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Guide By: AvengingCactus7
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: Treasure Hunter + Saviour of the Planet
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Difficulty Setting
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Sonic CD is an arcade game that is a remake of a classic Sonic game that has been enhanced by a Sonic Community member named Christian Whitehead. It features both the original spindash and the updated peel out maneuver. To do the spindash, you hold down +. To perform the peel out you hold down +. You will need to be standing still to perform both of these. I would also recommend using the level maps here to help out with finding all the robot generators, Metal Sonic holograms, coin locations, and enemy locations.

Step 1
This step will consist of preparing for the main game. You will be able to get every single achievement in a single playthrough in the main game except for Just in Time! if you want to. Some people choose to save Treasure Hunter and Saviour of the Planet for two different playthroughs because if you get all seven Time Stones (the objects needed for Treasure Hunter) before Metallic Madness Zone 2, you will have destroyed all the robot generators and will no longer be able to get Saviour of the Planet. My recommendation will be to play through the game until you have one Time Stone left. Once you finish the Zone 1 or Zone 2 and travel to the Special Stage, back out to the dashboard and copy your file to a second storage device. Go back to the game, finish the Special Stage, and you should now have unlocked Treasure Hunter. Back out once again, and copy the file from your second storage device to your main storage. Play through the Special Stage again, and fail it. That, or you could hold off the Time Stones until Metallic Madness Zone 2. I personally did not do that because I did not know if I would be able to finish Metallic Madness Zone 2 with 50 coins because it is a challenging level and I am not a Sonic veteran.

Step 2 - Palmtree Panic Zone 1 (+Special Stage)
Once you decide what you're going to do about Treasure Hunter and Saviour of the Planet, it's time to move onto the actual game. Once you start the game, you'll find yourself in a place called Palmtree Panic Zone 1. Using the level map located in the introduction, find the Past sign that you think you will be able to get to the easiest. After you have passed by the Past sign and it has spun, you should notice that there is a Past sign emblem next to your life count, now. As long as that is there, you will be able to travel to the past. If you begin running as fast as possible you will notice a flickering spark develop around Sonic. This is the time travel mechanism attempting to activate. In order to successfuly travel through time, that flickering spark will need to be there for several seconds, and it only stays as long as you are moving nonstop. If you move for several seconds with the flickering spark active, you will notice that the Past sign next to your life count will begin flickering. When it begins flickering, if you stop moving, the past sign will vanish. When it does, you will no longer be able to travel to the past/future with the sign that you used before. You will have to find a new sign.

Once you pass by the Past sign, I would recommend finding a vertical yellow/red spring that if you were to jump on it and put down your controller, Sonic will continue to bounce up and down on it. When you find this spring, stand off to the side, and activate the spindash by holding +. Spindash onto the spring. You should now have the flickering spark active while bouncing up and down. You will now be able to travel to the past. I would recommend using this technique for all levels where you wish to travel through time because it is by far the easiest way to travel through time. As you are traveling through time. You will unlock the 88 Miles per Hour achievement.

Now that you have traveled through time, take a look at the past level map for the same level (once again, using the link in the introduction) to find the locations of the robot generators and Metal Sonic hologram. The first thing I would do is destroy the robot generator because it will kill every single enemy on the stage. After the robot generator is destroyed, attempt to collect every single coin that you can get your hands on in order to obtain the King of the Rings achievement. Be sure to look over the level map to know the locations of spikes on the level so that you do not lose all your coins and throw your hard work down the drain.

In the process of collecting all these coins, you should seek out the Metal Sonic hologram and destroy it. After that is destroyed and you have either collected all the coins in the past, or have already unlocked the King of the Rings achievement, it is now time to travel to the future. Find a future sign, and use the same technique mentioned above to travel to the future.

Once you are in the future, it's time to make your way to the goal sign and finish the level. Take note, even if you do not want to go after King of the Rings on this level, you should finish the level with at least 50 rings in your inventory. If you have 50 rings in your inventory, stop before you get to the sign of Dr. Eggman giving a thumbs down. You will notice a giant floating ring behind it. Jump through that ring. You have now finished the first level. You should unlock Paradise Found because you finished the level in the good future. The game will now take you to a Special Stage.

