Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs Achievement Guide

Guide By: MeonOner, DLC by: TheBiggD & Ty-rex
There are 59 achievements with a total of 1225 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 59 (1225)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 24+
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Replay missions if needed)
-Number of missable achievements:0
-Glitched achievements? Sorta 'Chief Inspector'. See Note below.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats.
-Is there DLC? Yes: Nightmare in NorthPoint and Year of the Snake

Inspired by classic Hollywood and Asian cinema style action thrillers, Sleeping Dogs is a gritty open-world cop drama set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Sleeping Dogs catapults players into the role of undercover cop Wei Shen, tasked with taking down one of the world’s most fearsome criminal organizations from the inside... the Hong Kong Triads. As players explore the bustling and crowded Hong Kong island, through its neon-lit side streets and sprawling street markets, an incredible story unfolds of loyalty and betrayal where Wei begins to question his own motives as he is sucked in deeper than he could ever imagine.

Step 1: Story
Complete the story by finishing all of the triad missions and cases marked with green shields and blue shields respectively. During this point you will be able to gather collectibles and do side missions. Also leveling up your Face, Triad and Cop status as much as possible.

So a lot of people are having trouble unlocking this, even though they have completed all the requirements. They all seem to be stuck at a certain percentage (ex. 91.10% / 100%). The method that seems to be fixing this is to go back and redo the First Martial Arts Club, the one next to the Kung Fu temple where you learn all your fighting moves.

Step 2: Collectibles
These aren't too bad to find. There are 4 different kinds of collectibles. Lockbox, Security Camera, Health Shrine and Jade Statues. After completing a certain task you will be able to view all kinds of collectibles on your map.

  • Lockbox 100 in total.
  • Security Camera 26 in total.
  • Health Shrines 50 in total.
  • Jade Statues 11 in total.

Here is a video showing you all the locations of all collectibles (Location only). Look at the achievements below for a video guide on where to find the appropriate collectibles. Or click HERE to also view the videos. Take this time to go out and finish any side mission you have not completed yet and any missing collectibles. This is also a good time to grind out any missing Stat Awards if you need to reach level 10 in Face, Triad or Cop. You can also replay missions if needed. Press and go to the Social Hub, tap a few time and you will be able to replay previous missions


Nightmare in North Point

Step 3:
This DLC is started from the main menu. The DLC CANNOT be replayed upon completion, so Cursed Gold is missable. There are two achievements in the DLC that are story-related and cannot be missed. There are ten collectibles in this DLC in the form of shrines. They are all located in North Point, so finding them is easy. The hardest part about this DLC is achieving all 5 Gold awards, so keep an eye out while playing to complete these with ease. While playing, you'll come across some Peachwood swords. USE these against the large demons, the Yaoguai. You'll need to kill 15 of them with the Peachwood sword. These guys are hard to find, so DO NOT ever kill one without a sword.

Year of the Snake

Step 4:
This DLC is started from the main menu. There are a total of four achievements that can be obtained through this DLC. Bomb Squad and Cult Master will be obtained through the storyline and cannot be missed. There are a total of 20 collectibles in the form of Evidence Bags scattered throughout Kennedy Town, Central, and Aberdeen which can be obtained during, or after the main storyline. Finding all the collectibles will unlock Goodie Monster. Lastly, there will be four yellow speech bubbles (Favors) and eight light blue police badges (Side Jobs) that appear on your map while playing through the DLC. These can be completed at any time during the DLC in order to obtain Hong Kong's Finest.

As good as Sleeping Dogs is, its name represents the game very well. Not everyone got around to playing it, which is a genuine shame. Packed with action, emotion and attainable gamerscore, Sleeping Dogs is the full package.


[x360a would like to thank MeonOner for this road map]
[x360a would like to thank Yunder for the Nightmare in North Point addition]
[x360a would like to thank The BiggD and Ty-Rex for the Year of the Snake addition]

Chief Inspector75
Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.   (47) 

To reach 100% completion you must do the following: 

  • 30 Missions 
  • 4 Cases
  • 36 Favors
  • 28 Events
  • 30 Jobs
  • 18 Races
Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.   (1) 

See "Chief Inspector" for more info

Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.   

