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Guide By: JaxTH
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 12/12 (200/200)
- Online: 0/12 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 2004-5 hours (Depending on Skill/Luck).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Depending on Skill/Luck, not including Time Attack Mode).
- Number of missable achievements: 4 ("Paradise Found," "Statue Saviour," "Treasure Hunter," "Saviour of the Planet").
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty.
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Sonic (the Hedgehog) CD! This game has 12 achievements for 200 and is an enhanced remake by Sonic community member Christian Whitehead (known as The Taxman) using his Retro Engine to do it. So don’t think of this game as a Backbone port where you can save every five seconds. In this version you can choose between the original Sonic CD spindash as well as the Sonic 2 spindash (which is on by default) along with being able to choose between the US and the JP/EU soundtracks and a few other new features too. Tails is even a post-game unlockable!

Step 1: Game Mechanics:
First, I want to show off some stuff that is unique to Sonic CD and what I will be referring to in the guide.

Super Peel Out:

This move is basically a spindash without curling up into a ball. You can do this by holding  and holding down  to charge it up. Let go of  and you will blaze away at high speeds. Be aware that you are not invincible while doing this like you would be during a spindash.

Time Travel Sign Posts:

These right here will take you to the past and future, or the present if you are already in the past or future. Run by one and you will get a “Past” or “Future” sign next to your life count. Find a place to pick up some speed and you will start to have time travel sparks form behind you. If you don’t lose any momentum you have you will travel though time, mess up and you might lose the ability to time travel until you run past another sign post.

Robot Teleporters:

These robot teleporters can be found functioning in the past. When you destroy one you make an automatic good future for the Act you are currently in as well as destroying all enemies in the past. These robot teleporters are found in every Act 1 and Act 2 in the game.

Metal Sonic Projectors:

These projectors can only be found in the past. They project an image of Metal Sonic messing with the animals of the level. Jump on the projector to destroy it. These are located in every Act 1 and Act 2 in the game except Metallic Madness Zone.

Step 2: Main Game:
Before I start, make sure to get the first six Time Stones as soon as possible by getting 50 rings in a level (and keeping them) and beating the level for a giant ring to appear at the end. Jump in to start the Special Stage. Leave the last one for the second to last level in the game (Metallic Madness Zone Act 2). Also while going through each level make sure to destroy the Robot Teleporters and Metal Sonic Projectors in the past.

When you first start a new game you will see the intro. After that you start off in Palmtree Panic Zone Act 1. In this level, what you want to do is run past a “Past” sign post and pick up some speed somewhere until you time travel unlocking the "88 Miles per Hour" achievement. Since you are in the past, destroy the Robot Teleporter and the Metal Sonic Projector to make an automatic Good Future for the level. Find a “Future” sign post and go back to the present and then do it again from the present to get into the Good Future. Beat the level from here to get the "Paradise Found" achievement. While doing this try getting 200 rings to get the "King of the Rings" achievement.

From here make your way to Collision Chaos Zone Act 2 and get to the upper sign post to get the "Take the High Road" achievement. Use this map here as well as the Super Peel Out and some momentum to get to the upper sign post in the level.

Continue and make your way to Wacky Workbench Zone Act 1. Stay on the bottom path until you hit a “Past” sign. Get some speed to time travel and get next to the slope that the sign was on once you are in the past. Jump at the slope to get inside and touch the angel statue there to get the "Statue Saviour" achievement. Here is a map of the Present version of the level where you can see the “Past” sign post as well as the Past version of the stage showing where the angel statue is here.

From here get to Stardust Speedway Zone Act 3 which is the race against Metal Sonic. Beat him without taking damage from anything to get the "Heavy Metal" achievement. After that rescue Amy so she can hug you to finish the stage to get the "Just one hug is enough" achievement.

From here make it to Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 and destroy the Robot Teleporter in the past thus destroying all teleporters and holograms getting you the "Saviour of the Planet" achievement. Make sure you have 50 rings when you beat the level so you can get to the special stage and claim the last Time Stone to get the "Treasure Hunter" achievement.

In Metallic Madness Zone Act 3 make your way to the final boss of the game. After beating it you will get the "Dr. Eggman Got Served" achievement as well as the "All Stages Clear!" achievement for beating the game. Enjoy the ending.

Step 3: Time Attack
From the main menu select Time Attack. For the "Just in Time!" achievement you need to get your overall Time Attack time from 105 minutes to under 25 minutes. This is actually very doable with a little patience.

