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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Estimated time for 200: 50+ hours
- Minimum playthroughs: 1
- Offline: 19/20 [195]
- Online: 1/20 [5]
- Missable Achievements: 0 (mission select)
- Unobtainable Achievements: 0
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty
- Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Extra equipment needed: Windows 8 Tablet or PC + WiFi connection (for multiplayer achievement)

Six Guns is a free-to-play third-person open-world action-adventure title from Gameloft that has a similar feel to the console game, Red Dead Redemption. The game takes place in the Wild West, more specifically, Arizona and Oregon. You ride around on your horse, killing enemies across rather large environments. There is minimal story, but there are a ton of miscellaneous missions to complete that grow more difficult and offer bigger rewards as you progress. As with most free-to-play games, there is two types of currency. Both can be purchased for real money, however one of the two is earned in game at a relatively quick pace. Luckily, there is no need to spend real money to complete the game! The aiming controls can be frustrating at times, but overall they offer a solid experience. The game has online multiplayer for up to eight players, but it seems like just an afterthought. For a more in-depth review of the game from WPCentral, click HERE. Currently the game is FREE in the Windows 8 Store.

Step 1: Complete all single-player missions to 100%
The single-player experience revolves around completing groups of missions, leveling up, earning gold, gathering collectibles and more. Your main objective as you progress through the game will be to complete all the missions to unlock the "100% Completion" achievement. Most of the game's other achievements will unlock in this process. There are literally hundreds of missions, so this will take quite a while. Take a look at the list of achievements and complete what you can along the way.

Step 2: Mop-up single-player
After completing all the missions, you may have a few achievements left. The "Genocide" and "Demon Hunter IV" achievements are some of the longer cumulative achievements in the game, earned for killing 10,000 enemies and reaching Level 50, respectively.

Step 3: Multiplayer achievement
This can be done at any point, but you need to win 25 multiplayer matches to unlock the sole multiplayer achievement in the game. This is listed as Step 3 because your single-player progress determines your aptitude in multiplayer. You rank, equipment, and weapons all carry over. Unfortunately, in-app purchases allow players to buy their way to the top, so getting into a game that you actually have a chance to compete can be a challenge. You will need serious patience or real cash to reach 25 wins (or the easier option... a boosting partner).

Six Guns is the best open-world game on Xbox for Windows 8. The single player missions, while repetitive, offer enough replay value to make the grind not that bad. The in-app purchases are integrated into the gameplay and are borderline annoying, but by no means are they required for the completion. The fact that the game is free means multiplayer is fairly populated, but mostly by rich little kids that used their Mom's credit card to get the best guns and equipment, meaning you wont have a chance to compete. Everything considered, Six Guns is an excellent game and should not be missed even if it is quite a grind to complete and frustrating at times.

[we would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this roadmap]

Western 10110
Complete the tutorial mission. 

This achievement requires that you complete the tutorial. As soon as you boot up the game for the first time, you will be throw into the tutorial sequence. It will take about 10 minutes to complete and it teaches you the basic mechanics and controls of the game. This will be your first achievement.

Straight to Hell10
Kill one demon of each type. 

This achievement requires that you kill each demon type in the game at least once. Demons are found across Arizona and Oregon, usually in underground locations like the Cemetery Catacombs Fort Ghost, and Sister Ingrid's Mine. Categories of demons include Nightwalkers, Witches, Gargoyle Statues, Female Assassins, Werewolves, and Vampire Cowboys. Within some categories of demons, there are various types that most likely need to be killed for this achievement as well. For example, the Witch category includes both Red and White witches. Based on information from xxKegeR1o1xx, simply completing all the rounds of the Fort Ghost, Cemetery Catacombs, and Save the Princess should be enough to encounter all enemy types and earn you this achievement. The witch missions that require the purchase of the Witch Impaler gun are NOT required.

Top of the Food Chain10
Kill one animal of each kind. 

This achievement requires that you kill each animal type in the game at least once. Animals are scattered throughout the game. However some animals have a higher chance of spawning in specific regions, while some animals will not spawn at all in some places. A full list of the animals in the game and their possible locations is below (thanks to the writers of the Six Guns Wiki at If you think you are in the right spot but dont see the animal, just hang out there for a couple of minutes and walk/spin around. More than likely the animal will spawn behind you.

