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There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 30 [620]
- Online: 14 [380]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-30 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: One Difficulty

Welcome to skate.. There are a total of 44 achievements worth a total of 1000. It only requires one playthrough of Career to obtain all 30 offline achievements. Thankfully, there are no glitches that will prevent you from unlocking any achievements. There are 30 offline achievements worth 620 that will require some time, skill, and patience. It can and most likely will get frustrating at parts. There aren't any missable achievements because once you finish the career, you can continue playing and get any achievements you may have missed.

There are 14 online achievements worth 380, but all of them can be boosted for.

Step #1: Start Career
When you first start off, you will have to make your skater. You can always edit him/her later. Your next step is training, do all the tutorials, even the additional ones at the first skatepark. One down, 43 to go. In the first park where you start out, if you go in the center, you should see a fence leading into a huge pipe (where one of the tutorials is). Here, you should get a 10,000 point combo. This shouldn't be very hard depending on your skill. Just do a bunch of big tricks and link them together. Get the "Rocket Air" achievement here as well. Press down on the then hold then . If your stance is goofy do the same except hold down first, then . While you're here, you might as well save a replay and take three pictures, then upload them to your skate. reel.

Progress your way through the game, you should have the following achievements by the time you unlock the X-Games: "Skater of the Year", "Year's Best", "Pro Skater", "Hooked Up", "Headhunter", "Am Skater", "Rocket Man", "Flow and Style", "Access San Vanelona", "Afternoon Freeskater", "Footy=Fiction", "The Graduate", "Skate's Top Model", and "Exhibitionist". You should have a minimum of 120, if not more.

Step #2: X-Games
When you get to the X-Games, you will need to get Gold in both events: The Mega Ramp and the Street Event.If you already have the "Uninsurable" achievement skip this next step but if not, once you get gold in both events, stay there and start jumping off the Mega Ramp, literally trying to kill yourself, break as many bones as possible. You will have to have a total of 100 broken bones, and break each bone 10 times, which is the hard part.

Step #3: Career Mop Up
Now is the time to get the rest of the Career achievements you don't already have. Do all photo challenges, do all the film challenges, beat all the pros, earn all the milestones, unlock all locations, do all the tricks, own all the spots, beat all the challenges, beat all races, and beat all contests and/or any other missing achievements you don't have.

Step#4: Online
At this time you should have all the single player achievements. I estimate the online achievements alone will take about 15 hours. Choose what you want to do first: Ranked Trick Events or Ranked Races. I did Trick Events, but it doesn't really matter. Once you get 600 exp and reach Icon rank in either one, start playing the other. You might get two other achievements when going for this: "Online Addict"- complete 50 matches, and "You're a Winner"- win 20 ranked online games. Reach Icon rank in that as well. You will have a minimum of 1200 exp and you will have to get to 2000 exp to get another achievement. This is combined, not just in one playlist. Once you get a total of 2000 exp, you should have about 39 achievements worth a total of 960. The last 5 aren't too hard you must join an unranked online game, you don't even have to finish it. You must watch an online session on SkateTV.

In my opinion I found these last three achievements the hardest achievements in the game. You must win 3 consecutive ranked online games and then you must win 6 consecutive ranked online games. Once you do that, you should have 43/44 achievements with 990.

The last achievement is to get 20 reviews on a single uploaded video or picture. This can very annoying and it can be hard to find people to review your single photo/film. Use the Rate Videos Thread to find other people who can rate your video.

You should now have all 44 achievements with a total of 1000. skate. is a very enjoyable game to play. The 44 achievements aren't too bad, but it's no walk in the park either. It can and most likely will get frustrating at points, but when you get that last achievement, it feels great.

[XBA would like to thank Rusty Nail zh and Coadster1 for this Roadmap]

Amateur Racer10
Reach Amateur status for online races  (1) 

To get this you need 100 experience points in racing games. Normal games are easier and you obviously get more points for winning than losing.

Amateur Trickster10
Reach Amateur status for online trick events  (1) 

To get this you need 100 experience points in trick games. Jam Sessions or Spot Challenges are quickest and you obviously get more points for winning than losing.

Pro Racer30
Reach Pro Status for online race events  (1) 

To get this you need 300 experience points in racing games. Normal games are easier and you obviously get more points for winning than losing.

Pro Trickster30
Reach Pro status for online trick events  (1) 

To get this you need 300 experience points in trick games. Jam Sessions or Spot Challenges are quickest and you obviously get more points for winning than losing.

