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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Achievement Guide

Guide By: SideDish120
There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 (Depends on FPS skill)
-Offline: 19 (660)
-Online: 5 (340)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-40 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 1, "Seeker". You can replay missions however.
-Glitchy achievements: "Fallen Eagle and One Shot", "Two Kills"
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes

Welcome to Sniper: Ghost Warrior, created by City Interactive. Get ready to stab, blow up, and of course, snipe your enemy in the head. This game's hardest difficulty is fairly easy but can be tough at times. Comparable to a Normal or Hard mode found in the Call of Duty series. The best and easiest way to complete it on the hardest difficulty is to take your time and watch your shots. To avoid making other enemies come to the area and be alerted of you.

Breakdown: The Single Player will take you anywhere from 7-12 hours to complete on Hard and getting all the secrets. The Multiplayer will take the majority of time, but can be accomplished much quicker with boosting.

Single Player: Hard Difficulty and Secrets (Collectibles)
Start on Hard Difficulty, and make sure you follow the Secrets Guide very closely. Taking your time while playing through this difficulty can make the difference of extreme frustration to a easy level. Some levels will be harder then others, taking anywhere from 10 minutes to even a hour. The AI is very unforgiving and can see you at ridicules distances. Kill anyone as soon as possible, but only if you need to kill them.

There are 19 offline achievements and if they aren't Story or Collectible related, they are pretty straight forward and you may get them through playthrough progression anyways. You can replay any mission if you need a good spot for one of these achievements or you need to pick up some collectibles.

The Multiplayer of this game isn't the best around, so it is best to boost this. Find yourself 4 friends that will stick through the entire sessions. For information on how to boost efficiently, refer to "Supplier of The Death." You will amass 250 pistol kills and your 250/500 Sniper Kills for three achievements on your way to 2000 kills and 50 wins.

The concept of what they wanted to achieve with this game is great, but not executed all to well. The AI can see you from grave distances while in the brush, which no human could possibly do. It is a game few should try as it may become frustrating at times. But if you are missing anything, please refer to the Achievement Guide.

[x360a would like to thank SideDish120 for this Roadmap]

Sniper Expert30
Deliver 50 headshots.   

Refer to "Sniper Master" for some more information.

Sniper Master60
Deliver 100 headshots.   

The achievements for difficulty stack, so you can beat it on Hard difficulty and unlock Easy as well.

Refer to "General" for more information. Headshots will come naturally as you aim at enemies. Headshots are single shot kills. To help you, press the down which will make you hold your breath. This will keep your crosshairs steady and make it easier for you to take aim.

Finish the game on Easy difficulty.     

The achievements for difficulty stack, so you can beat it on Hard difficulty and unlock Easy as well.

Refer to "General" for more information.

Finish the game on Normal difficulty.      

The achievements for difficulty stack, so you can beat it on Hard difficulty and unlock Normal as well.

Refer to "General" for more information.

Finish the game on Hard difficulty.      (18) 

Completing the game on Hard will also unlock the achievements for completing it on Normal and Easy difficulty.

Certain sections may be very easy and some may prove to be very difficult. Here are some tips on how to beat Hard difficulty easier.

  • Take your time - You may never know when a enemy is around the corner.
  • Never rush into area - Survey the scene and see if it is okay to enter.
  • Only kill who you really have to and who is shooting at you. This will save you from being discovered and shot at.
  • Be sneaky as much as possible, being silent will help you not be heard.
  • Always look for First Aid cupboards. Always having a full inventory of health will always come in handy.
Act I10
Complete Act I.    

There are a total of 5 missions found in the first act.

  1. One Shot, One Kill
  2. No Man Left Behind
  3. Dangerous Grounds
  4. Take Down the Rigs
  5. An Alliance To Save Rodriguez

This will unlock through natural story progression.

Act II20
Complete Act II.    

There are a total of 3 missions to complete in Act II.

  1. Weaken the Regime
  2. On Your Own
  3. A Simple Rendevous

This will unlock through natural story progression.

Act III30
Complete Act III.    

There are a total of 3 missions to complete in Act III.

  1. Steal From Under Their Noses
  2. The End is Near...
  3. The Hunt is On

This will unlock through natural story progression.

Act IV40
Complete Act IV.    (1) 

There are a total of 5 missions found in Act IV.

  1. Steal From Under Their Noses Part II
  2. A Marksman At His Best
  3. Guardian Angel
  4. The Showdown
  5. Seek And Destroy

This will unlock through natural story progression.

Collect all secrets.    (15) 

There are a total of 30 Secrets found throughout the entire Single Player Campaign. To pick up a secret, you press while near it. If you pick one up and die before your game saves, you don't have to go pick it up again. It saves that you picked up the secret. You can go back and select a mission if you missed any on your playthrough.

Mission 1 - One Shot, One Kill:

  1. As sooon as u repel down stick to the left hand side and the laptop is in the first yellow hut you come to.
  2. Not long after #1 when you come to the metal fence you have to go through turn right and go in the yellow hut to find the laptop. You will have to go around the back to get in.

