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Collect all secrets.   

There are a total of 30 Secrets found throughout the entire Single Player Campaign. To pick up a secret, you press while near it. If you pick one up and die before your game saves, you don't have to go pick it up again. It saves that you picked up the secret. You can go back and select a mission if you missed any on your playthrough.

Mission 1 - One Shot, One Kill:

  1. As sooon as u repel down stick to the left hand side and the laptop is in the first yellow hut you come to.
  2. Not long after #1 when you come to the metal fence you have to go through turn right and go in the yellow hut to find the laptop. You will have to go around the back to get in.

Mission 2 - No Man Left Behind:

  • After you have to go ahead alone walk forward and you will see a cabin to your right and a cabin just to your left far back the laptop is in there.
  • After #1 proceed ahead and you will come to two guards by a car. Take them out. Now walk down by the right side of the car go around the big rock and trees and there is a big cabin walk through and there is a smaller cabie behind the laptop is in there.
  • When you have to get to the lighthouse walk on abit and you wil see a Humvee outside a large cabin. The laptop's inside.

Mission 3 - Dangerous Grounds:

  • After the cut scene you watch you will start facing a red and white broadcast tower move around the right side of it and you will see a cabin walk up the slope and the laptop is on the table.

Mission 4 - Take Down The Rigs:

  • As soon as you start and go up the lift you have to take position to breach a crate kill the guys inside and the laptop is behind them.
  • When you have to find the diving equipment and you walk down sum stairs (you will hit a save point) and the laptop is around the corner inside the crate on your right (there will be a guy shooting you in the window).

Mission 5 - An Alliance To Save Rodriguez:

  • As you start clear your way past the first building then you should see three more buildings infront of you the laptop is in the building on the right closest to you just go up the small flight of stairs and its on the table.
  • When you have gone up some wooden stairs and there are some huts infront of you. The laptop is in the third hut on your left.

Mission 6 - Weaken The Regime:

  • As you get off the boat kill all the enimes and the laptop is in the first shack to your right.
  • When you split up from your team cross the bridge and go into the big shack on the left side the laptop is on the table.
  • When you go to plant the third tag when your 50m away turn right and go up the ramp to find the laptop on the desk inside.

Mission 7 - On Your Own:

  • After you have got the C4 exit the shack and go into the one infront of you laptop is on a barrel.
  • When going to destroy the third AA gun you'll come to like a windmill looking thing turn left and follow the dirt road and you'll see the laptop on your left on a box.
  • When Your at the third AA gun go to the front asif your looking down the barrels of the gun now turn left and go the fire (you'll only see the smoke when at the AA gun) and go into that buliding to find the laptop.

Mission 8 - A Simple Rendezvous:

  • When you have to find a radio to call in the evac chopper when your 55m away from the radio turn 90degrees right and go in the hut to find the laptop.
  • Straight after #1 go out the hut turn right up the small stairs and its in the big building on the left. (there is a archway leading to the entrance)

Mission 9 - Steal From Under Their Noses:

  • Once you have crawled under the hut turn left up the hill and the laptop is in the hut at the top.

Note: On mission 10 there are two ways of getting these secrets. You can either get them as a sniper or equipped with an AK-47. If you're doing it as a sniper then you should get the secrets in reverse order.

Mission 10 - The End Is Near...:

  • When you have to support the sniper kill all the men in the camp and you shud see a helicopter and at the side of it will be sum small creats the laptop is on there.
  • As you enter the small village proceed as normal then once you have climbed the ladders drop down to the right and sneek around, around the corner you will see a truck sneek towards the back of it and you will see a three seater outside a house next to it will be a table infront of the door the laptop is in there.

Mission 11 - The Hunt Is On:

  • No Secrets

Mission 12 - Steal From Under Their Noses Part II:

  • As you start go straight forward down the hill kill the guard in the tower craw under and go into the shack infront of you and turn left .
  • When you have to locate the data and you come to what looks like a camp site (big green tents) stand on the road 180m away from the objective and turn right you will see two yellow crates there are laptops in both of them on the lower floor.
  • See #2

Mission 13 - A Marksman At His Best:

  • When you start the mission go through the hole in the fence and climb two pair of ladders and the laptop is right infront of you.
  • When your told to go up river to avoid conflict with the guards proceed as normal but before you go into the cave sneek towards the guards and the laptop is on the jeep.

Mission 14 - Guardian Angel:

  • When you enter the tower go up the stairs and make your first right you'll see it on the desk.

