Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut Achievement Guide

Guide By: FeLizP
There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10  (with DLC: 7/10)
- Offline: 12 (200)  DLC: 3 (50)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 15 - 20 Hours  (with DLC: 25 - 30 Hours)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (however you must replay stages)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Sonic Adventure! This game has 12 achievements for 200 and is an import of the 1999 Dreamcast launch title! If you owned a Sega Dreamcast then you may be familiar with Sonic Adventure and completing this game should be very easy. The achievements for this game are very simple, seven of which you will get through natural progression, and the other 5 collectively require you to obtain all 130 Emblems. Doing so will require you to complete all Adventures, Trials, Sub-games, and Chao races, plus find all 12 Emblems hidden throughout the Adventure Fields. Sonic Adventure introduces two new characters to the series, is the first to include adventure fields, and it also introduces a new Chao system where you raise your own digital pet! With a vast array of new features, this makes Sonic Adventure one of Sega's most innovative titles!

Note: There is DLC for this game that upgrades Sonic Adventure to Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, the Gamecube version of the game which was released in 2003. It contains 3 extra achievements and makes the game more difficult to complete because of the Mission Mode. See the DLC portion for more info.

Step 1 - Adventure Mode:
Here you will watch the adventure unfold as Sonic attempts to stop Eggman's evil plans of securing the 7 chaos emeralds. There are 6 playable characters each with their own unique story and all six of them intertwine somehow. As you play through each story you will notice that all stories are connected somehow, and you get to see the story unfold from your selected characters point of view. Each story mode includes action stages, cut-scenes, and bosses and some characters have more than others. There are 3 adventure fields that you can explore during Adventure Mode: Station Square, Mystic Ruins, and the Egg Carrier. In between story segments feel free to explore them, you never know what you may find! Here is the layout of each character's adventure:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog - 10 Action Stages, 7 Bosses
  • Miles ‘Tails’ Prower - 5 Action Stages, 5 Bosses
  • Knuckles the Echidna - 5 Action Stages, 4 Bosses
  • Amy Rose - 3 Action Stages, 1 Boss
  • Big the Cat - 4 Action Stages, 1 Boss
  • E-102 - 5 Action Stages, 5 Bosses

Each story is pretty easy to complete even for novices to Sonic Adventure. When selecting a character be sure to select Instruction if you need help learning the basics. If you ever get stuck at any point there are pink orbs throughout the action stages and adventure fields that will give you hints when you touch them, use them if you need help with what to do next . Once you complete each story adventure you will receive credits and that’s the end of the game for that character. Upon completing all Adventures for all characters you will unlock Super Sonic as a playable character and also the “Super Sonic” achievement!

Note: To speed things up a bit, cut-scenes can be skipped by simply pressing the  button.

Step 2 - Trial Mode:
Every time you complete an Action Stage for a character that stage becomes available in Trial Mode. Trial Mode is where you can replay Action Stages and try to beat your old scores and times. There will be a level B and level A mission for each stage that you must complete in order to get all 130 Emblems. They vary for each character but for the most part:

  • Level B: Collect 50 rings and complete the Stage
  • Level A: Finish the stage within the given time limit

These vary between characters, not all Level A and B missions have the same objectives for all characters. Big the Cat's require you to catch 1000 and 2000g fishes.

Step 3 - Sub-Games:
During Story Mode you will sometimes encounter sub-games throughout your characters Adventure. Once you have completed a sub-game you will be able to access them through Trial Mode. You must obtain Level A on all of these in order to complete the game.

Step 4 - Chao System:
A new addition to the Sonic series is the Chao system. Chao are digital pets that you bring up yourself from a new born to a grown adult. They start out in an egg and once they are hatched their life will begin. By feeding them animals you acquire in the Action Stages you Chao will begin to grow stronger and after a while grow to an adult. Whenever you pick up your Chao its stats will display on screen which are broken into 5 categories:

  • Swim: How fast your Chao can swim in water
  • Fly: How fast and long your Chao can fly in the air
  • Run: the speed at which your Chao can run
  • Power: how strong your Chao is
  • Stamina: how long your Chao can last, endurance wise.

