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Soltrio Solitaire Achievement Guide

Guide By: Zef
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Solitaire Voyager15
Finish traveling all around in the Voyage mode.    

From the game menu, select Single Player, then Voyage Mode. For this achievement you just have to win any 30 games of solitaire you want. Every three wins moves you to the next location on the map, with ten locations in all. Once you win the 30th game this achievement will unlock.

Minute Man20
Win at Klondike within one minute.   (1) 

This achievement takes skill, luck and patience. One minute seems impossible but there are ways to help out. Go to the Options menu, Settings then Play Options and do the following.

Turn animation speed all the way up.
Turn auto play on.
Turn auto finish on.

These will all make the game go quickly, so you will save those precious seconds. Now keep playing single player CLASSIC klondike matches, the achievement cannot be unlocked in voyage matches. Also be sure to use the button shortcuts to make things move more quickly, draws more cards and will move a card to an available pile. After a while you will be able to finish matches very quickly, hopefully one of those occasions will be under one minute.

Tricked Out10
Show off a custom backed deck online.    

First play Voyage mode to unlock some card elements, you receive new elements when you open a chest and move to the next area. To build a deck go to the Options menu, Settings then Card Editor. Pick a blank card and then use your unlocked card elements to build a new deck.

Once you have a custom deck, start an online match. Once it is completed you will unlock this achievement. Be sure to have your custom deck equipped.

Solitaire Conqueror25
Win at each Classic game at least once.   (4) 

Simply play every game type in Classic mode until you have beaten every one. Some are more difficult than others, so this can be a very difficult achievement if you are unfamiliar with those games. If you are unsure which games you have won in then check the leaderboards, they display the scores even if you did not win, but if your score is noticeably high then chances are you have won that game type.

The Mingler0
Play with another player with "The Mingler", or be one of the first 500 to be ranked online.     

Start an online match and play through it, once it is completed you may or may not get the achievement. Play enough times online and you will unlock this, otherwise go to the x360a forums and post in the achievement trading thread to organise a game.

Duel Baby10
Fully play a duel match against an online opponent.   (1) 

From the Multiplayer menu, select Xbox Live and then create or join a VS. match. Finish the game without either player quitting and the achievement will unlock.

Play and win 100 solitaire games.   

See "Agoraphobia".

Win any solitaire game.   

See "Agoraphobia".

Play and win 1000 solitaire games.   (2) 

Go to Voyage mode and keep playing 'Aces Up', you can win a match in no more than two minutes once you get the hang of it. Win 1000 times and the achievement unlocks, to check how many wins you have see the message that is shown after you win a match. This tells you your total number of wins. You will also unlock Apprentice and Centurion whilst attempting this achievement.

Assemble 5 different custom card decks.   

Play voyage mode until you unlock five chests (win 15 games in total) and you will unlock 5 card elements. Go to the card editor and use these five elements on seperate blank cards and the achievement unlocks. Be aware that once you use a card element it cannot be used again, if you make a mistake just unlock more card elements and try again.

Flying Ace15
In Klondike, place 4 aces on the foundation without taking a card from the stock.   

This is mostly dependant on luck. Keep playing klondike until you have four aces at the start of the game. If you are drawn two or more aces then place those onto the foundation pile and then move as many cards as you can to uncover more cards. Keep trying and eventually you will be lucky. Be sure not to touch the stock pile, if you do then you will not get the achievement.

Great Escape25
Win at Freecell using only 2 cells.   

A reasonably easy achievement if you know how to play Freecell, play a game of Freecell (NOT Freecell easy) and play as normal. Remember to only use two of the cells at the top of the screen, although you can finish using less than that if you are good enough.

Some general tips would be to try and stack the cards where possible, being sure to find the aces quickly. If you get stuck then just finish the game and try again, eventually you will be able to finish using only the two cells.

Game Info


US May 16, 2007
Europe May 16, 2007
Japan May 16, 2007

Resolution: 1080i
Sound: Custom Soundtracks, Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Everyone
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