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Spider-Man Friend or Foe Achievement Guide

Guide By: Crazy Cabbie
There are 12 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 2
Estimated time for 1000: 6 hours
Minimum playthroughs: 1
Missable achievements: None!
Glitched achievements: None!
Offline: 12 (1000) Online: 0 (0)
Cheats disable achievements: Achievements not disabed

Spider-Man Friend or Foe is a beat'em up superhero game targeted at a younger crowd. The art style isn't the usual Spider-Man look, the dialogue is filled with bad jokes and there is basically no repercussion for dying.

Every storyline achievement can be passed up, but you can return to every level after you finish it the first time so the achievements technically aren't missable. There are some slightly useful cheats that you can use to make your game play go a bit smoother:

Left, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down- Unlocks Venom early
Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Left- Unlocks New Green Goblin early
Right, Right, Right, Up, Down, Left- Unlocks Sandman early
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right- Grants a one-time boost 5000 of upgrade points

As a whole, focus on Spiderman's stats and his web abilities until he is maxed out. Your sidekicks do much less than you do in terms of usefulness, so boost yourself as much as you can before worrying about your friends. You should eventually find your favorite partner, who you should also max out after Spidy is maxed, keeping that sidekick with you at all times.

Step 1: The Main Story
First thing, use THIS GUIDE if you want to avoid missing any collectibles your first time through the game. After you finish the first mission, I highly suggest using the 5000 upgrade points cheat so that you can max out Spiderman's stats early in the game.The gameplay is extremely linear, with no puzzles or change in pace to speak of. Simply grind your way through the main story using the guide to make sure you don't miss anything, thus unlocking every story achievement. It will take time, but with the LEGO style deaths there isn't ever anything to worry about.

Step 2: The Big Grind
Okay, so the main story is done. Tokyo, Tangaroa, Egypt, Transylvania and Nepal have all been full competed. Unless you made a point of trying to avoid them, you should have unlocked Lightning Strikes, Combo Meter Master, and Our Powers Combined along the way. Now is the time to start grinding for upgrade points so that you can max out all of your web abilities and sidekicks. To get as many points as possible, you have to kill the final boss over and over again, netting your 3000 points per time you beat him. Fury's Fourteen requires 53,900 points to unlock, so get grinding!

That's basically it. The game is part collecting/finishing the story, and part grinding. Good luck!

[x360a would like to thank Blue Radium for this Road Map]

Tokyo Complete125
Find all collectibles, find all secrets, and defeat all bosses in this location.     

See "Nepal Complete" for more information.

Note: The achievements do not unlock until after the game saves.

Tangaroa Island Complete125
Find all collectibles, find all secrets, and defeat all bosses in this location.     
See "Nepal Complete" for more information.
Egypt Complete125
Find all collectibles, find all secrets, and defeat all bosses in this location.     

See "Nepal Complete" for more information.

Note: In the first mission of Egypt, the keystone door is at the beginning, but the keystone itself is at the end, so you will need to get it and backtrack.

Transylvania Complete125
Find all collectibles, find all secrets, and defeat all bosses in this location.     
See "Nepal Complete" for more information.
Nepal Complete125
Find all collectibles, find all secrets, and defeat all bosses in this location.     

Use this guide to help you find all the hidden items. At the mission select screen you can see your progress and what you need to find in each level. Here are some general tips for finding them if you don't want to follow a walkthrough:

  • If you see pressure switches, go there first as there will be a hidden area.
  • Keystone rooms must be entered and all enemies defeated to count, you can't just open the door.
  • Some hidden items will be inside breakable objects, so smash everything you can.
  • Some pressure switches might be on walls, so punch them to activate them.
Lightning Strikes25
Obtain a Hit Chain higher than 15.   
The easiest way to get this is use your web trip to knock a larger phantom down, then keep hitting it.
Combo Meter Master25
Fill the Combo Meter all the way to Level 4.   
The combo meter fills whenever you kill enemies, but it fills faster if you defeat them in different ways. You should have no trouble getting this by the end of the first mission. Don't die or the meter will reset.
Our Powers Combined25
Initiate a Hero Strike Power-Up.   
You will eventually get a power-up that looks like the achievement picture. Once you get it, simply press Up on the D-pad to activate it. You can buy these from the upgrade shop in the hellicarrier, but you really don't need to.
Web Slinger75
Fully upgrade Web Line with all available Modifications.   
See "All Tied Up" for more information.
Arachnid Artillery75
Fully upgrade Web Shoot with all available Abilities and Mods.   
See "All Tied Up" for more information.
All Tied Up75
Fully upgrade Web Stun with all available Abilities and Mods.   
You gain tech coins by breaking items and defeating enemies. After each mission, go to the left corner of the hellicarrier to upgrade your abilities.Your learn the Web Shoot and Web Stun abilities during the game, so those can't be upgraded right away.
Fury's Fourteen75
All characters are fully upgraded with all Attacks and Attributes.   (4) 
Much like the web upgrades, you use your tech coins to upgrade each of your characters. Each has a special move to buy and three attributes to upgrade (Strength, Health, Toughness). While in the hellicarrier, input the following on your D-pad at any time () to get 5,000 tech coins. Once you have finished the game and got all the hidden items, you will probably still need more coins for upgrades, so play the final level over and over. You get 3,000 coins every time you beat that level.

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