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Small Arms Achievement Guide

Guide By: Legend & drno
There are 14 achievements with a total of 235 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
- Offline: 12 [215]
- Online: 2 [20]
- Estimated time for 235: 2 hours
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 1
- Missable Achievements: None!
- Glitched Achievements: None!
- Do Cheats Disable Achievements: No Cheats

Small Arms is a side scrolling shooter, a lot like Super Smash Bros. tossed in a blender with gun wielding animals. It is a fun game and is an Arcade hit meaning it costs only 400 Microsoft points. Plus, it is one of the easiest 200s (or 235s) on the marketplace.

Characterwise, I suggest Gullarp for the DLC achievement, as the crossbow is much better than the katana. Mr. Truffles is my suggestion if you don't need the DLC achievement, because his mine/sniper rifle combo is the best in the game if you ask me. Tyrone, however, is going to be your best friend for the larger portions of your achievement hunting.

Step 1: Starting Out
First thing's first, unlock the training achievement. Access it in the single player menu. Now that you know the basic controls, it is time to try and complete Mission Mode. If you have downloaded the DLC, be sure to use a DLC character so that you only have to play through mission mode once.

Step 2: Grinding
The "Won 100 Matches" achievement is best unlocked at this point. It will be a grind that will take around half an hour. Set you and your opponent to one life in local multiplayer, playing on Bazaar. To make matches go quickly, use the same strategy explained in the Challenge x50 guide. After the grind you should have unlocked the "Won 10, 50, and 100" Matches achievements, and the "Played 100 Matches" achievement.

Step 3: Challenge Mode
The hardest part of your quest to 100% completion is the "Challenge x50" achievement. Using the strategy in the guide is by far the most effective way of unlocking this achievement. When you are playing the 3 vs you section (which is most of the time) it can be hard to manage all of the enemies, especially Mr. Truffles. With Tyrone's freezing trick though, it should take half an hour maximum. When you are done, you will have unlocked the "Challenge x15" and "Challenge x50" achievements.

Step 4: Online Play
The only achievements you have to be connected to Xbox LIVE to unlock are the "Barbaric Recruiter" and "Six Degrees of Small Arms" achievements. You must have the DLC for "Barbaric Recruiter". "Barbaric Recruiter" simply requires that you play one match set to one of the DLC maps. "Six Degrees of Small Arms" is mostly up to luck. Just about everyone who plays online has this achievement, so entering almost any game will unlock it.

If you haven't unlocked "Marksmanship", "Combo x2", or "Combo x5" by naturally playing the game, now is when you should make an effort to unlock them. The main guide has tips for both the "Marksmanship" and "Combo x5" achievements, which will show you the best way to unlock them if you are having trouble.

[XBA would like to thank Blue Radium for this Roadmap]

Completed Training10
Complete the Single Player training mode with any character   (1) 

Training is very simple. If you haven’t already played this game I recommend doing the training before trying the game.

You can locate training by going to the option single play in the main menu and then select the option training.

Combo x215
Kill 2 opponents in rapid succession    

A combo is achieved when you kill more than 1 enemy without dying. These don’t need to be done rapidly or on the same person but do need to be done without dying inbetween the kills.

Kill 2 people without dying and the achievement is yours.

Combo x520
Kill 5 opponents in rapid succession    

Similar to the x2 combo. As said before kill 5 enemies without dying. I found the easiest place to do this was on the second level of Lord Peet’s campaign mission.

From where you spawn simply aim down towards the log. Both enemies will head there and shoot at you but since infinite amounts of food and batteries will spawn on you it should be no problem. I find it best to stick to Peet’s secondary fire by using on the enemies.

Challenge x1510
Defeat 15 opponents in Challenge Mode   

See "Challenge x50".

Challenge x5025
Defeat 50 opponents in Challenge Mode   (5) 

Challenge mode is accessible throughout the game. From the main menu select single player and then challenge mode.

Challenge mode plays like a game of survival. Every few rounds you earn an extra life and some food to replenish your health. Although killing 50 enemies sounds near impossible there is a very simple method you can do with Tyrone.

As Tyrone you can freeze enemies and cause them to fall to their death very easily. Simply head under the small awning on the right side of the screen and wait for an enemy to come to the bottom of the screen. Once they do jump off to the right and then use your charge jump by hitting to land on the top of the awning. Your enemy should follow right after you, as they are in mid air hit them with Tyrone’s secondary by hitting . This will cause them to freeze and fall to their death.

Won 10 Matches10
Win 10 matches in Single Player or by playing on Xbox Live    

See the achievement “Won 100 Matches”.

Won 50 Matches15
Win 50 matches in Single Player or by playing on Xbox Live    

See the achievement “Won 100 Matches”.

Won 100 Matches25
Win 100 matches in Mission Mode or Battle Mode    (1) 

These matches can be done on or offline and you can check how many you have played or won by going to the option Battle Mode on the main screen and then selecting player stats.

The fastest way I have found to do this achievement is to choose to do a local multiplayer match (under battle mode.) From there make the level Bazaar, the enemy Mousy McNuts, make yourself Tyrone, and set the game to lives and lives to 1. From here you need to use Tyrone’s secondary fire to make the enemy fall to their death (see the achievement x50 Challenge for info.)

Complete Mission Mode20
Awarded for completing Mission Mode    

Mission Mode is accessible by choosing the option Single Player from the main screen and the selecting Mission Mode.

Basically mission mode will give you 5 lives and pit you against any amounts of enemies from between 1 to 3 at once. There are a total of 12 missions. The thing that makes the mission mode so easy is that you get infinite continues. This means you can screw up on level 11 and lose your last life and then come back with all 5 lives to try level 11 again.

The only level that might give you trouble is the last one. The last level will force you to fight against a slightly larger enemy after killing 3 robots who launch rockets at you. As you fight against this larger robot enemy smaller robots will be attacking you as well. You only need to kill the large robot so focus all of your fire onto him while avoiding the smaller ones.

Mission mode can be done with any character but I recommend the chicken named Pector El Polo. The main reason being that his secondary fire (activated by hitting ) affects a large area. When fighting multiple enemies hitting more area means hitting more enemies.
Of course it can be done with any of them so choose whichever player you want.

Played 100 Matches25
Play 100 matches either offline or on Xbox LIVE    

See the achievement “Won 100 Matches”.

Score over 10,000 in the 'Shooting Range'   

Most people tend to go for bullseyes. That is not the best way to do it! There are gray/grey targets that are worth 2,500 points each. These are the targets you want to aim for.

Six Degrees of Small Arms0
Play online to 'catch' this elusive Achievement    (5) 

This achievement is know as a “viral” achievement. By playing against someone who had the achievement you unlock it yourself. Nowadays just about everyone has the achievement so simply play a few games online and it should be yours.

DLC: Ivar & Gullarp: Best Friends Forever - Frozen in Time
Price: $3.13 USD Achievements: 2 Points: 35
Honorary Barbarian15
Complete Mission Mode playing as Ivar or Gullarp    

Use the tips in "Complete Mission Mode" to get this achievement. Just make sure to choose Ivar or Gullarp as your character when you start.

Barbaric Recruiter20
Host an online match using the Iceberg or Village level   (4) 

Host a game online and when someone joins, choose the Iceberg of Village level. Once you have done that, start and finish the game.

***Note - The people who you play with must have the DLC as well

Game Info


US November 22, 2006
Europe November 22, 2006
Japan November 22, 2006

Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-4
ESRB: Everyone 10
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $4.99USD
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