  • Armadillo - Nine Elders, near Doc Rickets, south of Abandoned Train, and scattered around Arizona.
  • Bear - North from the downhill area near Assassin's Creek.
  • Beaver - Only found in Oregon, near Crystal Lake and Pond Dungeon.
  • Boar - The downhill area near Assassin's Creek, Pancorbo's Route, and scattered around both Oregon and Arizona.
  • Buffalo - Pancorbo's Route, south of Abandoned Train, at Las Brujas Cottage, and scattered around both Oregon and Arizona.
  • Chicken - Rarely scattered around Oregon, behind the general store in Socorro Town, trees outside Williamson's Ranch, Properidad, and Abandoned Train.
  • Coyote - The rock formations near Devil's Garden, south of Abandoned Trail, and Aspa Hill.
  • Crow - Rarely found near Sister Ingrid's Mine and scattered around in the sky or on the ground in both Oregon and Arizona.
  • Fox - Near Socorro Town and scattered around both Oregon and Arizona.
  • Jaguar - Only found in Arizona, south of Abandoned Train and Devil's Garden. Wait under the Wild Apple Tree is Los Arcos and jaguars will come.
  • Raccoon - Trees outside Williamson's Ranch, Lumberjack Woods, Pond Dungeon, east of Socorro Town and near Guttermouth Gulch.
  • Sheep - Trees outside Williamson's Ranch, between Williamson's Ranch and Nine Elders, Abandoned Train, near Socorro Town, near the northern entrance of Sister Ingrid's Mine.
  • Skunk - Near Guttermouth Gulch, Camalda's Cemetery, Socorro Town, near Los Arcos, Lumberjack Woods.
  • Snake - Red Plains Desert, Fort Malanoche, and scattered around Arizona.
  • Vulture - Prosperidad, Fort Ghost, and scattered around Arizona.
  • Warthog - Only found in Oregon, Freeman Fort and Dead Oak Forest.
  • The Beast - A unique animal. See the image below for the location to find it as well as what the beast looks like. There is only one in the game and once you kill it, it will not respawn.

Natural Born Killer5
Kill 500 enemies. 

See "Genocide".

Angel of Death10
Kill 1,000 enemies. 

See "Genocide".

Kill 10,000 enemies (1) 

These achievements require that you kill 500, 1000, and 10000 enemies throughout the game. You will reach more than 10,000 kills on the way to completing all the missions and reaching Level 50. Due to the lack of a counter in the game, it is hard to tell what exactly is considered an enemy. Presumably it is anything that appears on your mini-map as a red dot. This includes demons, outlaws, and some fierce animals. Just keep killing and this will unlock.

Demon Hunter I10
Reach level 15. 

See "Demon Hunter IV".

Demon Hunter II5
Reach level 25. 

See "Demon Hunter IV".

Demon Hunter III10
Reach level 40. 

See "Demon Hunter IV".

Demon Hunter IV15
Reach level 50. 

These achievements require that you reach level 15, 25, 40, and 50 in the game. Leveling is achieved through XP. XP is only earned by completing missions and killing enemies. It will take a ton of XP to reach Level 50, so plan on playing a lot, possibly even after completing all the missions.

100% Completion20
Complete all quests from beginning to end. 

This achievement requires that you complete every single quest in the game, from beginning to end. This is a very time consuming task, but one that will be required anyway to reach Level 50 and to kill 10,000 enemies. Quests in the game include, but are no limited to:

  • Story Quests - location varies
  • Fort Malanoche Quests
  • King of the Hill Quests - Head to the sacred tree in Aspa Hill.
  • Ranch Dungeon Quests
  • The Granger Gang Quests - Just outside the Outlaw Camp
  • Cemetery Catacombs Quests (32 rounds) - Outside chapel in Prosperidad.
  • Williamson's Ranch Quests (33 rounds) - Rescue prisoners underground.
  • Jama-Jama Shooting Gallery
  • Fort Ghost Quests
  • Devil's Garden Shooting Races - Start to the east of Fort Ghost.
  • Assassin's Creek Shooting Races - Start outside the lone building in Assassin's Creek.
  • Eagle-Eye (Sniper) Missions
  • Los Arcos Races
  • Town Supplies Quests
  • Medical Supplies Quests (8+ rounds) - See Doc Rickets
  • Pest Control Quests - See Farmer Judd, in Oregon, right near Arizona Pass
  • Decoration Quests (10+ rounds)
  • Helping the Florist Quests (8+ rounds) - On the road between Witch Hack and Sister Ingrid's Mine in Oregon.
  • They Taste Yummy Quests (9+ rounds)
  • Field Assistant Quests (8+ rounds) - See the biologist in Arizona
  • Winter is Coming Quests
  • Haute Cuisine Quests
  • Liquor Quests (8+ rounds) - See Winston Quarterhouse at the Train Station. Only available after completing a portion of hunting/herbalist quests.
  • Save the Princess Quests (21 rounds) - Head to the lone building in Assassin's Creek.
  • Freeman Fort Quests
  • Socorro Races
  • Gates of Hell Quests (15 rounds) - Starts just outside Sister Ingrid's Mine tunnel in Oregon.
  • Outlaw Hunter Quests
  • Dead Oak Ambush Quests
  • Pond Dungeon Quests (20 rounds)
  • Ghosts of the Fallen Quests (10 rounds) - Look for orange beam of light shooting to the sky at night across the lands.
  • Collectible Quests - Bandit Map Pieces (15), Chicken God Totems (20), Confederate Dollars (12), Anit-Vampiric Tonics (10), and Crystal Skulls (7)
  • Dreamcatcher Missions - Oregon (30) and Arizona (35)
Legendary Gunslinger5
Win 25 matches in Multiplayer mode. 

