Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun Achievements

Speed of the Shogun

Complete every level such that your best times for all of them add up to less than 3 hours.   

This can be done in level select on Casual difficulty. The best time needs to add up to a combined total of less than three hours. Some target times from Shelton are below to help with checking your progress, but as long as the totals add up to less than 180 minutes you will unlock this achievement across all devices.

  1. Line Limbo - 3:50
  2. Bedlam Beach - 5:22
  3. Archer Ambush - 4:59
  4. Glorious Gates - 1:20
  5. Sakura's Solace - 1:53
  6. Pink Pursuit - 6:06
  7. Potion Panic - 6:05
  8. Guardian Gardens - 3:33
  9. Raiden's Rampage - 0:52
  10. Murderous Moats - 12:30
  11. Hurricane Plain - 15:09
  12. Forsaken Flights - 7:43
  13. Fujin Falls - 12:45
  14. Lion's Labyrinth - 16:36
  15. Chaos Canyon - 7:31
  16. Autumn Assault - 14:14
  17. Glassy Glacier - 6:55
  18. Avalanche Alley - 11:20
  19. Frozen Finale - 16:37
  20. End of the Line - 24:12


*** Note that this achievement can become permanently unobtainable on some devices if you unlock it on one without doing the simultaneous kill to end the level on the other devices. For instance, if you play on the WP and unlock this achievement, and then later complete a level on the Xbox, for many people the achievement will not unlock on the Xbox even if playing offline on a clean install. This glitch applies to all of the campaign achievements!

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US January 30, 2013

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