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Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut Achievements

Sub Game Master

Get all Emblems of the Sub Games.  

While playing Adventure Mode you will encounter mini games within some of the Action Stages. For example, Amy's Hedgehog Hammer mini game or the Sky Chase Acts. Once you have completed everyone’s Adventure head into Sub-Game from the main menu and complete the "A" mission for each characters Sub-game. Here is a list of each Sub-game and scores needed for the Emblem.

Sky Chase Act 1: Beat a score of 8000

Note: Most people have trouble with this one. Try repeatedly shooting the bombs that the turrets shoot at you, and avoid killing the turrets until you're about to pass them. This will grant you some extra score than usual. Just try to destroy all bombs the turrets shoot at you then quickly kill the turrets with a lock on shot for extra score! Other than the turret areas, just be sure to lock on to multiple flying ships then let go of the action button for better score bonuses.

Sky Chase Act 2: Beat a score of 20000

Sand Hill: Beat a score of 10000

Note: For this one make sure you never lose your X multiplier. Try finding good routes that will enable you to hit another loop before your multiplier resets.Beware of obstacles and use speed ramps to get to the next loop you see before your multiplier resets.

Twinkle Circuit:

  • "B" mission: Complete 3 laps.
  • "A" mission: Beat your previous track record.
  • Note: You only have to do this with one character to unlock the 2 Emblems. Try to be slow on the "B" mission to make "A" mission easier.

Hedgehog Hammer:

  • "A" mission: Beat your previous score
  • Note: For Amy's Hedgehog Hammer Sub-game, try to get as low of a high score (2100) as possible to make it easier to beat your old score. This also makes it easier to go back in her Adventure Mode and get the Long Hammer upgrade (if you don't already have it). I believe you at least need a high score of 2500 to get the Emblem.

This achievement will unlock upon completing your final sub-games Level A mission.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by TraumaticChain6
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 03:13:24 PM

Amy's hedgehog hammer needs to be done in trail. Don't worry if you were like me and did it in adventure (I ended up with a score of 4600 because I didn't get the emblems). Just play it in trail once and you get your first emblem and then get a higer score then your previous in trail.

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US September 15, 2010
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