Icon Racer100
Reach Icon status for online race events  (4) 

To get this you need 600 experience points in racing games. Normal games are easier and you obviously get more points for winning than losing.

Icon Trickster100
Reach Icon status for online trick events  (1) 

To get this you need 600 experience points in trick games. Jam Sessions or Spot Challenges are quickest and you obviously get more points for winning than losing.

Online Addict25
Complete 50 online game sessions  (1) 

You will get this while working toward the other online achievements. You don't have to win them all, just finish at least 50.

Try Online5
Join an online session  (1) 

Simply join any game online, you don't have to finish or win.

Watch an online session on SkateTV  (2) 

For this you need to go into your backpack, then select the Xbox Live tab. Go to the Community section and select skate TV and join any session. Once you enter it will unlock.

Upload footage to skate.Reel  (10) 

After doing a trick, pause the game and select Replay Editor. Edit the clip (or don't) and hit , then select either Save Replay or Save Photo and upload it from the next prompt.

Skate's Top Model5
Upload 6 photos to your skate.Reel  (8) 

Follow the steps for "Exhibitionist" to upload a total of six photos.

Skate Celebrity10
Reach 20 reviews on an uploaded footage or photo  (25) 

First follow the steps in "Exhibitionist" to upload something, then you need 20 people to give it a review (not just view it, but also review it). You can use this thread or this thread on our forums to find people willing to review your clip.

Warming Up5
Win 3 consecutive ranked online matches  (1) 

First you need to figure out which game type you are best at, then keep entering those types of matches. This can not be boosted since the game puts you in random matches, so you actually have to be somewhat good to win.

En Fuego!15
Win 6 consecutive ranked online matches  (1) 

Same as "Warming Up" but win twice as many in a row.

Enduring Icon20
Earn 2000 total online EXP points  (1) 

You generally get 10-16 experience if you win a match, depending on the number of people you are playing. Work toward your Race/Trick achievements, since those require 600 each, then just do whatever game you are best at for the remaining 800.

You're a winner!20
Win 20 ranked online events  (1) 

This should come along the way to the other online achievements. Try to stick with whatever game type you are best at.

Host with the Most5
Host an unranked online session  (1) 

You will need to host a private match for this. Once it is loading the map, the achievement will unlock, so you don't have to play the game out.

Buy 50 items.   

You should get about $150,000 playing through the game, and you can simply buy 50 hats at $15-30 each, so don't try to rush this and you can get it easily.

The Graduate5
Complete all the tutorials in Career Mode    

Once you do the opening tutorials, head toward the light bulbs on your map, these are additional tutorials.

Save a Replay in Career Mode   

While doing the "Exhibitionist" achievement, choose to save the clip and you'll get this, then upload it for the other achievement.

Afternoon Freeskater5
Spent 5 hours Freeskating in Career Mode   

You should get this while doing your career, but if you need extra time, just let the game run. You must not be in a mission for it to be considered Freeskating.

On Your Way…5
Earn 1 Milestone   

To view milestones, go to your backpack and select the logbook. Then select records, then milestones. You should get this simply doing your career.

Access San Vanelona5
Unlock 1 Location    

You will get this after you complete the goal "Jubba Jingle Jam." This is the contest right outside of the JJ shop.

Beat 1 Pro Skater   

After you complete a number of the beginning goals, you will get about 10 pro skaters to skate with. Simply beat one of their goals to unlock this. You don't actually beat the skater.

Flow & Style5
Do a 10,000 Point Line in Career Mode   (2) 

This is easiest at the X-Games. After you finish the mega-jump event, you can go there on your own and should be able to get much more than the required 10,000. This could also be done in the sewers next to the community center.

Rocket Man5
Perform a Rocket Air in Career Mode   (2) 

Easiest done on the X-Games mega-jump event. If your stance is goofy: While you’re in the air pull the right stick down then hold  down and then . If your stance is regular: While you are in the air pull the  towards you then hold  and then . You must land the trick to get the achievement.

Am Skater10
Complete a Shop Film to become an Amateur    

You will get this after you complete the goal "Regs shop film." You will need to score 1,000 points in 30 seconds which by now should be very easy for you.

Hooked Up15
Earn all four sponsorships    

You will need to have a board, shoe, truck and wheel sponsor for this. Select your sponsors at a skate shop.

