
Mercy 20
Alex ended his mother's suffering    
In the solitary confinement area of the Prison, kill Alex's mother. This achievement affects the ending you will receive.
Compassion 20
Alex could not end his mother's suffering    
In the solitary confinement area of the Prison, do not kill Alex's mother. This achievement affects the ending you will receive.
Forgiveness 20
Alex Forgives his father    
In the confession booth of the Church, choose to forgive Alex's Father. This achievement affects the ending you will receive.
Angela's Choice20
Alex does not forgive his father    
In the confession booth of the Church, do not forgive Alex's Father. This achievement affects the ending you will receive.
Now About Those Drinks25
Saved Wheeler     
In the Lair, when given the option, give Wheeler the first aid kit. This achievement affects the ending you will receive.

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