Skullgirls Achievement Guide

Guide By: FeLizP
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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  • Estimated achievement difficult: 3/10
  • Offline: 12 (200)
  • Online: 0 (0)
  • Approximate amount of time to 200: 5+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Tutorial) 8 (Story Mode) 10+(Versus Matches)
  • Number of missable achievements: None
  • Glitched achievements: None
  • Does changing settings disable achievements?: No
  • Do cheats disable achievements? No
  • Extra equipment needed? Second Controller (Versus Boosting)

Welcome to Skullgirls! This game contains 12 achievements for 200 and is a unique all female fighting game by Reverge Labs! Skullgirls is a fast-paced 2-D fighting game that puts you in control of fierce warriors in a Dark Deco world. All-new game systems test the skills of veteran fighting game fans while also making the genre enjoyable and accessible to newcomers. A modern take on classic arcade fighters with a hand-drawn high-definition twist, Skullgirls is a one-of-a-kind, action-packed competition complete with awesome combos and an intriguing backstory.

As for the achievements, they can be extremely vague and confusing to decipher at first glance. None of them really tell you exactly how to obtain them but luckily this guide will go into detail. Most of the achievements are character-specific, requiring you to play as each of the characters doing special moves, combos, dashes, and other random tasks. Once you familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics, characters, and world you should have a good idea of what to do for them and this game will end up being a very easy and enjoyable 200.

Controls and Move Lists
Skullgirls uses directional inputs and 6 default attack buttons for gameplay. The six buttons are light punch, medium punch, heavy punch, light kick, medium kick, and heavy kick. All characters have standing, crouching, and jumping versions of their normal moves associated with the 6 buttons. Button and directional inputs combine for command normals, special moves, Blockbusters, and all other commands. Blockbusters are the "Super" moves that each character can perform in the game that require a certain amount of special stocks to perform. They are usually executed by a simple double roll motion followed by 2 attack buttons.

 = Light Punch
 = Medium Punch
 = Heavy Punch
 = Light Kick
 = Medium Kick
 = Heavy Kick
 = Ensemble Move 1
 = Ensemble Move 2

As of now, Skullgirls lacks an in-game move-list for each character. A full walkthrough on the game and all move lists is provided in the link below. Simply click on the character you wish to see the move-list for if you need help.

Step 1: Tutorial Mode
This is the first thing you need to do to get acquainted with the game even if you're a fighting veteran. There are multiple lessons that will help you with the fundamentals of Skullgirls to make this game easier to grasp. Completing all lessons will earn you the Sküllgirls achievement.

Step 2: Story Mode
Set in Canopy Kingdom, characters are fighting for the opportunity to control the mysterious Skull Heart, an artifact with the ability to grant wishes, albeit at a substantial cost. The Skullgirl is a monster that haunts humanity: the result of those with an impure soul attempting to use the Heart. You must clear Story Mode with all 8 characters however you can only select 6 stories when you first start the game, Valentine's and Double's will be locked. You unlock Valentine once you have cleared Story with the other 6 characters.

Double's Story becomes available upon finishing story with Valentine. There are 6 total fights in Story Mode, the 5th being a 1 on 2 fight against Double and Valentine, the 6th being the final boss fight against Bloody Marie. Clearing Story Mode with Double will unlock 
Threads of Fate.

Step 3: Miscellaneous/ Character-Specific Achievements
Nearly all of your achievements for Skullgirls will deal with you using multiple characters and performing some of their special moves and abilities numerous times. It is entirely up to you when you want to do this step as these achievements are quick and easy to unlock once you follow this guide. Although they can be performed in most Single Player modes, it would be ideal to boost them against a second controller in Local Versus. Be sure to utilize the in-game Sparring Mode option that can be turned on from the pause menu to unlock these achievements easily. Here are all character specific achievements:

  • Prolix
  • Instant Hair Dash
  • Real Circus Damage
  • The Kitchen Sink
  • Good Hunting, Commander
  • Getting A Head In the Game
  • My Pain Will Be Visited Upon You
  • Medical Board Will Be Notified
  • Toil and Trouble
  • An Ensemble Cast

Sparring Mode Trick 

To automatically receive 5 special stocks as well as replenish every player's health gauge, press and hold  to pause. Now turn on Sparring Mode, then back out of the pause menu. You can use this to unlock some of the chracter-specific achievements that require you to have a certain amount of stored specials. Think of it as Training Mode, only you can use the special features of it to unlock some of the character-specific achievements! The only achievement you may need to toggle it on or off with will be Medical Board Will Be Notified, see the achievement solution for more info.

