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There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 45 for 1000
- Online: 0 for 0
- Approximate time: 15-20 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Missable achievements: No [Level Select]
- Does difficulty affect Achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: Skylanders Giants Starter Pack, or Skylanders Giants Portal Owners Pack and one undead and one air Skylander


Skylanders Giants is the sequel to Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, and the second game in the Skylanders franchise. Kaos is back, and it's up to you and your Skylanders to stop him. The formula remains the same as the first game, so if you've played that, you'll know what to do here. This game introduces new Giant Skylanders, who have access to special areas in the game.

Story Playthrough:
First, you'll want to play through the story on the difficulty of your choice, though it's best to use the Cyclops Crusher difficulty, which is equivalent to normal. There is a chapter-specific achievement in each chapter to go for. Most of these are easy to get, but some may take a few attempts, like "Autogyro Pyrotechnician", "Talker in a Strange Land", "Cannon Confounder", and "Pedal to the Metal". If you miss one, you can replay the chapter from the chapter select menu to try again. All in all, playing through the story should take you 6-10 hours, and will get you all of the story-related achievements, and unlock Nightmare difficulty.

Miscellaneous Achievements Clean-up:
After beating the story, it is recommended you focus on getting 65,000 treasure on one Skylander for "Spend That Loot!". Thankfully, there's a trick you can use to do this quickly. If you don't want to do it now, you can do it on your Nightmare playthrough.

You'll also want to replay chapters to get any chapter-specific or other miscellaneous achievements you may have missed. This is also the best time to complete all arena challenges for "1 and 0" and "Great Gladiator!".

Nightmare Playthrough:
Once everything else is done, start a new save file, and choose Nightmare difficulty. Nightmare can be challenging at times, because the enemies can knock you out very quickly. You'll want to avoid any battles, and fight only when necessary. Use as many maxed out Skylanders as you can, so you can keep playing if knocked out and not have to restart a stage. This run should take 4-6 hours, and will unlock "Nightmare Avenger" upon completion.

Skylanders Giants is a very fun and entertaining game, and the majority of its achievements are easy to obtain. Only a handful might require multiple attempts, but if you persevere, you get all 1000.

[XBA would like to thank HamKet for this roadmap]

Rumbletown Ranger10
Complete Chapter 3     

Story related. You will get this after defeating Brock in the arena.

Skystones Superstar10
Complete Chapter 4     

Story related. You will get this after defeating Dreadbeard in a game of Skystones.

Glacier Great10
Complete Chapter 5     

Story related. You will get this after freeing the giant robot from the ice.

Vault Victor10
Complete Chapter 6     

Story related. You will get this after opening the Arkeyan vault.

Wilikin Winner10
Complete Chapter 7     

Story related. You will get this after defeating the Chompy Mage in battle.

Security Breacher10
Complete Chapter 8     

Story related. You will get this after destroying the shield gun.

King of the Castle10
Complete Chapter 9     

Story related. You will get this after defeating Brute the arena master in the arena.

Sky Survivor10
Complete Chapter 10     

Story related. You will get this after destroying the purple orbs and sinking the dreadnaught.

Drill-X Defeator10
Complete Chapter 11     (1) 

Story related. You will get this after defeating Drill-X.

Molekin Liberator10
Complete Chapter 12     

Story related. You will get this after defeating Pipsqueak in the arena.

Trial Taker10
Complete Chapter 13     

Story related. You will get this after completing all three of the Oracle's trials.

Copter Captain10
Complete Chapter 14     

Story related. You will get this after opening the door to the city of Arkus and making your way inside.

Arkus Adventurer10
Complete Chapter 15     (2) 

Story related. You will get this after opening the door and entering the palace.

Savior of Skylands!150
Complete the Story Mode by recovering the Iron Fist of Arkus and defeating Kaos on any difficulty     (1) 

Story related. You will get this after defeating Kaos and his giant robot in Chapter 16.

Nightmare Avenger100
Complete the Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty     (8) 

Nightmare difficulty is unlocked once you beat the game. After doing so, select a new save file, and set the difficulty to Nightmare. You cannot change the difficulty of your existing save to Nightmare, nor can you change the difficulty on your Nightmare save once you start it.

