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Ski Doo: Snowmobile Challenge Achievement Guide

Guide By: Pashos
There are 23 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 23 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate Amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum Number of play through: 1
- Number of Missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

This game is a very quick and a somewhat easy 1000 if you can get the hang of how to control your sled on slippery tracks. Of the 23 achievements, only 4 of them actually HAVE to be done in the career, while the other 19 can be done either in career or in single races.

Step 1: Career Mode
Start up your career and make sure you finish first in all of the 27 events as it is needed to unlock everything in the game. If you are having any trouble at first, just remember to take your time going into the turns and try to remember which turns are the hardest ones to take in each race. Also do not be afraid to spend some your money on the sleds available to you in order to help yourself out a little bit more, just don’t go crazy and upgrade every sled you have until you gain at least $50,000 cash for the Stingy achievement.For any uphill races and ones with a lot of ice patches, try using one of the summit sleds, or just the longer sleds in general, as I found they helped me out greatly on those races.

Step 2: Clean-up
After you have finished the career you may or may not have stumbled upon a few of the other achievements such as X number of takedowns or X number of stunts in a combo. So which ever ones you do not have, you can now go to the single race option, chose a rider that best suits the needs of the achievement you are targeting, as well as the best sled to make things easier, then choose the best map for that achievement. For the double front and double back flips I would suggest using the rider Teemu on the Whitehorse XC map as stated in the guide. However for the Boostaholic achievement, I would suggest you do it on the stunt race in Sweden and make the settings for the race to 5 min and 10,000 point limit, that way you should have plenty of time and you will not have to worry about the race ending at 3,000 points before you have the chance to get a whole minute of boosting in.

This game is not very hard at all, but you need to have a little bit of patience to figure out how to make the sleds go as fast as possible for you while taking the corners nice and slow is the only real challenge this game will present to you. Once you have that figured out, this will be another easy 1000 to your list of games.

x360a would like to thank Levex817 for this Road Map

Lead a race from start to finish (Not achievable in splitscreen).   (1) 
This is easiest done on one of the first two races but it can be done on any race. When you first start the race, make sure you are pressing down on the to give you an acceleration boost. Don't worry about trying to take anyone down, just try and get ahead of everyone as fast as you can and then just stay ahead for the remainder of the race.
As soon as your place in the top left corner of the screen says something other than first, then you won't get the achievement. You can just pause the game and restart the race.
Take down one opponent (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
See "Rampage" for more information. You can also see "HeadSplat" and that will count as a take down.
Take down three opponents in a row without crashing (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
See "Rampage" for more information.
Take down four opponents in a row without crashing (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
This is one of the harder achievements in the game. Take downs don't happen very often and when they do, a lot of the time they are lucky. I found the easiest race to get this on was The Digger XC in Russia. The race starts out on ice which makes take downs easier because you can ram the other racer into the wall. When you first start, don't accelerate right away, try to get right behind everyone. Once your right behind them, accelerate and try to ram as many of them into the wall as you can, without crashing. Try to get at least one, if not two, and if you don't then restart the race. Now it's the hard part, you have to get 2 or 3 more take downs the rest of the race and you can't crash. Try to stay as close to the lead group as you can because you can always drop back and take down someone behind you if you get close to the finish. Just try to ram the other racers into the rocks because it is hard to take someone down in the open.