Skullgirls is a racy fighter that wraps sex appeal and smooth jazz skintight around a crafty fighting system. The achievements, although vague and difficult to fathom at first, are easy and fun to go for once you've skimmed this guide and figured out what you have to do to unlock them for a quick 200. Outside the achievements, this is a game that deserves some attention from the fighting community. It's easily the most entertaining arcade fighter released on Xbox Live Arcade thus far in 2012!

Threads of Fate30
Follow all threads of fate to their inevitable conclusions.    (1) 

For this achievement you must follow all threads (Story Modes) to their inevitable conclusions. So in other words, you must complete Story Mode with all 8 characters. To access Story Mode go to Single Player from the main menu. Story Mode is quite short, including only 6 fights for most characters. The 5th fight is usually a 1 vs 2 fight followed by a final boss fight against Bloody Marie, the unplayable final boss of the game. Be warned, this game can have some pretty difficult A.I. So to make this easier be sure while you're in the Single Player menu, to highlight the difficulty and switch it to Sleepwalk. Also you may want to go to Help & Options from the Main Menu then Settings. Switch the time to 30 seconds to make things faster. Your options should be like so:

  • Difficulty: Sleepwalk
  • Time: 30 seconds

From the start of the game only 6 Story Modes will be available. Valentine's and Double Story will be locked. To unlock them, complete story mode with all 6 available to unlock Valentine's Story. Complete Valentine's to unlock Double's. Once you have completed Double's Story Mode this will unlock. The story is actually pretty decent in this game but you can skip cutscenes and dialogue by hitting  to speed things up. 

Graduation day has arrived at last! Mrs. Victoria’s so proud of you.   (3) 

To reach Graduation Day and make Mrs. Victoria proud, you must complete every lesson in Tutorial Mode. Select Training from the Main Menu then go to Tutorials to learn the ins and outs from Mrs. Victoria. The lessons are all broken down into 4 Chapters:

Chapter 1: Beginner Tutorials

  1. Introduction to Movement
  2. Intro to Defense
  3. Basic Attacks
  4. Advanced Movement
  5. Specials and Blockbuster Attacks
  6. Team dynamics

Chapter 2: Intermediate Techniques

  1. Defending against Mix-ups
  2. Punishing
  3. Hit Confirm
  4. Mix-Up Offense
  5. Throwing

Chapter 3: Combo System I

  1. Basic Chains Advanced Chains
  2. Canceling Into Special Attacks
  3. Air Chains

Chapter 4: Combo System II

  1. Advanced Techniques
  2. Canceling into Air-dashes

This will unlock upon completing all lessons. Please take your time with the last 2 Chapters since they deal with combos, something novices may typically have trouble with. Follow the directions given to you and this will come in time. If you get stuck on any of the lessons, please refer to the in-depth Tutorial video provided below.

Words are fun - expand your vocabulary.    (4) 

In order to expand your vocabulary you must perform enough combos to receive around 60 different Combo Fanfare messages. Every time you perform a combo between the hits of 2 to 999 on your opponent, it will display a word under your combo number. There are around 300 total fanfare entries in all! There is a visual example of the combo counter below. Each number of hits has a word connected to it. An example would be the word, "Poetic" popping up whenever you do a 2-hit combo or "Adorable" when doing a 4-hit combo. You must receive at least 60 or so different words in order to unlock this. This can be unlocked across any mode (possibly even Training), but it may be easier to boost in 2 Player Versus.

2 Player Versus Method 
Start up 2P Local Versus Mode and try using the following character's Blockbuster Moves (Supers) against your second controller. They will easily land you different combo messages in various ranges. You may want to combo in and out of each one to help add to your combo counter. Try starting out with 2 crouching punches then cancel into a Blockbuster or finishing with a Launcher (followed by some attacks) to add more hits. Double's Cattelite Lives and Megalith Array are both "mash-able" Blockbusters, so you can quickly press buttons to get various different quotes there as well. Experiment!

  • Peacock's Argus Agony:  +  (20 Hit range)
  • Double's Cattelite Lives:  + +(60 Hit range)
  • Double's Megalith Array:  +  + (Varies)
  • Parasouls' Inferno Brigade:  +  (20 Hit range)

For a full list of all Combo Fanfare messages click HERE. You can check them off as you pull each combo word off. Once you have 60 or so different ones appear, the achievement will unlock.

An Ensemble Cast10
There may be no I in “team,” but there is in “variety.”    