General tips:
- Enemies are much stronger on Nightmare, and you can expect to die in one to three hits.
- Avoid whatever fights you can.
- Use maxed out Skylanders, preferably ones with ranged attacks. See Spend That Loot! for a way to get potentially unlimited money to upgrade your Skylanders' abilities.
- Equip your Skylanders with the best hats you can find.
- It is helpful to have as many Skylanders as possible, as they are essentially extra lives. The less you have the quicker you'll need to restart a chapter.
- Take your time, be cautious, and you should make it though without too much trouble.

Earn 3 Stars on any Adventure Level    

You can earn three stars on each chapter in the game. One star can be earned each for completing all the story objectives, one for finding all the treasure, and one for what the game calls "dares" (playing quickly, beating lots of enemies, not dying, etc.). You do not need to earn all three stars in one run of a stage. In fact, you will need two runs at a minimum, as finding all the treasures will likely cause you to go over your time goal.

The best stage to earn this is on Chapter 1, as it is short and easy. Here are the requirements:

Meet Norticus
Free the Mabu slaves

Cleared in Under 04:20
Enemy Goal - 40
All Areas Found - 12
No Lives Lost

Soul Gem Found
Legendary Treasure Found
All Hats Found - 3
All Treasure Chests Found - 4
Story Scroll Found
Winged Sapphire Found
Luck-O-Tron Wheel Found

Check OldSkoolGamer's collectibles guide for specific locations of the treasure:

Elemental Explorer10
Unlock your first Elemental area    

The first chance you'll get for this achievement is just after the Chompy pit in Chapter 1. Place a Life Skylander on the portal, and use it to unlock the area.

A New Hero10
Complete 1 Heroic Challenge    

Heroic challenges are unlocked after completing Chapter 2. Talk to Cali on the ship, and complete any of the available challenges within the given time limit. A new challenge is unlocked with every Skylander you use in the game. You can also buy new challenges in Auric's shop. They vary in task and difficulty, so level up and try again later if you're having trouble. You'll get a stat boost for your Skylander for each challenge you complete.

1 and 010
Complete your first arena challenge    (2) 

Arena challenges are unlocked after completing Chapter 3. Talk to Brock on the ship and complete any of the available arena challenges to unlock this achievement. See "Great Gladiator!" for more details.

Great Gladiator!100
Complete all 21 Arena Challenges    (5) 

There are three arenas with seven challenges each. The first arena unlocks after Chapter 3, the others unlock after Chapter 9 and 12. Talk to Brock on the ship and complete any of the available arena challenges to unlock this achievement. Complete all 21 challenges to unlock this achievement.

General tips:
- Take your time. These challenges have no time limit.
- These vary in task and difficulty, so level up and try again later if you're having trouble. Use a maxed out Skylander if you have one.
- You can only use one Skylander per challenge, so if you get knocked out, you'll need to retry.
- Between waves of enemies, the audience will toss out food. If you don't need it, leave it on the ground.
- Pick a target and stick to it until it's defeated, whether it's a small enemy or large one.
- Most of these are pretty simple. The only challenging ones are the last of each arena, where you have only 1HP.

The IGN Wiki has a good listing of the 21 arena challenges and their rewards:

Here is a video playlist by PlayWithPetey showing all of the arena challenges:

Elemental Enthusiast10
Chapter 1 - Open all the Elemental areas    (7) 

There are three elemental areas to find, and you will need a Life Skylander, an Air Skylander, and an Undead Skylander to unlock them all. (These are the three types included in the starter pack.)

The life elemental area is found just after the Chompy pit, before you leave the cave. The air elemental area is to the left, just after exiting the cave. The undead elemental area is accessible after you break the first chain on the robot. Circle left around the small building below you, and you'll find the area.

Here's a video by XboxAchievables:

Chain Champ10
Chapter 2 - Complete the Chain Pull Feat of Strength    

The chain pull feat of strength is found after you are introduced to the Drow Lance Master. After the cut-scene, walk to back and left. Use a Giant Skylander to toss the boulder aside, and move to the giant chain and press :ybut: until done.

Here's a video by XboxAchievables:

Log Lifter10
Chapter 3 - Complete the Log Lift Feat of Strength    (1) 

The log lift feat of strength is found toward the end of the stage after Brock destroys the bridge you're trying to cross. After the cut-scene, walk toward the screen and left, where you'll drop down to another area. Use a Giant Skylander to approach the stack of logs, and press :ybut: until done.

