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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Achievement Guide

Guide By: kashmyr7, I Orange I, tkhbecker, flamingokai
There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 50 (1000)
Online: 0 (0)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 12-15 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 plus chapter select (only because of the timed part of the 3 stars achievement)
Number of missable achievements: None, Chapter Select available by hitting start. 
Glitched achievements: There appears to be a glitch with "Gotta Buy Them All", where it does not always unlock. The reason for this is unknown.
Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty selection.
Extra Equipment Required: The game requires an open USB port on your XBox because of a device that comes with the game called a "Portal of Power". The "Portal of Power" is what allows the toys to be unlocked in your game. The game starts with 3 toys. You have to place one on the "Portal of Power" before the game will allow you to continue. You can switch creatures at any time without restriction. In addition, there are additional (optional) toys which you can purchase which affect your game in different ways - including having different powers, or allowing you to unlock certain activities within the game. The toys are what saves your level progress and upgrades, and are able to be used within other games (although second player does not earn achievements), even across other non-XBox systems as long as they have the game on that system. You can finish the game without purchasing any extra toys outside of the original game, however, purchasing additional toys certainly makes the entire process much easier.

Welcome to Skylanders: Spyro Adventure! This game has 38 achievements worth a total of 1000 . This is definitely on the easier side, even without buying the extra figures. It is important to note that while buying additional figures makes this game easier, it is entirely possible to get the 1000/1000 with the 3 figures available in the set. 

Co-op, while available in the game, will not unlock achievements for the second profile signed in (which is why every achievement says "primary profile").


Again, while it is possible to get all of the achievements with the 3 that comes with the game, buying additional figures makes the game a lot easier. Here's a few figures I'd recommend:

Chop Chop - he has 100 armor, which makes him much more resistant to attack.
Stealth Elf - her 100 speed, decoy ability and regeneration ability make her a really powerful character. She also gives you access to one of the best hats - the Unicorn Hat (+12 Critical and +12 Armor) in Quicksilver Vault.
Whirlwind - her healing ally ability and attacks are very effective. She is a Target exclusive in the US, and is an exclusive to Tesco in the UK. She also gives you access to the other of the best hats - the Wizard Hat (+25 Elemental), in Arkeyan Armory. 
Terrafin - available only as part of the "Pirate Seas" Pack. His ability to burrow into the ground is very good for the final boss fight - as one of the achievements require you to not switch (including causing a creature to "rest" by hitting 0 hp) and he can avoid attacks this way.

True Portal Master80
Unlock all other Achievements. (primary profile)      (4) 

This will unlock when you have completed all of the other achievements.

Hello!! Skylander10
The first time you put your Skylander on the Portal of Power. (primary profile)     (3) 

You will get this one as soon as you begin the game and place a Skylander that belongs to you on the Portal. The Skylander must be tied to your profile - it cannot "belong" to someone else. You can check this by going into the character profile.

Home Sweet Home10
Complete the Shattered Island level. (primary profile)     

Unmissable, story related.

Fresh Air10
Complete the Stormy Stronghold level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)     

Unmissable, story related.

Pure Water10
Complete the Leviathan Lagoon level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)     

Unmissable, story related.

Mother Earth10
Complete the Stone Town level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)     

Unmissable, story related.

Light of Life20
Complete the Falling Forest level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)     

Unmissable, story related.

Perfect Technology20
Complete the Battlefield level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)     

Unmissable, story related.

Undead Spirit20
Complete the Creepy Citadel level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)     

Unmissable, story related.

Dancing Fire20
Complete the Lava Lakes Railway level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)     

Unmissable, story related.

Magic Time40
Complete the Arkeyan Armory level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)     (1) 

Unmissable, story related.

The Savior60
Complete the adventure mode by finishing the game. (primary profile)     (7) 

Unmissable, story related. See "One for All" for potential strategies.

Star Chaser60
Get 3 stars in any one level. (primary profile)    (3) 

The easiest level to get this one on is the very first level. You should be able to pretty much unlock everything except for the speed run on the first try. It is important to note that the legendary treasure can be found by using the first cannon a second time, which will eliminate a house, and show you a pig shaped treasure. Also, the magic gate can be found by using a turtle to bridge a gap on the left side of the map. Beyond that, do a speed run to clean up, and this achievement will be yours.

