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Chao's Best Friend

Get all Emblems of the Chao Race.  

These five Emblems (and this achievement) are awarded for completing all of the Jewel Races. Doing so will require a few hours of grinding and will require that you beat the Beginner Races first.

The five courses are:

  • Pearl Course: Tests your Chao's Power
  • Amethyst Course: Tests your Chao's Flying ability
  • Sapphire Course: Tests your Chao's Power and Swimming ability
  • Ruby Course: Tests your Chao's Swimming ability
  • Emerald Course: Tests all of your Chao's abilities.

Note: all courses will test your Chao's Running ability
Note: the Emerald Course, unlocked by winning on the other four courses, is a combination of the other courses. This is a long race so don't get discouraged if you fall behind early on as there is plenty of time to catch up.
Note: On the Jewel Races make sure to save the Emerald Course for last. If you don't, a black Chao with stats level 90+ will start appearing on all of the courses making it even more difficult to win.

To win the Beginner Races you are going to want to have your Chao's stats in the 350-450 range, but probably at least 400. For the Jewel Races you are going to want all stats at least 900, but probably closer to 1000.

To increase your Chao's stats you can either give it animals or feed it Chao Fruit. Chao Fruit can be bought in the Black Market, which is located in the Station Square Chao Garden. Animals can be found in the Action Stages, appearing in little green spheres after you defeat an enemy. Most animals will greatly increase specific stats but also decrease others, but there are a few which will slightly increase random stats. The animals:

  • Yellow (Swim): Otters, Penguins, and Seals can be found in Emerald Coast
  • Purple (Fly): Parrots, Peacocks, and Swallows can be found in Windy Valley
  • Green (Run): Dears, Kangaroos, and Rabbits can be found in Speed Highway
  • Red (Power): Elephants, Gorillas, and Lions can be found in Red Mountain
  • Blue (Random): Koalas can be found in Emerald Coast, Moles can be found in Windy Valley, and Skunks can be found in Hot Shelter

Be sure to wait until you Chao has evolved into an adult before taking it to compete in races as it will run much faster. Don't expect your Chao to always win races the first time as sometimes you may have to retry a few times to get first place. Don't forget to cheer it on! This is in no way difficult, but will take some time and patience as this is a slow process. There are two exploits you can use to make this process faster.

  • Infinite use of animals: If you can get your Chao to stand still (can be done by throwing it at a wall if it isn't cooperating) you can position your character a certain distance away such that if you drop an animal in front of it, your Chao will benefit from the stat increase without grabbing onto the animal, allowing the animal to be used again. You can tell if this worked if the animal is still glowing afterward. Getting in proper place can be challenging so make sure you quickly pick the animal back up after it is used so that your Chao doesn't toss it.
  • Infinite Chao Fruits: This can be done with at least 200 coins, but since the Chao Garden can hold up to 15 of these at a time optimally you'll want to have 3000 coins before you start. If you saved raising your Chao for last then you'll almost certainly have 3000+ coins after completing the game with all characters and beating all of the A, B, and C missions. If you don't then see below for a trick to get quick rings. First, go find your Sonic Adventure save files on the dashboard. Note that there are two files: Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure Chao Garden. Make a backup of Sonic Adventure. Second, start up the game, go into the Black Market, buy as many Chao Fruits as you can, feed them to your Chao, then exit the garden. Third, go back to the dashboard, delete the Sonic Adventure save, and restore it with the backup. Fourth, start up the game and repeat the process. Notice that you have all of your rings back! All Chao related information is stored in the Chao Garden file but information like your number of rings is stored in the original file. So your Chao can retain its increased stats while resetting everything else. This method is much more effective than the other.

Trick for fast rings: Start up the adventure with Knuckles. In Station Square dig all over the beach and the grass until you have found a magnetic shield. Once you have one, go into the hotel and stand on the switch at the top of the stairs to have rings continually respawn, which your magnetic shield will grab for you. Once you have 999 rings (the limit) go into an Action Stage and complete it. MAKE SURE NOT TO GET HIT. If you have dug everywhere but not found a magnetic shield, reset the field by going into an Action Stage, Mystic Ruins, or Egg Carrier and come back.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by BritishKing
Friday, August 10, 2012 @ 06:27:16 PM

All my chao's stats are about 1200 but whenever i do pearl course on the jewel race my chao also stops at some point normally the start how can i stop this?

Comment #2 by BritishKing
Friday, August 10, 2012 @ 06:31:14 PM

All my chao's stats are about 1200 but whenever i do pearl course on the jewel race my chao also stops at some point normally the start how can i stop this?

Comment #3 by BritishKing
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 @ 06:44:55 PM

Mine must be glitched or something every race on pearl course my chao takes about 5 steps with the ball and stops same happens on the beginner race of pearl course but when my stats where at 500 it didnt stop.

Comment #4 by Boxtank
Friday, November 16, 2012 @ 01:39:18 AM

If your chao doesn't have enough stamina it will stop in the middle of the race to rest. Make sure your feed it fruit so it's stamina goes up, plus if your chao is tired it needs sleep so let it rest. This sounds pretty ridiculous but its true.

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