Please refer to this topic for Time Attack videos.


[x360a would like to thank JaxTH for this Roadmap]

88 Miles Per Hour5
Travel through time.   

Simply run past a “Future” or “Past” time post and find a place where you can gain a lot of speed (loops or springs that go back and forth). This will cause sparkles of light to form around Sonic. Once Sonic disappears that means you have traveled through time. If you get stopped by something and the sign post to the left of your life count is blinking that means that you are about to lose the ability to time travel. This will pop up during the time travel sequence. NOTE: Technically this achievement is missable but I’d find it hard to miss unless you deliberately do so.

Just One Hug is Enough5
Get a hug from Amy.   

In Palmtree Panic Zone Act 1, if you get near the goal while in the present Amy will run up and try to hug you. Let her do so. If you miss this, then after the Stardust Speedway Act 3 race with Metal Sonic the only way to complete the level is to have Amy hug you.

Paradise Found5
Complete a Zone in the Good Future.    

To do this, simply find a robot teleporter in the past and destroy it to get a good future. Alternatively you can get all the Time Stones in the game to get an automatic good future for every zone. Regardless, once you have acquired a good future, from the past, run past a “Future” sign to be warped to the present and from the present find another “Future” sign post to run past to get to the Good Future. Beat the level from here. The achievement will pop up during your score tally. NOTE: This achievement is missable if you never destroy any robot teleporters or don’t get all time stones if avoiding robot teleporters.

Take the High Road10
Pass the upper signpost in Collision Chaos Zone 2.   

This may sound hard but the upper signpost is directly above the lower one. As far as I’m aware there is no way to get to the upper sign post without at least seeing/knowing where the bottom one is.

What you do here is play the level normally until you see the “Goal” post. After that go all the way to the left and you will fall down a slope with a yellow spring. Jump over the yellow spring and Super Peel Out up the wall. Don’t jump off and just let yourself fall back down. When going back up make sure to be holding  so that you have more momentum. You should go through the red spring. Fall back on this spring and you will be launched up a slope. Super Peel Out from here and you will go back down the slope and be launched into the air going through the red spring once again. This time however you should have more momentum and should be able to get up on the ledge with the upper sign post. Follow the path with the rings and beat the level. This actually pops up as you are approaching the sign post before you actually go past it. NOTE: If you miss this achievement during your regular game you can get it in Time Attack Mode.

Here is a video if you need further help:
Sonic CD - Take the High Road Achievement Guide - YouTube


King of the Rings10
Collect 200 Rings.   

This can be done in Palmtree Panic Zone Act 1 with some Time Travel here and there as there are almost 700 rings in the level between the three eras. These do not need to be held all at once as I had 193 rings in Palmtree Panic Zone Act 1 and was hit. The achievement popped up as I was recollecting my rings.

Another way to do this is to find the angel statue in Wacky Workbench Zone Act 1 and touch it so that rings come out. After collecting them exit the room and re-enter as more rings will come out of it. Repeat until 200 have been obtained.

Statue Saviour10
Find the angel statue in Wacky Workbench.    

This can only be gotten in Act 1 of Wacky Workbench Zone and only in the past can you see the statue. Near the start of the level, if you stay on the bottom path you will come across a “Past” sign. Try to get some speed somewhere to get to the past. The slope that was after the “Past” sign will still be there, but this time there is a passageway in the middle of that slope. Get inside it and touch the statue as it will start to spray rings everywhere as well as your achievement. NOTE: “Past” and “Future” sign posts do not show up in Time Attack. You MUST get this during the main game.

Here is a video if you need further help:
Sonic CD Statue Savior Achievement Guide - YouTube


Heavy Metal15
Defeat Metal Sonic without getting hurt.   

In Stardust Speedway Zone Act 3 you will race against Metal Sonic. Beat him without getting hit by him or any spikes and the achievement is yours. It will pop up as soon as the door closes at the end. A few tips:

• Metal Sonic cannot harm you unless he is doing an attack, so you can run right past him without having to jump over him.
• If you get too far ahead of Metal Sonic he will use his Maximum Overdrive Attack which will give him a yellow aura around himself as he crashes through spikes trying to catch up to you.
• Sometimes when you are close to him Metal Sonic will activate his Ring Spark Field. It’s best to just make sure Metal Sonic is nowhere near you all the time.
• At points in the race there will be paths above you that are safe for you to travel on.
• Don’t get too far behind in the race as Eggman (Or Robotnik, your choice) has an instant death laser and is constantly following the both of you. NOTE: If you miss this achievement during your regular game you can get it in Time Attack Mode.