See "Chief Inspector" for more info

Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.   

See "Chief Inspector" for more info

Pure Gold60
Achieve 30 Gold Stat Awards.   (74) 

To access your stats press  and scroll down to Social Hub, pressing  once will display all 30 challenges. By natural progression you will also unlock all the other Gold and Silver stat related achievements on your way to this one. Click HERE to view tips on how to get Silver & Gold.

Key: *Silver Awards*Gold Awards.

  • Overall: Total Stat Awards: 50 | 75
  • Fluid Striker: Freerunning Attacks (Includes vault attacks and disarms): 25 | 50
  • Head Hunter: Headshots: 25 | 50
  • Lucky Shooter: Blind-fire Kills: 5 | 10
  • Fire Starter: Explosive Kills: 10 | 20
  • Sniper: Accuracy: 30% | 50%
  • Gunman: Firearm Kills: 50 | 100
  • Ninja: Sneak Kills - Approaching an enemy from behind and pressing 5 | 10
  • Bonebreaker: Limbs Broken: 40 | 100
  • Environmentalist: Environmental Kills: 25 | 50
  • Handyman: Melee Weapons Kills: 25 | 50
  • Disarming: Disarms: 25 | 50
  • Defence: Counters: 50 | 100
  • Fast Talker: Fast Talks: 5 | 10
  • Deadeye: Thrown Weapon Kills: 5 | 10
  • Martial Artist: Melee Kills: 50 | 100
  • Enforcer: Total Enemies Defeated: 100 | 200
  • Safe Driver: Total Clean Drive Time: 0:15:00 | 0:30:00
  • Reckless Driver: Time Driven At Full Speed In Class A Car: 0:15:00 | 0:30:00
  • Hijacker: Action Hijacks Performed: 10 | 20
  • Wrecker: Total Cars Wrecked: 25 | 50
  • Racer: Races Won: 10 | 17
  • Mogul: Total Earnings: 1,000,000 | 2,000,000
  • Big Spender: Money Spent: 500,000 | 2,000,000
  • Gambler: Gambling Earnings: 500,000 | 1,000,000
  • Completionist: Total Completion Percentage: 60.00% | 100.00%
  • Explorer: Total Collectables Found: 120 | 175
  • Survivor: Total Time Survived above Heat Level 1: 0:10:00 | 0:20:00
  • Rogue Cop: Cops Killed Above Heat Level 1: 25 | 50
  • Public Enemy: Most Kills In One Play Session: 100 | 200
Golden Touch30
Achieve 15 Gold Stat Awards.   (1) 

See "Pure Gold" for more information.

Gold Rush10
Achieve 5 Gold Stat Awards.   

See "Pure Gold" for more information.

Strike Gold5
Achieve 1 Gold Stat Award.   (1) 

See "Pure Gold" for more information.

Solid Silver35
Achieve 30 Silver Stat Awards.   

See "Pure Gold" for more information.

Substantial Silver15
Achieve 15 Silver Stat Awards.   

See "Pure Gold" for more information.

Slight Silver5
Achieve 5 Silver Stat Awards.   

See "Pure Gold" for more information.

Auto Enthusiast10
Purchase all vehicles.   (11) 

Vehicle Stores are displayed on the map as white cars, . It's suggested to wait on buying all cars until you reach Face level 10, as you get a 40% discount on all cars. Also wearing certain clothes will also give you a certain % off. There are 28 vehicles in total: Click HERE to view a full list of clothing and vehicles.