Depending on what animals you feed your Chao, will decide which stat will get a boost. For example feed it gorillas for power or otters for swim. You will need to get your Chao strong enough to compete in the Chao races located at the Station Square Chao garden, if you wish to attain all achievements. There is a Chao garden in each Adventure field. The Station Square Chao garden is in the Hotel elevator. The Mystic Ruins Chao garden is in the cave near Tails’ workshop and the Egg Carrier Chao garden can be accessed by typing E-G-G-M-A-N on the keypad inside the Egg Carrier. You can also teleport between gardens with the tele-pods in each garden!

Note: Make sure you use  button when interacting with your Chao or else you may harm it on accident.

Step 5 - Emblems:
These are those crests with a picture of Sonic that you get every time you beat an Action Stage during your first run through Adventure Mode. There are 130 total Emblems in the game and in order to obtain them all you must:

  • Complete all Action Stages (Levels A, B, and C)
  • Complete all Character’s Adventures
  • Complete all Sub-Games (Level A and B)
  • Collect all 12 hidden emblems throughout the Adventure Fields.
  • Win all Chao Jewel races

Overall, Sonic Adventure shouldn't be too hard to complete. Novices may have trouble with some of Sonic's Level "A" Trials but can be done by using shortcuts and speed dashing. The Chao achievement just takes time but is overall an easy task.

Downloadable Content
There are 3 achievements under DLC for 50 for a total of 250 for when you complete the game. You must complete all 60 missions in Mission Mode, unlock Metal Sonic, and get Level "A" on all of Metal Sonics Action Stages. If you decide to do the DLC however, the Mission Mode may present you a problem because of missions 53 and 54. If you can get passed those then the 250 is as good as yours.

Note: The “Perfect Adventurer” achievement stacks with the “Metal Sonic” achievement. Once you have all 130 Emblems head into Trial Mode and it will unlock, this is for DLC only.

DLC Breakdown:
Welcome to the Sonic Adventure DLC! This DLC contains 3 achievements for 50 and upgrades Sonic Adventure to Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut. This is the more difficult portion of the game to some, thanks to the "Mission All Accomplished" achievement. When you download this DLC the in game menu will change to the Director's Cut version, a new Mission Mode is added, plus Metal Sonic becomes available in Trial Mode once you have all 130 Emblems! The first thing you should do once you have this upgrade is head into Trial Mode, this will unlock the Metal Sonic achievement (if you have already obtained all emblems). Now all you have to do is complete each of Metal Sonic's A missions for all 10 of his stages in Trial Mode to get Metal Sonic Master, and then clear Mission Mode. Mission Mode is pretty easy to clear, for the most part you will be doing fetch type tasks, for some you must pop balloons, collect flags, or defeat enemies. Mission 53 seems to be the most difficult as you have to hit the last 3 ramps at Ice Cap with Sonic in a particular fashion:

  • 1st Ramp: No specific timing, simply hit  when you touch the ramp.
  • 2nd Ramp: Hit  at the very left or right edge of the ramp (red line). Hold  once you do.
  • 3rd Ramp: Hit  at the very edge. (Hold  once you're midair to touch the ring trail).

Make sure you hit the ramps as you are touching the red line or else you wont hit the trail of rings, make sure that you are also holding up. You will know that you hit the 2nd ramp correctly if you jump straight over the bridge and land near the 3rd ramp. DO NOT expect to get this on your first try, it takes timing and patience. It took me 3 hours to finally get it right but this may not be the same for you. Just keep hitting the ramps as mentioned and you will get it, just keep trying!

Mission 54 is quite troublesome too. With Tails, try jumping with  to slow yourself down so that it's easier to collect the flags. But you must also make sure that Sonic doesn't win the race before you grab them all or else you will have to start all over. So make sure you have a decent lead before grabbing the flags. If you miss a flag then quickly hit restart. Please see Darker Super Sonic's video #3 at the Mission Mode thread, it helps out a lot! The DLC Mission Mode Guide can be found HERE.