This achievement requires you to play 30 matches using a combination of different team sizes and custom Ensemble (Assist) attacks. Once you have selected the required amount of team types and assists, this will unlock at the start of the next match. The characters and color pallets you choose for this do NOT matter. After you pick a character there will be 3 assists options, the first two are regular assists and the third one is the Custom. Pick Custom and map any button to set the custom Ensemble Assist. Here are the requirements:

  • Play 10 matches using a team of 3 members and using a custom Ensemble Assist for each of them.
  • Play 10 matches using a team of 2 members and using a custom Ensemble assist for each of them.
  • Play 10 matches using a character individually.

When the match starts I don't recommend you immediately pause and change characters when going for this. Play the match to the end, select "Change Characters" and continue fulfilling the requirements from there. You do NOT actually have to use your Custom Action Ensemble assist during the match to unlock this, just play the match to finish(no timeouts) then continue fulfilling the above requirements. 

Fulfill the 30 requirements and if done properly, this will unlock once the next match starts. 

Instant Hair Dash15
Let your parasite feel the wind between his tendrils.    (2) 

For this achievement you must cancel any move into an air-dash around 60 times as Filia. Start by doing a standing heavy () to your opponent to launch them into the air, immediately jump upwards after them and hit them with any attack (preferably ). Upon hitting  quickly double tap twice toward your opponent (,) to cancel out of the attack and follow up with another attack! Those directions are assuming Filia is on the Left side of the screen. Repeat this up to 60 times and the achievement will unlock.

Real Circus Damage15
And now, for the main attraction... Grappling!    (5) 

For the main attraction of grappling, you must perform a variety of Cerebella's throw moves 100 times. The basic fundamental grab in the game can be done by pressing  + . Remember, you must be a certain distance to your opponent in order to connect with these throws. Below are some of her other grab moves:

  • Diamond Drop:  +  + 
  • Merry Go-Rilla:  +  + 
  • Ultimate Showstopper: 360 Motion +  + 

Simply start up a 2 Player Local Versus match and use each one multiple times until the achievement pops. You can simply spam  +  if you want or any other throw move 100 times and it will still unlock. This should also be attainable in Sparring Mode while performing her Ultimate Showstopper Blockbuster grab move repeatedly as the video shows.

The Kitchen Sink15
Throw everything at them, including...    (6) 

For this achievement you must drop every object on your opponent when using Peacock's Shadow of Impending Doom. There are 21 possible objects that can be dropped. 

  • Peacock's Shadow of Impending Doom:  +  or  or 

Use  when performing the move since it always lands above your opponent. When performing the move, a black circular shadow will appear below your opponent followed by an Exclamation Mark (!). The longer you hold (charge)  the heavier (and more damaging) the object will be. The first set of objects require no charge, simply input the move and don't charge the attack button. The second set of objects require 1 charge, meaning wait until the first exclamation mark appears then let go. The heavier objects that require 2 charges, you must wait until the second exclamation mark appears, then let go. Here is the list of them all: 

No Charge Objects:

  • Boot
  • Fish
  • Medicine Bottle
  • Tea Cup
  • Bowling Ball
  • Flower Jar
  • Bag of sand

! Charge Objects: 

  • Safe
  • TV
  • Spike Ball
  • Yukkuri! (Animated head with Japanese speech bubble)
  • Peacock Friend 1
  • Peacock Friend 2
  • Barrel (With turkey inside)
  • Sink

!! Charged Objects:

  • Spike Balls Barrage
  • Easter Island Moai
  • Piano
  • Elephant
  • Golden Monster Fridge
  • Steam Roller

The objects that drop are completely random so this achievement will take some patience to pull off. The Steam Roller and Sink appear to be the most rare objects that drop so continue to drop items and check them off until you use all of them for the achievement. This does NOT have to be done all in 1 match, however, you can turn on Sparring Mode from the pause menu to prevent any KO's from damaging your opponent with so many objects and get this in one sitting.

Good Hunting, Commander15
A good commander knows how to wield her forces effectively.    (2) 

To wield your forces effectively, you must use Parasoul and summoning an Egret Soldier a grand total of 100 times. Each Egret Soldier special move has its own special effect whenever you call them out. The following are the 3 Egret Soldier moves you can use for the achievement and the directions below are assuming your character is on the Left side of the screen. All of these must be charged by holding the direction away from the opponent first for a few seconds followed by pressing toward and a kick button simultaneously:

  • Egret Call (Hold ), then  +  )
  • Egret Dive (Hold ), then  + )
  • Egret Charge (Hold ), then  + )

This will unlock upon summoning an Egret soldier 100 times. The soldier you call out should not matter, this should unlock regardless of whether you use the Egret Call, Dive or Charge 100 times, it all still counts.