Phew! That was close!20
In the Leviathan Lagoon level, dodge 30 sharks without being hit. (primary profile)    (15) 

To dodge, the screen actually has to slow down. The best chance you have is in the third part of the boss fight, where the 3 minions come out to play. Kill 2 and leave 1 alive (preferably Gill Grunt), and you should have a non-stop stream of sharks. Use the lower left or lower right corners to dodge the entire stream, and you will unlock this achievement.

Dodge Ball20
In Falling Forest, beat Evil Ent while more than 5 of his seeds are on the field. (primary profile)    (7) 

Evil Ent is the tree looking creature. He will spit out two types of seeds - a small seed which he spits two out, and a larger one that he will spit that doesn't last nearly as long as the smaller ones. Weaken him enough to ensure that you can kill him when he gets enough seeds on the field and then kill him, preferably with Trigger Happy's guns at near point blank range or Spyro's head charge ability to ensure you do not accidentally eliminate seeds like you could with some of the other attacks.

Call Me Fireman!40
Beat Kaos' Evil minions in Lava Lakes Railway with only Gill Grunt's Power Hose. (primary profile)    (17) 

His "minions" are the dark versions of the playable Skylanders. Using Gill Grunt's power hose only, you need to do all of the damage. One strategy is to switch between the point when he has his minions out and when he has the fireballs out, since the fireballs tend to hit for multiple wounds when you accidentally hit one. If you happen to lose Gill Grunt, while he is down you can hit  to restart at the beginning of the boss fight. 

Tag me if you can!20
Avoid being hit by the laser traps during the boss fight in Creepy Citadel. (primary profile)    (8) 

This one can be done just by avoiding the red lasers, which show immediately after the white markers show up. As long as you know the pattern, you can use the flying abilities of Spyro or the water rocket abilities of Gill Grunt to move quickly. If you fail, you can intentionally make your creature fall to 0 hp and reload the start of the boss fight using .

One for All!60
Defeat Kaos without swapping Skylanders during the battle. (primary profile)    (20) 

The best strategy here is to get a really powerful hat, available in the final levels, and to upgrade your Skylander using challenges. The challenges will give you additional abilities. The more Skylanders you purchase, the more challenges you will have available. Gill Grunt really shines here since you are able to swing the hose back and forth and hit multiple targets when he is spawning three creatures at a time, and when the green head of the hydra is spawning the red ants. If you happen to fail, you can hit  to begin at the beginning of the boss fight instead of having to go all the way through the Lair of Kaos again.

You can also this with a friend and if your going for achievement where you can't swap Skylanders in battle it is recommend that you do it with Terrafin as you can go underground and the lasers can't hit you and its easier to dodge the fire and sharks.

The Ace Pilot20
Defeat 30 enemies while riding the War Machine in the Arkeyan Armory level. (primary profile)    (1) 

As long as you fire on the creatures, this is nearly unmissable. You can punch by using the X and A buttons, and fire at enemies at a distance using the B button.

No Rocket Fired!20
Never use any rocket in the Falling Forest level. (primary profile)    (2) 

Spyro's abilities really come in handy with this one - you can utilize the triple fire ability to make sure you hit it. You are given an angle on most of the saw blade vehicles that you should be able to hit it. If not, you can climb up the wheels to get a up close shot at the creatures.

Leviathan Dentist10
Get swallowed by the Leviathan 5 times in the Leviathan Lagoon level. (primary profile)    (2) 

Using Gill Grunt, just walk out into the lake, and the Leviathian will eat you. You will be able to escape by firing at his uvula (the dangling red thing in the back of your throad). Repeat this 5 times - especially because the Leviathan will generally stick around after the first try.

I love smashing!20
Destroy all of the rocks in the Molekin Mine level. (primary profile)    (6) 

There are a lot of rocks throughout the level - as long as you check both sides of the tracks, you should see all of the rocks that need smashed. The nice thing about this achievement is that it unlocks immediately. If you do not push Diggs back all the way, you should be able to continue indefinitely.

One of the biggest missable rocks is actually located behind the tech gate (using Trigger Happy you can unlock it).