DLC Conclusion:
The DLC to some will be a cake walk but to others it will be frustrating! Knock out Metal Sonic Master and once you get to Mission 53 just keep trying to hit the ramps while your at the edge and hold up. With a bit of luck and timing, you will jump high enough to hit the trail of rings, and thus your 250 for this game.

x360a would like to thank FeLizP for this Road Map.

Miles "Tails" Prower10
Become friends with Tails. 

This will be the first achievement you unlock. At the beginning of Sonic’s Adventure, Tails will crash his Tornado airplane and you have to rescue him! Complete the Emerald Coast stage and after the cut-scene Tails will become a playable character. This will unlock after the prompt.


Knuckles the Echidna10
Become friends with Knuckles. 

After you have beaten the Ice Cap stage with Sonic, head toward the waterfall in the Mystic Ruins. There will be a cut-scene where Knuckles is first introduced. He will demand you to give him your chaos emeralds then a boss fight will ensue. Once you defeat Knuckles, Eggman will show up and unleash Chaos 4 on you. Once Chaos 4 is defeated, there will be a cut-scene and afterward Knuckles will become playable. This achievement will unlock after the prompt. This can also be unlocked with Tails!


Amy Rose10
Become friends with Amy. 

After Sky Chase Act 1, Sonic and Tails will be separated and Sonic will land in Station Square. Head to the Casino Area and you will get a cut-scene where Amy is first introduced. She will propose that you be her new found bird friend’s body guard but Sonic will run away. After this scene Amy will become playable. This achievement will unlock after the prompt. This can also be unlocked with Tails and E-102!


E-102 "γ"10
Become friends with E-102. 

After you complete the Sky Deck stage, take the platform to the ship deck and you will receive a cut-scene and another Boss, E-102. Once he is defeated there will be yet another cut-scene where Sonic decides to spare him for Amy. After the scene is over Gamma will become playable. This achievement will unlock after the prompt. This can also be unlocked with Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Big!

Big the Cat10
Become friends with Big. (3) 

After you shift the Egg Carrier back to it’s original shape, head toward the middle of the Egg Carrier and a cut-scene will show where Sonic confronts Eggman. Chaos 6 and Big are introduced here. Sonic promises Big that he will help him get Froggy back and then a Boss battle will ensue. Defeat Chaos 6, then after the cut-scene where Sonic falls into the forest of the Mystic Ruins, Big will become playable. This will unlock after the prompt. This can also be unlocked with Tails and E-102!

Sonic the Hedgehog10
Clear the Sonic story. (2) 

Simply complete Sonic the Hedgehog's Adventure Mode. He has 10 Action Stages and 7 Bosses which are all pretty easy to get through. You must also go on to defeat Egg Viper. After you land your final homing attack on him, Egg Viper will begin to fly around and he will try and dive at you. Make sure you dodge him or else he will take you out and then you will have to face him all over again. This will unlock after the credits.

Super Sonic20
Clear all characters stories. (1) 

There are 6 total playable characters, 5 that you will unlock along the way as you play Sonic's Adventure or by playing with other characters. Each Adventure contains Action Stages, Bosses, and cut scenes but are easy enough to get through, only Sonic's adventure has some tricky parts. Some adventures require you to find stone keys in order to progress further. If you ever get stuck on where to find them:

  • The Wind Key for Sonic and Tails is in front of Tails' workshop.
  • The Ice key for Big is behind Twinkle Park.
  • Knuckles' keys for the Lost World stage are next to the entrance to the forest, and the other is in a cave near the Echidna Temple.
  • The other key locations you should have no problem finding.

Here is what you must do in order to finish each character adventure:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Complete the Final Egg stage then defeat Egg Viper.
  • Miles ‘Tails’ Prower: Beat Eggman to the missile at Speed Highway then defeat him as Egg Walker.
  • Knuckles the Echidna: Find all emerald shards at Sky Deck then defeat Chaos 6.
  • Amy Rose: Evade Zero using the balloon at Final Egg then defeat Zero at the Egg Carrier.
  • Big the Cat: Catch Froggy at the Hot Shelter then pull Froggy out of Chaos 6.
  • E-102: Save your brother Zeta at the Hot Shelter then defeat E-101 Beta MKII.