Mission 15 - The Showdown:

  • When you are in the cave and your team mate says enter the camp. At this point you wil have the option to go left or right (to the left are two guys by a fire) go right all the way to find the laptop.
  • Once you enter the the camp to regroup with delta three. Just after you walk past the small fire at the entrance of the camp you will see on your left a two floor crate and a single floor crate to your right the laptop is in the single floor one.
  • After you take back control of the main guy after doing the sniping walk up the hill and carry on until you come to a bulldozer facing a jeep next to them is a two floor crate the laptop is on the top floor.

Mission 16 - Seek And Destroy:

  • No Secrets.
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User Comments
Comment #1 by Kaeferin
Sunday, August 21, 2011 @ 12:33:24 AM

For me the seeker achievment glitched.
You can delete the ingamesafe files.
But my problem then:
The glitch comes back and back over the game.
The game told me for example that there should be one more secret (Mission 3) and there is definitly no second one!
Or in the next Mission I collect two and the counter says: Zero of zero and I´m allowed to collect over and over again, without really picking them up!!!
Bad glitch!!!

Comment #2 by Kaeferin
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 @ 02:56:51 PM


If ths achievement is glitched for your, do like in the Link above, but you also have to delete the cache and play the game offline again without any updates.

This is the way it finally works for me!

At my first comment, I was able to reset the counter, so I think it will work for other achiements.
But for seeker you´ve had to play nearly the entire game.
I remarked that my ingamefile was corrupted.
The game told me to collect (1 of 2 secrets), where definetly was not a second one (Mission 3), or didn´t allowed me to pick them up, where I was able to find them (Mission 4).

Comment #3 by huize wolf
Tuesday, October 04, 2011 @ 01:28:58 PM

oke nu weet ik wat er aan de hand is .
ik ga ff kijken of het werkt hoop het wel.
ik laat het horen of het gewerkt heeft

grtjes S Wolf

Comment #4 by DennisOwns
Sunday, February 12, 2012 @ 04:50:36 PM


Comment #5 by darthchimp182
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 05:49:13 PM

my first ever glitched achievement, lol will deal with it after i finish the game now, play through offline on easy without the updates, that fixes it apprently, (not the difficulty, just deleting the update and playing offline)

Comment #6 by roguedelta
Tuesday, March 06, 2012 @ 08:48:40 AM

totally glitched, or... I usually play games on veteran then go for a second run through the story on easy for all the achievements including intel. some chapters I ended as soon as I got the last secret so that might be the problem. game wants you to get to the end of the chapter and see how many you got at that point.

stupid, and very annoying, Ill give it a try some time later.

Comment #7 by timpeee
Monday, April 02, 2012 @ 07:11:19 AM

Here is solution to your secret problem. Go xbox home > settings > system > storage > select harddrive and press Y (device options) > clear system cache. Now start playing but dont download update. Then go to oil rigs and collect secrets and u should get seeker achievement.

Comment #8 by stook
Monday, June 18, 2012 @ 04:33:48 AM

@ timpeee --> you´re my man! it works! Thx a lot!!

Comment #9 by Don insane Xd
Monday, July 09, 2012 @ 02:00:41 PM

@ timpeee You just made my day thank you so much now ive got every achievement for the single player its time to start on the multyplayer ;)

Comment #10 by Naberios
Saturday, July 14, 2012 @ 09:33:45 AM

@ timpeee

You're the best. Thanks for taking the time to let know how to fix this glitch quick and easy!

Comment #11 by SAS commando
Thursday, December 20, 2012 @ 04:31:56 PM

i hate the glitch i am not even going to try after me second attempt

Comment #12 by Xx ReDDoG xX1
Monday, December 31, 2012 @ 06:18:12 AM

timpeee's solution is correct. follow exactly what he says and it will work, cheevo will unlock.......

Comment #13 by EL1T3x
Saturday, May 18, 2013 @ 07:05:38 PM

Quick question in reply to Timpee's message. Do I have to get all the non-glitched intels in the game 1st or can I get to that level (with say 3 intels, do that solution (without currently aquiring all possible intels) and still get it?

Comment #14 by BuffyMalin
Sunday, July 07, 2013 @ 11:51:25 AM


thank you so much! my boyfriend was about to break down and cry trying to get his "Seeker" achievement... I hopped on here, did a little recon for him... told him what I found and BOOM, happy boyfirend! THANK YOU!!!

Comment #15 by Schoepi85
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 @ 10:57:29 PM

hey timpee, cheers mate, it worked! Thanks!

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