At this point, I would recommend backing out to the dashboard and copying your file to a second storage device. Once you are done with that, head back into the game using your main storage device. You'll now be on a 3D stage with a timer set at 100 seconds and a UFO counter in the left hand corner of the screen. The objective of this level is to destroy all the UFOs on the stage. Once you have done that, you will finish the level and get a Time Stone. There are some things to remember:
  • If you jump into the water, your timer will deplete at an alarmingly quick rate.
  • If your timer falls below 20 seconds, a new UFO will pop up with red lights. Destroy that UFO, and it will increase your time by 30 seconds. That UFO does not add to the amount of UFOs you need to destroy, and it does not count as a destroyed UFO on your counter. You can ignore it completely, if you wish.
  • If your timer falls below 15 seconds, I would recommend backing out to the main menu and starting the level over again.
  • If your timer depletes completely, the game instantly saves and kicks you to the next stage

Step 3 - Finishing the Main Game
You will now move onto Palmtree Panic Zone 2. Travel to the past, destroy the robot generators and Metal Sonic holograms, get 50 coins, finish the level by jumping through the giant coin . Complete the Special Stage. You will now be on Zone 3. All of the third zones in the game are boss fights. They're all pretty simple in nature. Repeat this process until Collision Chaos Zone 2.

Here you will notice there are two different goal signs at the end of the level. You will need to pass by the one on the higher platform in order to unlock the Take the High Road achievement. Once you get to the end of the level, you will see a half pipe with a yellow spring in the middle. The way I got to the higher platform was to roll up into a ball, have the spring punch me. When the spring hits you, you will need to jump before you leave the ramp in order to have Sonic jump onto the wall on the left side of the half pipe. The spring will go back into the ground. Roll down the wall on the left side, and when you get to the same place where you jumped last time on the right side of the ramp, do so again. You will now land on a higher place on the wall on the left side. Keep doing this until you think you have enough momentum to carry yourself to the second platform. When you think you have gained enough momentum, instead of jumping on the right side of the ramp, just go straight up (making sure to avoid the red spring on your way up). You should be able to land on the second platform and run through the goal post netting you the Take the High Road achievement.

Once you're done with that, finish up both the Tidal Tempest levels by destroying the generators and holograms and finishing the special stages. Going into Quartz Quadrant Zone 1, you will now have six Time Stones. At the end of this stage if you finish up the correlating special stage, you will unlock the Treasure Hunter achievement for gaining all seven Time Stones. If you do so and continue on the main story all of the robot generators and Metal Sonic holograms will be destroyed and you will no longer be able to get the Saviour of the Planet achievement on this playthrough.

If you want to, you can save your file onto a second storage device before you play through the special stage and finish the special stage and unlock the achievement. You can then go into your second storage device, copy your file over your main game, play through the special stage, and lose. Either that, or save your final Time Stone for Metallic Madness Zone 2. Anyhow, after that, beat Quartz Quandrant Zone 2, remembering to destroy the robot generators and Metal Sonic hologram. After you finish Zone 3, you will move onto Wacky Workbench.

While doing Wacky Workbench Zone 1, travel to the past as you would do anyway, but look over the level map. On the left-center side of the map down near the bottom you will notice a room with a green woman bending forward in it. Travel to that part of the map and stand next to orange and black striped ramp to the right of the room. Running from the right side of the ramp toward the room, jump over the orange and black striped ramp in order to jump into a tunnel. Travel through the tunnel and you will find yourself in the room with the green woman. You will now have unlocked the Statue Saviour achievement. Finish up Wacky Workbench and don't forget to destroy the generators and holograms.

The next set of levels are the Stardust Speedway levels. Finish up Zone 1 and Zone 2 destroying the generators and holograms. The boss battle for Zone 3 is a bit different this time around. You will be racing Metal Sonic. This is the level where you will need to beat Metal Sonic in a race without being hurt once in order to unlock Heavy Metal. Refer to the guide below for the best strategy there. Free Amy and she'll hug you, earning you Just one hug is enough.