Make use of the Instruction option when selecting a character if you have never played Sonic Adventure, as it will help you if you are new to the game. Make sure when using Big the Cat that you press  to get a HIT when Froggy nibbles on your lure. Sonic, Tails, Amy, and E-102's stages are all linear and should be very easy. Knuckles stages require you to find 3 emerald shards that can be found using the radar. You can also use hint orbs for help! Please use their advice before posting questions in the forums!

Get 100% completion for all 6 characters Adventure Mode and this will unlock after your final characters credits. You will also unlock Super Sonic as a playable character!

The Fastest & Strongest20
Get Level A on all the Action Stages. (6) 

Once you have completed all Adventure Modes for all 6 characters go to Trial Mode. From here you can replay the Action Stages you previously beat; only this time you must complete Level B and Level A for each one. To start Level B, simply go to a stage and you will receive the B mission of it. Complete the B mission to get the A mission next time you play it. Novices to this game may have trouble with some of Sonic's Level A missions, if this is the case visit the video guide at the bottom. For the most part the B Level requires you to collect 50 rings then complete your objective. And the Level A are usually timed based. However this is not the case for Big the Cat. For Big, make sure you have all Lure powerups or else you wont be able to find 2000g fish.

Check the Upgrade Location Guide for all power up locations. It can be found HERE.

Level B and Level A missions can also be played in Adventure mode! You will find a list of all Trial missions for each character HERE.

Sub Game Master20
Get all Emblems of the Sub Games. (1) 

While playing Adventure Mode you will encounter mini games within some of the Action Stages. For example, Amy's Hedgehog Hammer mini game or the Sky Chase Acts. Once you have completed everyone’s Adventure head into Sub-Game from the main menu and complete the "A" mission for each characters Sub-game. Here is a list of each Sub-game and scores needed for the Emblem.

Sky Chase Act 1: Beat a score of 8000

Note: Most people have trouble with this one. Try repeatedly shooting the bombs that the turrets shoot at you, and avoid killing the turrets until you're about to pass them. This will grant you some extra score than usual. Just try to destroy all bombs the turrets shoot at you then quickly kill the turrets with a lock on shot for extra score! Other than the turret areas, just be sure to lock on to multiple flying ships then let go of the action button for better score bonuses.

Sky Chase Act 2: Beat a score of 20000

Sand Hill: Beat a score of 10000

Note: For this one make sure you never lose your X multiplier. Try finding good routes that will enable you to hit another loop before your multiplier resets.Beware of obstacles and use speed ramps to get to the next loop you see before your multiplier resets.

Twinkle Circuit:

  • "B" mission: Complete 3 laps.
  • "A" mission: Beat your previous track record.
  • Note: You only have to do this with one character to unlock the 2 Emblems. Try to be slow on the "B" mission to make "A" mission easier.

Hedgehog Hammer:

  • "A" mission: Beat your previous score
  • Note: For Amy's Hedgehog Hammer Sub-game, try to get as low of a high score (2100) as possible to make it easier to beat your old score. This also makes it easier to go back in her Adventure Mode and get the Long Hammer upgrade (if you don't already have it). I believe you at least need a high score of 2500 to get the Emblem.

This achievement will unlock upon completing your final sub-games Level A mission.

Chao's Best Friend20
Get all Emblems of the Chao Race. (4) 

These five Emblems (and this achievement) are awarded for completing all of the Jewel Races. Doing so will require a few hours of grinding and will require that you beat the Beginner Races first.

The five courses are:

  • Pearl Course: Tests your Chao's Power
  • Amethyst Course: Tests your Chao's Flying ability
  • Sapphire Course: Tests your Chao's Power and Swimming ability
  • Ruby Course: Tests your Chao's Swimming ability
  • Emerald Course: Tests all of your Chao's abilities.

Note: all courses will test your Chao's Running ability
Note: the Emerald Course, unlocked by winning on the other four courses, is a combination of the other courses. This is a long race so don't get discouraged if you fall behind early on as there is plenty of time to catch up.
Note: On the Jewel Races make sure to save the Emerald Course for last. If you don't, a black Chao with stats level 90+ will start appearing on all of the courses making it even more difficult to win.

