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Big Money

Obtained 500000 gold.

For this achievement you are not required to obtain the 500,000 gold in a full playthrough, but it is nearly impossible to collect that much without entering the City of Gold , which a start from the beginning is required to access (see City of Gold for info on how to access). There are multiple ways to approach this achievement, so I will explain the two best methods.

Ghost Running:
A ghost will appear if you wait for 2 minutes in a level. It is an immortal enemy who passes through terrain and can kill you instantaneously with one touch. You want a ghost to spawn, because it has a unique ability where when passing over gems, it turns them into valuable diamonds. Ghost running is very dangerous, but can result in a lot of money earned. A ghost will not spawn if you posses the Hedjet, so if you plan on doing ghost runs, do them before you pick it up in the Black Market. 

Having the Udjat Eye or Spectacles can show you where gems are inside the terrain so you can bomb them out. You'll want lots of ropes and bombs to manoeuvre around the ghost. One way to turn lots of gems into diamonds is to find one of those areas with chests and a shopkeeper running back and forth and work your way in there, killing the shopkeeper. The chests will drops lots of gems. Make sure to have an easy escape from the area.

Follow the steps to the City of Gold, along the way make sure you collect as many bombs as you can. If you earn 32 favor with Kali, you will receive 99 bombs, which is useful for the City of Gold. Paste for sticky bombs will also make getting money from the City of Gold easier. You can rob shops and the black market if you're up to it, but it is dangerous. In the City of Gold, find large bits of terrain and blow them up. Gold chunks will fly out and give you lots of money. Beware, a ghost can spawn in here.

Visiting Hell:
Play through from the Mines to reach the City of Gold. Collect as much treasure as you can along the way, but don't bother wasting bombs on collecting gems. You'll want paste and ideally a jetpack before moving on to the City. A good goal to have is 100k by the time you reach the city. Now destroy as many large bits of terrain as you can to get gold, but be quick because a ghost will spawn after 2 and a half minutes, also keep 10 bombs for later. Collect the Book of the Dead so you can access Hell and make sure you kill the Anubis II that spawns. 

Now you'll have to defeat Olmec. But first, use a rope or tool to reach the top of Olmec's stage where you will find a bunch of gold to help. You'll want about 250k by the time you enter Hell. Find the door below the terrain in Olmec's Lair and make sure you have Olmec die over it so you can enter.

Be extremely careful in Hell, move slowly, and choose your paths wisely. Collect gold and gems as you can, but don't risk putting yourself in danger for it. You'll want close to 300k when you reach Yama's Throne, which is the boss stage of Hell. See To Hell and Back for tips on this level. Once Yama is dead, carefully use your bombs to destroy his throne to collect the many gems inside of it. Place bombs in the centre and make your way down to through the top. Be careful because there can be traps around it. If you blow up one of the tiki traps, the rest will collapse. 

After you have collected all these gems, you definitely need at least 400k. Exit through the door at the top of the room where you will receive a reward putting you over 500,000 gold and unlocking the achievement. Watch the video for more help.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by takingshape
Thursday, July 05, 2012 @ 11:40:53 PM

Collectively over x amount of trial and error or just in one single go-through?

Comment #2 by AltarofPlagues
Friday, July 06, 2012 @ 05:19:57 AM

Big money goes around the world
Big money underground
Big money got a mighty voice
Big money make no sound
Big money pull a million strings
Big money hold the prize
Big money weave a mighty web
Big money draw the flies

Sometimes pushing people around
Sometimes pulling out the rug
Sometimes pushing all the buttons
Sometimes pulling out the plug
It's the power and the glory
It's a war in paradise
It's a Cinderella story
On a tumble of the dice

Big money goes around the world
Big money take a cruise
Big money leave a mighty wake
Big money leave a bruise
Big money make a million dreams
Big money spin big deals
Big money make a mighty head
Big money spin big wheels

Sometimes building ivory towers
Sometimes knocking castles down
Sometimes building you a stairway

Comment #3 by AmX3rt
Thursday, July 19, 2012 @ 09:28:27 AM

in one single playthrough

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