The two Metallic Madness levels do not have Metal Sonic holograms. Destroy the generators on both of themand you will unlock Saviour of the Planet. Move onto the final Zone of the game. Finish the Zone and you will unlock Dr. Eggman Got Served and All Stages Clear!

Step 4 - Time Attack Mode
Go into the Time Attack Mode from the main menu. You will notice that you will be able to finish every single zone individually. You will also notice a total timer. In order to unlock the achievement for Just in Time! you will need to get that total timer below 25 minutes. Check out the Time Attack videos here  to get an idea of the fastest routes through each zone. Note that you don't need to get times anywhere close to those to complete the game under 25 minutes.

Sonic CD is not an easy 200, but not a difficult one, either. If you're not a Sonic veteran (like myself), it will take some time to get used to the game mechanics and to be able to speed through the levels, but it will happen. Once you understand the game and know the levels, you will be able to speed through them at a decent clip. Good luck, and congratulations on your 200 if you're already done.


[x360a would like to thank AvengingCactus7 for this roadmap]

88 Miles per Hour5
Travel through time   (7) 

You can get this achievement on any Zone 1 or Zone 2 level in the game. The easiest way I've discovered to get this achievement is to find a past sign on a level, and then to find a vertical yellow or red bumper. Enter the spin dash attack mode by holding +. When you spin dash, you automatically enter the time travel mode. You will know this is happening because Sonic will be surrounded by a shimmering force field. Spin dash onto one of the vertical bumpers and just bounce up and down until you travel through time.

Just one hug is enough5
Get a hug from Amy   (6) 

This achievement is automatically obtained at the end of Stardust Speedway Zone 3.

Paradise Found5
Complete a zone in the Good Future   (1) 

In order to obtain this achievement, you will need to travel to the past in a Zone 1 or Zone 2, destroy the robot generator and the Metal Sonic hologram, and then travel to the future. Once you travel to the future, you will need to finish the level while still in the future.

Take the High Road10
Pass the upper Signpost in Collision Chaos Zone 2   (3) 

Once you get to the Collision Chaos Zone 2 level, there will be two different goal signs that you can pass. One will be on the lowest ground floor of the level, and the other will be on a higher raised ledge. You will need to pass the higher goal sign in order to obtain this achievement. Use the guides here to identify which paths you need to take.

King of the Rings10
Collect 200 Rings   (5) 

I would recommend attempting this achievement in one of the earlier Zone 1 or Zone 2 levels. The later levels have difficult enemies to kill who will easily knock your rings everywhere. The also have many more sets of spikes. I would recommend taking a look over the Zone 1 and Zone 2 level maps for Palmtree Panic and Collision Chaos using this guide and deciding which level you think you could gather 200 coins without hitting an enemy or a level trap such as spikes. Remember that the past, present, and future all have their own sets of coins and that changing time periods does not rid you of the coins you have already gathered.

Once you have figured out which level you wish to play, you will need to find the past sign on that level, and to travel to the past. Refer to 88 Miles per Hour to see an easy way to travel to the past on any level. Once you have traveled to the past, find the robot generator and destroy it. Once the robot generator is destroyed, all enemies on that stage will no longer be on that stage. After you destroyed the robot generator you should be able to find all 200 coins while staying in the past. Remember, the coin boxes hold 10 coins. Take your time now that all the enemies are gone and continue to use the map provided by the link above to know where all the coins in the stage are. Do not forget that there are 10 minute limits for each stage.

Statue Saviour10
Find the angel statue in Wacky Workbench   (2) 

The angel statue is only located in Wacky Workbench Zone 1's past. First, travel to the past from the present. In order to enter the room that the statue is located in, travel to the right side of the statue and jump over the ramp area. You will travel through the tunnel and enter the room with the statue.

Take a look at the map for Wacky Workbench Zone 1's past here. If you look about 1/4s of the way to the right from the start of the picture and then look down toward the bottom, you should see what looks like a small room with a green woman who is bending over and reaching her arm out. Just to the right of that room is a ramp with four coins above it and a speed shoe box to the right of it. If you jump directly over the striped part of the ramp, you should enter the tunnel leading to the room with the statue in it.