To win the Beginner Races you are going to want to have your Chao's stats in the 350-450 range, but probably at least 400. For the Jewel Races you are going to want all stats at least 900, but probably closer to 1000.

To increase your Chao's stats you can either give it animals or feed it Chao Fruit. Chao Fruit can be bought in the Black Market, which is located in the Station Square Chao Garden. Animals can be found in the Action Stages, appearing in little green spheres after you defeat an enemy. Most animals will greatly increase specific stats but also decrease others, but there are a few which will slightly increase random stats. The animals:

  • Yellow (Swim): Otters, Penguins, and Seals can be found in Emerald Coast
  • Purple (Fly): Parrots, Peacocks, and Swallows can be found in Windy Valley
  • Green (Run): Dears, Kangaroos, and Rabbits can be found in Speed Highway
  • Red (Power): Elephants, Gorillas, and Lions can be found in Red Mountain
  • Blue (Random): Koalas can be found in Emerald Coast, Moles can be found in Windy Valley, and Skunks can be found in Hot Shelter

Be sure to wait until you Chao has evolved into an adult before taking it to compete in races as it will run much faster. Don't expect your Chao to always win races the first time as sometimes you may have to retry a few times to get first place. Don't forget to cheer it on! This is in no way difficult, but will take some time and patience as this is a slow process. There are two exploits you can use to make this process faster.

  • Infinite use of animals: If you can get your Chao to stand still (can be done by throwing it at a wall if it isn't cooperating) you can position your character a certain distance away such that if you drop an animal in front of it, your Chao will benefit from the stat increase without grabbing onto the animal, allowing the animal to be used again. You can tell if this worked if the animal is still glowing afterward. Getting in proper place can be challenging so make sure you quickly pick the animal back up after it is used so that your Chao doesn't toss it.
  • Infinite Chao Fruits: This can be done with at least 200 coins, but since the Chao Garden can hold up to 15 of these at a time optimally you'll want to have 3000 coins before you start. If you saved raising your Chao for last then you'll almost certainly have 3000+ coins after completing the game with all characters and beating all of the A, B, and C missions. If you don't then see below for a trick to get quick rings. First, go find your Sonic Adventure save files on the dashboard. Note that there are two files: Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure Chao Garden. Make a backup of Sonic Adventure. Second, start up the game, go into the Black Market, buy as many Chao Fruits as you can, feed them to your Chao, then exit the garden. Third, go back to the dashboard, delete the Sonic Adventure save, and restore it with the backup. Fourth, start up the game and repeat the process. Notice that you have all of your rings back! All Chao related information is stored in the Chao Garden file but information like your number of rings is stored in the original file. So your Chao can retain its increased stats while resetting everything else. This method is much more effective than the other.

Trick for fast rings: Start up the adventure with Knuckles. In Station Square dig all over the beach and the grass until you have found a magnetic shield. Once you have one, go into the hotel and stand on the switch at the top of the stairs to have rings continually respawn, which your magnetic shield will grab for you. Once you have 999 rings (the limit) go into an Action Stage and complete it. MAKE SURE NOT TO GET HIT. If you have dug everywhere but not found a magnetic shield, reset the field by going into an Action Stage, Mystic Ruins, or Egg Carrier and come back.

The Adventurer20
Get all Emblems in the Adventure Field. (4) 

There are 12 total Emblems that are hidden throughout all 3 Adventure Fields with 4 in each Field.

Station Square

  • In the train station above entrance, use Tails to reach
  • In the Burger Shop
  • Above,(in alley) where you find the Ice Statue (Casino area), use fly with Tails to reach
  • Hidden in the grass near Knuckles’ Speed Highway entrance (where you face Chaos 0), use Tails' tail whip

Mystic Ruins

  • In the tree trunk of Big’s house, use Knuckles to climb to the top and fall inside
  • On dirt road in the forest near Big’s house.
  • On platform across from Tails workshop, use Knuckles or Tails
  • Next to Angel Island suspended in the air, glide with Knuckles to reach

Egg Carrier

  • Inside a container near a cannon, punch with Knuckles or use cannons with Sonic
  • On platform above pool in pool area, use Knuckles or Tails to reach
  • On top of structure near the cockpit doors(E-102 fight area), use Tails
  • Inside of Eggman’s lounge room, hit button to reach

This video below will make things easier for you if you happened to have miss a few Emblems out there.