This achievement requires that you win 25 matches in Multiplayer. Multiplayer consists of a single game mode (Capture the Flag) and just two maps. Single-player weapons, levels, clothes, etc. carry over to multiplayer, so you may want to wait until you progress a bit into single-player before attempting this achievement. This also brings trouble as players can spend real money to get the best weapons and clothes to become invincible in multiplayer. There are only PUBLIC custom matches, no ranked or private games. Because the game is free, the online community is relatively populated at all hours of the day. The minimum number of players that can be in a match is 4 and the minimum score limit is 3. The best way to earn this achievement is to get a partner to boost with. Create a 4 player game and quickly join and start the match. The player going for the win should quickly capture a flag. As soon as it is scored, the other player should quit. The match will terminate and you will get the win. There is no counter or leaderboard that shows wins, so try to keep track along the way yourself. See the Achievement Trading Thread for other players looking to boost.

NOTE: You MUST be connected to a WiFi network in order to enter Multiplayer. A cellular connection (even LTE) will not cut it.

Too Hardcore to Live10
Kill your own horse. 

This achievement requires that you simply shoot and kill your own horse. First, when outdoors call your horse by tapping the horse button in the top left corner of the screen. Your horse will show up and your character will mount it. Push the horse button again to dismount. Then shoot and kill your horse to unlock this achievement. There is no repercussion for killing your horse. You wont have to buy another one and it can be summoned again immediately with another tap of the horse button.

Gold! More Gold!15
Obtain 50,000 coins. 

This achievement requires that you obtain 50,000 gold in your account at ONE TIME. Gold is earned relatively slowly at the beginning, but will increase as you progress to the later rounds of the missions. This is where a bulk of your gold will come. A small amount is also earned for each kill as well. Initially it is quite hard to save gold, as there is so much you need to purchase to even be able to progress through the game. However, later on, towards level 25 or so, you will have a greater opportunity to save gold and reach 50,000.

Lone Ranger10
Visit Oregon. 

This achievement requires that you travel to Oregon for the first time. The game starts in Arizona, but quickly the story missions task you to head to Oregon. Head to the Abandoned Train in Arizona and enter the nearby tunnel (Oregon Pass). Confirm you want to travel to Oregon and the achievement will unlock. You can also fast travel there from the map.

The Bigger They Are...5
Kill a Giant Werewolf. 

This achievement requires that you kill a Giant Werewolf for the first time. You will come across these enemies several times in single-player. They look the same as normal werewolves, except that are about twice as big. They are relatively straightforward to kill as their only attack is a charge which can be easily avoided. Giant werewolves have around 600 health points and if they hit you will do around 150 points of damage. So be very cautious and keep chipping away at its health until it dies, unlocking this achievement.

Use all the Road Signs in the game. 

This achievement requires that you use each and every Road Sign in the game, which are the wooden poles that have location signs attached to them. When you walk up to one and select it, it will allow you to fast-travel to any other Road Sign in your current location. You will need to select each one in the game and use them to travel to another Sign. However, you will need to walk between Oregon and Arizona (or fast-travel via the mini-map) as you cant use the Road Signs between the two regions. The locations with Road Signs are listed below.


  • Prosperidad
  • Red Plains Desert
  • Abandoned Train
  • Los Arcos
  • Fort Malanoche
  • Williamson's Ranch
  • Train Station


  • Socorro Town
  • Assassin's Creek
  • Guttermouth Gulch
  • Lumberjack Woods
  • Pancorbo's Route
What's Inside the Box?10
Open 200 chests. 

This achievement requires that you open a cumulative total of 200 chests. Chests are scattered around the game world. They are mostly found near rock formations, buildings, or objects of some sort and are rarely found in the open. Opening a chest is done by clicking on it and solving the simple puzzle. After opening a chest, it remains open for some time, then respawns closed later on, allowing for the same chest to be opened an infinite number of times. Always be on the lookout for chests when your are traveling around the world and completing missions, especially in towns. Not only for this achievement, but they also give you a small amount of gold and a pack of ammo.

My Lucky Day5
Try your luck with the Lottery 

This achievement requires that you play the Lottery for the first time. The Lottery can be accessed from the Main Menu, the Pause Menu, or by going to the actual Lottery machines in single-player (one in both Oregon and Arizona). The Lottery can be played once every 24 real-world hours for free. It consists of you shooting one of nine doors to win the random prize located behind that door. You will want to be playing the Lottery daily to get some free ammo or health potions, decent weapons, and clothing. This achievement will unlock after you play the Lottery the first time.

Death Is Not the End5
Die once. 

This achievement requires that you die for the first time. When taking damage and you run out of health (red bar at top of screen), the game will pause and give you the option to use a health potion or to "Just Die." Choose the latter to unlock this achievement. There is no punishment for dying in free-roam, and the only penalty if you die in a mission is that you lose your progress in that specific round.

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