Here is a video to help:
Sonic Cd (Xbox 360) Heavy Metal Achivement - YouTube

All Stages Clear!15
Finish the game.   

Self-explanatory. Simply beat Metallic Madness Zone Act 3.

Treasure Hunter30
Collect all the Time Stones.    (1) 

To get to the Special Stages in Sonic CD you have to get 50 rings and make it to the end of the level and jump into the giant ring at the end. Once there, you have to destroy all UFOs in the level before time runs out. Touching the water will make time drop drastically and when time gets low a new (blue) UFO will appear. It will make a sound when it appears and will stay in the middle of the level. When this UFO appears you need to destroy it to get more time. Destroying all the UFOs in the Special Stage will award you with a Time Stone. There are seven Time Stones in all and they can be gotten in all first and second acts in the game. In this version of the game the UFOs are properly scaled so you will be able to judge your jumps better than in the other versions of the game. This achievement will pop during the Special Stage score tally after you have gotten your seventh Time Stone. NOTE: If you do not get all 7 Time Stones in one playthrough you will have to start another playthrough and try again.

If you are having trouble in a Special Stage (like time running out and there is nothing you can do) just exit to the main menu from the Special Stage. Your save file will be on the same special stage when you get back to it so you can start it over.

Here is a video of the special stages in the game:
Sonic CD - Special Stage run - YouTube

Dr. Eggman Got Served20
Destroy Dr. Eggman's final machine.   

Beating the final boss of the game in Metallic Maddness Zone Act 3 will pop this one.

Just In Time!35
Complete the Time Attack mode in under 25 minutes.   

This is another one that seems hard but it really isn’t at all. You select Time Attack Mode from the main menu. In Time Attack you will have a total time of 105 minutes from the main levels by default. If you get a total time of under 30 the Special Stages become unlocked for Time Trials with a default time of 35 minutes for all Special Stages (Just press  on the control stick while in Time Attack).

Only the main stages count for this though. Here is a breakdown of the time each stage overall should take.

Palmtree Panic: 1’40”00
Collision Chaos: 2’30”00
Tidal Tempest: 3’00”00
Quartz Quadrant: 2’30”00
Wacky Workbench: 3’40”00
Stardust Speedway: 3’30”00
Metallic Madness: 6’40”00

Having around these times will put you in the range of 23 minutes so you have some room to work around to still be under 25 minutes. The achievement will pop during the score tally of whatever level level got you under 25 minutes. To play a stage, select one of the seven zones to choose from and you will be given three options on the top right corner of your screen: Exit, Next, and Go. Use  and  to make your selections. Use Next to cycle through the three acts of each zone and select Go to start the stage. Attempt as many runs as you want to get the best time possible.

Please refer to this topic for Time Attack videos.

Saviour of the Planet40
Destroy all the robot transporters and Metal Sonic holograms in the past.    (1) 

For this you have to destroy all the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms that are located in the past of all first and second acts manually. If you are also getting all the Time Stones then you will have to play through the game again if you collected the last time stone before Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 because all robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms will automatically be destroyed in the past preventing you from getting this achievement.

There are no Metal Sonic holograms in Metallic Madness Zone, just the last two robot teleporters. This achievement will pop once you have destroyed the robot teleporter in Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 provided you have destroyed all Metal Sonic holograms and robot teleporters prior to this one. Also, if you destroy the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms and somehow die before making it to the goal they will still register as destroyed. So just continue making it to the goal should you die. NOTE: If you miss any of these during a playthough you will have to start another playthrough and try again.

Here are videos showcasing their locations (these are linked instead of embedded to reduce page load time):
[Sonic the Hedgehog CD] Robot Generators - Palmtree Panic - YouTube
[Sonic the Hedgehog CD] Robot Generators - Collision Chaos - YouTube
[Sonic the Hedgehog CD] Robot Generators - Tidal Tempest - YouTube
[Sonic the Hedgehog CD] Robot Generators - Quartz Quadrant - YouTube
[Sonic the Hedgehog CD] Robot Generators - Wacky Workbench - YouTube
[Sonic the Hedgehog CD] Robot Generators - Stardust Speedway - YouTube
[Sonic the Hedgehog CD] Robot Generators - Metallic Madness - YouTube

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