Top Glamour Imports

Drag 979: $92,700
CS 750 R: $69,300
860 MHC: $462,000
SES: $405,000
Bismarck: $390,000
Executive: $210,000
Terre GT:$280,100

North Point Chop Shop:

Kyou Kan: $85,000
Bisai: $29,000
Sparc: $55,000
Prime: $73,200
Neo V: $63,200
GX300: $38,000

Central Import Yard:

Hassha: $153,000
Ridge Sport: $270,000
Taikai: $125,000
Drifter GT: $210,000
Enterprise: $330,000
Odaiko: $160,000

Kennedy Town Docks:

Panzer: $360,000
Velocita: $649,900
Etalon: $520,300
1100 NA-R: $150,000
Wangan GSX: $550,500
Tuono: $605,000
Blast: $420,000

Spiritual Healing15
Pray at all of the Health Shrines.    (9) 

There are 50 Health Shrines all over Hong Kong. These are a red statue and it has a glowing shine to them. So they are kind of hard to miss. Also collecting an X amount of shrines will increase your max health.

NOTE: Sorta in the beginning of the game, you will get a mission to help a girl named Amanda. You will give her a tour around Hong Kong. After showing her around and taking her to her destination, she will give you her phone number. You can then call Amanda and take her out on date. At the end of the date Amanda will reward you by displaying all Health Shrines located throughout Hong Kong on your map. To view them on your map, press  and it will show all collectibles. Collectibles in white have already been collected, collectibles in grey have not been collected. 

Here is a great video location guide of all Health Shrines by Predni.

Sleeping Dogs - All Health Shrines Location - Spiritual Healing - Achievement - Trophy - Guide - HD - YouTube


Fashion Victim15
Purchase all clothing.    (19) 

Clothing stores are displayed on the map as white tees, . It's suggested to wait on buying all clothing until you reach Face level 10, as you get a 40% discount on all clothing. Also wearing certain combination of clothing will give you a % off. There are a total of 166 pieces of clothing. Click HERE to view a full list of clothing and vehicles.

Here is a quick video by RecklessCon showing you all the clothing & vehicles.


Hong Kong Super Hacker15
Hack every Security Camera in the game.    (7) 

There are a total of 26 Security Camera around Hong Kong. These are more hidden around, they require you to enter a unique number code.

NOTE: At a point on the game you will receive a call from Raymond to meet at a secret location. Raymond will give you a task to do, which is to get a bug from a girl named Not Ping, then you'll plant the bug in Winston's mothers restaurant. After the mission you will be able to contact Not Ping and take her out on a date. You will need to impress her by hacking a Security Camera. Once completed she will award you by displaying all Security Cameras through Hong Kong on your map. To view them on your map, press  and it will show all collectibles. Collectibles in white have already been collected, collectibles in grey have not been collected. 

Here is a great video location guide of all Security Camera by Prendi.


Karaoke Superstar10
Achieving 90% and above for all songs at the Karaoke Bars in HK.   (14) 

This is a fun mini game you encounter early in the game. Karaoke Bars are marked as , enter these bars find the karaoke machine and score above 90% on every song. There are 8 songs total. You will unlock 4 song just by playing the main story, 2 more unlock when you take Tiffany on a date and 2 more will unlock when you do the favor 'Real Men Don't Karaoke' in the K-Bar.

Bounty Hunter20
Complete all of Roland's Jobs.   

After the story mission "Payback" and meeting Uncle Po & Roland Ho, you will be able to do missions for Roland Ho.

You will have to do 5 Debt Collection missions for Roland to get this achievement, not including the one you have to do during the main story. Call him on your cell phone to start the missions.

West End Scavenger20
Unlock every lockbox in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen.    (1) 

There are 15 Lockbox in Aberdeen & 15 in Kennedy Town.

NOTE: Later on in the game you will meet King. He is in the music industry and wants to see Hong Kong. You will take King to a bar, you will be asked to find some girls. There will be a girl by the name of Ilyana. After the mission you will be able to call her and ask her out. She will offere to race you. Once you have beaten her she will award you by displaying all Lockbox through Hong Kong on your map. To view them on your map, press and it will show all collectibles. Collectibles in white have already been collected, collectibles in grey have not been collected. 

