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Guide By: ApochWeiss
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: None
- Approximate time: n/a
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect Achievements? Cannot alter difficulty
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Avatar Awards: n/a
- Unlockable Gamerpics: 2

Welcome to Space Ark, a cutesy version of games such as Arkanoid. Five planets have broken down, and you have to use your Arkonauts to gather enough tokens to gain points and put the planets back together. Each planet is divided into various Arkonauts to resemble stages. At the same time, these arkonauts, which are in time capsule-like eggs, unlock after you complete the egg before it. When you play as one of these arkonauts, you then enter a group of stages, typically 6 per Arkonaut, that you have to play through all of in order to complete the stage, and unlock the next arkonaut.

When playing, your arkonaut starts off on a "pad", which you move around the stage to keep the Arkonaut off the tainted ground. If it hits the ground, you lose a life and have to scramble to gain the combo chains you had at the start of the level. You also can collect power ups, which give things such as a machine gun to gain the tokens on the stage, and even a shield to keep the Arkonaut from hitting the ground. Through the stage you also gain fruit which ups your multiplier total score, as well as can collect more of these in bonus stages you unlock by collecting all five letters in the word bonus by hitting the power-up bricks.

In Game Controls:
The controls to this game are beyond simple.
Controls the pad which bounces the Arkonaut.
Moves your Arkonaut around the stage.
Causes your Arkonaut to bounce off the pad and start the stage.
Fires your weapons you gain from power-ups, such as Machine Gun.

Game Modes:
There are three different modes of play for Space Ark in single player.

Mission Mode: This is where you will obtain the most of your achievements, and you have to play this mode before moving on to the other modes, as the stages unlocked here become playable in other modes. unconfirmed: It should be easier to unlock all the achievements, including Multiplayer, through the Multiplayer Mission Mode instead of Single Player Mission Mode, so that is what this road map will be set up to reflect.

Time Attack: You simply have to complete stages in traditional Time Attack glory, by beating the stage in the given amount of time. This is just an added bonus and there are no achievements set up around this mode of gameplay.

Survival: In order to advance in this mode, you need to complete Mission Mode in either Multiplayer or Single Player since stages unlocked in there will be reflected in this mode as soon as they are unlocked. This mode acts like mission mode except a time limit is imposed on you, there is no fruit, and when you get combos in this mode, you obtain more time to complete the next stage.

First Playthrough: Single Player Mission Mode
You will need to complete Mission Mode before you can really move on to the Survival Mode based achievement. Here you can unlock 9 of the achievements just through regular play. In order to get 100% perfect in the stages, I had to complete each stage without dying or restarting and collect all the pellets on the screen, as well as get all fruits, all power-up blocks (and get the power-up). Please note that while Multiplayer Mission Mode is the exact same thing, You need to play Single Player to unlock all 100% achievements.

If you miss anything, you can go back and choose a specific level to get the perfect needed. If you do not hit 100% for the planet, at the planet select screen, you can check what sections you did not get a Perfect on by pressing to bring up the Stats screen.

As a side note, if you are playing with an actual friend, both first and second player will unlock the achievements when meeting the necessary requirements.

Step Two: Multiplayer
Unfortunately, you must one again go through Mission Mode, but this time you have to do it in Multiplayer Mode. The good news in it's local co-op so you don't have to worry about people on-line crapping out on you or giving up since on-line play is not included in the game. Bad news is if you have no friends or a spare controller, this is going to be rough. The achievement Multiplayer says you only need to play all the levels again, but since you can't do stage select anymore, you will have to complete each stage. I'm unsure if you need to complete all six for it to count, however, or if you can reach the last stage of the Arkonaut, quit, and have it count. I'll get back to you with that as soon as I find this out.

Step Three: Survival
Survival mode has only one achievement to unlock, called Survivor, and all you have to do is finish each stage in Survival mode. Once you go through every one of the Arkonauts, you will unlock the last achievement of the game. This is by far the hardest part of this game, and the main reason why I rate this game a 5 out of 10 as there are bound to be many people out there experiencing as much trouble as I have with this mode of the game.

The first gamerpic can be unlocked by playing single player Mission Mode, so simply play the game in single player Mission Mode and it will unlock when you return to Arkonaut select screen for the first time.

The second gamerpic is done in the same fashion, however you need to play the game in Multiplayer mode instead of single player Mission Mode.

So, there you have it. That's all you need to know about this game. Obviously most of your time will be spent in Story Mode, and if you expect this to be a quick 200, you'll be sadly disapointed. This seems to be an easy game, however, so if you do decide to give it a go, just have fun with it! Hopefully these guides will help you at obtaining 100% on this game, and I wish you happy hunting.

[XBA would like to thank ApochWeiss for this roadmap]

Starting Point10
Complete a single level. 

This achievement will unlock once you complete the Tutorial arkonaut on the first planet.

Life Preserver10
Accumulate 9+ lives. 

Simply accumulate 9 or more lives for one Arkonaut. This is easy to accumulate during the first Arkonaut's fifth stage of Planet Ice. Try to enter the bonus stage here, and obtain all the fruits that drop during that bonus stage for an additional life. Then, when you come out, break all the bricks. After the bonus stage, each brick will give you an additional life power up. There's enough on this stage to give you nine lives. If possible, try to get the "s" of bonus on stage four, and exit the stage through the hole just as you collect "s", this way you start stage five right at the bonus stage. You'll know they are the extra life power ups by their yellow color.

Achieve 100 uninterrupted bounces. 

Simply bounce on the pad 100 times without bouncing on obstacles such as clouds, bricks, or hit the tainted land below the pad. Can be unlocked anytime. You are able to pause while going for this achievement.

Complete 100% of Boot Camp 

This is the first planet of the game. You need to collect every item on screen for each arkonaut, including fruit, break each block, and all fruits during bonus stages. Do not complete the stage without doing this. If the stage complete screen does not show "perfect", you need to redo this stage, which you can do at the arkonaut choice screen.

Complete 100% of Planet Ice. 

See Rookie.

Jungle Master15
Complete 100% of Planet Jungle. 

See Rookie.

Savannah King15
Complete 100% of Planet Savannah. 

See Rookie.

Complete 100% of Planet Farm. 

See Rookie.

Play all levels in multiplayer mode. 

Multiplayer mode is exactly like Single Player mode, and what you unlock in one mode is playable in the other. Simply play all the levels. I cannot confirm whether you need to finish the level or not though. There is no on-line, this mode is split-screen local only.

Combo Master20
Finish a stage with a 300+ combo chain. 

Can be unlocked during world 1, stage 5, but easier during world 1, stage 6 if it does not unlock there. On the left and right hand sides are clouds with bricks and fruits. Get the bricks, which are machine gun power ups. Once you get one machine gun power up, move your animal to the pellets and shoot them with the machine gun power up while the animal collects them too, shooting as many as you can as quick as you can to up the combo counter.

Complete all levels in Survival Mode. (1) 

Simply play Survivor Mode and complete all the levels in the game once more, the only difference in this mode is a time limit is imposed on you and if you fail to beat the stage by that time limit, you need to restart. Try to create combos, as it gives you more time to complete your Arkonaut's stages.

Sky High35
Achieve a score of 100,000,000 or over. 

This achievement is cumulative. As soon as you acquire 100,000,000 points or more total from the moment you start playing the game in Story Mode, the achievement will unlock.

Game Info
Strawdog Studios


US June 23, 2010

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