Here's another strategy using the Prism Break figure. An easy way to break rocks without using the pick is to use Prism Break's beam attack. While fighting creatures they will turn into focus crystal which splits your beam and can hit multiple rocks and/or enemies.

Mine Detector20
Complete the Troll Warehouse level without getting injured by the landmines. (primary profile)    

Easy enough - just avoid all of the mines. There's really not much to this one as long as you progress and are careful. There's not much strategy to this one other then avoiding.

Get me if you can!20
Complete Crystal Eye Castle without being hit by any of the rolling barrels. (primary profile)    (4) 

This is best achieved using either Gill Grunt alone and using his hose abilities, or using Spyro's triple flame abilities to eliminate the barrels. I used Gill Grunt, slowly walking forward moving the hose back and forth slightly and you will eventually eliminate the throwers.

New Challenger20
Complete your first challenge level! (primary profile)    (1) 

Challenges will give you additional abilities when you defeat them. See Can't Stop Me for the 3 challenges available in the box.

Can't stop me!40
Complete 3 Challenge levels. (primary profile)    (4) 

Where Art Thou, Paintings (Spyro):

You run around smashing paintings. Depending on the Skylander you use, you probably will not be able to kill the Zombies (except for with Spyro).

Hobson's Choice (Trigger Happy):

You run around teleporting until you get to a large open area with a tank. Take the tank down and the armoir will drop. As long as you get a double teleporter, you are on the right track. As soon as you get a single teleporter, just use the other teleporter that you did not choose. This one is pretty simple.

Jailbreak! (Gill Grunt):

The hardest of the three.

I love shopping10
The first time you purchase an upgrade for your Skylander. (primary profile)    (6) 

To upgrade, you visit the fairy in the stone structure on the left side of the Ruins. She becomes available immediately following chapter 3. Most of the first upgrades run just under 500 gold. A solid amount of starting gold can be found by using the respective attacks, from bottom to top, on the stone structure on the right side of the Ruins.

Gotta buy them all20
Purchase all upgrades for any one Skylander. (primary profile)     (26) 

This achievement can be glitchy right now. Here's some potential fixes which people have found:

Claim ownership of the creature which will have all of the upgrades purchased.
Have your co-op partner (the one not getting achievements) unlock the final upgrade.

The amount to upgrade varies by character. The final ability can only be obtained by finding the Soul Gems in the different chapters. The locations of these soul gems are as follows, as they can be found pretty much in the open in these levels:

  • Spyro - Crawling Catacombs
  • Gill Grunt - Treetop Terrace
  • Trigger Happy - Cadaverous Crypt

The easiest way to get money would be to replay the final couple of levels using the chapter select after finishing the main story if you have not collected enough money on characters during the normal progression. It is important to note that any money beyond full upgrades is essentially wasted.

Climb to the Top60
Level up any one Skylander to level 10. (primary profile)    

Easy enough. There is a way to actually power level creatures. If you use only distance weapons in co-op, you can have another creature with you to collect the bubbles that are on the ground after a kill. This is especially effective in later levels.

Fashion Elite40
Collect 10 Hats. (primary profile)     

Again, having additional creatures helps get additional hats available through the different soul gates.

Here's the list of all of the hats available, created by The Dagda Mor. Remember, some of these will require additional characters to reach:

Row 1

  • Combat Hat (+15 Elemental Power) Level 14
  • Napoleon Hat (+ 5 Armor, +5 Elemental Power) Level 7
  • Spy Gear (+5 Critical Hit, +2 Speed) Level 12
  • Miner Hat (+7 Armor, +7 Elemental Power) Level 18
  • General's Hat (+7 Critical Hit, +7 Elemental Power) Level 13
  • Pirate Hat (+20 Critical Hit) Level 24

Row 2

  • Propeller Cap (+3 Speed) Level 3
  • Coonskin Cap (+10 Critical Hit) Level 11
  • ???
  • Fancy Hat (+2 Armor, +1 Speed) Level 4
  • Top Hat (+5 Critical Hit, +5 Armor) Level 9
  • Viking Helmet (+5 Critical Hit) Level 1

Row 3

  • Spiked Hat (+7 Critical Hit, +7 Armor) Level 13
  • Anvil Hat (+5 Armor) Level 1
  • Beret (+15 Critical Hit) Level 15
  • Birthday Hat (+2 Critical Hit, + 1 Speed) Level 2
  • Bone Head (+3 Speed, +7 Elemental Power) Level 16
  • ???