Here is a great video guide by Predni showing all locations of Lockbox in Hong Kong.


Central Scavenger20
Unlock every lockbox in Central.    (15) 

There are a total of 30 Lockbox in Central

See "West End Scavenger" for more info and video guide.

North Point Scavenger20
Unlock every lockbox in North Point.    (5) 

There are a total of 30 Lockbox in North Point

See "West End Scavenger" for more info and video guide.

Super Cop15
Unlock ten Cop Upgrades.   

There are only 10 Cop Upgrades. So you have to reach rank 10 to unlock all Upgrades. You unlock Cop Upgrades by completing Cop related missions. These missions are slightly different than the Traids. In Cop missions you start out with maximum points, all three triangles fully shaded. During the mission if you destroy private property, steal vehicles or run over pedestrians, you will start to lose points. You will probably reach Cop level 10 before you complete all Cop missions.
If you do not reach level 10, you can replay any Cop mission. You may replay mission by pressing  > Social Hub > Missions.

Ultimate Fighter15
Unlock ten Triad Upgrades.   (52) 

There are only 10 Traid Upgrades. So you have to reach rank 10 to unlock all Upgrades. You unlock Traid Upgrades by completing Traid related missions. These missions are slightly different than the Cop missions. In Traid missions you start with no points, blank triangles.. The way you level up is highly dependant on how creative you get with your kills. Also there are certain clothing and items that help boost your Traid XP, allowing you to rank up faster. 
If you do not reach level 10, you can replay any Traid mission. You may replay mission by pressing  > Social Hub > Missions.

Wei of the Road15
Complete all Street Races.   (16) 

There are 18 Street Races in Hong Kong. They are displayed as orange race flags, . You will need to purchase a car and a bike from each class to be able to compete in certain races. 2 of the 18 races will unlock when you take Sandra out on a date.

Event Planner15
Complete all of the open world Events.   (28) 

There are a total of 28 open world Events. 17 of them are Drug Busts (Blue). The rest of the Events are unlocked during your time in Hong Kong. These only appear on your map when you are very close to them. These will appear as either yellow, red & orange shields:

4 Shoplifters (Yellow) 
3 Hit and Runs (Red)
4 Junk in the Trunks (Orange)


Event Driven20
Complete half of the open world events.   

See "Event Planner" for more information.

Mr. Nice Guy30
Complete all Favors.   (3) 

There are a total of 36 Favors in Hong Kong. Favors are displayed on the map as a yellow circle with a black, person silhouette in the middle . Some favors will not unlock until you start to progress through the main stories. Also taking out Amanda, Tiffany, Not Peng, King and Sandra also count as favors.

Case Closed30
Complete all cases.   

There are 4 Cases in Hong Kong and each case have multiple parts. The cases are displayed on the map as a blue shield, . Each case has multiple parts before you complete the case.

  • Case 1: Popstar
  • Case 2: Hotshot
  • Case 3: Serial Killer
  • Case 4: Kidnapper
Shoot out a cop's tires while fleeing in a police chase.   (8) 

Three methods of getting this achievement. For both methods all you need to do is take out one wheel and nothing more!

  • 1st method (video method): Either KO a cop and take his gun and just wait for back up to show. Once they show, try taking out one of the tires from the cop car. You get destroyed by cops very easily in this game if you try to take them head on.
  • 2nd method: When you have a gun. Get into a car and hold  to lean out of the window. Doing this will slow down time and let you aim easily. Now that your leaning out the window, take aim and fire a shot with . Once you have popped a tire the achievement will unlock.
  • 3rd method: If you have a gun with you. Go a police station or find a police car in the streets. And simply shoot out one of the tires. 

Hijack 5 trucks and collect their cargo.   (6) 

At some point in the game you will get a call by Roland Ho. He will ask you to hijack one of the KNOX trucks (blue bank trucks). While driving around you will see these trucks with a yellow arrow pointing down at them. Simply perform and action hijack by holding  and getting close behind the vehicle. Then press  again when the white arrow turns green. Lose the cops and deliver the truck to the garage. Do this 4 more times and the achievement is yours.