X-Games Gold20
Earn Gold in both X-Games events   (1) 

After you are on the cover of the skateboard magazine, you will get a call saying that you can be in the X-Games. There is no rush to do this, they don’t start without you. There are two events, the mega ramp and the street best trick contest. Both are fairly simple. You might need some practice on the street one just to get to know the good lines. For the mega ramp you are rated on a scale of 0-100 by your trick. To win the contest you usually need to get 87 to outdue everyone else.

Pro Skater20
Earn a Pro Model Board    

This is earned after beating a pro’s challenge and accepting them as your sponsor. You can then use their boards.

Without Footage It's Fiction20
Beat alll Film Challenges   

For this you need to beat every film challenge in game. This is pretty hard to do. You must complete every single filming session for Thrasher and the Skateboard Mag. After you finish the main storyline there will still be a couple films left for you by pressing the right bumper. Some of the thrasher shoots in a no skater zone, and are quite brutal. I suggest doing them at the hospital or at the spot where Big Black and Rob’s challenge is. Some of the films are also very easy to do off of the Mega ramp at the X-Games (big score ones).

King of the Highway20
Beat all Races   (1) 

Complete all of the death races. There are not to many of them. Some tips for beating them all:

  • Go through the race once or twice not trying to win just so you are familiar with the route.
  • Almost always be holding the A button down to go faster.
  • You will lose if you wipe out or get hit by a car.
  • You will gain the most ground on your opponents on the straight down segments.
  • For really tight turns take them while you hold the left or right trigger down to do a power slide (depending on which way you are turning). You will lose some speed but will not fall.
  • Don’t get frustrated. Some of these are pretty hard. Just keep trying until the AI get slammed by a car and lose 10 seconds.
  • Don’t touch cars, pedestrians, or your opponents. Just by touching them when you are going fast makes you fall, usually.
  • You don't need to hit all the gates. You only actually HAVE to hit the red one. The only reason the gates are there is to give you more time to get to the end. So if a gate is out of the way you should usually just skip it.
Contest Pro20
Beat all Contests   

Beat all of the mini contests for thrasher and the Skateboard Mag. Also beat all the storyline contests. The last one is in Danny Way’s skate park.

Beat all Photo Challenges   (1) 

Beat all the photo challenges in the game. A black or red camera on your map shows them. The black ones only appear on your mini map and not your full map. You will either get this just before you complete the story or after it depending on what order you do the goals. This includes the photo shots for magazines and the shots that advance you closer to getting in the magazines.

Complete all Medical Milestones    (1) 

To get this you must break 100 bones total and break each individual bone 10 times. A good way to break bones is to go off the X-games Mega ramp and jump off to the right side while holding a Christ air until you fall. Also rolling down hills into a car head on will break a lot of bones.

Year's Best25
Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag    

This is the last photo challenge for the Skateboard Mag. Just play through the story.

Skater of the Year25
Get the cover of Thrasher Magazine    

This is the last photo challenge for Thrasher. Just play through the story.

Halfway There25
Complete 50% of all Milestones   

There are 27 milestones in the game, so you must complete 14 for this achievement. You can check your progress from the logbook in your backpack.

Tricked Out25
Perform all Tricks in the Trick Book in Career Mode   

There are basic, medium and advance flip tricks, grinds and grabs. On all nine of these you can press  on it. It will then bring you to the list. From there you can scroll down the list for even more tricks that you HAVE to do for the achievement. When one is highlighted it will show you how to do the trick. For the advance grabs and flips an easy place to do them is the X-Games mega jump. You will probably do all the grinds by accident some time during the game.

Urban Legend30
Own all the spots   (1) 

Some of these are really hard. If you can’t seem to get it then try a different angle. Some spots have different ways of approaching them. There are 20 spots total, check this thread for a map to find all of them.

Keys to the City30
Unlock all locations    (1) 

There are 8 spots in the game to unlock. You can see which ones you need still by looking at your map. They are shown as an octagon with a stop hand in the middle of it. The last you get will most likely be Danny Way's skate park.

Beat all the Pros   (8) 

As the game progresses there will be more pro challenges. Yes there are a lot, and yes some are very hard. Practice, Practice, Practice…

Keep Playing75
Beat all Challenges   (5) 

Beat every challenge in the game, skate games, filming sessions, photos, competitions, and much more. Complete EVERYTHING. This is very time consuming and difficult.

Master Flicker100
Earn all Milestones   (5) 

You need to complete all 27 milestones for this achievement. You can view your progress through the logbook in your backpack.

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EA BlackBox
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US September 14, 2007

Resolution: 1080i
Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-4
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