Here's a video by XboxAchievables:

Skystone Sampler10
Chapter 4 - Collect all of the Skystones    (1) 

For this achievement, you'll need to defeat four opponents in a game of Skystones, and acquire the Skystone the give you for beating them. You do not need to buy any stones from the merchant in the stage.

1. Beat Fangs in the House of Cards. This encounter teaches you how to play the game.
2. When Cali tells you to pull the chain, ignore her and go into The Boat House to the left instead. Defeat Woof and get his stone. This one can be missed, as you do not need to talk to him to advance the stage.
3. Beat Bandit, the prisoner, in a game.
4. Beat Dreadbeard in a game at the end of the stage.

Here's a video by XboxAchievables:

Snowman Slammer10
Chapter 5 - Destroy 7 snowmen    (1) 

In this snow stage, there are snowmen scattered about the background objects that you can destroy. Destroy seven of them to get this achievement.

Autogyro Pyrotechnician10
Chapter 6 - Destroy all the Arkeyan Autogyros    (7) 

In this stage you'll be walking around in a giant robot, and you'll need to destroy the large flying autogyros to get this achievement. You do not need to worry about the smaller ones. They move quickly, and it can be difficult to hit them with your shots, so it's best to tackle this once you've played the stage a few times so you know where to expect them.

You can punch or shoot the autogyros with your robot. Each Skylander element causes the robot to shoot a different type of ammo, so find one you're comfortable with. The tech element has a quick firing shot, but does less damage. The life element fires watermelons which do a lot of damage, but are slow.

There are 12 total, four in the first section, four in the second, and eight in the last. After you complete a robot section, your progress to that point is saved. If you miss an autogyro, you can reload the checkpoint to try again.

Here's a video by TikayBeatz PSN, which shows each robot section, and has a counter showing the running total:



Talker in a Strange Land40
Chapter 7 - Talk to all of the Wilikins    (3) 

You'll need to talk to 25 Wilikins throughout the stage to get this achievement. It can be easy to miss one, so be sure to be thorough, and try to talk to them in the order below.

1. Livingston, before crossing the bridge
2. Westminster, after crossing the bridge
3. Chamberlin, inside Carlton's House (bottom-right house)
4. Carlton, inside Carlton's House (bottom-right house)
5. Hamilton, inside Hamilton Landing, (center-right house)
6. Wellsley, inside Hamilton Landing, (center-right house)
7. Helena, inside Helena's Home, (top-right house)
8. Hazel, open the locked door inside Helena's Home, (top-right house)
9. Courtland, inside Rutherford's Game Room (top-left house)
10. Rutherford, inside Rutherford's Game Room (top-left house)
11. Fitz, inside Doll Day-Care (center-left house)
12. Klaus, inside Doll Day-Care (center-left house)
13. Linda, inside Doll Day-Care (center-left house)
14. Emerson, inside Catherine's House (far back-left house, up the bounce pad)
15. Catherine, inside Catherine's House (far back-left house, up the bounce pad)
16. Olivia, inside Stephanie's House (center house)
17. Stephanie, inside Stephanie's House (center house)

Areas Between Facadevilles
18. Elizabeth, behind the double-locked door, next to the earth elemental area
19. Seraphina, inside The Wing Caves
20. Seraphina, inside Roc's Elbow

Lower Facadeville
21. Erickson, outside the three houses (talk to him first, as he will disappear)
22. Kate, inside Kate's Keyroom (center house)
23. Suzanne, inside Evie's Puzzle Place (right house)
24. Evie, inside Evie's Puzzle Place (right house)
25. Seraphina, after the triple-locked door

Here's a video guide by TikayBeatz PSN:

Cannon Confounder10
Chapter 8 - Complete the level without getting directly hit by a cannon    

During this stage, you'll attempt to take out the shield. As you approach, there will be three stand-alone cannons, which you must destroy to fulfill the "Take Out the Big Cannons" objective. At the end of the stage, you'll need to zig-zag in front of an emplacement of cannons as you approach the end of the stage. You cannot be hit by any of these cannons to get this achievement.