Win 50,000 on a single cockfight.   (30) 

Cockfights are displayed on the map as orange roosters,. This is located to the far left of the map, see video below. This achievement is luck based. I suggest making a save just before you speak to the guy in front of the cockfight arena just in case you lose. There are a couple of other cockfight locations. But this one would be the best place to obtain this. The other cockfight arenas have a money cap. Unlike the one in the video you can place a minimum bet of $50,000. 

NOTE: To be able to enter in this cockfight you must first have at least $50,000. As that's the minimum bet you can place. This is also a good way to get quick money.

Win a bet on a cockfight.   (1) 

See "Infowlable" for more information.

Whatever's Handy15
Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies.   (36) 

There are more than 10 melee weapons found in the game:

  • Baton - Drug Bust: On the basketball courts. Some of the enemies will be holding it.
  • Briefcase - Run into a pedestrian who is holding the Briefcase for it to fall on the ground. Pick it up and go fight an enemy.
  • Butcher Knife - 
  • Crowbar - In the trunks of cars. Press  when standing behind a car. Also some Thugs are equipped. Disarm them and pick up the Crowbar. 
  • Fire Extinguisher - 
  • Fish - Found in the mission Club Bam Bam.
  • Frying Pan - 
  • Handbag/Bag/Purse - All 3 of these look different, in size. These are best found on women pedestrians. Run into them and they will drop their Handbag, Bag or Purse.
  • Hand Grinder - Mission: Dock Yard Heist. Story related and cant miss.
  • Kitchen Knife - Some enemies will have this equipped. Disarmed them and pick up the knife. 
  • Knife - Some enemies will have this equipped. Disarmed them and pick up the knife. 
  • Machete - Found in mission The Election, towards the end of the level. Story related cant miss.
  • Meat Cleaver - Drug Bust: Yen Yen Foo Underpass.
  • Sauce Pan - Mission Vendor Extortion. In the beginning you will pass a kitchen with cooks in it, either pick one up from the counter or run into a cook and they will drop it. 
  • Shovel - 
  • Tire Iron - In the trunks of cars. Press  when standing behind a car.
  • Umbrella - When its raining, walk around and bump into someone who is carrying one. Usually in the parks or sidewalks.
  • Wrench -
  • Eskrima Rattan Stick - Martial Arts Pack - DLC

NOTE: You can kill an innocent person, it doesn't have to be an enemy for this to count.

Gun Nut15
Use 10 different firearms to defeat enemies.   (7) 

There are more than 10 firearms found in the game:


  • 9mm Pistol - Found on mission Payback. Or from opening certain lockboxes.
  • .45cal Pistol w/ Taclight - Drug Bust: Central Sewage Outpost.
  • Machine Pistol - Found on Rouge cops heat levels 3 or higher.
  • Silver 50cal Pistol -
  • Gold 50cal Pistol -


  • .45cal SMG - Drug Bust: Aberdeen Sewage Outflow.
  • .45cal SMG w/ Taclight - Mission: The Wedding.
  • Gold .45cal SMG -


  • Pump Shotgun - Found on Rouge cops on heat levels 3 or higher. Or in the trunks of cop cars when reached that upgrade unlock.
  • Anti-Riot Shotgun - Found in mission Civil Discord.
  • Anti-Riot Shotgun w/ Taclight - Found in mission Civil Discord.

Assault Rifles

  • Assault Rifle - Found in mission The Funeral.
  • Assault Rifle w/ Taclight - Found in mission The Wedding.
  • Assault Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher - Found in mission The Funeral.
Safe Driver20
Cruise for 2 minutes straight without damaging your car.   (37) 

Pretty straight forward achievement. Get into a car, a slow car would be best as you can control it better. Get onto the highway and just drive without hitting anything for 2 minutes. A timer will pop up on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Alternate Solution:

If you are not having any luck getting this while driving on the highway. You can go to the round about towards the top right of the map. I would recommend a class C or high vehicle, that way you can maintain a steady speed in order to unlock this.