The Perfect Adventurer40
Get all 130 Emblems. 

There are 130 total Emblems in the game and in order to obtain them all you must:

  • Complete all Action Stages (Levels A, B, and C)
  • Complete all Character’s Adventures
  • Complete Super Sonic's Adventure
  • Complete all Sub-Games (Level A and B)
  • Collect all 12 Hidden Emblems throughout the Adventure Fields.
  • Win all Chao Jewel races

All of these requirements have already been described further above. If you have been following the guide then you should have this one already in the bag. Once your Emblem count reaches 130, this achievement will unlock. If you need to check you emblem count go to the main menu, go to Trial, then Emblem Results.

Note: The Super Sonic adventure is very easy to complete. You will first go to Angel Island to see Knuckles then afterward visit the forest at Mystic Ruins. There will be many cut scenes but once you reach Perfect Chaos simply run up to his body and you will swirl around within him and then burst out of his head, this is how you attack him. Watch out for his projectiles and use speed ramps when you can.

DLC: Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade
Cost: $4.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Metal Sonic15
Get all 130 Emblems by playing Sonic Adventure DX. (40) 

To unlock Metal Sonic you must obtain all 130 Emblems. This will stack with the “Perfect Adventurer” achievement but will not unlock along with it. Go to Trial Mode and it will unlock at the character selection screen.

Note: To select Metal Sonic go to Trial Mode and he will be the question mark. He can only be played as in this mode only.

Metal Sonic Master15
Get Level A on all the Action Stages by using Metal Sonic. (12) 

When you collect all 130 Emblems Metal Sonic will be available in Trial Mode. Select him and play all his Trial stages. They are the same Action Stages as Sonics. You must play Level C, B, then A for all 10 Action Stages. This is the same thing you did when you were getting Level A completions with Sonic only this time you do it with Metal Sonic. Here is a rundown of all his stages:

Emerald Coast:
Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 2:00:00 Minutes

Windy Valley:
Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 3:00:00 Minutes

Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 5:00:00 Minutes

Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 4:00:00 Minutes

Twinkle Park:
Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 3:00:00 Minutes

Speed Highway:
Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 2:30:00 Minutes

Red Mountain:
Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 3:00:00 Minutes

Sky Deck:
Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 5:00:00 Minutes

Lost World:
Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 4:30:00 Minutes

Final Egg:
Mission C: Get to the Capsule and free the animals
Mission B: Get 50 Rings and Break the Capsule
Mission A: Get to the Capsule in 4:30:00 Minutes

Once you complete the Level A mission for your last Action Stage this achievement will unlock.

Tips: Since you have already done all of Sonic's A missions then you should have no problem doing it again, right? There are 30 missions in all and should only take 2 hours to do if you're consistent, and use the same short cuts as you did with Sonic. Don't forget to spin dash!

Mission All Accomplished20
Clear all 60 missions. (20) 

Mission Mode is exclusive to the Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut upgrade and can be accessed from the main menu. During mission mode, you will take your selected character into the Adventure Fields and you must search for their mission cards, their are 60 in total. Every time you touch a card you will be given a random task to do. Some of these are very easy while others can be very annoying. Some you can complete within the Adventure Field itself, while others require you to visit Action Stages in order to fulfill. For the most part you will do fetch type tasks such as:

  • Pop Balloons
  • Collect Flags
  • Defeat X amount of enemies
  • Fetch an item

Remember these missions are character specific and can only be done with the character that mission is assigned to. In other words, characters cannot play other characters missions! If you ever need to check your progress, go to ‘Missions’ in the pause menu. For a guide on all 60 missions please refer the Mission Mode Guide by clicking HERE.

Note: Mission numbers 53 and 54 may be the only two missions that may give you trouble. Please click the link above for assistance with these annoying missions.

Game Info


US September 15, 2010
Europe September 15, 2010

ESRB: E for Everyone
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