Row 4

  • Wabbit Ears (+12 Armor, +5 Speed) Level 22
  • Tropical Turban (+2 Speed, +5 Elemental Power) Level 6
  • Chef Hat (+10 Critical Hit, + 10 Elemental Power) Level 25
  • Cowboy Hat (+2 Critical Hit, +2 Armor) Level 2
  • Rocket Hair (+7 Critical Hit, +3 Elemental Power) Level 17
  • ???

Row 5

  • Lil Devil (+9 Speed) Level 19
  • Eye Hat (+5 Critical Hit, +5 Elemental Power) Level 8
  • Fez (+5 Elemental Power) Level 4
  • Crown of Light (+15 Armor) Level 16
  • Jester Hat (+1 Speed, +2 Elemental Power) Level 3
  • ???

Row 6

  • Moose Hat (+5 Armor, +2 Speed) Level 10
  • Plunger Head (+2 Critical Hit, +2 Elemental Power) Level 5
  • Pan Hat (+2 Armor, +2 Elemental Power) Level 1
  • Rocket Hat (+6 Speed) Level 12
  • ???
  • Tiki Hat (+10 Elemental Power) Level 6

Row 7

  • Trojan Helmet (+10 Armor) Level 8
  • Unicorn Hat (+12 Critical Hit, +12 Armor) Level 20
  • Wizard Hat (+25 Elemental Power) Level 21
  • Pumpkin Hat (+10 Armor) Level 25
  • Pirate Doo Rag (+4 Speed) Level 24
  • ???

Row 8

  • ???
  • ???
  • Flower Hat (+2 Critical Hit, +2 Armor) Start the game with this hat.

I have been through every level (other than Empire of Ice and Dragon's Peak which aren't out yet and only show 2 hats in each level) and it concerns me that there are 8 total hats missing still. The strategy guide states that Santa Hat is in Empire of Ice and Royal Crown and Winged Hat are in Dragon's Peak but it shows two hats in Empire of Ice on it's map very odd.

I know that each system has it's own hat (Cowboy Hat - Xbox 360, Bowler Hat - PC, Straw Hat - PS3, Happy Birthday! - Wii) and hope those aren't some of the missing ones cause I don't see how it would be possible to get those ones. They all have the same stats on them too just different look.

Fashion Stylist10
Have your Skylander equip a hat for the first time. (primary profile)    (2) 

Hats give you additional stats beyond the base stats. The first hat is available through the very first water gate, using Gill Grunt.

Inside Power10
Unlock any Elemental Gate. (primary profile)    

The first elemental gate is available on the left side of the first world, by pushing a turtle into the gap. You will use Spyro to unlock the magic gate. Even if you miss this, there are also Tech gates and Water gates in that level, both which are nearly unmissable.

Chompy Chopper10
Defeat 15 Chompies in the Shattered Island level. (primary profile)     

Unmissable, since you have to defeat 15 of these to unlock the lock to advance in the game.

Happy Hour10
Open any treasure chest. (primary profile)     

The first treasure chest is nearly unmissable - it is sitting next to the fountain on the right side of the very first level.

Collect 10 Story Scrolls. (primary profile)     (1) 

As you play through the game, enough of the story scrolls are nearly unmissable.

Collect 10 Legendary Treasures. (primary profile)     

While there are 10 legendary treasures which are available with just the core 3 creatures, the more creatures that you have will make this achievement a lot easier.

The Spiritual Mentor40
Collect 10 Soul Gems. (primary profile)     (1) 

Soul Gems are the circular pictures which unlock the final ability for creatures. While you may not have the creatures, this still unlocks whether you have them or not.

The First Battle10
Play and complete any PvP match: win or lose. (primary profile)    (1) 

This is available through the main menu. The easiest way to do this is to just load a second character using a second controller, and beat up on them. You will receive experience for doing so as well.

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