You can destroy the big cannons by tossing a boulder or similar large object at them with a Giant Skylander, or by tossing a bomb at them with a normal Skylander. Be sure to stand out of their line of fire when you do so.

You'll need to cross the emplacement of cannons three times, once going right, then left, and right again. Before moving, analyze their pattern of fire, and move when comfortable. There is cover along each path, so you can take a brief respite as you go. Just take your time and do not get hit. You'll unlock the achievement after the final battle, just before the stage ends.

Here is a video by 2-4 Gamerz, which begins with the first big cannon:

Kaos Buster10
Chapter 9 - Destroy 10 Kaos Bust Statues    

While exploring Kaos' castle, you'll find busts of Kaos mixed in the destructible background objects. Destroy ten of them before the end of the stage to earn this achievement. They're pretty easy to spot, so this shouldn't be too tough.

Mine Menace10
Chapter 10 - Shoot down 10 mines    

While defending the Dread-Yacht from attackers, you'll jump into the ship's turret. While in the turret, you'll be given various tasks to complete, one of them being "Clear the Mines." After completing that objective, just shoot down seven more. Basically, shoot everything that comes on screen, and you'll easily get this.

Pipe Petard10
Chapter 11 - Damage Drill-X by throwing a pipe at him    (1) 

Drill-X is the boss of Chapter 11. There will be two pipes sticking out of the ground, which you can use as cover during the fight. At the start of the fight, switch to a Giant Skylander, and pull one of them out of the ground and toss it at Drill-X's drill when it gets stuck in the ground. Make sure to do this in the beginning of the battle, as the pipes will get destroyed during the fight requiring a replay if you don't get it.

Hut Wrecker10
Chapter 12 - Destroy 3 enemy huts with boulders Giants can lift    (1) 

At two points during this stage, you'll have fights where enemies spawn from out of a nearby hut. Switch to a Giant Skylander, pull up one of the boulders in the area, and toss it at the hut to destroy it (preventing any more enemies from spawning there).

The first hut is near the start of the chapter, in front of the first gate. The second and third huts are later in the stage, just before you enter the Crystalsong Mines. There is one on each side of the entrance to the mines.

Here is a video by 2-4 Gamerz showing the locations:

Column Crusher10
Chapter 13 - Destroy all the columns in the second trial    (1) 

During the second trial, you'll enter a large arena with a half circle of six stone columns. Attack each of these to knock them down, and destroy their debris. Once you've destroyed them all, the achievement is yours.

Pedal to the Metal40
Chapter 14 - Collect all 16 speed boosts in "The Long Hall" section    (1) 

As you fly about in your stolen autogryo, you'll find magenta energy orbs. These are speed boosts, and each section has a set amount to get. As you collect them, a counter will appear in the top right showing your running total for the area. For this achievement, you need to get all 16 in The Long Hall section.

After completing the objective in the Gear Box area (you need to direct a laser past a giant gear), you'll fly into The Long Hall. Follow the trail of loot, and you should find all sixteen. As soon as you get the last one, the achievement unlocks.

Here is a video by 2-4 Gamerz showing the locations:

Freebot Isn't Free10
Chapter 15 - Defeat Freebot in a game of Skystones    (4) 

Freebot is located not too far into the stage. Just after the first gate, there will be two spike traps on the floor. Face the screen and drop down between them. You'll land on a ledge with a wall your Giant Skylander can smash. Freebot is behind this wall. Challenge him to a game of Skystones and win, and this achievement is yours.

Keepin' Cool10
Chapter 16 - Complete the chapter without taking damage from fire traps    

In this chapter, there a many fire traps which you must pass through in order to progress. Take your time, and wait for it to be safe before you pass through them. It's pretty easy to avoid the fire as long as you are patient. The achievement will unlock at the start of the battle with Kaos if you are successful.

Skystones Strategist20
SkyStones - Capture 2 stones with 1 single stone    

In the game of Skystones, you can capture your opponent's pieces if your piece has more arrows than theirs. To capture two stones with one, you'll need to be able to place your stone between theirs and have more arrows than them on each side. If you do, you'll get their piece and this achievement. It might take a few games before you have strong enough pieces and the opportunity to do this.