Getting A Head In the Game15
Sometimes you just need to relax and take the weight off your shoulders.    (1) 

In order to relax and take the weight off your soldiers you must play as Ms. Fortune, use her head removal move, and leave it off for about 1 hour. Start off by going to Help & Options then Settings. Make sure you set the time to Infinite, this will allow you to stay idle as long as you need for the achievement, Sparring Mode also yields infinite time if you prefer that instead.

Next, go into Local Versus Mode and select Ms. Fortune. Press  +  or  or  to remove her head and after that just simply sit there with her head off for about an hour. This is a cumulative achievement so you don't necessarily have to unlock it in one sitting, but it is faster.

Leave Ms. Fortune's head off for about an hour or more and this will unlock once you've met the necessary time. If you're going to leave it idle and not be present, it is recommended that you use a wired controller for this to avoid your game falling asleep on you, resulting in the pause menu coming up, halting the process for this achievement.

My Pain Will Be Visited Upon You 15
Sometimes you can take it, and sometimes you just want to lash out.    (2) 

You must lash out a considerable amount of damage using Painwheel's Hatred Install, her Level 3 Blockbuster. Hatred Install is a special Blockbuster move that enters Painwheel in a powerful state capable of lashing out powerful counter attacks.

  • Painwheel's Hatred Install:  +  + 

If inputted correctly, Painwheel will power up and be able to perform counter attacks whenever her opponents hit her. You can press  to have her hit a Heavy Punch attack and she will counter any hit that connects with her during the startup of her  move. To unlock this achievement, you must inflict quite a lot of damage while in this state. This can easily be done in 2 Player Local Versus. Get Painwheel's meter up and enter this state. Continue to spam Heavy attacks( ) while having the Player 2 hit you(for the counter) until this unlocks. 


You can simply turn on Sparring Mode from the pause menu and repeatedly land Heavy attacks on your opponent. This will unlock once you have inflicted enough damage in her Hatred Install state.

Medical Board Will Be Notified15
Your opponents aren’t the only ones under the knife.    (2) 

To put not only your opponents but teammates under the knife you must perform Valentine's Level 5 Blockbuster Move called the Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina on a team mate and opponent(at the same time) around 30 times. This Blockbuster is unique because it can revive a downed teammate and cause damage on nearby opponents. Although, this can be unlocked in any Single Player mode, it would require far too much luck and time so you'll want to go for this achievement in 2 Player Versus against your second controller.

  • Valentine's Forbidden Procedure:  +  +  (or  + )

2 Player Local Versus Method 

Start up a Local Versus match against your second controller and make it a 2 vs 2 match. Select any character as your primary and Valentine as your secondary. Characters selected for Player 2 does not matter. When the match starts follow these simple steps. 

Step 1: Move both characters into a corner and have Player 2 K.O your character that started the match, Valentine will come in.

Step 2: Using Valentine, stand over your fallen partner and perform her Forbidden Procedure Blockbuster to revive her, make sure your opponent is nearby to also get hit by it.

Step 3: Once your partner has been revived tag her back in with  +  and repeat the process. You may want to immediately turn on Sparring Mode from the pause menu, exit, then turn it back off to get 5 special meters(for your Blockbuster) after this step.


Make sure you are standing right next to your fallen partner when reviving her or else the Blockbuster may miss. Also, make sure it makes contact with your opponent as well. You can use the Sparring Mode trick mentioned in the Roadmap to get Valentine's Special Meter up to 5 so that you can continue to do the Forbidden Procedure without having to manually get your meter up.

This will unlock once you have revived your partner(and hit your opponent) around 30 times.

Toil and Trouble15
A sesquidecemvir of seven simulacra synergizing simultaneously.    (7) 

For this oddly described achievement you must perform one of Double's combos around 15-20 times. So select Double in 2 Player Versus and use the following combo on a character against the wall roughly 30 times: 

(Launcher), (Jump), 

The combo should look like what is seen in the video above. You can turn on Sparring Mode to give your opponent infinite health to avoid K.O's so that you can nail the combo 15 times all in one match. This should unlock upon executing the above combo on your opponent 15+ times.

Game Info
Reverge Labs
Autumn Games


US April 11, 2012

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $14.99USD
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