Mission 2 - No Man Left Behind:

  • After you have to go ahead alone walk forward and you will see a cabin to your right and a cabin just to your left far back the laptop is in there.
  • After #1 proceed ahead and you will come to two guards by a car. Take them out. Now walk down by the right side of the car go around the big rock and trees and there is a big cabin walk through and there is a smaller cabie behind the laptop is in there.
  • When you have to get to the lighthouse walk on abit and you wil see a Humvee outside a large cabin. The laptop's inside.

Mission 3 - Dangerous Grounds:

  • After the cut scene you watch you will start facing a red and white broadcast tower move around the right side of it and you will see a cabin walk up the slope and the laptop is on the table.

Mission 4 - Take Down The Rigs:

  • As soon as you start and go up the lift you have to take position to breach a crate kill the guys inside and the laptop is behind them.
  • When you have to find the diving equipment and you walk down sum stairs (you will hit a save point) and the laptop is around the corner inside the crate on your right (there will be a guy shooting you in the window).

Mission 5 - An Alliance To Save Rodriguez:

  • As you start clear your way past the first building then you should see three more buildings infront of you the laptop is in the building on the right closest to you just go up the small flight of stairs and its on the table.
  • When you have gone up some wooden stairs and there are some huts infront of you. The laptop is in the third hut on your left.

Mission 6 - Weaken The Regime:

  • As you get off the boat kill all the enimes and the laptop is in the first shack to your right.
  • When you split up from your team cross the bridge and go into the big shack on the left side the laptop is on the table.
  • When you go to plant the third tag when your 50m away turn right and go up the ramp to find the laptop on the desk inside.

Mission 7 - On Your Own:

  • After you have got the C4 exit the shack and go into the one infront of you laptop is on a barrel.
  • When going to destroy the third AA gun you'll come to like a windmill looking thing turn left and follow the dirt road and you'll see the laptop on your left on a box.
  • When Your at the third AA gun go to the front asif your looking down the barrels of the gun now turn left and go the fire (you'll only see the smoke when at the AA gun) and go into that buliding to find the laptop.

Mission 8 - A Simple Rendezvous:

  • When you have to find a radio to call in the evac chopper when your 55m away from the radio turn 90degrees right and go in the hut to find the laptop.
  • Straight after #1 go out the hut turn right up the small stairs and its in the big building on the left. (there is a archway leading to the entrance)

Mission 9 - Steal From Under Their Noses:

  • Once you have crawled under the hut turn left up the hill and the laptop is in the hut at the top.

Note: On mission 10 there are two ways of getting these secrets. You can either get them as a sniper or equipped with an AK-47. If you're doing it as a sniper then you should get the secrets in reverse order.

Mission 10 - The End Is Near...:

  • When you have to support the sniper kill all the men in the camp and you shud see a helicopter and at the side of it will be sum small creats the laptop is on there.
  • As you enter the small village proceed as normal then once you have climbed the ladders drop down to the right and sneek around, around the corner you will see a truck sneek towards the back of it and you will see a three seater outside a house next to it will be a table infront of the door the laptop is in there.

Mission 11 - The Hunt Is On:

  • No Secrets

Mission 12 - Steal From Under Their Noses Part II:

  • As you start go straight forward down the hill kill the guard in the tower craw under and go into the shack infront of you and turn left .
  • When you have to locate the data and you come to what looks like a camp site (big green tents) stand on the road 180m away from the objective and turn right you will see two yellow crates there are laptops in both of them on the lower floor.
  • See #2

Mission 13 - A Marksman At His Best:

  • When you start the mission go through the hole in the fence and climb two pair of ladders and the laptop is right infront of you.
  • When your told to go up river to avoid conflict with the guards proceed as normal but before you go into the cave sneek towards the guards and the laptop is on the jeep.

Mission 14 - Guardian Angel:

  • When you enter the tower go up the stairs and make your first right you'll see it on the desk.

Mission 15 - The Showdown:

  • When you are in the cave and your team mate says enter the camp. At this point you wil have the option to go left or right (to the left are two guys by a fire) go right all the way to find the laptop.
  • Once you enter the the camp to regroup with delta three. Just after you walk past the small fire at the entrance of the camp you will see on your left a two floor crate and a single floor crate to your right the laptop is in the single floor one.
  • After you take back control of the main guy after doing the sniping walk up the hill and carry on until you come to a bulldozer facing a jeep next to them is a two floor crate the laptop is on the top floor.

Mission 16 - Seek And Destroy:

  • No Secrets.
You Have to Focus40
Kill 15 enemies using concentration mode.   

Concentration mode is done by holding your breath by clicking the . Your enemies will a lighter blue. Killing fifteen enemies in this mode will be very easy.

Through the Wall30
Shoot an enemy through a wall.   (3) 

The easiest way to do this is by killing a guard in a guard tower. Get your cross hair to be aiming through the wood near his lower body and just shoot until he dies. 