You can also try this strategy, Go to any race, I did it in a 3 lap career race. I had the best sled in the game, don't know if that matters. As soon as the race starts, turn around and face the opposite direction. Wait for all the other racers to go around the track and start coming at you, then steer into them. You'll notice that if you go in the wrong direction for too long, the game will correct you and put you back on the track, but you still have about 5 seconds you can drive reverse. As long as you stop completely before the timer runs out, you can stay facing the wrong direction. You more than likely won't get all 4 on the first try, so just wait for them to come around again. Make sure you hit them head on, and your sled shouldn't tip over. If it does, you need to start the race over.
Perform a two stunt combo (Not achievable in splitscreen).    
See "Wire Fu" for more information, except for this, you only have to do two tricks.
Wire Fu60
Perform a three stunt combo (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
All you have to do is three tricks in the air and then land it. The best place to do this on is the big jump about halfway through Whitehorse XC in Canada. Press down on the to accelerate to the jump. Once you're in the air, press the and tap any direction on the LS so your trick will be fast and then tap do the same thing with the in another direction two more times. You probably won't get this on your first try but you can ride around the course as long as you need.
To make it easier, try to build up your Adrenaline Boost before going for this so you can go off the ramp faster.
Adrenaline Junkie40
Stay in adrenaline mode for 30 seconds (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
See "Boostaholic" for more information, except you only have to hold the boost for 30 seconds.
Stay in adrenaline mode for 60 seconds (Not achievable in splitscreen).   (1) 
This is probably the hardest achievement in the game. The best place to get this on is Russia's Freestyle Cup. It is a big, open area with a lot of jumps. The only thing to watch out for are the trees.
When you first start, try to build up your boost meter as fast as possible. Once it is full, hold down for one minute. Look at what time you started the boost on the left side of the screen and then when a minute has passed release it and you will get this and "Adrenaline Junkie."
It's not that easy though, you still have to be performing tricks to keep your boost meter full, and you have to avoid crashing. Once you crash, you lose all of your boost.
You also have to keep track of your score. When I did it, I had about 5 seconds left to boost and my score was 2990/3000, so I just kept boosting without doing tricks. Once you reach the score limit, the event will end and you will have to start over.
If you don't get it right away, just keep trying.
Unlock half of all unlockables in career mode.   
See "Pack Rat" for more information.
Pack Rat50
Unlock all unlockables in career mode.   (1) 
This achievement seems hard, but it is actually really easy. You must unlock every video, sled, and outfit to get the achievement. You can unlock everything by winning all 27 events. Once you come in first in every event, you also must beat Canada's Air Masters and Russia's Stunt Challenge with a remaining time of 0:50:00 or more. This means that you must beat these two events in 2:30:00 or less.
Once you won every event and beat those two events in the right amount of time, you will have everything unlocked.
Collect $50000 in career mode without spending them.    (1) 
This is a very easy achievement. You start off the game with $10,000. You earn more money by winning races and stunt events. Just keep winning until you have $50,000. Make sure you don't spend any money before you get this. Once you unlock the achievement, you can then freely spend your money.
Hold a stunt for 2 seconds (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
See "Frozen" for more information.
Hold a stunt for 4 seconds (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
The two best courses to do this on is Air Masters or Whitehorse XC, both are in Canada. For Air Masters, go off the first jump that's straight in front of you and then follow the bend around to the right and go off the big jump that is in front of you. The jump you want to try this on in Whitehorse XC is about halfway through.
Hold down on the to accelerate going off the jump. Once you're in the air, press the and hold down on the to do a Superman jump. Keep holding down until you are close to the ground and then release it. If you don't land it, just try again. You should get the achievement as soon as you land.
You don't have to perform a Superman, I just did that because it seems like your guy sits down faster after that than any other trick. There probably isn't any difference though.
Big Air25
Stay airborne for 3 seconds (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
See "Orbit" for more information.
Stay airborne for 5 seconds (Not achievable in splitscreen).   

The best jump to use is the jump that is about halfway through Whitehorse XC in Canada. To make it easier, at the start of the race, wait until all the other racers are ahead of you before you go. This will make it easier because you will have more time to focus on the jump, without having to worry about all the other racers.

I couldn't get 5 seconds going off the jump normally, but I was able to get it the first time I went off the jump with boost. Try and fill up the boost meter on the ledges just before the jump. You might have to hit someone to get a little more boost to completely fill it up.

Win a career race with your sled intact (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
This is a very easy achievement. You should get this on your first race. Make sure you don't collide with anything and you don't crash after any jumps. Try to avoid the other racers, too. If you are having trouble, stay back at the start of the race and then just go through the race slowly to make avoiding everything easier.
Perform a backflip (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
See "Double Backflip" for more information, except you only have to perform one.
Double Backflip50
Perform a double backflip (Not achievable in splitscreen).   

To perform a double backflip, you must be pressing and then hold down on the for two full rotations. Make sure that you hit the jump straight on and make sure you are pressing the stick straight down so you don't spin at an angle.

The best jump to try this on is the one described in "Orbit." If you don't get it right away, just keep trying. I couldn't land it without boost but the first time I tried with a full boost meter I got it, so if you can't get it right away, try and fill up your boost meter on the ledges right before the jump.
To make it easier, wait until you finish the career so you have all of the sleds. Pick the best one and use that.

Perform a frontflip (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
See "Double Frontflip" for more information, except you only have to perform one.
Double Frontflip50
Perform a double frontflip (Not achievable in splitscreen).   
See "Double Backflip" for more information. Instead of pressing down on the , press up on the . Everything else is the same though. Make sure you don't spin at an angle and if you are having trouble, wait until you have unlocked the best sled in the game.
I thought the frontflip was harder to get than the backflip but some people think it is the other way around. Just keep trying and you will get it eventually.
Land on top of another player (Not achievable in splitscreen).   (2) 

This achievement is somewhat luck based. You can either try and line up your jump to make sure you land on another player (a lot harder to do in my opinion) or you can try the way I got it. Try and cut someone off and stop right in front of them. They will continue to drive and if you got lucky, they will drive right under you. Like I said before, this achievement is luck based so you probably won't get this right away.

You should get this achievement just by going through all the races on your way to unlocking everything so if you don't get it immediately, don't worry, you will have plenty of chances.

Collide with the spectators (Not achievable in splitscreen).   (1) 
You can get this on most courses but I found the easiest place to be a jump on Canada's Air Masters. When you first start, go off the jump right in front of you and then follow the bend to the right. You are now looking at the jump that you want to go off. When you go off the jump, go off the left side and try to make it so when you land, you are even further to the left of the jump. When you land, you should be on the spectators. If you aren't, just restart and try again.
You can also easily get this on the first jump on that course by going off the jump to the right and the left.
Secret Achievements
Collide with 3 trees in a race. (Not achievable in splitscreen)   (1) 

All you have to do is collide with 3 trees. The second race you are in has a lot of trees so you can get it there. Most of the courses have tress so you can really try it anywhere you want. Just keep speeding into the trees until you get it.

I got the achievement after colliding with 5 or 6 trees in one race so if you don't get it right away, just keep crashing and you should get it.

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