Go to this point on the the map:
And simply start to drive around the circle at a steady speed for 2 minutes. You will not have to worry about other cars, side walk objects or pedestrians getting in your way. It is the easiest and flawless way to get this.

Pick a lock, plant a bug, trace a phone, crack a safe, and take over a spy camera.    

Story related and can not be missed.

These are a series of task that you will come to with natural progression. You will either be asked to do some or all of these during certain missions.

Perform 5 unique environmental kills.   (2) 

This is obtainable early in the game. When you go to the Night Market to collect Winston's pay. You will come to a couple of fights with some Dogeyes Thugs. Simply throw a couple kicks and punches. After a few hit press to grapple and enemy and walk of to one of the glowing red objects in the area. press  again to preform the environmental kill. Do this 4 more times and the achievement is yours.

Try 10 different foods or drinks.   (7) 

There are more than 10 different foods or drinks found in the game:

  • Pork Bun
  • Fish Dumpling Skewer
  • Waffle Eggs
  • Roast Duck
  • Herb Tea
  • Dragon Kick
  • Ice Cream
  • Chicken On A Stick
  • Noodle Bowl 
  • Curry Chicken Balls (Next to the undercover HQ in North Point, next to Spicy Squid in Aberdeen)
  • Spicy Squid (Next to the Massage Parlor by Fish Market in Aberdeen)

You can find most of these in the Night Market. There are plenty of food stands, drink vending machines, and tea shops all around Hong Kong. I suggest making a check list of the foods and drinks you have consumed already. 

Here is a great video guide by Predni showing you all different location of food & drinks.

Sleeping Dogs - Foodie - Feinschmecker - Achievement - Trophy - Guide - HD - YouTube

Man Around Town20
Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point.    (1) 

Super easy. Simply get into a vehicle and just drive around on the highway from town to town. And this will unlock shortly after passing through the last town. The chances are you will unlock this natural progression without even noticing.

Take A Bite Out Of Crime10
Complete a Case.    


Cases are indicated by blue shields, , objectives on the map. It'll also say new case available, which should make it incredibly obvious. The first case you'll encounter very early in the game is called "Popstar."

A Slap in the Face10
Kill someone with a fish.   (27) 

There's a mission early in the game called "Club Bam Bam". In the first fight inside the club, you can see some aquariums across the walls. Grab an enemy with  and drag him over to do an environmental kill with an aquarium. A fish will fall out onto the floor. Pick it up with  and start swinging. Holding  for a heavy attack while holding the fish will result in a quick one hit kill. This fish has a very short life span, so try to KO one of the weaker Thugs.

NOTE: You must break the one on the right side. As that's the only one that drops a fish. If you do not get it on your first visit to the club. You can go back and replay the mission at a later time.

Here is a video guide by bs000.


Successfully perform an action hijack.    (2) 


During the "Payback" mission, you'll be required to do a tutorial for an action hijack. Drive near a car, and when the arrow behind it turns green, press  to do an action hijack. 

Fashion Statement10
Change all your clothes in your wardrobe or a clothing store.   (3) 

In the beginning of the game when you go to the Night Market and collect the pay for Winston, Jackie will tell you to get some new gear so you can be a part of them. Just buy a new Hat, Torso, Pants & Shoes.

Great Face50
Achieve Face Level 10.   

You will raise your Face Level by completing Favors, Races & competing in Martial Arts fights around Hong Kong. Favors are marked on the map as . These are at random and spread out through Hong Kong. Getting a massage will increase your Face Level XP and also wearing certain clothing. 

NOTE: There is a DLC called Top Dog Silver Pack which gives you a boost in Face XP, Cop XP & Traid Xp. It Does Not void any related achievements.

Gaining Face25
Achieve Face Level 5.   

See "Great Face" for more information.

Minor Face5
Achieve Face Level 2.   