Flying Knives30
Kill 10 enemies with throwing knives.   (3) 

You must be the Sniper to have the throwing knives, not the Infantry man. To get the knives out, press . You can zoom in a little with . Each knife throw is a instant kill. You cannot kill someone and reload the checkpoint to kill them again. It has to be 10 different people. If you walk over the body that you just killed with the throwing knife, you can pick it back up. Same goes for if you miss with it, go to the spot where it is on the ground and it will be picked up.

Heavy Fire30
Kill a total of 30 enemies with Browning gun.   (11) 

The easiest place to get this is during Mission 8 - "A Simple Rendezvous". You have to defend yourself with the Browning while you wait for the chopper. Make sure to always have health kits on you, there is a First Aid Cupboard behind you on a barrel.

One package, Two receivers40
Kill 2 enemies with one grenade.   (1) 

There are plenty of opportunities to get this during the Single Player. One of the easier levels to do this is during Mission 4 - "Taking Down the Rigs." There are plenty of enemies in tight areas. The grenade has to kill both of them, no other explosive things (explosive barrels) can be set off to kill them.

This can be done in the very first chapter. After you crawl and kill the enemy, you will take a right and be told to hide in the bushes as enemies run by. After they pass, go out of the bushes and hit to throw a grenade at them.

One shot, Two Kills50
Kill 2 enemies with one shot.   (6) 

There are tons of opportunities to get this. Many times you will see two enemies standing next to one another talking, or just walking down the street together. Line yourself up so you hit them both in the chest. If you can nail a double headshot, you've made it much easier to kill both of them.

A simple place to get this is during the very first level. After you crawl and kill the enemy, you will take a right and see 3 enemies run out at the end of the road. Two of them are right next to one another as they run at you. Hold your breath with to go into concentration mode. This will slow them down, but incase you don't kill both of them. You can just reload to the previous checkpoint.

The Protector of Pontoon60
Kill all enemies attacking your pontoon from the riverside on "Weaken The Regime" level.   (5) 

This is right at the beginning of the level. Protect the boat and kill all the enemies on the riverbanks that are shooting at you. The final 2 enemies are on the left side before the choppers fly overhead. If you didn't get it before the choppers, you missed someone and restart the level.

Close Range40
Kill 250 people using pistol.(Multiplayer)   (21) 

This must be done in ranked multiplayer. To use the pistol you press to equip it. The pistol is hard to kill with so it is recommended to aim at the head as much as possible. There is only one pistol with all four kits available.

Refer to "Supplier of The Death" on how to boost and more information.

Hold Your Breath50
Kill 250 people using sniper rifle.(Multiplayer)   (5) 

Refer to "Sharpshooter" for more information.

Kill 500 people using sniper rifle.(Multiplayer)   (5) 

There are a total amount of four different sniper classes found in online Multiplayer to choose from. The best sniper to use is the 2nd Light Recon Kit. It is silent and fires relatively quickly with minimal recoil.

Refer to "Supplier of The Death" on how to boost.

Supplier of the Death90
Kill 2000 people.(Multiplayer)   (69) 

This is kills with any form of weapon. Sniper Kills, Grenade Kills, Pistol Kills, and Knife Kills.

How to boost kills:

The best way to boost this is with at least four players that will stick with you through the entire process. Choose who will be hosting the games in what order. The person who is host will host two matches with a max of 50 kills. Each time the person hosting will host two games. The person who is host is the one getting the kills, not the other on his teammate. So each time it rotates hosts. You will accumulate a total of 100 kills each time. Then they will rotate to the next player and start again. You can add more players to have the kills go faster.

How to boost wins:

You will need a minimum of four players and to play on the level Canyon in a Ranked Team Deathmatch game, so choose only one person to host the game. Set the game up with a maximum of 5 kills and four players to start, then have the same two people join in after him while the 4th person waits for them to be in the lobby. The two people who join will be on the opposite team of the host, and the fourth player will be on the host's team. Have the team that is losing to run to the bridge while the team winning will just kill the losing team. Continue this while switching who wins each round. Red team wins a round, and than Blue team wins the next. Make sure to have the same person host every time, and once you get the pattern down, you can finish each game in around a minute.

Laurel Wreath100
Win 50 rounds playing online.(Multiplayer)   (11) 

You can host ranked games and have the max kills needed to win be 5 with a max of four players in ranked team deathmatch. This will make matches fly by.

Refer to "Supplier of The Death" on how to boost and more information.

Fallen Eagle20
Kill 10 birds.   (23) 

The easiest place to get this is during the training at the beginning of the game. You may need to aim ahead of the birds so that your bullet hits. If you can't find more birds to shoot, just wait a little and more will appear.

Shoot 5 cable lines using sniper rifles.   (7) 

The easiest place to do this is during Act 2, Mission 7, "On Your Own." Simply shoot the part where the cable connects to the post five times for the achievement.

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City Interactive
City Interactive


US June 29, 2010

ESRB: Mature
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