Heavy Metal15
Defeat Metal Sonic without getting hurt   (6) 

Take a look over the map for Stardust Speedway Zone 3 Good/Bad depending on which path you took. Remember several key factors about racing Metal Sonic. If you are behind Metal Sonic and see him bend over, he will soon start moving slowly with an electric force field around him. If you are in front of Metal Sonic, instead of placing an electric force field around himself he will move forward at a fast pace with a yellow aura. You can't get too far ahead of Metal Sonic. No matter how fast you move, he will catch up to you by using his yellow aura move. Metal Sonic does not ever jump. When he gets to spikes, he just goes through them. You can't just stay behind Metal Sonic the entire time and take over at the end of the race. Dr. Eggman follows you two while you're racing and gets closer and closer till he is right behind Metal Sonic. If Dr. Eggman gets directly above you, he will kill you instantly with his laser.

Once you start the level, grab the coins behind you. Walk over to the loop-de-loop, but do not go through it. Turn around, and go into the dash by holding +. Now let go of the dash and jump when you hit the top of the ramp that you are running on to jump onto a platform that has an extra life and a pair of speed shoes. Grab the speed shoes and make your way as far right as you can go at the moment. You'll be sitting there with Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman overhead. Stand against the wall and go into the dash move once again by holding +.

The second the wall opens, take off and jump when you start going up the first ramp you hit. You should launch pretty far, and now will land on another ramp, which you can once again launch far off of. Your speed shoes will have expired by this time so the rest of the level will consist of paying attention to where the spikes are and where Metal Sonic is adjacent to you. It's a short level and if you don't beat it the first time you can do it a couple of more times and memorize the level to make it easy. Once you get to the end of the level, the road will straighten out. When it straightens out, wait behind Metal Sonic until he activates his shock force field, and jump over him. You should have enough time while he's using his force field to make it to the finish line before him.

All Stages Clear!15
Finish the game   

This achievement will automatically unlock after you finish Metallic Madness Zone 3.

Treasure Hunter20
Collect all the Time Stones   (11) 

To collect a Time Stone, you will need to finish a Special Stage. In order to get to a Special Stage, you will need to finish any Zone 1 or Zone 2 with at least 50 coins. Once you see the sign with Dr. Eggman giving a thumbs down on it, you should see a giant floating coin behind it. Jump through that coin. It will take you to a Special Stage. 

I would highly recommend backing out of the game at this point in time, and copying your file to a memory stick or any other storage device. It is very, very easy to run out of time on the Special Stages, and when you do, the game saves automatically and pushes you to the next stage. If you copy your file to another storage device, at this point you can just back out of the game, recopy your copied save to the storage device that you play the game on, and play the Special Stage over again.

Once you start the Special Stage, you will notice there are a lot of flying UFOs. You will need to jump into all of the flying UFOs in order to destroy them and finish the stage. If your timer falls below twenty seconds, you will notice a new UFO in the middle of the stage with red lights. Go over to that UFO and destroy it to have your timer bumped up by 30 seconds. The timer UFO respawns every time your timer falls below 20 seconds, so you can continuously bump up your timer until you finish the level. You can get Time Stones on any Zone 1 or Zone 2 levels. There are 14 possible chances to get the 7 Time Stones, so don't fret if you miss a chance to get a Time Stone or two.

Dr. Eggman Got Served30
Destroy Dr. Eggman's final machine   (2) 

This achievement will automatically unlock after you beat Dr. Eggman during Metallic Madness Zone 3.

Just in Time!35
Complete the Time Attack mode in under 25 minutes   (8) 

You will need to enter the Time Attack mode and beat every stage in the game except for the Special Stages. After you beat all these stages, your timer needs to be below 25 minutes in order to unlock the achievement. Here are some Time Attack videos so you'll know the best routes for the levels.

Saviour of the Planet40
Destroy all the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms in the past    (14) 

You will need to manually destroy all the robot generators and Metal Sonic holograms in the game. This means that you can't just use the Time Stones to destroy all of the generators and holograms. Remember that there are no Metal Sonic holograms on the Metallic Madness levels. Use the maps here to find the locations of all the robot generators and Metal Sonic holograms.

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US December 14, 2011
Europe December 14, 2011

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
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