See "Great Face" for more information.

Secret Achievements
Martial Law15
Defeat all 4 Martial Arts Clubs   (19) 

These become available after you pay a visit to the Kung Fu temple. The Martial Arts Clubs are displayed as  on the map. These require you to defeat 6 rounds of enemies. You do not have to bet on these fights and when you die you do not have to pay hospital fees. Suggest collecting as many Jade Status as you can so that you can learn new fighting combos and moves. Refer to the video below for Jade Statue locations.

Here is a great video guide by Predni showing you all 11 Jade Status and how to get them to appear on your map. 

Sleeping Dogs - All Jade Statue Locations - Achievement - Trophy - Guide - HD - YouTube

Big Smiles All Around50
Complete Big Smile Lee.    (7) 


This will unlock after completing the main story 'Big Smile Lee'

A Big Betrayal35
Complete Dockyard Heist.    (1) 


This will unlock after completing the main story 'Dockyard Heist'

That'll Show 'em20
Complete Payback.    (1) 


This will unlock after completing the main mission 'Payback'. The mission 'Payback' will be given to you later on in the game by Winston. When you get a tip about a shooting in Winston's mothers restaurant.

In With the Gang5
Complete Night Market Chase.    (2) 

This is the fist mission you will do for Winston in the beginning of the game. This unlocks after you have chased and taken out Ming & get arrested.
DLC: Nightmare in North Point
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 125
Ghosts and Stuff20
Complete all secondary content.   (2) 

You'll get this for completing all the optional missions in the DLC. They are not difficult to find, showing up on the map as blue and purple icons. All the missions basically have you fighting either some Jing-Shi or some Yaoguai. 

If you complete them as they appear, this should unlock with the final blue icon mission, which appears after completing the story mission "Ghosts of the Past". 

Cursed Gold15
Achieve 5 Gold Awards.   (18) 

You can track your progress by going to the Social Hub (Press  > Social Hub > Stat Awards). 
There are only 5 new challenges to achieve gold on:

NOTE: The DLC missions CANNOT be replayed to get any missing kills or stats.

  • Vampire Hunter: Kill 200 Jiang Shi 
  • Demon Hunter: Kill 20 Yaoguai
  • Demonic Exorcism: Kill 15 Yaoguai sith with the Peachwood Sword
  • Hard to get: Avoid 100 Jiang Shi bites
  • Underworld Offering: Find all 10 Hell Shrines

• Vampire Hunter: Kill 200 Jiang Shi - (YOU MUST KILL THE ENEMY WITH MELEE COMBAT, CAR KILLS DO NOT COUNT) Jiang Shis are the most common enemies in this DLC, simply completing the story and the secondary content should get you about 100 kills. An easy way to get the remaining kills would be to find an energy source (light blue circles that continuously respawn enemies) and just grind out the kills before you deactivate the energy source. These energy sources only appear in Story missions and some secondary content (blue markers on the map).

If you have completed all the story missions and secondary content you will have to look for the Jiang Shi by driving around Northpoint. Alleyways seem to be a good location to find them. They can also be found near most Hell Money Shrines. If you can't find any Jiang Shi simply save, exit to main menu, reload and revisit the same alleyways and Shrines.

• Demon Hunter: Kill 20 Yaoguai - Read Demonic Exorcism.

• Demonic Exorcism: Kill 15 Yaoguai with the Peachwood Sword - NEVER use the Peachwood swords on the Jiang Shi, if you see a bunch of Jiang Shi, drop your sword, defeat them and pick up your sword again. Only use the sword on the Yaoguai, this will make it much easier to get the remaining kills. As you complete story missions, secondary content will be unlocked (Blue and Purple markers on map) Always do a blue mission first, you will get a Peachwood sword, then go to a purple marker, kill the Yaoguai with the sword. This will get you a few extra kills. 