Clean Jersey10
Don’t take any damage from Kaos' rockets during the mini-game on the Dread-Yacht    (2) 

After completing Chapter 7, you'll be able to go downstairs to the ship's turret on the Gun Deck. When you jump into it, you'll have the chance to play of one of three randomly selected mini-games (shooting sheep, barrels, or artillery shells). For this achievement, you want the mini-game where you shoot artillery shells, so keep playing and completing the mini-games until it appears.

Once the artillery shells mini-game appears for you, carefully shoot down all thirty rockets without taking any damage. If you do get hit, allow yourself to fail, so you can replay it immediately. (Leaving or winning the area randomizes the game again.) This can be tricky, as the shells move fairly quickly. If you're having trouble, have a friend help you in co-op play, and have each of you take half the screen.

Here's a video by 2-4 Gamerz:

Soul Surfer20
Collect soul gems for Tree Rex and Jet-Vac    (6) 

There is a soul gem hidden in each chapter. When found it will unlock an additional ability for the Skylander featured on the gem. For this achievement, you'll need to find the gem for both Tree Rex and Jet-Vac.

Tree Rex's soul gem is located in Chapter 12, Molekin Mountain. Jet-Vac's is found in Chapter 14, Autogyro Adventure. Check OldSkoolGamer's collectibles guide for specific locations:

Seeker Adept20
Collect 10 Legendary Ship Parts     

Legendary Ship Parts allow you to customize the appearance of the Dread-Yacht. Each stage has one Legendary Ship Part hidden in it. Find ten of the sixteen available in the game to unlock this achievement.

Check OldSkoolGamer's collectibles guide for specific locations:

Hint Scholar20
Collect 10 Story Scrolls     

Story Scrolls expand on the games backstory and lore. Each stage has one Story Scroll hidden in it. Find ten of the sixteen available in the game to unlock this achievement.

Check OldSkoolGamer's collectibles guide for specific locations:

Collect 10 Hats     (1) 

Hats are wearable items for your Skylander, which give them stat boosts. Each stage has at least one Hat hidden within. You can also buy them at Auric's shop, or win them by completing challenges. Get ten to get this achievement.

Check OldSkoolGamer's collectibles guide for specific locations:

To the Max40
Level up any Skylander to level 15    (2) 

The maximum level any Skylander can reach in Skylanders Giants is level 15. To reach it, play with the Skylander of your choice as much as possible, and only switch out when you need to. If you do this, you should get to 15 by the end of the game.

If you have a level 10 Skylander you used in Spyro's Adventure, this will be that much easier, as the Skylander will continue leveling from that point. Be sure to take ownership of the Skylander in this game.

Upgrade Uniter40
Purchase all upgrades for any one Skylander    (5) 

You can purchase upgrades for your Skylanders from Persephone. Save your money to purchase only upgrades, and don't buy anything from the shops until your Skylander is maxed out. You should be able to buy all upgrades by level 12. See "Spend That Loot!" for a way to get potentially unlimited money.

Alternatively, if you have a Skylander with all upgrades that you used in Spyro's Adventure, you can place it on your portal, and take ownership of it in Giants. The achievement will unlock immediately.

Spend That Loot!40
Amass 65,000 Treasure with any one Skylander    (8) 

This achievement is earned by having 65,000 treasure on one Skylander at the one time. It does not count any money already spent. This will not likely happen during your normal playthrough, and will require additional runs. Fortunately, there is a wonderful way to get potentially infinite money once you beat the game.

After the credits end, you are returned to the deck of the Dread-Yacht. Go into the door up the stairs to the right, and make your way up to the Crane Deck. You'll see a very large pile of treasure, around 6000, on the ground. Collect it, and then quit to the dashboard. Do not save and quit the game. The money is saved to your Skylander instantly.

Back at the dashboard, create a copy of your save data on a USB stick. Load up the game using the USB save, and you'll be back on the ship deck. Go back up to the Crane Deck, and you'll see the money is there again. Collect it, dashboard, and reload from the USB. Repeat this until you amass 65,000 treasure and unlock the achievement.

A word of caution: Before attempting this, try to collect all of the Winged Sapphires that can appear randomly around the ship. One can spawn on the Crane Deck, and if you grab it while getting the treasure, the game will save, and you'll lose your infinite money cheat.

Here is a video by Toxiicxducky831 showing the process:

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