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Guide By: Foxxy Kyle
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
Offline: 7 (90 )
Online: 5 (110 )
Approximate amount of time to 200 : 5-7 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable achievements: None
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Nope
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: Xbox Live Gold

Welcome to Skydrift, this is a fairly fun, arcade plane racing game. The achievements are all very easy. There are, however, five online achievements that may require a boosting partner. Difficulty does not matter, so you can play through every race on easy difficulty.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
When you first start up the game, go ahead and start playing through the campaign. There are seven stages in the campaign each with multiple races. There are not many maps. The game just cycles through the same few and changes the style of race, so you should be able to learn each map. You should play on easy difficulty during the campaign since difficulty does not matter. Make sure you get the shock wave power-ups (the purple ones) so you can get the Shock and Awe achievement early on.

You also need to earn all of the badges in campaign except one for winning two online races. To check your badges, select 'Game Awards' from the main menu, and there will be a list of all your badges and the ones you still need. Do not worry about the various medals you can also earn - you do not need those for any achievements.

After you complete the entire campaign, you should have six achievements. Five of the remaining six, you will need to earn online and the other one will be for completing a race for 7 consecutive days. You can play for seven days in a row if you want to get a time stamp with the achievement, or you can earn it offline and change the date of your console a day ahead seven times.

You will have five achievements remaining that need to be earned online. They should be The Collector, First Victory, The Most Decorated, Test Pilot, and Dressing Room. So get a partner using THIS thread, and start boosting some races. This will take about 2 hours for both of you to earn all online achievements. See Dressing Room for more information on the best way to boost.

If you have any remaining achievements, just do whatever you need to do to finish them. Use the guide below for help on any achievements you may still be missing.

Overall, this game is an easy completion for a quick 200 . The game is also pretty fun, but the current $15 price tag keeps many people from purchasing it.

[XBA would like to thank Foxxy kyle for this road map]

Combat Ready10
Unlock Stage 2.    

All you need to do is start up the campaign and finish enough races in stage one to unlock stage two. You should not have to even come in a trophy winning spot.

Air Race Champ20
Complete the campaign.     

Speed races: You will want to get a plane that has the easiest maneuverability, speed is not necessarily essential in this type of race. Your plane will be flying through rings which will give you speed boosts anyway. There are no power-ups or weapons.

Survivor races: The player in last place when the time is up loses. There are power-ups and weapons, so use them to your advantage. Use whichever plane best suits your play style. Personally I liked to use the Panther III for these races, it has decent speed and good boosting power and maneuverability.

Power races: These are just the standard races every arcade racer has. You will go through getting power-ups and various weapons to sabotage other racers as you try to win the race. I liked to use a plane with good armor for these races, but use whichever plane you win with the best.

This will probably take around 2-3 hours to do. You will need to go through each race in the seven stages and complete them. You do not have to even come in a trophy winning spot. Play on easy difficulty through the entire campaign to make this as straightforward as possible.

Collect 10 Badges.    

There are fifteen badges you can earn in the entire game. You just need for earn ten of them for this achievement. See The Most Decorated for more info.

The Most Decorated30
Collect all Badges.    (3) 

There are fifteen badges you can need to earn for this. One requires you to win races online. The other fourteen can be earned offline. These are not hard and most may unlock just by playing through the campaign. Each badge has three levels to it - bronze, silver, and gold. You only need to earn the bronze badges though. To check your badges, select 'Game Awards' from the main menu, and there will be a list of all your badges and the ones you still need.

Home Stretch10
Unlock all events in the campaign.    

Just play through the campaign and after completing X amount of races in a stage, the next stage races will unlock. This will unlock after unlocking the single race available in Stage 7.

The Collector10
Unlock all Planes.    

Each plane will unlock as you complete the campaign, with the exception of one plane. The plane "Spark" will not unlock until you have completed twenty total online sessions. See Dressing Room for more information on boosting online.

Dressing Room30
Unlock all Skins.    (2) 

This achievement requires a partner to boost for all of the skins. Most of the planes will have the majority of the skins unlock by just completing the campaign. However each one requires victories online with the plane. What you will want to do is set up a private race for the two of you and have one person go through each of his planes to unlock the skins that require a victory online. Most of them you can just go through quickly earn the online skin after a single victory. However, Stallion Turbo, and Spark, require ten victories online with each plane. Also, the plane "Spark" will not even unlock until you play through twenty total races online with any of the other planes.

To set up the match, one of you will will start up a custom match online, and change the settings to 'Survivor Race', 'Strong time pressure', and make a session private. Invite your partner and start boosting. This will take two hours at the most for both players to achieve all online achievements.

First Victory20
Earn your first victory online!   (1) 

See Dressing Room for more information.

Test Pilot20
Win a race with every plane.    

You will get this online while boosting the other online achievements with your partner. You cannot get this offline because you need to complete twenty online races to unlock the plane "Spark".

Complete at least one match for 7 consecutive days.    (5) 

You can do this legit by just completing a race for seven days in a row, if you want a time stamp. If you want to earn this as quick as possible, you can do this by changing the times on your console. However, your achievement will not have a time stamp when unlocked. If you do not know how to do this, follow my instructions below.

1. Disconnect from Xbox Live by removing your Ethernet cable or wireless adapter from your xbox.
2. On the dashboard, go to My Xbox > System Settings > Console Settings > Clock > Date and Time.
3. Change the date one day forward
4. Load up Skydrift
5. Play a race, survivor races will be the quickest if you come in last and are the first eliminated.
6. After the match ends, press :abut: until you are back at the main menu, and go to your dashboard.
7. While still disconnected from Xbox Live, repeat step two and just go forward again to the next day.
8. Rinse and repeat for seven days

Note: Some people have claimed it takes eight days for them to unlock. So if it doesn't unlock on the seventh day, keep trying.

Shock and Awe10
Kill two players at the same time with Shockwave.    (1) 

Get a purple power-up when in a race and use it in a group of people at the beginning of the race. Any plane that is slightly damaged will blow up. You should get this by just playing through the campaign.

Power User10
Use every powerup in the game at least once.    

There are less than ten total power-ups in the game. Just keep playing though the campaign and try to use each one.

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Digital Reality


US September 07, 2011

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