After the story line is complete, drive around Northpoint and you will see a red marker (enemy marker) on your mini map. Those can either be Jiang Shi or a Peachwood Sword sticking out of the ground, grab the sword and Yaoguai will spawn, kill the Yaoguai with the sword and go look for another marker. This may sound hard but the swords are actually very common.

• Hard to get: Avoid 100 Jiang Shi bites - One of the Jiang Shi's attacks is biting your neck, simply counter, , when they bite. You should get a decent amount of these by just doing the story, secondary content and killing the 200 Jiang Shi you need for the Vampire Hunter award. 

To get the remaining counters simply grapple a Jiang Shi, , don't hit the Jiang Shi or move it around just wait a couple seconds, the Jiang Shi will free itself from your grapple and will ALWAYS go for the bite. Just counter it and repeat this on the Jiang Shi until you get the gold award or kill the Jiang Shi, if you kill it just do the same thing with another one. This is easier to do on the last Jiang Shi of a group since you won't have the worry about the other Jiang Shi trying to hit you.

• Underworld Offering: Find all 10 Hell Shrines - Look at "Hell Money" achievement for more information on where to find the Hell Shrines.

Hell Money25
Find all the money shrines.   (8) 

There are a total of 10 Hell Shrines in Northport. Some of the Hell Shrines are guarded by zombie enemies. Take them out to successfully get access to the shrines. 

Map Location Of Hell Shrines


Secret Achievements
Pet Cemetery15
Send Dogeyes, Ratface and Ponytail back to Hell.    


You'll get this after completing the mission "Ghosts of the Past".

I Can Haz Banishment50
Banish Smiley Cat.    (4) 


You get this achievement for completing the final story mission "Smiley Cat".

DLC: Year of the Snake
Price: $6.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 100
Hong Kong's Finest20
Complete all Secondary Content   (5) 

Secondary Content appears on the map as yellow speech bubbles (Favors) and light blue police badges (Side Jobs). As you progress through the main story, you will be able to complete these side objectives whenever you desire. They range from arresting cultist gang members to driving car-bombs into the harbor. There are 4 Favors and 8 Side Jobs to do. After completing all 12 secondary objectives, you will unlock the achievement.

List of the favors:

  • Protect the Lion Dancer
  • Delivery Boy
  • Help the Rookie
  • Lucky Money

List of the Side Jobs:

  • Public Disturbance (Party Pooper)
  • Indecent Behavior (Urine Trouble)
  • Plaza Patrol (Plaza Patrol)
  • Suspicious Vehicle (Bomb in the Bay)
  • Suspicious Vehicle (Bombs Away)
  • Suspicious Vehicle (Kennedy Park)
  • Park Patrol
  • Known Cultist Hideout
Goodie Master15
Find all Evidence Collectibles    (7) 

This can be done during the main storyline, but it is suggested that you work on this achievement after beating the last mission, New Year's Eve. Once the story is complete, the Evidence Bags will appear on your map by pressing the button when the map is open. There are a total of 20 Evidence Bags around the city and they appear as grey circles on the map. Once you find a bag, their icon on the map becomes white.

Secret Achievements
Bomb Squad 15
Complete the first mission.    

During the first mission of the game, you’ll need to catch a total of three suspects around the Kennedy Town plaza and dispose of a suspicious vehicle. Soon after, you must investigate a warehouse and fight a small gang of enemies in order to complete the mission. After these events are complete, the achievement will unlock.

Cult Master50
Defeat the cultists.    

After completing the last mission of the DLC, New Year's Eve, you will earn this achievement.

Below is the order of all the main storyline missions:

  • Illumination
  • Bomb Threat: Shopping Center
  • Bomb Threat: Suspicious Vehicles
  • Bomb Threat: POI
  • Transit Security
  • Cease Operations
  • SDU: Soho Riots
  • SDU: Nerve Gas
  • SDU: Park Assault
  • SDU: Dockyard Confrontation
  • New Year's Eve

Game Info
Square Enix


US August 14, 2012
Europe August 17, 2012

HDD Space Required : 6.1 GB
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